Brown, Ian - F.E.A.R. Lyrics

For each a road, for everyman a religion, find everybody and rule
Fuck everything and rumble, forget everything and remember
For everything a reason, forgive everybody and remember
For each a road, for everyman a religion, face everybody and rule
Fuck everything and rumble, forget everything and remember
For everything a reason


Final eternity arouses reactions, freeing excellence affects reality
Fallen empires are ruling, find Earth and reap
Fantastic expectations amazing revelations
Final execution and resurrection, free expression as revolution
Finding everything and realizing

You got the fear, you got the fear, you got the fear, you got the fear
F.E.A.R. (You got the fear), F.E.A.R. (You got the fear)
F.E.A.R. (You got the fear), F.E.A.R. (You got the fear)
F.E.A.R. (You got the fear), F.E.A.R. (You got the fear)
F.E.A.R. (You got the fear), F.E.A.R. (You got the fear)
You got the fear, you got the fear, you got the fear, you got the fear
You got the fear

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Brown, Ian F.E.A.R. Comments
  1. SusiPineapple

    amazingly clever, beautiful, insightful and to be honest just fucking great

  2. Alyusif Ismlhsn

    He looks like liam gallagher

  3. Stop UK Poverty UK

    Personally, as a northerner, I liked the Manchester thing (except for Oasis, who always made me cringe, almost as much as the North's anti-ambassador 'Turry' Christian, and even before one of the Oasis lads turned out to be a Tory t**t) and Ian was the exemplar that came out of it. And I don't *just* say that because I worked with his Indian percussionist Inder Goldfinger.

  4. westeh

    No wonder the UK is a shambles, beta male central.

  5. neded9

    Always reminds me of F1 2010 🙂

  6. Tearlach Murray

    Yeah on da noo I init blud advert this affectation to nonsense is getting irritating

  7. roy keene

    What a annoying advert

  8. jasonspurs

    F E A R is all the lyrics

  9. Nicholas Gargano

    This is as good as it gets! It's own genre

  10. James Stewart

    One of the best songs ever written. x scouse uk.

  11. David Nesvadba


  12. john denis dunne

    1. Captures the dreams of my youth
    2. I feel Chris Martin was inspired to inspire his music video self from this

  13. sexypoetry

    those manchurians are obsessed with berwick street... they apparently feel like their songs are "fruit" and they are coming to sell them to londoners, but they never really feel like they are part of the city, so they stick with farmers of berwick street...sympathetic resonance...

  14. Dimis K

    1k people they have another F.E.A.R

  15. Ross Heathorn

    What a top top tune still loving it in the one nine peeps. I got some ruff acoustic tunes on here put in Ross Heathorn and check them out. Flattery is addiction song theres couple of conspiracy tunes. Ian brown inspires me. He one humble intelligent dude. We could all learn from him. Love it how he don't chase the fame just does his own thing.

  16. Numbskullz

    He's really skilled with that bike.

  17. skurinski

    This was Summer 2001, not 2007

  18. djemmay

    Dance music junkie here but this is just one of those tunes. 👌🏻

  19. fireblade2102


  20. benstrangechannel gg

    Che un conmpa mio se llama así que onda lal

  21. Tearlach Murray

    Try doing that in Islamic areas of east logon

    Joachim Maertens

    do you mean East Legon?

  22. WhiteDragon

    im Amazed that he Never hit anything 😨

  23. supernova records

    i’ve always been fond of browns work even though his vocals have never been good

    Jon Heater

    you are an idiot, his voice is legendary, beautiful since '85, what are you 12, know nothing about music.

  24. Viper Ex



  25. Nicky Cotton

    Fantastic Emotional Amazing Ride.👍


    Ian Brown is a genius ..

    OsaVida Films

    UNCLE ALBERT IS A RED genius??? Really


    @OsaVida Films in songs and song writing terms ,OK genius is a bold statement but very clever in his song writing and concepts of his music ..

    OsaVida Films

    UNCLE ALBERT IS A RED ye.... I think the guy that invented the light bulb is a genius


    @OsaVida Films true.point taken .

  27. Bob Stains

    This is a masterpiece right up there with John Lennon’s song “ Imagine “ ....

  28. glengooner74

    Goosebump tune , superb

  29. Daragh Cleary

    I love Ian brown....

  30. Worldwide Wabbit

    The T is silent as in Fox.

  31. Leon Harpley

    Michael Owen's imagination

  32. Jimmy P

    I liked the part where the song started.

  33. Eve Howells

    You are the best❤️ and I like your music... Frankie age6🎸🎼🎺🎷🥁🎤

  34. HayBob

    Sill Listening 15-11-2019..🎶🎇💖

  35. Mr Wilfred Myers

  36. Chris K

    Northern poets

  37. Nurdin Kühnel

    Nope. Coordination and preparation of da Blitz.

  38. The hour glass has few grains of sand

    You cant be that cool. Fook me man. Reserve the roses like a fly in amber.

  39. Don Darko


  40. Roslyn Murphy

    One of the best tracks ever. Who is the 1.1k muppets who put this down.

  41. nmacog

    great track.

  42. Jeremy parker

    I feel this is the best backwards cycling rock video.

  43. Las Bombonas De Candy

    Now that Im a converted Biblical Christian -I was raised under Catholicism, which is not the same as Christianity-, I totally understand this song! I have always loved it, but now I appreciate it even more!. It's a song about Jesus and his resurrection. It's a song on how we are living under a spirit battle. It's the description on how the world is living under false beliefs and this fear is because they dont know God and his word. And because they dont accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

  44. Ivan Nio

    Better videos than most of the other crap artists usually provide

  45. sharron gray


  46. S AV

    Cool bike Ian 👍🏻

  47. Johnny Bravo

    remember when you were little and your parents said stop making that face or it'll get stuck that way lolol

    love this song and video though much love from the US, ian brown = legend

  48. Bradley Clarke

    Ian has obviously not done his Cycling Proficiency exam, this is no way to behave in front of his young fans on his push bike. Or may i add the Spike Island veterans by churning out this DURGE. You wear it well and are the essence of cool but sack the music its over....

  49. gregor louden

    Fire Engines Are Rubbish

  50. Daemiex

    snowflakes wont get this

  51. Mo Ana

    Your dum ..!!!

  52. Mo Ana

    If I ever passed this fucker on his bike ... I’d throw a big super big gulp full of piss and shit out my Window in hopes it hits him and knocks him off his bike as I drive on by ..!!!

  53. John Harrison

    I love that song It is brilliant

  54. Myrena Amos

    Это шедевр на все времена!!!

  55. Keith France

    Very clever & very original. Quality !

  56. Greg Kiteos

    Great song. It was only about an hour ago when I was reading up on the song that the words are made up of the acronym F.E.A.R. Genius!

  57. Pax Maya

    "Una rolota que ya es de mis clásicos por la eternidad" 🇲🇽"🎧"

  58. eyesopen

    One of the greatest and truly unique songs of all time.
    And he can sing it whilst reverse driving a very cool bike? Must be a Mancunian, like myself? Peace

  59. marc screen

    class even in music never ages ....:)

  60. crazy crazy

    Very good song

  61. Juan José Cabrera Moguel 2019


  62. Alex C

    This song reminds me of looking after my mates pub for a week one christmas when he was away (the crown on the bridge in Caversham, UK). I was shit at looking after the place and i couldnt wait to go back to being the pubs customer not its caretaker but some good geezer put this song on the dukebox alot one day and it cheered me up. One of the barmaids was a stunner too so that helped. I wonder where you are now Eleanor????? :D She didnt like me :p :D ...

  63. Rio Rio

    I got unprofessional city blues

  64. Colette Duke

    My son could have done the bike scene to this video he brilliant on a bmx bike .and a motor bike

  65. Liam Thomas

    Fatal erosions are ruining

  66. Shaun Boden

    Couldn't be arsed walking in this vid no wat a mean like.

  67. Bob Star

    Free Expression As Revolution.

  68. Juan José Cabrera Moguel 2019

    f1 2010 executable error de la aplicacion error de vinculos dinamicos :( editado

  69. M Barrow

    False Eyebrows Appearing Real

  70. Brett Sherborne

    Listen while kipping in the motor and remembering old times

  71. josie matthews

    WOW, wow, wow, I am trippin on this entire video, love it. Super cool!!!

  72. onyachamp

    Good thing he has those side mirrors to see where he is going

  73. 1001space

    who makes them bikes ?

  74. Sho Shan

    Cool as fk

  75. simon ambient

    iv got a 70s chopper custom with mirrors on the bars everything original 60s tires rides like a dream.

  76. GG Allin

    I pray everyday to my master!

  77. Konig Roy Eternity

    World shut your mouth brought me here big shout out to Dom Jolly.

  78. BFDI Cremurumu

    Are Ruined

  79. BFDI Cremurumu




  80. chris howard

    intelligent songwriting at its best

  81. Rajdeep


  82. Philip Knox

    I never get tired of hearing this choon what a great performance would love to have been there top man Thom

  83. Harrison Hall

    still a reyt tune

  84. Shaun Patrick O'Jameson

    Shave a gibbon. Put it on a bike. Film it.

  85. Jamie Murphy

    It's worth noting that London's Soho looks a lot different today, compares to when this video was made in 2001 (for example the supermarket at 2:42 no longer exist).

  86. Pocket Operator Jams

    The chord progression is close to coolios - gangsters in paradise!

  87. G Summy

    Ian brown is unreal . With or without the stones.

  88. Everton Oneil

    If someone asked me who do i consider to be a cool person i think Ian Brown would be a name i'd have to mention.

  89. puchaczytacz

    Back in time... Somebody got his own time changer...

  90. Tássia Nathália

    You got the F.E.A.R.

  91. Harry Cooke

    Yeah I got told to get off and walk health and safety of its day 😂

  92. Ilija Drekalovic

    Is this song gay

  93. Nick Fensome

    Great song and excellent video. I tried riding my bike in reverse once let's just say Ian has better skills

    Evan Nadeau

    At least you tried but don’t get too caught up with fantastic expectations, amazing revelations

  94. Alberto Morales

    George Michael brought me here ❤️

    Ident man

    What did he say about it

  95. Maxi Zamac

    A musical masterpiece.

  96. Jhon Clark

    I'm scared I really am scared of someone jumping me when I am drunk

  97. Frank Doherty

    Ian brown is the coolest man in music..i would pay to go on a bender with this man

  98. leejt101

    As good today 2019 as it was. This is pure musical genius 👏 F*** everything and rumble.. ❤🎶

    Pol Fartin

    for everything a reason..