Brownlee, Chad - I Hate You For It Lyrics

Are you a devil or an angel?
Sent here from heaven or from hell?
Sweet temptress, I'm wrapped in your tangle
Can't find my way out of your spell

Girl, there's an ace in your back pocket
And I know you're gonna play it, 'cause you've got it
You've got that sweet love, you know how to flaunt it
And you know just what to do to make me want it

You give me those eyes
You know I can't fight
You give me that look that I can't deny
You're in control, and girl you know it
And I hate you for it

(Whoa, whoa)
I hate you for it
(Whoa, whoa)
I hate you for the way you make me love you like I'm punch-drunk crazy
You're in control and girl you know it
And I hate you for it

Hell with my plans, you know I'll break 'em
(You'll know I'll break 'em)
If you tempt me with them candy lips, I wanna taste 'em
(Oh, yeah)
But, I know your game, girl, know what you're doin'
(Know what you're doin')
But it don't matter, baby, you still make me lose it
(You make me lose it)

You give me those eyes, you know I can't fight
You tell me, "Boy, I'm gonna make you mine"
You're in control, and girl you know it
And I hate you for it

(Whoa, whoa)
I hate you for it
(Whoa, whoa)
I hate you for the way you make me love you like I'm punch-drunk crazy
You're in control and girl you know it
And I hate you for it

Are you a devil or an angel?
(I hate you for it)
Sent here from heaven or from hell?
(Whoa, whoa)
Sweet temptress, I'm wrapped in your tangle
(I hate you for it)
Can't find my way out of your spell
(Whoa, whoa)

You give me those eyes
You know I can't fight
Give me that look that I can't deny
You're in control, and girl you know it
And I hate you for it

(Whoa, whoa)
Yeah, yeah, oh
I hate you for it
(Whoa, whoa)
I hate you for the way you make me love you like I'm punch-drunk crazy
You're in control and girl you know it
And I hate you for it

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hate you for it
Yeah, yeah, I think I love you girl
Yeah, yeah, oh yeah I love you girl
Yeah, yeah and I hate you for it

Are you a devil or an angel?
Sent here from heaven or from hell?

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Brownlee, Chad I Hate You For It Comments
  1. Dead baby and Edwina

    hire a real singer..who doesnt look like he shit himself

  2. Jordan Klyne

    the mans face when she takes her shorts off

  3. blue EyeZ wildcraft

    UR LIVE AT THE CFL !!!!!! OMG !!! I SEE U

  4. gabriel Paradis

    This sounds like Sam Hunt

  5. Jaylene Bevans

    Love the song... the music video however... gross

  6. James Hill

    Great song i mean best beat i have heard in long time with words to match cant stop and I'm a upchurch fan he needs to hear this great sond chad

  7. Ben Oltmanns

    Chad has such a unique voice!

  8. Ryan vtec

    Pretty much how i feel about most woman lol!

  9. Aron Delrey

    Madison I want you to call me okay I can help you I'm supposed to help you you know you're a mind-reader I believe that I know that but you know what you don't know about me is that when I close my eyes and I take my finger and I flip into a scripture and I put my finger down on that scripture I get a clear message of what I am supposed to do when I pray to something and I flip that book and I touch that book and I flipped to scripture it's more real than anything that's my power that's why we were supposed to be together I have been given in Specific Instructions to live a certain way to do certain things to not talk to girls to try and hold my tongue some things I can do better than others but this is not your destiny your destiny is to be saved by a prophet by someone who and the very last days reaches out and does everything he has to do to save a girl that and which case it says this specific girl this is the one girl who acts this way that I need you to be with for she is special Paramore 44 come on we both know the hidden meaning of that now but I flipped to a scripture and words change because my ADD kicks in and I don't even flip a page and it just changes in front of my eyes literally entire paragraphs three-quarters of a page will just disappear and become something else it's been happening on and off for about 3 years now I think it's exciting now I know what I'm supposed to do now I know every time when I looked at the microwave back in Connecticut with 113 men what's 333 men what's 4:44 you are not going with them you are coming with me God wants you he has made that perfectly clear you have nothing to fear do you understand me your family loves you God loves you Jesus loves you and I look pray for you every single night every single night and I won't stop call me

    Aron Delrey

    Changes before my eyes it's not a hallucination it's not witchcraft it just happens you know what happened to me this morning right hand on my daughter I was reading a quote of Maccabees and I didn't finish reading it because I was just so burnt out and exhausted from reading the Bible and going to my mom's study books and back to the Bible and looking on the internet and doing a hundred million things and trying to figure out a hundred million things a day and I just my brain just couldn't just got so worn out so I closed it I got frustrated I put the Bible down and my mom went out to run an errand then I went in her room because I had to grab something out of her room cuz I needed to borrow her shampoo cuz I have to work today so I flipped her Bible with my pinky like I always do just pick a random scripture like a card in a deck same page same thing right hand on my daughter right hand to God

  10. Gem Webb

    I dig this song. Just heard it today. Just took to 2nd spot to Dean Brody's Bring down the house.

  11. Amontanea

    Would it be korny or gay as hell if I send this to my boyfriend?!

  12. Jess M

    Hey eygdbdfgdkfhdfy

  13. Dik Poundher

    This song seems so much like Life!

  14. Nate Milburn

    Who’s the girl

  15. Texas2Step —

    My boyfriend sent me this song. Damn, I like this song. I’m getting a pole in our house. I’m a 😈 or 😇??? Depends who u ask???

  16. Jearice Gabrielson

    I really like this song. Plus he's sexy and good looking as all get up.


    Love this song but its not country

  18. Stormm Firecaster

    Gotta love tassels! lol

  19. Char Williams

    Lost on youtube, gooood, because this is awesome!!

  20. walt braden

    hate me i forgive

  21. tlt40s&w 70

    Song is good but this woman is just beautiful she has all the right things.

  22. Genea Maines

    Damn,this is Good !!

  23. walt braden

    let me into duce you

  24. Crathenhart11

    What the hell is country music anymore....cause most would say this isn't....

  25. Wilhelm 88

    Great song. Captures the passion and helplessness of head over heels love coupled with the reckless abandon that you have when you know and just don't care anymore.

  26. Amontanea

    Only girls with small boobs can make it cute until one with big boobs comes in and makes it rated R haha!

  27. Terry Forsythe

    good beat

  28. Hakan Dursun

    Awesome !

  29. Riman O

    She has flat boobs, lol 😂

  30. broc scholz

    country with rock love it

  31. Matt Dudester

    I paused it to see what beer was on tap.

  32. Cody Dunshea

    this song isnt on spotify ☹

  33. miamivice966

    Awesome song!

  34. edwin jeovani santos cuellar

    Is the firts time that hear to him and sing good country-rock. Greeting from El salvador

  35. Vexus

    Thank you Youtube Recommendation!! <3

  36. James Martin

    I love the song ,has a nice beat to it.the girl in the video is great also. I would love to see an unedited version without nipples covered.

  37. Jack Hammer

    wheeler walker jr is right today's country is getting you ready to love mainstream hip hop.


    *Very cool !*

  39. yaoiobsetion

    If you don't like the video then don't watch it.

  40. Ashley Bertschy

    the video not to high on it but its cool so dont feel bad

  41. Ashley Bertschy

    love the song!!:)

  42. John Boulding

    Modern country.....not a bit country and horrible lyrics

  43. pitviper77474

    someone needs to call Luke Bryan and tell him this guy is ripping him off. pop country BS!

  44. G-Burt Fred

    Very risque video! I like it! (as much as I wish I had some girl--or guy--be risque with me!)

  45. Owen Wellman

    oh hell ya,love it,love the beat as a truckdriver this is left lane music

  46. red 47

    how is the girl

  47. Tulsa Cajun

    Well. Damn. This is COOL!

  48. Marcia Façanha Vilanova Façanha


  49. amos ainger

    im glad this has well over a million views.

  50. phenix past

    love the song now am addicted

  51. m h

    I swear... Must have gotten my ex's together to write this 😱😬😁😇💋

  52. foresaken to none

    I think I would like a lap dance in the private room...

  53. Barbie Wagner

    Love this song 😍

  54. Paul Calugaru

    Now that is a kick butt song!

  55. Michael Hermann

    Love with you Nika before I even new you existence was real
    love you princess

  56. ruby henderson

    i hate yyou too fo5r i

  57. Em the Gem

    punch drunk crazy over it maybe

  58. rebelx101

    If ya make a video with nipple tassels..the terrorists win!! And for that. I hate you, for it.
    Good luck Goober aka; G.L.G.

  59. Gabriele Bruno

    bellissima canzone 😄

  60. Emma._.playx x

    same here but the video is not good

  61. Alayna Taylor

    love love love!!! 😍😉👍

  62. destroyka777

    Wow, lotsa hate for the video. Personally feel it's largely unwarranted. I dug it.

    Richard Farber


    berta boyz

    destroyka777 i fucking love the instrumental at the start cranked on a radio when flying down a gravel road

  63. MsBlondeone77


  64. jigsaw99

    get back to the rink!

  65. Kate Lacelle

    this sing b should be on the radio

  66. rig rocker

    also. this is wanna the best song vidoes for me

  67. rig rocker

    for all the haters. you never fell for a stripper. then spend 8 yrs with her

  68. Miriya Little

    I love this song so much. The video just doesn't go with the lyrics at all. It's still a good song. I sing it everyday. It's constantly in my head. I love it!!! just not the video.

  69. Nichole36100

    amazing ❤

  70. Beem Mer

    Probably bit of both!

  71. bellinghammond

    this song and this video pretty much sum up why modern CorpoRat country sucks

    Dr Sickbeatz

    bellinghammond much better than the old shit, bud.

    For Liberty

    Yet everyone loves it out it wouldn't be popular.

  72. Michael Mitchell

    I came here for the video....great song too

  73. Victor Larrañaga

    buenas rolas

  74. Tracy Arwood

    like this

  75. Sam Banfield

    Should have had Chad strippin'. To bad the world doesn't live in Sam's-gay-world, #itshould. Time to Subscribe to me.

  76. Nick Rogers

    i love this song so so much

  77. Nick Rogers

    i love you

  78. Lennon Slash

    kraleo o instrumental é otimo só tem que trocar esse vocalista !!

  79. James Arsenault

    i love!!! that red head dancer!!!! period lol

  80. jasinda Holland


  81. Gun Nut

    awesome song

  82. Sta Ha

    Song ok, video blows

  83. Gun Nut

    love the song and video wish the country station I listen to would play

  84. hoss glover

    Bubble gum country.......

    Dr Sickbeatz

    hoss glover I'll take bubblegum country over the inbred shit any day

    Curtis Beal

    hoss glover neither of you know wtf your talking about.

    Noel Mason

    Curtis Beal so will I

    Curtis Beal

    Noel Mason what?

  85. Michael Cyr

    I'm sorry did he say something ! lmfao dam she gorgeous

  86. Frank Mclauchlan

    haha he looks like Tom Brady xD

    Paul Lapp

    yea I thot about it too

    Mr. Vibes

    thot lol

  87. Fluisa Jabba

    This was a totally unexpected video. In a somewhat good way. Great song, though!

  88. Nikki H

    Wow he's good

  89. Toxic hazard Girl

    Dam this song my new addicted one ,thanks i hate you for it .lol

    Mitchell Young

    Forever Superstar

    Someone Am I

    Forever Superstar your right and rightness

    Ruby Tracy Dawn Silmon

    Mine this song

  90. HeartKevinHeart

    Girls ugly

    Ian O`Neill

    HeartKevinHeart most strippers are once your sober and the lites come on


    This song is like a bomb......awesome

  92. George Smith

    Miss Adams I hate you for it

  93. Gagha life lover

    where can i get the tab for this

  94. Jasson Cummings

    Love this!! I hate you for it.. You know who you are! 💋💖

  95. leppyjohnson

    love it

  96. Patricia Claus

    Finally I've been waiting for the HD version to get on YouTube. Loveeeee this song. !!!