Browne, Jackson - Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate Lyrics

Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
Where my life will lead me
Waiting to pass under Sleep's dark and silent gate

I found my love too late
Running around day after day
Looking for the time to play
While my old friends slipped away

Never should have had to try so hard
To make a love work out, I guess
I don't know what love has got to do with happiness
But the times when we were happy
Were the times we never tried

Sitting down by the highway
Looking down the road
Waiting for a ride
I don't know where I've been
Wishing I could fly away
Don't know where I'm going
Wishing I could hide
Oh God this is some shape I'm in
When the only thing that makes me cry
Is the kindness in my baby's eye

Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
Where the years have gone
They have all passed under
Sleep's dark and silent gate

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Browne, Jackson Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate Comments
  1. Joseph Armenta

    I can tell where Warren Zevon got his influence from

  2. Bill Thompson

    This song is about living and appreciating your life right now. Don't get caught up in all the noise and lose sight of what is important. Relationships are everything. First is keeping your priorities straight. Jesus, family, friends, acquaintances and self last. If you keep this order your life will stay in balance without regrets. And when your done here you will live for eternity through Jesus the Son of God. He is the only one who can forgive us no matter what we have done and heal our broken hearts.

  3. Ronald Petrin

    Jackson Browns Albums are solid (Good all the way through)and keepers they don't wear away keep you hooked. A true poet/singer/songwriter whose voice seems to only get better. Wisdom of age shines through a comfort for being true to himself over the years. Saw him in Portland, Maine long ago, JaneFonda and Jerry Rubin were there. Great performance Ill never ever forget! Hope to catch him on his current tour. Love his solo "These Days" outside...


    “2020 is yet another huge milestone for many of us who remember their first 1960 milestone and the forgotten 2000. What this next milestone will hold for us? One thing is for certain, what we do today will affect it... Be thankful for something We do today, what We began to build today, a positive habit We start to form today, a benevolent seed We plant today and the wonderful deeds We executed today... Hoooo yeah, we are not sure where all this take us in 2020, but for certain we know all this start today November 3-2018 and We are Grateful for everything. Thanks Master”
    Nick Catricala
    Amen, Will

  5. Doug Misantoni

    Long live JB...Timeless

  6. Mike Schonberger


  7. Elyce Oleary

    I just sent out to my mom who passed on March 7th. I miss her so much.I will remember my life with her always. Till we see each other again,Mom.

  8. Greg Parry

    What a beauty this is. He is a great storyteller.

  9. Brian Mullins

    I found my love too light.....what a line from 'the pretender'.


    that's I found my love too LATE ……

  10. rem shevlin36

    Sleep s dark and silent is one of the best songs JB.sbest tune it is less than b3 minutes...he get get right to the point. Best tune

  11. Angel Bulldog

    Mere words are inadequate in trying to express my love for Jackson and his music. His lyrics and voice slice right to the core of my very being, and have for 46 years. 💜

  12. kate hayes

    But the times when we're happy...

  13. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Where did all the years go?slobbering on the pillow and pootin in the blankets.

  14. Andrew Buckley

    'Wishing I could fly away, (Don't know where I'm going) Wishing I could hide, Oh God! This is some shape I'm in!'

  15. Leslie Mariah Andrews

    I would darken up this song and Goth it. In the style of Marilyn Manson or NIN. I think it would be splendid to give it agony.

  16. Last Dance

    It's a song in memoriam of his wife's suicide


    You are correct and wasn't it so tragic with a little chid left behind. It's almost incomprehensible, considering the child. No one can really ever know about these things. This song was added to "The Pretender" album 1976 about 4-5 month's after Phyllis Major Browne's death. Some of the songs on the album seem to be eerily connected to her death, but they were written before. Listen to "The Only Child" (written before) and it will break your heart every time.

    "Boy of mine, as your fortunes carry you down the line
    And you watch as the changes unfold
    And you sort among the stories you'll be told
    If some pieces of the pictures are had to find
    And the answers to the questions are hard to hold
    Take good care of your mother
    When you're making up your mind
    Take good care of your mother and remember to be kind

    Has your heart broken yet?

    Elyce Oleary

    Really? I didn't know he had a wife that killed herself. Sad.


    Last Dance From a dark place came this masterpiece!

  17. David Maholchic

    Can an album be perfect?

  18. D J

    Years ago I used to play this album to fall asleep at night when I was just divorced, living in my friend's big front room with my kids. The music was sad but at the same time soothing and healing. Love this song. And the last one on the album too.

  19. Mary Yelvington

    Sounds as amazing as it did the first time I heard. One of our best song writers / performers

  20. Johnny TheWad

    sittin' down by the highway
    lookin' down the rode
    waitin' for a ride
    I dont know where ive been
    wishin' I could fly away
    dont know weather I'm sober or high

    oh God this is some shape im in
    and the only thing that makes me cry is the kindness in my babies eye


    Johnny TheWad. Wasn't aware of the line "don't know weather (climate) or whether I'm sober or high, but I'm going to research it. If it's authentic, I love it. Sometimes, with Jackson Browne, some words or lyrics from the original get left out on subsequent recordings or performances or a word or 2 is changed during performances.

  21. mylovewillneverend

    "Never should have had to try so hard To make a love work out,
    I guess I don't know what love has got to do with happiness
    But the times when we were happy
    Were the times we never tried"

    Albert Stasilli

    Reminds me of the Love I Lost and wished I would have been a different man and she would still be here with me.but better to have loved and lost than to never have loved and all.I miss her madly but to hell with it it takes 2 to make a Love work out.AMEN to that ...peace and love to you Burna and I hope you're happy were ever you are.Albert 🎵🎶💪🎭🎲🎲🎲🎲I rolled the dice and I took the hand I was Delta and it didn't work out for us I'm sorry but I tried my best to Love you unconditionally and still we didn't make it cause you allowed to many mtfrs in our bizz and I told you I was going to fall apart just like they wanted it to be.and you gave them the satisfaction of Fucking us up ....oh well life goes on.

    Albert Stasilli

    Let me refrase that it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all...that's better!!!

  22. Michael Yudin

    just further proof that Jackson is one of the greatest song writers of our time!

    Shane Brent

    I definitely couldn't have said it any better this guy is awesome truly Another one of the soundtracks to my life

    Shane Brent

    Human Glenn fry were good friends you can hear it in the music from both of them awesome

  23. tom johnston

    I wonder what will happen if anything when we all finally slip under Sleeps dark and silent gates...I hope its beautiful Divine Union if not then let it be the peace of nonconscious no self ... like a light switching off

  24. Erik S. Lacy

    concisely the story of my life! absolutely brilliant...

  25. queenmoline

    Oh God, this is some shape I'm in...

  26. nathanl75

    "Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
    Where the years have gone
    They have all passed under
    Sleep's dark and silent gate"

  27. dom uncl

    I found my love too late...What a beautiful lament!


    This lament referred to when he came home to find his wife dead from an intentional overdose of barbiturates. "And the only thing that makes me cry is when I see the kindness in my baby's eye"."Sometimes I lay at night and wonder, where have all the years have gone. They've all passed under sleep's dark and silent gate".

    Tired Ofit

    I didn't know this...what a beautiful, mournful song, written during a very painful time.

  28. Irene Fraser