Browne, Jackson - Rosie Lyrics

She was standing at the load-in
When the trucks rolled up
She was sniffing all around
Like a half grown female pup
She wasn't hard to talk to
Looked like she had nowhere to go
So I gave her my pass
So she could get in and see the show

Well I sat her down right next to me
And I got her a beer
While I mixed that sound on stage
So the band could hear
The more I watched her watch them play
The less I could think of to say
And when they walked off stage
The drummer swept that girl away

But Rosie you're all right - you wear my ring
When you hold me tight - Rosie that's my thing
When you turn out the light - I've got to hand it to me
Looks like it's me and you again tonight Rosie

Well I guess I might have known from the start
She'd come for a star
Might have told my imagination not to run too far
Of all the times that I've been burned
By now you'd think I'd have learned
That it's who you look like
Not who you are

But Rosie you're all right - you wear my ring
When you hold me tight - Rosie that's my thing
When you turn out the light - I've got to hand it to me
Looks like it's me and you again tonight Rosie

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Browne, Jackson Rosie Comments
  1. Buddy Rogers

    There was a Jamaican guy who worked with us years ago. His Rosie was named "Bang Bang LuLu".
    Been using the reference ever since. Men have no clue when you say to them: Hot date with Bang Bang LuLu tonight? They assume you are talking about a person.

  2. Shannon Traynor Stright

    I guess there must be folks that just "thumb down" everything , because I can't imagine anyone with an ear for music thumbing down this song . Thanks for the music Jackson Browne

  3. Jackie Beepbeep15

    He is the greatest. 80s lady but 70s Child. Keep it Jackson Browne. Best memories jaming to "Running on Empty". #trulyclassic

    Jackie Beepbeep15

    ×Keep making the Great Music Musician!. 🎶

  4. Jemboy Dumagno

    Very nice day guys

  5. R&R Peg

    damn, never knew there was video. funny...sad...awesome....heh

  6. tim sears

    Jackson says it at the beginning of this song....its not about masturbating OR about the drummer & some girl its about a guy who mixed the monitors on stage & a girl...listen to what Jackson says in the beginning people...

  7. Shari Crocker

    A guy you knew, huh.? January Wabash park, 1977, John Cafferty was that drummer, oops. Mybad.

  8. Shari Crocker

    My favorite. 😘😘😘

  9. Rockpodoboo

    2:08 look at him smirking, he knows..., he knows the true meaning of the song

  10. Suzanne Pope

    I've been listening to this album...and this song my whole life...since the late 70s...I didn't know what this song meant until a few months

  11. Mr. M.

    I listened to this song many times in my misspent youth, but I was nearly 40 when My big brother explained it was about self pleasuring. It was so obvious but I just never put it together.

    Suzanne Pope

    I'm 49...I didn't know what the song meant until a few months

  12. Shane Burst

    Cryin to a song about jackin!!!...

  13. Caitlin Greenham

    My two ladies.... Rosie and Jill 😏😜

  14. kaldes yzdi

    in The Simpsons he sang it with new lyrics

  15. Mathias

  16. Larry Juckett

    Jackson Browne is the most overrated artist ever

  17. stochasticmonk

    have to hand it to him, he did a really great job

  18. Leslie Mariah Andrews

    Never realized this song was about cat cuddling....

  19. Heidi Neville

    Beautiful, beautiful voice on that man

  20. Okemos Tech

    1977 at Michigan State University - priceless, timeless.

  21. Shari Crocker


  22. yokoshemp

    To me the song is about so much more than masturbation. Rosie does not show up until after he lost the girl. Some people don't know the painful lonely empty space that comes when someone you desire fails to even notice you exist. Most of us have had a taste of that. Perhaps what Kundera was getting at when he introduces the word litost to the english language. Beyond the words it is a beautiful song.

  23. Shari Crocker

    Omg, I'm old

  24. Shari Crocker

    Yes I remember ,walking off with the drummer, willy. I'M SORRY.

  25. Shari Crocker

    So you're older than me.... ha, that's funny.

  26. Bia Santos

    why do people say this is about masturbation?

    Shari Crocker

    Bia Santos because it is.

    Shari Crocker

    Bia Santos cause it is...

  27. bob larrance

    back in the 70's I knew two people at work, her name was Rosie, his was John. Actually, Rosemary was her name. This song was just out. And one night, after work, we were all out in the parking lot, drinking Miller beer from 32 oz. bottles, most of that swing-shift crew, anyway. Somebody punched up radio station KINK in Portland and this song came on. That guy had really cheesy speakers but i had a nice sound system so i found that station and he turned his off and, dang... we all had Jackson Browne in our ears and the song was Rosie from my Pioneer rig, from my Buick. the bass was deep. I turned it up really loud, and there was some distortion but it was still so nice and right when Jackson was singing 'looks like me and you tonight' I looked over at John and Rosie and he had his arm so tight around her. Damn. I suppose we all are prone to recall some sweet moments from our youth, right? But that night in that parking lot Rosie was with John and I still shiver about how good their thing was.

  28. Shari Crocker

    But, Clyde; you really need to forgive me.

  29. Shari Crocker

    But dont you think ive, suffered?

  30. Shari Crocker

    come on now, i came back to you, clyde but you were gone...

  31. Shari Crocker

    we met sept 1980, i married in may 1981. Why didnt you keep me
    Our time together was heavenly you were my "rough boy".

    Shari Crocker

    Shari Crocker 1978.,79

  32. Shari Crocker

    so you thought about me thru the nightlol

  33. Shari Crocker

    Im SO SORRY, CLYDE. FORGIVE ME? PLEASE... XOXO it wasnt what you thought

  34. Tony Shideler

    I Loved Rosie also. Too damn bad.

  35. Deanna B

    I'm here sis!!!
    With my greatest sister.. sharing our moments... it takes a lot of the things you've done in life to understand how a BEAUTIFUL Rosie can be..
    Love you always DeAn xoxoxoxo

  36. city zen


  37. Rose Irma Flores

    It's Amazing,HOW shit can be misconstrued, really

  38. Rose Irma Flores


  39. Karl M.

    Story of my life

  40. Keyboard Krazy

    GO JACKSON!!!!!!

  41. Rosella Pritchard

    Love jackson brown


    Rosie is the only guarantee

  43. Rob Atkinson

    looks like it's me and you again tonight

  44. Nathalie lacroix-danis

    Le vrai compositeur est francis Cabrel lui la reprise en version anglaise Cabrel l'avais écrit pour sa fille

    Cédric D.

    Running on Empty est sorti en 1977, Sarbacane en 1989, donc c'est clairement pas Cabrel le compositeur...

    Kiwi Lambert

    @Cédric D. Bien vu! Je me suis fait avoir quand j'ai découvert Jackson Browne, je pensais que c'était lui qui l'avais reprise puis en fait non ^^" Bref, déterrage de post bonjour...

  45. South Sea

    Gives me goosebumps everytime i hear this song....

  46. Crash64100

    Watch Jackson Browne- Rosie. Posted by MrKtnature. Haha in the middle of the song he says, " did I mention this song is Not about me". Haha gotta love it

  47. Crash64100

    I hate to break it to you Wade, but this song Is about what everyone is saying it's about. Rosie is the guys hand. That's why JB always precludes it by assuring the audience it's Not about him!

    Shari Crocker

    Crash64100 but it was about

    Tammy Smith

    It's about the one who mixed the music, it says it in the song

  48. Jean Bosco Ismaila Soufiano

    Love Jackson Browne.

    Lic Chas

    Jean Bosco Ismaila soufiano ok

  49. Cody Chylik

    Only jackson can make a song about masterbaiting sound beautiful!

    Kiwi Lambert

    Not to mention there's a french cover of this song actually... Which is a true love song, talking 'bout a girl named Rosie (he covered it for his daughter I believe). He put a whole new chorus and changed a line "It is who you look like, not who you are". Francis Cabrel says: "Cette nuit j'ai compris, qu'il faut pas dire à qui je ressemble, faut dire qui je suis". Translates to: "Tonight I learned, I shouldn't say who I look like but rather who I am"


    @Suzanne Pope Yep. The lead singer was a brother of Jeffrey Feiger, the lawyer who defended Dr. Kevorkian , " Dr. Death ". FYI.

    R&R Peg

    RIGHT? lmfao


    @Suzanne Pope I've got to "hand" it to me. The other hint I should have seen was, "Wait if this girl blew him off for the drummer, how could it still be 'you and me tonight." Aha, he never said the girl's name!

    Buddy Rogers

    @Suzanne Pope Somewhere on YouTube Jackson tells a story about his mom talking about the song and she was just like you. Didn't have a clue what it was about

  50. Cody Chylik

    Is that a girl back up singer

    Craig Bell

    It's David Lindley

    Cody Chylik

    Craig Bell thats what I thought but he looks weird in that video


    dave lindley is there but also a girl on the right-not sure her name


    Rosemary Butler

  51. Mark Sims

    this brings back memories....rosie i wonder where you are now

    Melanie Holtz

    Mark Sims either on your left or your right wrist silly man!! Really??

  52. Jean Bosco Ismaila Soufiano

    The memory Of the just Is blessed : but the name Of the wicked shall rot (10:7)

    Shari Crocker

    Jean Bosco Ismaila soufiano I beg your pardon, I'm not wicked..

  53. Jason Cooper

    "original studio recording" of a song from a live record...

    James Miles

    Jason Cooper you upload it then

  54. Paul Isaac

    One of my favorite songs. Not the most complicated song, but it's still cool and fun-just like seeing Jackson in concert!

  55. BigORat

    If you are not familiar with the term "Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters" you will NEVER understand the meaning of this song.

    dean mccaskill

    BigORat I never figured that out for years. It put a whole new level of depression on the thing.

    Lassie Steakley

    I didn't know until my husband told me. I thought it was just a really sweet love song. Oh, he laughed at me so much.

    eddie willers

    @Lassie Steakley "I thought it was just a really sweet love song"

    And Rosie got all that lovin'.


    Aaah, I thought it might have been that but why would you give your hand a pass to see the show and buy it a beer? So I listened carefully again, he never said the girl's name was Rosie! "You wear my ring" and when I turn out the light "I have to HAND it to me" that is classic double-meaning! I should have known, if Rosie was the girl that left him why would she wear his ring and be with him tonight? It all makes sense now.

  56. Tom Cox

    Amazing synch job

  57. Crash64100

    Love it!! Damn I wore this record " running on empty " out back in high school!! Yes, record. I'm that old.

    Nicolas Ilas

    did the same thing.....back in the day, old glorious days.


    Crash64100, do not ever apologize for your age. No one is getting younger.

    Mike Maricle

    I wore out two 8 tracks, and an album.

    Shannon Traynor Stright

    Same for me :) I feel like I am in good company :)

  58. Rose M.

    Awesome...memories of the 70s!

  59. Bucky Bryant

    Three months later? And she's my wife! What a classic narrative! One of my favorites! Released, my junior year ... of high school!

    Kyle Oconnell

    Bucky Bryant it’s about masturbating bro

  60. Betty Guerra

    Jackson Browne. I love your song stay. and I love you. your like an old sole.

  61. Betty Guerra

    Jackson Browne. I love your song stay. and I love you. your like an old sole.

  62. Betty Guerra

    Jackson Browne. I love your song stay. and I love you. your like an old sole.

  63. Lance Lovett

    MAN Great Job!!!!!!!

  64. WillyTheComposer

    This song is about masturbation.


    Yes, because when Jackson Browne isn't performing he moonlights as a sound man. Thank goodness this isn't "The dumbest song ever'.

    4 Eyed Animation

    Every song is

    Rick Stricker

    Wade Rivers, listen more closely.  Listen to every word.  You're mistaken.

    Standard of Trust

    No. No. No.🖐😉


    Wade, hun, even Browne talks about how it's a true story but about the sound guy. And it is definitely about masturbation. Not Rosè, like his mom thought.

  65. lbrashea

    Thought it was a love song, well I guess it is


    It is. Between and man and thing.


    Yes it is a love song when there is not another warm body to share it with...when I turn out the lights, I gotta hand it to ME., it's you and me again tonight, ROSIE palm.

  66. rnnnmt

    Another nice job! Do you need to re-synch during it or just let the two streams run til the end?


    I let the song run till the end and edit the speed of the video. Sometimes it has a different speed in a certain frame.

    Stephen Beer

    A lovely girl who’s head I did in showed me Jackson Brown