Brownlee, Chad - Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere Lyrics

8 a.m. on a downtown train
I woulda walked up and asked your name
Midnight in a crowded room
I woulda had to come talk to you
Anywhere, I don't care
Forever's gotta start somewhere

A dance floor of a dive bar
You woulda walked by and stole my heart
Summer night at a county fair
I woulda stopped in my tracks and stared
And I woulda known right then and there
Forever's gotta start somewhere

This could be the first night
Of the rest of our lives
We started something right here
You call it crazy
But I think we'll make it
Forever's gotta start somewhere
Forever's gotta start somewhere

Girl I know, what you must think
Another guy tryin' to buy your drink
And two for one on a Tuesday
How can a good thing start this way?
Well it could end up anywhere
Forever's gotta start somewhere

This could be the first night
Of the rest of our lives
We started something right here
You call it crazy
But I think we'll make it
Forever's gotta start somewhere
Forever's gotta start somewhere

Yeah, it's a long shot
But it's all that I got
Can't let you walk out of here

This could be the first night
Of the rest of our lives
We started something right here
You call it crazy
But I think we'll make it
Forever's gotta start somewhere

This could be the first night
Of the rest of our lives
We started something right here
You call it crazy
But I think we'll make it
Forever's gotta start somewhere
Forever's gotta start somewhere
Forever's gotta start somewhere

Yeah, it's a long shot
But it's all that I got
Can't let you walk out of here

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Brownlee, Chad Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere Comments
  1. Syarifah Maqhfirah Arsali

    I am so freaky love with country music. Salam From Indonesia everyone 😍

  2. Ruth Boykin

    Great singer and song!

  3. Nate Johnson

    Love this song

  4. Jennifer Bedner

    I wish this was on US Radio I'm addicted to this song

  5. Robert VanAssen

    Wow!!! 🥳❤

  6. Meeeeeee

    I couldn’t figure out why u hurt me so bad , I figured it out. I am strong takes an army to bring me down. However you crawled in this hole that was left behind by my father my best friend. You filled that void then ripped my heart out again felt just like carrying my fathers ashes to his grave a pain you’ll never know. And as you go on with your life remember this and how you literally let my world crash and I was alone. Facing it alone lost my best friend again and now the hole is even bigger because of you. I hope you live your life in guilt knowing the horrible pain you caused again. Like I’ve told u before I’ve only felt this one other time In my life and that’s when my dad died! 💔💔today is his Birthday and the pain came on strong felt just like the pain u caused me. I’ve lost 2 best friends and I’ll never trust again! I’m glad you can live with yourself knowing the kind of pain , betrayal you brought to me.

    My brain runs a million thoughts per second,
    I’m a hot Fricking mess
    I have trust issues overthinking things into a catastrophe,
    I fear most of letting anyone touch my heart
    My mind could bring shame to any natural disaster Mother Nature could offer
    My heart can make it look as thou everything is ok,
    And that is dangerous... beyond measure
    I fear the day my heart can no longer hold it all in.... 💔

  7. Fanca Booplic

    Im moving to BC, ON is so boring😂❤️🇨🇦

  8. Paulina Broll


  9. Jessica Esss

    I'm so glad I came across this artist omg!

    Jayden Jamieson

    He's awesome. Been my favorite forever.

    Jessica Esss

    @Jayden Jamieson how is he not more famous!!

    Jayden Jamieson

    @Jessica Esss I know it's crazy! That's the thing with Canadian country artists. They don't blow up like the American ones do. 🤷‍♂️

    Jessica Esss

    I agree and it's such a shame. My fave ever band is Marian's Trench and they're Canadian so I guess I have a type 😍

  10. Age G

    Awesome song. Been lovin it since last year. Hits home.

  11. Aleksandr Karasеv

    OF THE BEST!!!!

  12. Jacquelyn Langhein


  13. sweet esma

    My forever has just started 😍👰🙏

    Jingle Jungle

    May you stay happy!

  14. Vernon Dille

    I am so lucky to live on the border. They are so many great Canadian country artists.

  15. uknow08

    If Chris Daughtry was a country singer...

  16. Carl Chiveral

    Cookie Cut Pop Country.

  17. cha94

    Clap's been done 1000000 times. Sorry, I tried.

  18. Merriotte Wells

    Amen...this is so true

  19. Josh Bieler

    Cotton teddy startup future... we started something that changed us, Crazy two singular focus of love 💗... lives along that road fell by wayside... bees swarm red along horizon trying... to convince us that we are who we are... does the blast incinerate... or are we men... trying...

  20. Abby Waldner

    i agree Chad BC is very beautiful so is Ellie.

  21. Christine Lawrence

    Seeing 4 Canadians, 3 of which are BC born, tonight in Penticton, BC! What a cool experience.

  22. Chelsea Clementi

    Cute song

  23. Erika Kusuma

    Nice song 🎵

  24. Jaedin Poirier

    this song and video is the best thing ever

  25. Jezebel's New book

    Love this

  26. Emily Isenhoff

    I really like this song. And the dogs in the video. But at 0:38 is the dog in the background going to the bathroom? 🤔😂

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  28. Dave F

    So amazing to hear you perform this live last night to a sold out crowd at Budweiser Stage and it was definitely a moment to remember that one night can start a Forever! Hopefully mine has started!!!

  29. No One

    i think my forever just started today...

  30. L Nicky

    I can't stop listening to music. The singer's voice and song are beautiful. Love it.

  31. L Nicky

    Beautiful clip ♥

  32. TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo

    love this song xo

  33. Cj M

    Next video Temagami Ontario. I got the back up black lab and a cottage. Seriously come visit on me!

  34. Karlea Barnes


  35. kailyn miller

    Dayum what a Beautiful song

  36. วันวิสา วงค์ไพศาล

    My favorite song ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Jacob Whiteley

    0.37 dog starts peeing

  38. JP Bronson

    Love the video great song

  39. Joseph Sprunk

    Drip the snap track a a acoustic and a slide and it would be a top seller. But doesn't have a original country tune people are dying to bring back.

  40. Police_the_rogue_police

    Standing looking in that mirror, tryna forgive myself and trying not to start a fight with myself,before I new it was you I new it would be someone like you, you would save me from myself and I would hold your hand and tell you everything would be alright, time goes on time stops for a second at a time but I cant imagine you not in my life for a second of my life

  41. Jake Dombeck

    Such a great music video

  42. Sandhya Sachu

    Been listening on loop for last 5 months

    Edafe Humble

    Hello pretty lady

  43. Corey Echard

    time stamp 36-38 dog taking a squat in the background

  44. Ann Thompson

    really loving this right now. more people need to listen to this .

  45. Firefighterleee Leee

    he needs a new a fishing or hunting one..

    Amanda Mosher

    I like you

  46. Corine Mouton

    Setting myself up for dissapointment with this song

  47. Sooyoung Stan

    cfl friday night football on tsn brought me here

  48. 801 FISHING

    New fan here, great voice!

  49. Conrad Erasmus

    Eric church vibes from this song

  50. Jo-Ann Toth

    Love tge song. Can imagine what he says happening. Forever can start somewhere. I remember the 1st time I met Bob it was special. He made me feel special... He's been gone a long time. But the memories are not.

  51. Ronda Helm-Hiestand

    Love this song!!

  52. Markus Holloway

    I turn up the volume in the car when this song comes on

  53. Patchicago82

    My new fave ! Well done Chad

  54. Amanda nicole Smith

    Love it...

  55. Margarita Cruz

    Beautiful song, and the video, and very handsome

  56. Yenny Delvia Rosa Sinaga

    great video suit with the song

  57. Joshua Hern

    Forever got to start somewhere!!!!!! Today works for me!! :)

  58. Sabrina S

    Wedding song!❤

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  59. cililoli centi

    holy shit reminds me of the guy i met at a party last christmas. He was looking at me and i looked at him too. He decided to come over and talk. We talked until midnight sadly i have to leave, he asked for my number but his battery died, so i asked for his in my phone but he said he couldnt remember his own phone number. Just like that we said goodbyes and hoping to see each other again. Luck was on our side, last month(may) we actually saw each other again and he still remember me. He came over and we talked again after 5months. He then told me he was really hoping to see me again when we left on christmas last year. Well, now that it happend,forevers gotta start somewhere right? :)

    Shadman Rahman

    cililoli centi great 😍

    Mabeli Dove

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely true story. That sounds magical 😍💖 this song suits the two of you. Did you share this song with him?

  60. Laura Calderwood

    Forever ..

    wonderful view, wonderful song....

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Chad Brownlee - Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere [2019]
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  61. Samantha Rodney

    My boyfriend sent this song to me 😍😍😍

  62. A heart named Lee

    I went to a climate change meeting and a gentleman there told me great flooding may occur, I didn't trust him and still not entirely sure if he was correct as to how the flooding was going to occur but now my dreams or premonitions confirm flooding will happen. There is a great chance the flooding is preventable if the majority of humanity stop eating a omnivore diet, I may be able to prevent this, I had some epic premonitions about flooding on the west coast. Like in my dream saw the Seattle space needle almost completely submerged. My brother in Alaska said no snow for a winter or two, super weird, lots of glaciers in Alaska. Not sure if that's the case of flooding coming but best to move to be safe. An elevation to live on would be above 1000ft should be safe. The entire ocean level may raise 500 ft to 700ft. If this does happen I'm unsure what time it will occur. 🌈💜

  63. Rough One

    I know i cant lock my heart that is why i curing it with music

  64. Treana Zlatner

    Chad ,,,, this song is a number 1 song ,,, in my books ,,,, great vidio ,,

  65. Aaron Jones

    Look out into nature and smile everyone we just found the roll credits song to a feel good movie of our lives.... chapter 2 endless possibilities...😃

  66. Candice Tran

    It’s song to make me want to fall in love 🥰. Thank you for such a beautiful song 👍

  67. TwoYs

    almost 1.5m view and only 8.5k subs, this world doesnt even make any sense

  68. taleta nasi


  69. Di Bn

    WOW.....!!!....Forever let's start it somewhere....

  70. Jenny Pesquet

    What kind of music is it pls thx🎵🎧

  71. Rajarshi Mondal


  72. banana bender

    Your career has to start somewhere, and this song is it. Instantly love it 😍

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Chad Brownlee - Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere [2019]
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  73. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    I wish somebody would walk up and ask me my night. I'm ready to start my forever somewhere and I'm pretty sure it's not in Buffalo is.

    Ellis Pitchford

    Well how is your night?

    Jingle Jungle

    Why does everyone say that about Buffalo Lol

  74. Shannon Hopkins

    Stumbled upon this just now, and it made a light go off,the words are so perfect."U gotta start somewhere."ty

  75. Eric

    The first verse is a direct rip off of lonely eyes by Chris young..WTF??? Just another shitty generic country song

  76. Alaa Gözüm

    Amazing song and beautiful voice😊💫.

  77. Coach Mary CYoung Image /Fashion Stylist

    where when how ???

  78. TissyD

    Great tune

  79. Drew Luty

    00:36 dog has to pee.

  80. Kelly Clark

    Your music always tugs at my heart strings. Nothing but happy memories too when I listen to it ♥️

  81. Ice Queen

    So great.

  82. NicoOakland

    Vancouver canucks draft pick in the 2003 nhl entry draft and an amazing country singer

  83. ki ki




  84. Cinehotties Productions

    hes hot

  85. Riley Harwood

    Favourite song

  86. Haruko09

    I love it❤

  87. M H

    Probably one of the most slept on artists I’ve seen so far. Amazing talent and he has that sound. Can’t wait to see you make it huge man. You’re awesome.

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Chad Brownlee - Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

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  88. Donrngiew Sohlang

    Don't know why but He reminds me of Dallas Smith.. They're both so good

  89. Robert Mitchell

    Please start forever with me Jo! I love you immensely! I am crazy for you!

    Edafe Humble

    Hello pretty, I'm here

  90. Brandon Knutson

    Sounds very similar to a Chris Young song......

  91. Jennifer Dijames

    Sounds good Chad.

  92. Dean Berryere

    BC, best place on earth

  93. logan davies

    i love this song

  94. TheRealKawaii

    0:37 Peep the dog taking a pee in the background....

  95. Leo Craveiro

    Great song

  96. SAM ROSE

    Canada is so pretty 😍 I wanna go there for my honeymoon


    Canada is a beautiful place I currently live in the West coast and the forests and being out in nature is amazing.

    cedric scalabrini

    Just dont go to far north in the winter XD... Its goes down to like -30°c up here

  97. Ray Storozuk

    Video popped up on my trending. Never heard of you before. But you're doing the damn thing. You sound great. Amazing song. You're only going up and up

  98. Sam Sunshine


  99. ChadBrownleeVEVO

    As a BC boy I have fallen deeply in love with the natural beauty this province has to offer. It’s a part of who I am, which is why this video is so special. Each scene is from a place you can find me either hiking through the woods or walking along the coastline with my dog Ellie. Our daily routine! It was a magical couple days with the weather Gods smiling down on us. I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we did making it!


    If I didn’t know this was Canada, I would’ve thought that parts of it were Washington.


    heyyy i’m matt’s girlfriends daughter lol

    Jordan Roberts

    Reminds me a lot of here in Nova Scotia


    omg you are perfect!