Browne, Jackson - Cocaine Lyrics

You take Sally and I'll take Sue
Their ain't no difference between the two
Cocaine, running all 'round my brain

Headin' down Scott, turnin' up Main
Looking for that girl that sells cocaine
Cocaine, runnin' all 'round my brain

Late last night about a quarter past four
Ladanyi come knockin' down my hotel room door
Where's the cocaine...
It's runnin' all 'round my brain

I was talking to my doctor down at the hospital
He said, "Son, it says here you're twenty-seven,
But that's impossible
Cocaine... you look like you could be forty-five"

Now I'm losing touch with reality and I'm almost out of blow
It's such a fine line... I hate to see it go
Cocaine, runnin' all 'round my brain

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Browne, Jackson Cocaine Comments
  1. Mark Hall

    "It takes a CLEAR MIND to make it." You bet it does. Did my first lines to this too.

  2. A W


    Caleb Lloyd Allen

    A W

  3. Danny Adamson

    I know how and why this song was written I know the suspect's and the names it's a great story but it's just to long

  4. Andrew Becker

    Holy shit..first I thought townes van zandts version was good, then i thought Keith richards was even better...then this. The strings alone make it the best version

    Caleb Lloyd Allen

    Andrew Becker

  5. Bam Bam


  6. LiLRip#

    When you here them early birds start chirpin and yer eyes are hurtin..Oh know what I'm talkin about.

    Andrew Becker

    @Rick Hulbert huh

    Rick Hulbert

    @Andrew Becker yeah it brings back so many memories I wish I was that kid again

    Andrew Becker

    @Rick Hulbert I guess i'm that kid right now.

    Caleb Lloyd Allen


    Jim Eggeling

    Yeah I do! The good old days!

  7. LiLRip#

    Have this on 8 track.

  8. moremoney2

    Blood on the highway.


    I try it and it will make difference in your life.if your going to make to good shit,theres something people will not understand.its far out man

  10. 坂巻洋


  11. Kay Taylor

    I think it's better than Eric Clapton version of cocaine & i use to like it

    Caz Gerald

    Different songs not different versions.

    Capt Termite

    Different songs

  12. Robert Morin

    Donny must have been really really pissed.

    Mark Salwasser

    Greg Ladanyi, the producer of the album

  13. pablo escobar

    hes so black hes mom dont want him back

  14. kenneth robinson

    Here’s to you Food miss you bro

    Andrew Becker

    I remember food, used to eat it as a kid


    Salute to what he's singing

  16. Skip Downen

    Hate coke,but I love the way it smells

    Cap'n Crunch

    Sorry Charlie, but nothin beats the main line. ( except after you have kicked it since the early 80s ) That's my story and I'm sticking to it ! No pun intended :D

    john diver

    i used to!


    👏 ❤

    Leroy Wolf

    @Cap'n Crunch did it, just for the train whistles and echos kicked the habit in 88

  17. Vaughan Green

  18. Francisco Vargas

    Very Good!!!!!

  19. Vic Crosscountry

    Great tune!!!!