Brown, Danny - Shouldn't Of Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Drunk as fuck, high as shit, bitch suck my dick
You ain't never seen a long dick
I said a long dick
I said a long dick, bitch
You gone learn today, you gone learn today
Pull it out and spray all on ya lingerie
Call it a cum grenade, rub it on yo tummy
(Shoulda never gave ya black ass some money!)
Now I'm stomping all on yo couches
Standing all on yo tables
Ripping open yo bitch blouses
Got my toungue all up in her navel
The baddest mufucka 'round
Hold my drink bitch
I said bitch I'm Danny Brown
Lemme get on my pimp shit
I'm sniffing Adderall off yo china
Shoes on in yo living room
Got my elbows on ya table
Left Swisher guts in yo dining room
I'm all up in yo kitchen
Lips on the orange juice bottle
I done popped me an ecstasy pill
So you know I'm tryna get higher
Shouldn't of gave this nigga nothing
Shouldn't of gave my black ass nothing, dog
Remember when I was struggling?
Caught the bus cause I was hustling
Used to stack up to go to Hudsons
Hid the work from my older cousin
Hit my shit like it wasn't nothing
Knew I wouldn't fight him so said fuck it

My pockets on dummy
They say I'm acting funny
Shouldn't of never gave my ass no money

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm blowing on the best kush
Shit be fucking my lungs up
2 packs of Newports a day
And I used to just buy loosies tho
Hoes all on my dick
Them hoes ain't wanna fuck before
But still I fucked them bitches
But I just never call no more
I'm all up in yo liquor cabinet
Drinking whatever up in the bitch
Took too many pills
Now I'm throwing up in yo toilet
I'm like aww shit
I'm in the house of hip hop
With my motherfuckin feet on the table
Ran the phone bill up on the phone sex line
And I even ordered porn on the cable
Give a nigga from my hood a thousand
He'll treat it like a 100 thousand, nigga
Public assistance housing
Mice all up in yo closet
Keeping it G ain't bout where you from
It's about where you gone be
'Cause ain't shit sweet when you living on the street
And there's roaches crawling on your cheek


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