Brown, Danny - Side A (Old) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
In the kitchen, oven open for the heat
Got my young, light skinned ho rollin' up the tree
Wearin' jackets in the house, it's the Michigan way
Boiling water on the stove, Ramen noodles for dinner
Dope fiends out the halfway house and they still sniffin'
Homie mommy's 50, smokin' and still trippin'
Still talkin' shit with this Lucio mask lickin'
See my breath when I talk, but nigga, I ain't trippin'
Landlord is, the nigga tryna put us out
Sellin' all the samples, can't afford to give 'em out
Just copped a half tre, see my nigga tryna get it
Standin' on the baseline, Scottie Pippen pivot
Needles in they arms just to keep the lights on
Shit, fuck around, be on hardcore pawn
Tryna get this shit off, the winter, we snuck in
Won't live for anything, but might die for nothin'

[Hook: x2]
They want that old Danny Brown
To bag up and sell a whole pound
Might have to go and get my braids back
Matter of fact, go and bring them AKs back

[Verse 2:]
In the Cutty same color as steak sauce
Eyeballed the work, but was just a.8 off
Vet in the game, first seed in the playoffs
Meet me at the Coney, gotta get this weight off
Balmains fittin' like a nigga went swimmin' in 'em
I'm waxed and I'm shinin', hardwood floor
Whore want it hardcore, squirt it on her jaw
Lookin' at the whore like "what you came here for?"
Linwood nigga, heat on him, no stash box
Turn a gangbanger's bandana to a rag top
Old head, dope fiend, cookin' up the yay
Young boys'll shoot your face for them Cartiers
Came a long way takin' $3 for a nick'
Cop an 8 ball, tryna stack for the zip
Now I'm in the rap game, verse worth a brick
Fiends linin' up for a hit of this shit
(And I reps that shit, right now and forever) [x2]


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Brown, Danny Side A (Old) Comments
  1. Schtök

    It's crazy to see how much Danny has changed since

    Ian-Devon Lewis

    More like how good it keeps it while reverting back to his old persona. Remember nobody was looking at him when he 'was' rapping like this then he changed up.

  2. a name

    Danny Brown is my favorite rapper there I said it.


    Definitely up there with the greats

  3. Kaneda Shotaro

    Great great great rap song

  4. Toby Swift

    What an intro

  5. KooliSkey

    he used to be normal

    who is like God?

    you should listen to The Hybrid its his last project before he started using his high-pitched voice, sounds pretty cool

  6. King Samuels II

    I swear I thawt Method man was gone come outta nowhere and spit a verse Side A(Old)

  7. Schwarzfahrer AK

    Collogne in this biiiiiih

  8. Jonh Doe

    All the new rap in the damn world cant touch this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. TheScarfaceKillaa

    amsterdam in this f*cker

  10. Aylin

    The shooting sounds he makes sound a lot like kendricks lol.....

  11. Thorst13

    So filthy good!

  12. Enlightened Juan

    "Came a long way from takin 3 for a nic" realest shit niggas stay comin wit the 4 gotta save a dollar for the rello lol


    +Jajuan Lane when he raps about it he knows what hes talkin bout

    Flatbush Mobbin

    +DOOMIsTheBestYourOpinionIsIrrelevant yeah he's a real one.

  13. david juarez


  14. James West

    Only problem with this song is that the backing track needs to be louder

    melvin geen

    James West louder?!?
    Its should be whole different 😒

  15. dudksakasADAD

    this is doppee

  16. Sean Lusk

    if on danny brown looked as good as his album cover. hahahaha

  17. trent noble

    album under reated

  18. trent noble

    exactly what Im saying... Dan I downloaded it for free, but its sooo good. Im gonna buy it, so I can bump it in my whip an annoy the fuck out of people :)

  19. MrElMirza

    Insane song, dope as fuck!

  20. chrizzay1

    Wish his other shit was this hard

  21. NoneForYou

    *Discovered him...

  22. NoneForYou

    Agreed! Discover him about the same time you did and haven't stopped listening since.

  23. jhb6991

    i am listening to this song again cos youtube is not crashing today and tbh danny brown is the best rapper with no front teeth and if there was another rapper with no front teeth he wouldnt be as good as danny brown tbh ok


    You speak truths

  24. ThatNinjaEBAY

    If you haven't heard XXX yet, go download it, it's free which is ridiculous

    a name

    It's a masterpiece.

  25. jhb6991

    trying to have a peaceful evening listening to danny brown but youtube keeps crashing ffs i wish the guys in the youtube office would sort it out i know theyre doing it on purpose to annoy me well done guys you destroyed my evening fuck you

  26. Noah Brantingham


  27. X3 Sucks

    I just started listening to Danny and I think this cd is phenomenal!