Brown, Ian - Always Remember Me Lyrics

The day trip over a tangerine sun
Becomes blood red sun splashed horizon
You walked yourself into the wilderness
I wondered there did you ever guess

You'd always remember me, always remember me
Always remember me, always remember me

Those were the days when we had it all
And these are the times I got so much more
The day trip over a tangerine sun
Becomes blood red sun splashed horizon
You walked yourself into the wilderness
I wondered there did you ever guess

You'd always remember me, always remember me
Always remember me, always remember me

Led the pack then off the track at the bend
We learnt that all good things do truly come to an end
Dippers and trippers paint on the walls
Those were the days friend, we had it all
And these are the times I got so much more

Always remember me, always remember me
Always remember me, always remember me

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Brown, Ian Always Remember Me Comments
  1. 69birdboy

    This song deserved the roses behind it..this sounds like a good demo of a pretty good song

  2. Darren Grainger

    I lay here listening to this song I'm in a very dark place is there anyone out there who can help me before its too late 🙏🏻😥😥😥

    Alexbig Dingy

    Darren Grainger you alright mate? Everything will be alright, there are people that love you brother always remember that, dont do something stupid. Stay strong it has got to get bad before it gets good.

  3. Phil hewitt

    How could we ever forget you ???? ✌

  4. Juan Carlos González Pérez

    When I go, this is getting played and it reminds me of my best mate at university in Plymouth who died 2 years ago this year at 39. We clicked the first day we met when we discover a mutual love for The Roses and The Mondays. He was a Manc and I'm a Scot. What adventures we had. Miss him badly.

  5. Lori Thompson

    This song reminds me of my first love. He was a free spirited soul and introduced me to the Roses amongst other great music, back in the early 90s. He died in his 30s after suffering mental health problems. I think about him everyday and this beautiful song sums it up "we learned that all good things do truly come to an end....those were the days when we had it all and these are the times Ive got so much more, always remember me"...miss you Dunc, RIP xxx

    Josy Posy

    Oh this is so sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. This song is just so touching. It brings up all sorts of memories and feelings. I hope you at least have happy memories.

  6. Mo Ana

    Who the fuck are u ..???

  7. Litl English Woman

    Day trip over the tangerine sun...all good things must come to an end...these are the times...🙏🏻✌🏻❤️🇬🇧

  8. David T


  9. Brian Smith

    its amazing how re- discovering certain music warms youre heart its like finding that present under the tree you didnt think you would get.

  10. Coffee and Contemplation

    This song got me through my parents seperation :3

    MR H

    Ouch !! Right in the feels !!

    Phil hewitt

    This caused my parents separation !!! Sorry I'm just messing. Ian Brown writes such beautiful melodies and harmonious is an understatement. This guys fantastic. I really am sorry about your parents, loads of us go through it unfortunately. Music is like medicine and gets us through. ✌✌✌

  11. michael55

    Lovely song can't get enough of Ian

  12. Marco Marconi

    This song is beautiful in its simplicity and clarity

  13. unkoromotimoti

    The melody of the song was composed by "Naoto",a guiterist of japanese rock band "orange range".

    Cy Rus

    unkoromotimoti so des ?

  14. james hopkins

    @stephenAH1984 well said m8,i totally agree ian is underated in the music business,he is probably the best solo artist in britain at the moment,yet he gets overlooked...probably better that way,thats what gives you legendary status instead of being a puppet.

  15. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 i know m8..only joking ashcroft is a smart dude..apart from when he dyed his hair blonde lol.

  16. mcanner25

    he does he is an addidas man himself check out the are you ready vid all addiddas

  17. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 true m8..ashcroft doesnt wear cool trainers..ha.

  18. mcanner25

    @patrigger01 richard ashcroft would make him clean his boots

  19. james hopkins

    @SallyCinnamonette doubt it ever will happen..but dont you think ian holds an olive branch out to john a lot,especially in songs like this and loads of others on his other solo albums..i honestly dont know if it would work or not,because its not 89/90 anymore and it was a huge youth culture with acid house and the whole madchester movement..thats what created the frenzy in the first place,britpop with oasis and blur doesnt even come close,infact if it wasnt for the roses,they wouldnt exist.

  20. james hopkins

    @SallyCinnamonette you are quite right,i seen the roses with reni at spike island and glasgow green..then i seen them again in the barrowlands on the second coming tour..robbie madix was on drums..he was great dont get me wrong..and its one of the best live performances i have ever seen..but something was missing..reni..after he left it could never be the is sad a sad story..but its not sure if i would like to see them again..then at times i wish it would happen.

  21. james hopkins

    @SallyCinnamonette its not than ian cant forget john sally..i think its the fact ian cant forgive him either..and john will always remember him and vice versa..john was the one who walked out..when they were on the brink of huge stardom..i actaully believe they could have been one of the worlds biggest bands by now..and so does ian..

  22. james hopkins

    @Oscar301 no he is too busy painting these days m8 aha.

  23. Oscar301

    One person clicked thumbs down. Was that John Squire?

  24. Trish Johnstone

    @hoppybhoy71 - DID NOT MEAN TO BE RUDE TO YOU - MUCH APOLOGY (bit of a comment novice) - i adore Ian Brown and have been to see him many times - as a live performer he can be amazing or abismal - just depends on the day - but as a songwriter and poet he cannot be beaten - he is understated and underestimated and I relish my IB collection - listened to regularly and with much pleasure

  25. Trish Johnstone

    @boxenhighlights - Cant actually remember Squire having a hit after leaving the Roses - unless you count that fight he had !!!!!! you dont know much about music do you numb nuts !!!!! Ian Brown is and always will be the MAN

  26. Trish Johnstone

    Have not heard from Squire in a while numb nuts !!!!! Mr Brown never ceases to amaze and impress - but then again - he was the backbone of the Roses !!!!!! ROCK ON MONKEY MAN - GUESS SQUIRE CAN ONLY REMEMBER THE LAST TIME HE HAD A HIT PMSL

  27. Trish Johnstone

    Have not heard from Squire in a while numb nuts !!!!! Mr Brown never ceases to amaze and impress - but then again - he was the backbone of the Roses !!!!!! ROCK ON MONKEY MAN

  28. james hopkins

    @boxenhighlights yeah and squire is crying now..the painter now and ian brown a solo singer songwriter..squire regrets what hedid..he must surely..the roses were on the verge of being massive worldwide and he blew it..the seahorses rubbish..his 2 solo albums embarrasing and boring..think the real talent of the 2 is showing now..

  29. james hopkins

    @2oRoscoeo9 cheers m8..ian is the most underated solo singer songwriter at the moment..he deserves more.think of james blunt(cunt) james morrison and all that other rnb bollocks out there..ian is far more talented he is up there with weller,if not better.

  30. Lucy Askew

    want this song played at my funeral... Its so beautiful, I love it.

  31. che guevara


  32. UniqueChicaGR

    beautiful song!i can't stop listening to this masterpiece.

  33. james hopkins

    @emmymay03 keep listening your friend would be proud,after all always remember him.hope you are ok.stay strong.

  34. emmymay03

    @hoppybhoy71 thanks mate
    it was only on wednesday so i cant really listen to this song a lot

  35. james hopkins

    @emmymay03 so sad.god bless and my best wishes are with you,this song is a fitting tribute to your friend.

  36. emmymay03

    it was the last song played at my closest friends funeral. :(

  37. Adam

    @Adrian3345 think your right mate , afraid i may have got the chords a little wrong for time changes everything , its C G Am F .. ma bad . couldni agree more hoppybhoy71 dont think we'l see to many partnerships like them , british music has plummeted somewhat in my opinion .

  38. Adam

    not sure what song a prefer , this or time changes everything , a reckon the meanings are pretty similar . looking at both brown and squires talents its no wonder the stone roses were so great , still conjuring up nostalgic memories .

  39. a young

    im thinking A E F#m D

  40. james hopkins

    i have listened to it m8,i probabaly didnt give it much of a chance tho,the tunes, guitar work and songwriting is probably good,i just dont think his studio voice suits him as a solo artist,i did like the seahorses tho,squire is better just being guitarist and writer,i shall give the album another try,and the other one marshals house i think its called,as i have a lot of respect for squire,he was one of the greatest songwriting partnerships ever in this country in my opinion.

  41. Adam

    i think a lot of its good , but its aquired taste i suppose . i've heard a lot of people saying his singing voice is terrible but you should give time changes everything alisten man its top

  42. james hopkins

    wouldnt know i dont listen to a lot of squires solo stuff.i find it awful sorry

  43. patthedogdownunder

    The day trip over tangerine sun
    Becomes blood red sun splashed horizon
    U walked yourself in2 the wilderness
    I wondered there did U ever guess
    Youd always remember me
    Those were the days when we had it all
    And these are the times I got so much more
    (V2 says) sunblessed horizon
    Led the pack then off the track at the bend
    We learnt that all good things do truly come to an end
    Dippers and trippers
    Paint on the walls
    Those were the days friend
    We had it all
    And these are the times I got so much more

  44. Anima Riciglianese

    Definitely m8, should be a single. It is such a powerful song albeit its similarity with WoWy. Gos bless Ian Brown.

  45. Anima Riciglianese

    Chords Progression: C G A- F
    You can even play With or Without on it. They have the same structure.

  46. Anima Riciglianese

    Yes Snoop, I am a singer songwriter and I can tell you that the songs have the same chord progression and not only. I prefer this song though, don't like U2. Always remember me is epic and makes me dream but has got something from WoWy. But it's fine. Creativity comes from taking things from others. Love ian Brown

  47. james hopkins

    @snoop101able of course not..if you listen it is similar..

  48. snoop101able

    WITH OR WITHOUT YOU??? are we listening to the same song ???

  49. james hopkins

    @Aryskarlet it is m8..sounds like it a little..not a bad song to sound like..should be a single..its an epic song..

  50. zlewejnaprawo

    Zaskakujące i fascynujące...

  51. snoop101able

    Has anyone got the chords for this tune???

  52. james hopkins

    lol you are the the one with madchesters one and only tribute band kasabian on your videos....jesus jones tribute band...crap.

  53. james hopkins

    what do you mean hear one of our songs.. dont get you?

    heres one.

    hail hail the celts are here.

  54. james hopkins

    you still didnt tell me if you read my links about ashcfofts incident..or the ian brown trainers...or did i prove you wrong......ive seen th verve live..boring crap..get back to me when dicky rights a better album than ian...or the verve writes 2 better albums than the roses..

    hail hail mo chara

    tiocfaidh ar la.

  55. mcanner25

    mate come back to me when ian brown gets a no 1 not in this life time as isaid good song writher but i have more notes in my back pocket seen him live appalling voice, i think ur obsessed with brown HOPPYBHOY very sad the only thing tat i like is dat ur a celt supporter other then that id say the best part of you rolled down ur daddys leg now jogg the fuck on SLAN LAITH

  56. james hopkins

    he never said stone..he said stones..the roses were never known as was the roses...the stones..are you having a laugh..also the verve lol..could touch britains finest band or 2 albums...the verve boring dribble.....ashcrofts a freak now..with his new blond haircut..who does the idiot think he is.

  57. Everyman72

    LOL. I know. I was just takin' the piss. Ol' Swede tryin' to be funny...

  58. Everyman72


    Big ups from Sweden.

  59. james hopkins

    lol very true m8..they were never known as the stones..thats daft mcanner for you brainless..they were known as the roses..

  60. Everyman72

    "...the verve much better then the stones" Didn't know that Brownie used to be a member of The Rolling Stones...

  61. Reni

    This song is one of Ians best....own all his albums and this album is defo up there as his best work to date

  62. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 did you check the links out mcanner.

  63. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 now copy and paste the links into your browser i messaged you..then get back to me..sounds to me richard could be a secret kiddie fiddler..something not right about the article..very strange man he is.

  64. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 check your mail m8

  65. mcanner25

    hobby inlightin me about the gym inccident? i never heard anything........are u takin the piss wat are they called adidas brown stop living in fantasy land, u get very touchie touchie about monkey man are u 1 of these obsessive fans ?? certanly sounds like it

  66. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 ashcroft is more sucsefull lol...has richard got a pair of adidas named after him..did ritchard co write the best debut album ever in are a fucking joke...was it not ashcroct that ran into that childrens gym and act like a plank not so long ago..know go and depress youself with the drugs dont work..dreary roses no fuck before i ban solo artist is better than ian in this country.

  67. snoop101able

    I agree hoppy..for such talent ashcrofts solo stuff is a big let down apart from the odd song ...the kings albums are great yet he doesent have a note in his head lol its quite strange really ...

  68. snoop101able

    Has anyone got the guitar chords yet for this tune?would luv 2 do a version

  69. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 well fuck off and stop listening to ian then..ashcroft solo stuff is boring and crap..browns solo stuff is far better by a mile...voices lol..ian is miles ahead for charisma and presence,,,now fuck of and listen to the boring verve or richards dreary voice..

  70. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 no ashcroft is boring...hes not got a touch on brown,,,will never happen ian doesnt like ashcroft...

  71. Andrew077

    They're the two artists that I look up to, that would be so cool.

  72. mcanner25

    i just downloaded this song off a pirate site its class, him and richard ashcroft should do a song together say it would be quality

  73. james hopkins

    @JWlufc i will get the lyrics its in my car..i know most of it..but there are certain words in the quiet bit i cant get.i will post it to your comments m8

  74. Jamie W

    @hoppybhoy71 already got the album but got it through itunes so i'm a little stuck, anywhere else?

  75. james hopkins

    @JWlufc buy the album the lyrics are on it...

  76. Jamie W

    Quality song, anyone got the lyrics can't find them anywhere?

  77. strange_invitation

    mind you, so said Pink Floyd and no one NO ONE thought it would ever be possible for them to get on the same stage again... but they did. It took them 25 years, but they did it in the end, so... you never know!!! :-)))

  78. james hopkins

    @blurry67 yeah i agree m8..its never goin to happen...who knows maybe if ians career goes down the pan..then maybe..but john doesnt want to do it i guess not.

  79. strange_invitation

    Who knows! I went to the Blur Reunion gig in Hyde Park last summer and they were amazing! If that was the end, they couldn't have gone out better than that! It could be the same with the Roses or it could not. I guess we'll never find out, b/c it is never going to happen! :-(

  80. james hopkins

    @blurry67 i agree there is more too it..and we will never know i guess..but i doubt they will ever talk again..i would love to see it..just one more time to show my daughter and all the youngsters out there how good they were..but that could also backfire..they could be wouldnt be the same after all those years..

  81. strange_invitation

    the Seahorses thing was a coincidence. John said so many times, but people will believe what they want to believe.

  82. strange_invitation

    That is not true... he gave explanations, they just were not accepted. He had his reasons and it wasn't all down to him that the Roses came to an end. They had come to an end before he even left, in a way. Blaming all on John was easy, as he's the one who left. But after 13 years it would be time to let things go, to be honest.
    Mani is right when he says that John and Ian need they heads knocked together and that the situation between them has become pathetic and boring. They should make up.

  83. james hopkins

    hes not having a pop at him..cmon john left them all behind then had a dig at the roses with the seahorses..what goes around comes the seahorses not an anagram of he hates roses.thats not a coincidence..ian has every right to be angry..they could have been the biggest band ever..then john leaves without an explanation.

  84. james hopkins

    @blurry67 yeah you are right m8..he seems to hold something deep for his ex m8..or maybe he is only asking WHY he left..i personally think they will never talk again..its rather sad..i dont want them to reform..but to become friends again would be enough.

  85. strange_invitation

    Ian Brown seems to have a pop at John Squire at any given opportunity, in interviews and songs and then says he doesn't care about his old friend... Yeah, right, Ian! You wouldn't write songs like this, if you didn't!
    Beautiful, sad song! :'-)

  86. paul elliott

    agreed quality song

  87. james hopkins

    good song for beating you to......

    another tabloid reader....fool.

  88. mick dunne

    Good song to beat your woman to. She'll never forget you after that.

  89. nickyboy27

    just heard it for the first time.........great tune...buying the album tmmrw

  90. liamjwolves

    mate i hope it goes to the top aswell, but look at the industry now...says it all alexandra fuckin burke.

  91. slicerspander

    great song this album gets better n better:)

  92. pubtastic

    Solid gold, no question.

  93. james hopkins

    you said it m8,i know its morbid,but what a song to go out in style with.the words say it all.

  94. thebrad25

    Another legend...

  95. thebrad25

    ha ha ha ha ha well said....

  96. andrew jones

    i too told her this is my funeral song fella and she too is a not too keen fan of the god but she loves this song and too flips it back lol. we aint with the same woman are we pmsl

  97. stoneroses22

    could anyone post up the lyrics please?

  98. GAZZA251170

    King Monkey release this as a single please it has number 1 written all over it, although it probably won't however if some "mainstream" artist released it it would definatly be number 1, Sorry to say it but I could see Robbie Williams covering it!!!

  99. GAZZA251170

    Best track off t he album, Mt Mrs who is none too keen on Ian Brown loves it & when the cd is on in the car she flips it bacl & plays it again. Well that was until I told her that this is the tune I want played at my funeral!!!

  100. Ruth Hughes

    i like your observant ears la