Brown, Danny - Smokin & Drinkin Lyrics

A-Trak, what up?

[Verse 1:]
Drop a deuce in that soda
Tell your ho to come over
Coming straight out that Motor
Sipping oil never sober
Bring backwoods of that OG, we smoking them back-to-back
Molly looking like sugar, so you know that I'm dipping it
See my jeans by the stack, and my shoes cost 'bout half of that
Let's not talk 'bout the shirt
She can't even pronounce that
Ghetto nigga on high end
My theory is low end
My tribe on a quest, put that money in motion
So bitch, we smoking and drink
Drinking and smoke
My ho got tats on her face
Sell me them cookies from Oakland
But not the kind that you eat, stuff it in Swisher Sweets
And we smoke blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt

I don't know what y'all be thinking
Spaced-out, rolling up that stinky
Big big blunts the size of pinkies
Pour one out, we still be leaning
I don't know what y'all be thinking
Smoking, drinking, drinking, smoking
In that order, we slow motion
'Til it's over, never stop

Smoking and drink
Drinking and smoke
We be smoking and drink
Drinking and smoke [x3]

[Verse 2:]
Gotta get away, to escape, I smoke this kush to the face
Gotta get away, get away, I think I need the brain
Please oh Lord, oh Lord, I need your help again
Took too many pills, and I think I hear my heart beating
Taking over those chances, honey backwoods stuffed with that grammy
My ho blowing on that potter, mixing liquor with them xannies
Stress party, get away, hope that these problems just go away
Right there in my face, I ignore it every day




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Brown, Danny Smokin & Drinkin Comments
  1. Matt Ramirez

    How I’m trying to end 2019

  2. Brandon Boger

    hype and i do neither hahahahhahahahahahahaha

  3. Tom

    Fresh off the boat brought me here

  4. francisco santos

    Hell yh TRY ME

  5. hiiipower iii

    Its 2019 & I'm still bumping this album. MFs still sleeping on Danny smH 😒😕

    devon martin

    new album bruhbruh

  6. Mark Timm

    Mortal combat intro

  7. Mark Timm

    I seen him on the rob dyrdek show... He seems genuine. I'd hang out with goofy ass

  8. RileyRamone

    Countdown to the destruction of my liver

  9. noisefuzz

    Danny Brown be sounding like a rappin Roger Rabbit sometimes lol it’s what I picture in my head sometimes, love the imagery, got this on repeat.

  10. Anthony L

    wtf is silicon valley...

  11. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Lost my shit when this played on Silicon Valley!

  12. Thomas Chong

    This guy fucks.

  13. Heyimhannah

    Brandon Farris brought me here😂


    Song is🔥

  15. Inna Rhino

    I csme here from musically

  16. Luther King

    Sleepless brought me here

  17. Anthony

    Danny Brown brought me here

  18. Mike A.

    That’s can only be heard on x1.25

  19. Matt Mcm

    lyrics plz

  20. madelyn trepka

    I like this song

  21. L0s L0k

    Sleepless brought my ass here

    Luther King

    L0s L0k Acevedo me too bro

  22. Dylan Anderson

    You all so fake
    RAP brought me here

  23. Kurt Hutchinson

    Anyone else here from Netflix's "The Package"? Just me?
    'Twas such a good movie

  24. Progenitus

    The Package

    Kurt Hutchinson


  25. Jerry Johnson

    Shit goes hard af

  26. Reaz

    the beat ate me alive

  27. growlgrowlpigsqueal


  28. Lord Wavy

    Danny my nigga, nuff said

  29. Noneya Bisnasz

    Silicon Valley? The Church of What's Happening Now you buncha momos.

  30. DJ Raneman

    Fucking class

  31. Nicholas B

    D.B killed it

  32. BurstFire BBC

    I feel like you guys don't know what Silicon Valley actually is

  33. Matthew Arch

    the future is now..,..powwwwwww

  34. Matthew Arch

    dis what it's goin be
    follow rtj

  35. surferriness

    middle out compression

    George Thomas


  36. Louis Gregoire

    HERE FROM SOME TRENDY TV SHOW RIGHT NOW!" They never listen to anything except the one song, prolly wont listen to Danny Brown again.

  37. Yung Valley

    2017 shit still slaps hard asf

  38. Kortland Wynn

    who came because of the movie sleepless?

  39. Adam Smith

    So yea this is my main song for playing Xin Zhao.

  40. funniehuh

    The Woody Show brought me here

  41. Grand Mastah Dmin

    still bangs

  42. Anthony Gonzalez

    saw A Track last night holy fuck was it lit!!! still haven't seen Danny live tho

  43. George Hernandez

    I'm here because of The Woody Show! ALT 98.7, drunk VM

  44. Kevin Castro

    this song is so fucking trash

  45. Danni Radske

    this song is fucking LIT

  46. Naman Gangwani

    the episode of silicon valley b4 this song....

  47. Wavy Vaporizers

    this beat smacks👋✋🖑

  48. Matt Infantino

    man being white really has its privileges!!!!! go white people

    slap n pop

    i thank god i'm white every single night i pray

    Donald J. Trump

    Matt Infantino my favorite white privilege is the free lambo the government gives us when we turn 18.

    Anthony Gonzalez

    Matt Infantino I wish I was white:/


    slap n pop you shouldn't when the sun is eating you mfs alive every day it's clear

  49. Guillermo Sanchez

    Just catching up on Silicon Valley again.

  50. Genius Your LIFE

    u like the Big D Thomas Dolby on 94 Ow! with johnny rotten voicing Cheers!

  51. Tom Lewis

    I feel kinda cool having listened to thsi before Silicon Vllaey lmao. Show is dope af tho

  52. Jack Cunt

    I brought myself here fuck Silicon Valley

  53. lackof2

    All these fake danny brown fans smh!!

    Edward Morris

    @lackof2 dont matter,more exposure for danny brown,let em come

  54. loggs97

    Danny brown is the GOAT

    Santana Castro

    loggs97 Ur mom

  55. Crimson

    Damn that was. Damn

  56. The5admeets3vil

    This song came out 2 years ago? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IN MY LIFE

    Verda Harris


  57. AnnoyingBritishKid

    Godly song

  58. Julio Bonilla

    Sic track my brother track of the week 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

    Julio Bonilla

    @healtyfeet ochoa 👍👍👍

    healtyfeet ochoa

    OLA papi tu lindo TEAMO ;-)

    healtyfeet ochoa

    lindo tu

    healtyfeet ochoa


  59. Josh

    The woody show brought me here haha

  60. New Monarchy

    This song goes haaarrrdd

  61. Underground Music

    XDXD Awesome!

  62. DaConducta

    Silicone Valley Brought me here lol

  63. DopeBoyKx

    Dope beat

  64. Ken Maddskillz

    Silicon Valley got me here. This song go!!

  65. Enrique Alvarado

    I love this song now I can't get the song out of my head

  66. Torrey Holmes

    Everything about this song is so unbelieveably stupid.. Dear God, WHAT... THE... FUCK.


    @Seth Rollins checkmate.

    Torrey Holmes

    I find it hard to take a man who's life revolves around WWE seriously. @Seth Rollins 

    Grant Ongstad

    I completely agree with you. I don't even drink or smoke but I can't stop listening!

  67. Bomboclatmust

    This is Danny Brown Valley ya a bunch of Fuckboys

  68. Quirijn van de Geer

    Dafuq is Sillicon Valley?


    @Quirijn van de Geer A place in California.

    Elijah Burkhardt

    @Quirijn van de Geer neveryoumind QUEER-GIN CANDY BEER

    Android Java

    +Quirijn van de Geer It's a TV show which is based on computer programmers that made a start-up in Silicon Valley ;)

    madelyn trepka

    Quirijn van de Geer idk

  69. tuxandashotty

    Straight-haired dickfarmers...

  70. judith sterling mendoza

    Did he say Allah


    hu akbar

  71. Tonio Terhune

    west up this homeboy pretty sic wit it

  72. vongolance

    silicon valley yeh

  73. Innovater6


  74. blinkatreyu

    So glad to hear this on Silicon Valley! goes to show how fucking awesome this show is :)

  75. Brian Anderson

    Bachmann the wife fucker!


    A-Trak straight destroyed this instrumental... fuck! beat is so fire!

  77. AzoreSkate

    Best from Danny!

  78. Dakota Shane Nunley

    Wait so danny is rereleasing this song soon for a single? Anyone know more about this?

    J-Rod Musik

    get the whole album you won't regret it

  79. Bristo777

    I think he knows...


    maaan , this shit go harder than 3 day old shit.. lower case double p brought me here too.. mike judge got some good taste in music, fur eel doe.

  81. Red Ace Productions

    Thanks to Silicon Valley !!

  82. Josh

    silicon valley is the best fucking show ever! 
     evryone needs to share it with thier freinds so there will be multiple seasons!

  83. Akshay Mote

    Erlich Rocks

  84. Datevape

    Silicon Valley has the best soundtrack. I actually watched the entire credits when I heard this. MY JAM

  85. chris111690

    Im gay for your code

    Rishi ks

    why dont you masterbate to my subroutine :P

  86. Kunkkaaaaaaa

    As a huge danny brown fan, this being in silicon valley made my day.

  87. Ruud Peeters

    Silicon Valley!

  88. Lance Stone

    Word up to Pied Piper aka ole PP

    Bradford McGaha

    No it pp...lowercase

    Lance Stone

    @Bradford McGaha
    Good point

  89. Saar Hay

    Silicon valley brought me here!

  90. doskgod

    thanks sili valley this is my jam now

    Brian Taylor

    watching the series through again, and before I could get to the finale, I had to look this up ^_^


    Fuck TV

  91. boogerlab

    listening to this whilst writing some sexy subroutines.

    Deity Saturn

    boogerlab can I jack off to them?

  92. Parklawnz

    Silicon Valley

  93. stacey swiN

    silicon valley!!

  94. Abdul Wahab Wasim

    Lol silicon valley

  95. Cotty Girl

    Who all came here because of Silicon Valley?


    Instant shazam to that dope outro

    Mike A.

    I did lol

    Eric Beal

    Nah but when they dropped it on silicon valley i was like they did not just play fucking Danny brown

    saggy watermelon

    Same OMG

  96. zip117

    Silicon Valley

  97. Alex Radcliffe

    Silicon Valley brought me here.

  98. xfinity 520

    Danny gets jiggy

  99. James Bronson

    Basically what i do... To have fun... I love this song