Browne, Jackson - You Love The Thunder Lyrics

When you look over your shoulder
And you see the life that you've left behind
When you think it over do you ever wonder?
What it is that holds your life so close to mine

You love the thunder and you love the rain
What you see revealed within the anger is worth the pain
And before the lightning fades and you surrender
You've got a second to look at the dark side of the man

You love the thunder and you love the rain
You know your hunger like you know your name
And I know you wonder how you ever came
To be a woman in love with a man in search of the flame

Draw the shade and light the fire
For the night that holds you and calls your name
And just like your lover, knows your desire
And the crazy longing that time will never tame

You love the thunder and you love the rain
You know your hunger like you know your name
I got your number if it's still the same
You can dream
But you can never go back the way you came

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Browne, Jackson You Love The Thunder Comments
  1. 坂巻洋


  2. 坂巻洋


  3. Cobra Kai97

    Sounds like something you’d hear at the end of a show or movie

  4. Jon Eisener

    Back when we had real music...

  5. Pandora

    She married Neil Young. 💃.

  6. Greg Nolff

    Maybe we should ask Darryl Hannah?

  7. mchandaltx

    Incredible Rosemary Butler on backing vocals! ❤️

    John Berry

    There she is!

  8. Matthew Gerard

    Thank you Gene!!!! !!!! !💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲💚🐲

  9. ocnalB semaJ

    Club banger.

  10. Paul Isaac

    I’ve loved this song for twenty years! I’ve seen Jackson 7 times in concert, and he has great stage presence! He’s easily my favorite musician!

  11. TT Willow

    David Lindley's slide on this sublime!

  12. Paul Isaac

    One of the best concept albums ever with a lot of great tunes on it!

  13. Dani Sullivan

    One of the best Songs ever.

    Matt Beverungen

    Yes, isn't it? So much feeling! And it's not that well-known.

    Damon Pugh

    I must agree. J. B. so smooth.

  14. Joseph Babica


  15. Aaron Davis

    The guitar on this is just amazing....

    TT Willow

    David LIndley

  16. Ken Perk

    Tune into Jason Isbell. He may be the last great story teller in America. Jackson Browne was one of his major influences and people are really catching on. He's probably the hottest non-douche bag act out there. He's piling up the awards but unlike most, he actually DESERVES them.

    Ken Perk

    @Pandora Wow, were you married to the tramp? I would say 80% of these situations are caused by the female. They just have to push those buttons and when they finally push the wrong one, they have to pay.

  17. Terry Tyler

    No kill or steal and you are alright with me. Be inspired and grow. Keep love in your heart. Show love to the elders (the ones you learned it from) if you disrespect your elders you cut of the very tree you eat from. It is okay to do some things but the kill+steal mentality is a no go.

    Chris Andrus

    ....(it is SO good to see that) Wisdom is still alive....
    ...peace, love & aloha, young brother.....

    Terry Tyler

    What A good Jam Mr. Andrus. Ever tried a storm seminar? I give them as a private consultant at Hope all is well thanks.

  18. Shari Crocker

    You knew me ? Why keep that inside you, I know my name, but I have a new number.

  19. Dan MN Pincock

    I love you, CLYDE. If I can't have your heart too, let me be. I'm done.

  20. Ricky Reynolds

    I learned this gifted album living temporary with my dad, who I had not seen since drunken Christmas morning breaking all our present`s. It helped me learning my guitar and escaping the pain at age 14.

    Chris Andrus

    ...i am sending you peace, love & aloha, RR....when We use the pain to grow, We have transformed it into love.....

  21. tom johnston

    I love the thunder and the rain running down that highway wondering what the next day and the next town will bring the excitement and the fear of the days to come

  22. Rodney Gailfus

    Jackson browne is a real musician

    Chris Andrus

    ....and a real poet.....

  23. Michael Ferguson

    Jackson Browne is a gift to us all!

    Ryan Roose

    I actually like that he is out of the spotlight. 1994 was at least a decade to late for him to be inducted into the hall of fame. It makes sense. The musical talent was on a whole different beat than anyone was hearing, or playing.

  24. John McCain

    a real story with a message in all of his songs.

    Tom Thomas

    I wore out two copies and was well on my way to three