Brown, Danny - Side B (Dope Song) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
31 years old so I done been through all that dizzert
Came up off the porch straight serving off the crizzurb
Long time ago, I don't do that shit no mo'
This the last time I'm a tell you, wanna hear it?
(Here it goes!)
It was me and Baby James,
With an ounce to our name
Rollin' up to all the dimes, same clothes from yesterday
And I smoke a brand of kill so, plated this half this time
When that noise came in way head on the roof to smoke bones
Fuck with rap bitches, hiffin em hercs
Lost a sack but I got back cause the dice game was hittin'
It was me and Kung Pao breakin' day in the lobby
Nigga puffin' on dank sellin' rocks as a hobby
Bankroll in my pocket so everybody know me
Went home and gave my mama three hundred for some groceries
We hit the mall and ball
Hit the club and spend it all
Now I'm back to Square A
With them squares to get off

[Hook: x2]
Dope Song
Dope Song, Dope Song
Dope Song
Dope Song, Dope Song

[Verse 2:]
Crackhead Lisa
She used to be fit
Had sex with a trick, and now she sick
She offer you some head if give her some drugs
Just make sure you when you hit it you better wear a glove
I'm sick of all these niggas with their ten year old story
You ain't doin' that mo', nigga long time ensured
So take this as a diss song, cause this is my last song
(Bout my last dope song?)
Bout my last dope song

[Hook: x2]
Dope Song
Dope Song, Dope Song
Dope Song
Dope Song, Dope Song

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Brown, Danny Side B (Dope Song) Comments
  1. Rehan Choudrey

    I love danny

  2. Franki Wells

    This song always gets me hype asf!

  3. Mister Pep-Aae

    nintendo sounding shit still right tho

  4. Lex Pyrex

    Rustie killed the production

  5. Aaron Patterson

    The only rapper that does good trap music

  6. xenophontiacicidationarionism


    Austin Trosclair

    HELL YA!!!

  7. Alex Tsamasfyros

    Where is this intro and out-tro from??
     a video game of sort?

    Nick Martin

    @Alex Tsamasfyros I think its Final Fantasy, the production was done by Rustie who loves his video games...

  8. Tommy O.

    Intro sounds like Runescape music.


    Tommy O. 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (“Respect and dignity.!”)

  9. Brady Lohmiller

    Danny Brown and Riff Raff> rest of the game

  10. DJVM95

    Oooh! KILL 'EM!


    whats with the dislikes?? smh

  12. trent noble

    Grimy Beats, Crisp Lyrics, Keeps you entertained with his voice and jokes, and he's just being himself, dressing however the fuck he wants an doing what he wants.. Is why hes finally getting noticed.... Keep doing you Pimp and stay Focused

  13. trent noble

    ur smoked

  14. Gazz عARABS

    Ok seriously...danny brown is the only rapper with 0 dislikes!

  15. Liz Jewell

    Rustie + Danny Brown

  16. Raven Rodriguez

    This fucking beat!!

  17. Trap Advisor

    I've waited way too long for this!

  18. Jeremy G

    them sine waves mixed with the 808 :D