Brown, James - Watch Me Lyrics

Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll, roll, roll...

Step back!
Give me a little room
'Cause I'm ready
To do what I gotta do
All night long, never gonna stop
When it's day, time to play
I let you see what's up

(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm on a roll
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm in control
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm on a roll
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm in control

A little bit more
Is what you're looking for
But hold on a minute
Are you really sure
You can take
What I have to give?
Can you handle it, huh
Or is it just a bit

Ooh - too much?
(We don't think so)
Well, okay, if you say
Then a-ha, here we go!
You move it like this
Aah, you move it like that
And if you can't do this dance
This is what I gotta say...

(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm on a roll
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm in control
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm on a roll
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm in control

(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm on a roll
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me! I'm ready, I'm in control
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Uh, hah, I'm on a roll, aah
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me! I'm, hey

Can ya, uh, haa, ow!
Can you move it like this, y'all?
Move on! Move on! Move it! Move it!
Can you move it like this, hah? Oow!
Can ya... yaaw!
Can you move it like this, y'all?
Aah, aah!
Everybody over there!

(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
(I'm on a roll)
Ow, watch me!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
(I'm in control)
Watch me!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
(I'm on a roll)
Watch me!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Watch me, I'm ready!
(I'm in control)
Aah, I'm on a roll, y'all
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Everybody over there!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Everybody over there!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
Can you move, move, move, move?
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
Aah, move it!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm on the roll)
(I'm on a roll)
Watch me!
(Watch me, I'm ready and I'm in control)
(I'm in control) Ah, watch me!
(I'm on a roll) Watch me, aah...!
(I'm in control) I'm in control...!

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Brown, James Watch Me Comments
  1. George Smith

    This is Fire Hot!!!!!!!!

  2. Dale Wallop

    Soul bro number one!!!

  3. Riche Musique

    if you listen at 7;00 min mark there is a little glitch or edit ......????????

  4. Teddy Bear/ AKA Master E.

    "I got soul and Im super bad"

  5. MostrADAmus The Moor

    i wanna try myself a few

  6. Earnest Durden

    He was super super bad and king of soul

  7. Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot 1984

    The myth James brown getting into a car chase with cops can imagine this playing as he's firing a gun at them as they chase him 😎👊

  8. imbees2

    All the beats in the beginning of hip hop come from James brown and 60s and 70s soul music. Then you can backtrack that the soul music came from jazz in the 50s and 60s.

  9. imbees2

    If there was no James Brown. There would be no hip hop. James is the impetus for hip hop.

  10. imbees2

    Tell em TJ.

  11. imbees2

    Watch me I got it.

  12. iNTROstellar

    miss you james, RIP <3

  13. Giulio Geymonat

    Il più figo di TUTTI!







  17. Maria White


  18. Kurt Adams


  19. John Perez

    The Legend the King The Soul Funk Master Of all RIP James Brown The One God Put on His Earth for all to see how Legends get from the Soul to the People!!

  20. Rick CBG

    Funkiest thing I’ve heard since the last time I listened to this. For anyone to hit thumbs down must be Justin Beiber with multiple accounts. It’s not possible to be a sensible human being and not appreciate what Mr. James Brown brought to the music industry. I give you a huge F.U. from me, millions of others and the King of Soul himself... such a wicked jam while he howls.

  21. Dennis Lee


  22. lil coco

    OG FunkMasters....💙JB!!!

  23. Sey

    1:11 yo mr. brown I feel good but I don’t want to kiss myself

  24. raywhittenjr


  25. daniel Stefane

    as time goes on most people acknowlegde what a Powerhouse of a Entertainer he was not to be matched by anyone anyone here in 2020 January for Mr James Brown

  26. vitam acai

    3:53 tho..😆

  27. Nidia Luccioni

    That was Super Bad I let it all hang out James Brown
    Rest in peace

  28. Nidia Luccioni

    Rest in peace Mr. James Brown Funky soulful beat
    I got soul and I'm super bad I'm lover I love to do my thing Good God !
    Right on people !


    Dedicated to all single parents that raised great American citizens!

  30. brother thor

    I like Good Foot better.








  31. Ev Washington

    Y'all can't break me. That's the spirit of this great man. LOVE MY PEOPLE

  32. xo Dasity

    Still listening in 2020 🔥

    James Sam

    Wat u know about that

    xo Dasity

    James Sam hahaha my dad loves his music & got us hooked at an early age

    James Sam

    @xo Dasity K I am glad someone know what good music sounds like anyway take care and keep listening to good music

  33. peter arthur sheppard iii

    enjoying birthday from 1952,start learning this1963 nola.he use to come downyo nolawashington and louisana ave

  34. Cliff Yablonski

    Oh fuck.
    1973 i was in a high school garage band and the guys suggested I sing the lead on this tune at a party we were doing the next week.
    And...I ....did. Fuckers did it to me as a joke. My pals.
    Skinny white kid singing it . I was laughed at for weeks at school.
    I still dread talking to anyone from high school.

  35. Truth AtAnyCost

    January 6, 2020 & STILL listening. I'll listen til I can't hear anymore 😎... Thank you for sharing this James Brown Classic. Much Luv

  36. David Page

    who else thinks that james brown was a genius and the baddest motherfucker ever he was legit rip brother

  37. Marc Ziner

    This Artist, James Brown! Is definitely super bad! I love this guy! He’s super talent! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🍾🥂🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🏆


    1 bombe ce morceau!!

  39. Tam me

    who could remix this beat or song for 2020 jus asking Happy New Year 2020 James Brown

  40. Michael James

    If you're listening to this, I know you're dancing.
    If you happen to be driving, try to stay in your lane.

  41. Nidia Luccioni

    James Brown I got soul and I'm super bad good god right on people let all hang out

  42. Melvin Cummings

    Soul brother #1

  43. theresa webb

    James was fi
    unk he moved like a sex mechine.

  44. theresa webb

    Very classic song by a grea entertainer. Aint nobodu
    y like him. james is a show stopper.

  45. Lulu Comedor


  46. NaroysFullMind

    And still beats modern rap

  47. M D

    Badman tune 2019

  48. lavdosh GJUZAJ

    I told myself I'm only gonna hear just a small piece of it, But I nead to play it full 500 Watt VOLUME. It got me so hype, screaming and dancing and woking everyone one sleeping up Now they looking at me like i'm crazy. Lord Lord Lord.

  49. Dana Horstman

    Watchin the movie superbad and listening to this

  50. Chris Waters

    Ahhhhhh! EUhn! C'mon. brilliant.

  51. DevilGearHill

    I have no clue who those 1.1 dislikes are.
    I'm supposed to write how good the song is, but I'm just so completely baffled my eyebrows are weighting so hard on my face.

  52. Jessie Ortiz

    The New Guy, brought me here

  53. Rae Wright

    JB doing it to death

  54. Irish Kabyle


  55. Darren Hicks

    Lionel Messi's intro!

  56. Denise Mitchell

    Gday Elder
    Raised in the racist suburbs of the 50's
    Called the N word everyday by neighbors and classmates
    My parents grandparents instilled pride
    But The Godfather and The Queen of music gave me so much Pride
    Say it loud what
    Mother made me stand on the rain 7 see The Godfather at the Apollo
    As a grown up saw him twice hot a chance to go backstage and have a couple of shots and smokes.
    Wow best day of my LIFE .
    Walked behind his coffin 125 street

    Paul Kelly

    Denise,, what you said made me feel PROUD. PROUD to actually remember the STRUGGLE at that time, and proud that our music was, and still is, Supa BAD!! up UP!

  57. Walter Brown

    When you are down an out brother8.just remember that you are Super bad .i listen to this an this works .cause im from the creator .an he does not make junk he makes super bad people ....understand this.......

  58. Sey

    did you know bootsy Collins played bass in this song???

  59. XOXO


  60. Mario Sánchez

    Up'n down, and all around

  61. scottioso6

    2:24, 4:00 Robert im assuming is white😣 if he is not they should have taken away his instrument away a long time ago that shit is disgusting WHY James!!! 5:39 thank god for the black bridge...

  62. Baran Ebrahimi

    when i stub my toe 8:52

  63. Klaudia Julia


  64. Melford Myrie

    Cast of Godfather of Soul

  65. joe Sussex

    If you didnt already know it.....j.b. Is the king of soul....

  66. Stefan Djukic

    This shit was smooth af in white man can't jump

  67. Kenya Nkhrumah

    Soul Brother No1!!!

  68. gail brown

    THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. This is Laflare Tv

    "I jump back and I want to kiss myself"

  70. Kenny Craddock

    My older brother took me and my youngest brother to Symphony Hall Broad St Newark NJ to witness Soul Brother #1 aka the Godfather of Soul do his thing live. Once a James Brown fan Always a James Brown fan. No one like him. RIP Godfather Of Soul, you inspired and spoke Truth to Power. Thank God for James Brown.

  71. Rosalind Williams

    He should have forever godfather of soul u.s. postage stamp.

  72. Jamal Mcmillio

    My theme song

  73. Jason Sailer

    This and Sex Machine are my two favorite James Brown songs. Great Stuff!

  74. Livng2LiveAgain

    Sick wit it 🔥😘.. Anything the godfather touched turned platinum.. Yes sah

  75. Jon Goldeneye

    Nutty Professor

  76. Byzenteen Dutchies

    James bought the SOUL to the 🌎. Didn't nobody know nothing about it. James invented Soul music, which later turned into Rythm & Blues, then Funk, then Disco, then Rap. AMEN for the man!

  77. Mario Mullins

    After the session I bet Bootsy was like “I’m done for the day” 😂

    Dave Brown


  78. Eu amo Rock !!!

    O fabuloso

  79. Cuthbert Jolly

    The baddest of James Brown's tunes.

  80. Henry Ramirez

    That horn section just doesn't let this song quit. So good.

  81. Matt Peckham

    rhythm guitar is tight! Damn! Nobody else can play it like this


    Phelps Collins!

  82. SandMan_81

    this is li ke poetry

  83. Julie Mitchell

    Gittin Down wit Jaaaaaaames Brown✊🏼

  84. Hal Keating

    I go to work

  85. Eye Spy

    If you give this a thumbs down, may the ancestors come down and smack you in the face with the funk...good gawd!

  86. Yery Vargas

    Here after watching biker boyz

  87. Slickback

    I think I wanna funk

  88. Tom Pinto Bean

    "The New Guy" brought me here. Lol

  89. Carlen Always Seeking Knowledge

    "I Gotta Feel... That Tell Me What Do!"

  90. David Houston

    Man this energy is undescribable.
    Even an underluck homeless man feels limitless while listening to James brown supper bad. Brown. . .he's a bad man

  91. Shaun Huggins

    This song makes u feel unstoppable went in gym bench told me can take plates off the bar cause i was lifting heavy to easy

  92. Saifullah Powell

    Smoking Joe Frasier( RIP) used to work out to James Brown . I’m doing it, definitely energy inducing and motivating RIP James

  93. mrstep2me

    My favorite JB track (by a hair over Cold Sweat), and one of my favorite by any artist. JB was pretty much untouchable during this era. I was 11 when this hit. I'm 60 now. 49 years ago, man does time fly.

  94. Douglas Lewis

    "Sometimes I want to SUBTERFUGE."

  95. Judas3rd

    Who is listning at 1,25x?

  96. LaKeba Fondren

    I use this in my classroom to motivate the kids. We'll be using it all year long for as long as they like it. It was funny last week when I told them I was finished doing my part of a lesson (teaching) and now it was their turn to work independently while I watch. Those little second grade buggers ALL replied "Watch Meh! Watch Meh!" in their James Brown voice. It was unsolicited, spontaneous, and HILARIOUS! Now I refer to them as my "FUNKY SOUL BROTHERS AND SISTERS" of second grade. LOL James keeps everybody smiling and happy. LOVE ME SOME JAMES BROWN!!!!!!!

  97. Keith Pixton

    Pump Up the Volume

  98. Richard Faust

    Robert McCulloch's alto solo is in a league with Albert Ayler. It is so "Super Bad".