Brown, Foxy - It's Hard Being Wifee Lyrics

Ughh, ladies, y'know how that sayin' goes
Be careful what you ask for in life
Cuz you just might get it
Dependin' on what you ask for, what you get?
You might not be able to get out of
You heard? Ughh

Niggas might take advantage if you let 'em
Play your cards right, and if you fuck 'em in the same night
Make sure that he don't snitch
Must be up to sumpin' or be lyin' on his dick
Shit, you know how niggas flick from gettin' pussy to head
'Til you spent yo' brant and blew his dick
Especially if he trick, shit
Don't complain bitch, do yo' thang and cop that ring

When he hit you with that game, you be like
"A'ight, dude, whatever" and sleep on it
Put like a week on it, get the Benz Jeep and creep on it
Do you like yeah, faggot, screw you
Fuck am I to do now? Just lay back like I'm that lame bitch
Dude, I'm that same bitch, don't you know? Never cross no hoe
Especially if she was Wifee and she know where the snatch go
Fuck you wildin' fo'? Who you stylin' fo'?
And the truth is he fuckin' with the deuce kid
He don't know that I stick and move
Get him right for that Chyna White
Nothing to lose, and I see right through him
Yeah, we fuckin' tonight
And the Duke ain't what he talkin' then I'm truckin' tonight
And if he sweet with the big ones, I'm lucky tonight
And if he packin' like he yappin', I'm doin' him right

[1 - Noreaga]
Yo, when your man ain't fuckin' you right
And the dope that he singing
In the hood ain't that Chyna White
We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em
Cuz he just ain't right
We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em
Cuz he just ain't tight

Yo, when your man ain't fuckin' you right
And the dope that he singing
In the hood ain't that Chyna White
We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em
Cuz he just ain't right
We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em
Cuz he just ain't tight

Ughh, mostly, they'll play you closely
Especially if you fuckin' 'em, and he think you trustin' him
Damn bitch, you lovin' 'em, impressed like that
Bomb head, e'ry night, is the sex like that?
Yeah, you ain't know, I would stress like that
Over due, not his ones, he don't handle like that
Shoulda known not to fuck wit no light weight cats
Rollin' doves in his stacks, I ain't fuckin' wit that
I'm like 'Dude, where the fuck is yo' big heads at?'
And you know how I get down, I don't pumps like that
Plus he act funny, and he only fuck with track money
And I'm, seven zero platinum-plat money, it's not a game, nigga
And like Sparkle, Be Careful What You Say, nigga
The kind of cat that make wonder if he was sent to do this
Put it down for you, first chick he ever cried fo'
Never had a chick that raps like this
Ain't impressed for no C cuz we straight like this
And he makes it very clear baby mothers don't exist
They just some Fox haters and condom breakers, ya heard?

[Repeat 1]

Ughh, the situation is
Y'all chicks be fuckin' with that mistress shit
Bad broke, if not for the dough, I splits with the quickness
Pleads no fifths, leaves no traces, ya heard?
What the fuck is this? Payback shit?
Is it God striking me for some way back shit?
I'm like, damn, was the bitch really foul like this?
And my loc'ing just to think I should slash my wrist
Am I seven for me thinkin' I should total my six
Or just straight spazz out, fuck his man and split
Take the code to the safe and just empty his bricks
On the low, but I know that he love when I flip
Ya'll bet the note, had him throw the smash game
Shit, I got the ring bitch and his last name
Any bitch could do a nigga whole bit
Any bitch could luck up and have a kid
Any chick could fuck a nigga for spite
But the nigga got to love you if he make you his wife
Ughh, ya'll chicks is lonely, I'm ownin' that dick
And on top of all this bullshit, I'm still his chick

[Repeat 1]

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Brown, Foxy It's Hard Being Wifee Comments
  1. Jacquel Adams



    I was Wondering, am I the ONLY one here in recent years lol...but, she went so hard and females need to hear this

  2. Shortie O

    mf Classic FOXY we love you in the SOUTH FLORIDA

  3. Stylishtah Hayshak


  4. dubeei4u

    Where you at Bitch Queen Foxy ! Come get that impostor Cardi B 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😅. Foxy the undisputed Rap Queen 😎

  5. Nat L

    This reminds me so much of the beginning of Steelo by 702 lol

  6. PharoahDoll

    Foxy was spitting game. Giving females a #BOSS #BITCH in 1998 with lite year precision. Foxy was all about women taking #Power back from men. 🙌💯🎧

  7. PharoahDoll

    The illest

  8. Valentina the savior Shevchenko

    Foxy better than Lil Kim

  9. Tyrell Mohown

    7 zero platinum plaque money man.Yo Yo.

  10. Tyrell Mohown

    You ain't a fox you a goddess wolf.55555$$$$$

  11. Tyrell Mohown

    Fox B other bitches sloppy.I keep 2 heckler and kotches lick off more then a few shots when wars on Drive by do a drive by ina Lamborghini 4 door.Everybody dying evena 4 hoars.

  12. Appetite 4 Chic

    I had to run this back. I love how the rappers from the golden era told stories and kicked game . “And like Sparkle Be Careful what you say nigga”

  13. Valerie Boynton


    2 O 1 9

  14. rich vasquez

    2018 still tuff na bet bk anthem bk all day truth is he fuck$$$$$ with a toothpick

  15. mit mos

    The baddest female rapper ever...word is bond

    Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!

    Lil Kim who?

    Reginald McBride

    mit mos Yes She Is!!!! 💯💝🎁🔥👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽💋

    Static NAT

    Nah ... she's pretty good, but listen to Queen Latifa's "Name Callin'"

  16. Queenie K

    THIS SONG IS FIRE😈😈😈👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Jae Smilez

    She spit straight facts

  18. Delia Gonzal

    we say fk em, fk em...

  19. Jessie Slaughter

    y'all blessed.

  20. Jessie Slaughter

    and your son period..

  21. Jessie Slaughter

    they lion.

  22. Jessie Slaughter

    I am and nana

  23. Jessie Slaughter

    . yes yes

  24. Jessie Slaughter

    can you believe you can't..

  25. Foxy Brown


  26. Foxy Brown

    you zackery.. and to.funking.much.fuck.our.

  27. Aj Anthony

    Before you even compare foxy to kim.... foxys Music has always been more hardcore where Kim’s was more pop. And don’t you think the label was pushing for foxy to sound like the other girl out? It kinda makes sense.. I’m sure if the label had nothing to do with it she’d be flowing like she did in 95

  28. Raenell Rankine

    Ight dude whatever n sleep on it put bout a week on it ... bible

  29. Drew Mura

    All I hear is lil Kim ablibs and style! But that's prolly why I like the song-huhu

    Reginald McBride

    Drew Mura she never sounded like lil Kim. Real talk. Fox flow and sound way more Better. Kim really don't hold a Candle to Foxy Brown! And I like Kim but Foxy always Murder her

    Charlie Hustle

    Reginald McBride, I agree


    @Reginald McBride EXACTLY!!! FOXY spits like a whole f_cking man!!!

    mr upstate

    @Reginald McBride factzzzzzzz never will be another hoping she come back

  30. Brooke Ahbreel

    I fucking love herrrrr

    Wise Diva

    Brooke Jones me to I love Lefteye more foxy is dope

  31. Nazli Demircioglu

    My first own Hiphop album :)))

  32. Jesse Goodwin

    I Feel Sooooo Sexy......

  33. Jesse Goodwin

    Word is Born...
    Bow Down...

  34. Jesse Goodwin

    Yeah N#@&*A....Straight UP....

  35. Pimp305 Acosta

    Lil kim is a beast on da mic!!! And foxy trys to be like lil kim even trina is acting like lil kim lol

    P La

    Pimp305 Acosta I like all 3 women very beautiful, sexy, confident and talented but I think their styles are different

  36. TRINI Bwoy

    Lil kim try TO DO a record with (beenie man) clearly she tryin 2 be Fox,, shit sound like garbage ONLY FOXY BROWN CAN DO DAT HIP HOP/DANCEHALL SHIT . ...LOVE♥U 4 LIFE BOO!!!


    Kim's father comes from the west indies. Kim worked with beenie man first and then foxy followed Kim. Kim worked with Lady Saw first on Money Talks which you should listen too and then foxy worked with Lady Saw after Kim. Kim worked with Ronald Isley the 1997 and then foxy worked with him in 2003. Foxy ALWAYS follows Kim.

    Sam Brooks

    Kim may have did it first but Foxy personified it.

  37. Aries Magnolia

    I use to hear Foxy when I was younger and my mom and cousins would play her and this song, I can't and I'll be good were the songs I heard by her. Now that I'm older I have a more knowledge of her and this chick was bad AF no homo and a good ass rapper. I've been obsessed wit her like crazy and on YouTube looking up old shit of her and etc. I hope they do a movie or a book about this beautiful woman.

    Wise Diva

    Parris M true I did the same thing with Lefteye

  38. Cynthia Bryant

    O she coming back out...she gone be on empire..i read it

    miz bodi

    Cynthia Bryant im still waiting😂😂😂in its 2018 now..that was 3 yrs ago💩💩💩💩😏😑

  39. virtncable

    wish her n jigga had stayed down instead of jigga n banoka

  40. Joey Martinez

    She rap like Kim, jay wrote this verse but she delivered


    +J Robinson preach...they can't take Fox!


    +Joey Martinez Foxy is not the same anymore, but when she was on the top of her game, noone could touch her. Not even Lil Kim. Foxy was on fire!

    Red Steele

    +Joey Martinez: She was only like this for a while...I'm not sure why. It was said that her voice was changing. But before this and after this her voice was not the same as Lil Kim.

    Sam Brooks

    Jay did not write this.

    Lawrence Payten III

    Sam Brooks right. people don't read the credits.

  41. J Wright

    @ChristinaUrBarbie I think you mean NYCs finest female rapper

  42. Schmalzgau

    N.O.R.E. aka Noreaga

  43. luvxp111

    She wanted to be Kim so bad lol

    Wise Diva

    luvxp111 I love kim but to be true Foxy brown is more hardcore

    Troy Stone

    fcuk outta here

    mr upstate

    lol its funny to hear people say that when they came out the same year and weeks apart kim was on her sex shit while foxy was on her street shit


    Foxy the Queen. Lil Kim trailimg in the back watching Foxy Brakelights 😅😅😆😆😂😂😂

    lynn perry

    To be honest they where best freinds,came up in the same era and where the best at the time so there influenced by each other,At this point Foxy's label was tryna get her more mainstream so yes this album was kim-ish but if you hear them talk they sound like urban valley girls mixed with old school Brooklyn accents lol.

  44. mit mos

    na dog, Kim wanted to sound like Foxy!

  45. dirtyweasel

    who is the bitch nigga that took the chorus for this?

  46. nolan

    hardest female rap song eva!!!!!!!!

    Drew Mura

    Thanks to her sounding like lil lol and biting Kim's style. Great song but far from the hardest

  47. Sean Brodie


  48. Dizzle

    Go eat a cheeseburger you fat ass fat faced clown.

  49. Sean Brodie

    SHE CLEARLY SOUNDS LIKE KIM! She uses the same words Kim would use! Flow! Deep Voice! Adlibs! please sit down bum!

    Sam Brooks

    That is her natural voice dumbass

    Wise Diva

    Sean Brodie she raps better than Lilkim

    Don Pedro

    Sean Brodie they both from Brooklyn


    Sean Brodie white boiii thinks he know hiphop aand rapping Lmao GTFOH 😂😂😂😁😅😅

  50. luvxp111

    nas wrote all of this shit

    mr upstate

    his name is not credited as a writer on this lmfaooo. The hate is real fox almost 20 years ago and they still mad 😂🤣😅😆

  51. Natalia Jackson

    Wifee's has a big role in the gangsta life. Wish I had that typical type wife.

  52. Deity

    mane foxy was boss...they slept on her allday...I love Kim ta death but I'm sorry..Foxy Bebe...not gonna even mention Nicki in this because she could neva step to Foxy...I'm sorry...talent is talent...Kim and Nicki are def talented but this talent is on a whole diff level

    Wise Diva

    TUNKATOI foxy Brown rap better than both kim N Nicki

    Reginald McBride

    Deity yes I feel the same way! 1000%

  53. QdottDat Storm

    god bless u fox

  54. Dizzle

    Another tone deaf freak.

  55. Dizzle

    She sounds nothing like Lil Kim. Get your hearing checked. Completely different sounding voices.

  56. Montgomery Hujar

    I need to know what album is her best so i can get it today its either il na na or chyna doll, which one is better

  57. trezz18

    Haters she sounds nothing like Lil Kim.

  58. NatureAppreciator

    Part 2 with Cormega and Mobb Deep was better!

  59. AmandaMandynx

    I got the ring bitch and his last name
    Any bitch could do a nigga whole bit
    Any bitch could luck up and have a kid
    Any chick could fuck a nigga for spite
    But the nigga got to love you if he make you his wife
    Ughh, ya'll chicks is lonely, I'm ownin' that dick
    And on top of all this bullshit, I'm still his chick

  60. chrisluvuitton

    I go so hard for Foxy! She is my bitch. A yo ya'll check my "Drunk on love" rap verse out let me know what you think. thanks!

  61. Onka Buskovia

    love this song.

  62. nee smith

    dis shit fie hard times wit my nigga pop in foxy n school me

  63. Sean Brodie


  64. Siena Fabiano


  65. ChristinaUrBarbie

    UKs finest female rapper

  66. wr513


  67. felixsavvy13

    DMX would've been perfect for this. The sound would go harder if he was the one on the hook.

  68. karamellah7

    where i can listen to chyna white????

  69. Vynse Stakado


  70. grneyezduce worthit

    That part right there!2011

  71. wr513

    Oh yes 1998 was a great year for rap period...

  72. Shaun D

    RealCore...She Makes me forget about anyone else who can rhyme I'm captured for the minutes she's in..sort of like the female Nas with a dash o' Rae slick...

  73. mzskyhigh

    Fox BOOGIE!!!!!!!

  74. Kenton B.

    you can tell this is YOUNG fox