Brown, Danny - Really Doe Lyrics

[Danny Brown:]
You niggas don't even know
All that talk then no show
Cannot tell me nothin'
Show me somethin' I ain't seen before
That hoe want my piccolo
Smoking on that mistletoe
Make her kiss all on it while we cha-cha, but on 24's
She look like a centerfold
Mouth all on my genitals
Suckin' on it like she gettin' vitamins and minerals
I be on the chemicals, she be on my testicles
Poke her with my tentacle then put her on my schedule
Rolling up them vegetables
Rapping with that special flow
Only way you're next to blow if you be strapped with C4
I be fresh from head to toe, every day a fashion show
Used to tote that Calico and serve like John McEnroe
Now I sell out all my shows
Used to sell out all my blow
That was back when we was coppin' dubs to try and roll a 4
Now a nigga livin' good
I done made it out the hood
Think I'm goin' back?
I wish a motherfucker would

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Yeah, they say I got the city on fire
I ain't boomin', that's a goddamn lie, woah
Really doe, like really doe
Really doe, like really doe
They say I got the city on fire
I ain't boomin', that's a goddamn lie, woah
Really doe, like really doe
Really doe, like really doe

Still wicked as Aleister Crowley, niggas know me well
For heaven's sake, I'm the GOAT, you haters can go to hell
When you're getting money, nigga, every day is sunny
I'ma act an ass on that donkey, let her pull my ponytail
Second grade, took my mama weddin' ring, took that bitch
To show-and-tell, now I'm married to the game to no avail
Grounded me for like a month, now I'm gettin' high as fuck
Employer tryna write me up, but now I'm a writer
With ambitions of a rider, and half the shit on my rider I don't even want, the Fanta's for us, the Henny's for the sluts (chyeah)
Givenchy bikers with the Raf rips
Balmain badmon, Bathing Ape on my dick
Paid by the Bloods, raised by the Crips
Soulo Ho the prophecies, atrocities, exhibition
Oh yeah, now a nigga livin' good
But good could be better I wish a motherfucker would

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Yeah, they say I got the city on fire
I ain't boomin', that's a goddamn lie, woah
Really doe, like really doe
Really doe, like really doe
They say I got the city on fire
I ain't boomin', that's a goddamn lie, woah
Really doe, like really doe
Really doe, like really doe

Life is like an appetite of truth and dare, I double dare ya
Life can end in vain before the end is near
See I can hear you crying
Silence sittin' in the dark
Holdin' crosses 'cross your heart
Sin is such a work of art
Watch out for the love lost
Bet a thousand, shoot a thousand
Things a nigga do for thousands
Made a million counting sheep
Gave it all to public housin'
Taking off to Abu Dhabi
Beamin' up the motor, Scotty
Talking to promoters, Scotty
Everybody know it's Gotti
Murder one, you've heard of them
The Revenant, the all day madness
Got it off to wipe it off, the evidence, the blood on mattress
Big power, big stages
My zoo cannot fit the cages
This booth is not used to fakin'
My crew just love confrontation
I chewed the face off the laces
I moved the weight from the waitress
I chef the pot that made poison
I cooked then tipped all the patients
My bitch is way beyond basic
That's life insurance, car insurance, good pussy insurance
Aye, look what I ain't doin'
Aye, ridin' in foreigns
Aye, K-Dot, four years, I got the same watch
But it's the real watch and that bitch fire
Speed Racer waitin' outside
The roof on it like a tank top
Countin' money, watchin' paint dry
When I'm done is when the rain stops, uh

They say I got the city on fire
I ain't boomin', that's a goddamn lie, woah
Really doe, like really doe
Really doe, like really doe
They say I got the city on fire
I ain't boomin', that's a goddamn lie, woah
Really doe, like really doe
Really doe, like really doe

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
Good, hood
I wish you motherfuckin' would
Listen, wish a motherfucker would, Brown
I had to put my foot down
So I could pop in the clutch
Your hate palpable, your jaw full of dust
You gon' keep talkin' or are we lockin' it up?
And I'm the type of nigga it ain't never been an honor to judge
You a mouse that the falcon picked up
So disrespect and gettin' checked like the top of the month
I was a liar as a kid so now I'm honest as fuck
And I never passed my mama no blunt, it kept my head straight
Less than deadweight, never been a problem to dump
Look, I just broke up with my bitch cause we ain't argue enough
I keep it dirty as the spliffs my uncle Alchemist puff
I strike a birdie on 'em, while I hit your mouth with the club
I wake up early on 'em, gettin' out the house is a must
It's like a sweaty pit, sweaty sit, countin' your dubs
Either that or you gon' catch me on a mountain with monks
Loungin', ask your girl why her mouth on my nuts
You've been the same motherfucker since 2001
Well it's the left-handed shooter, Kyle Lowry the pump
I'm at your house like, "why you got your couch on my Chucks"

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Brown, Danny Really Doe Comments
  1. Hingle McCringleberry

    I just found this but for real NO ONE is going to talk about this BEAT? Not one person? Mhmm ight y'all trippin. Who produced this?

    Hingle McCringleberry

    Earl mentioned alchemist. That who produced this, I need an answer and I Ain fuckin with Google .

  2. Joshua Bergeron

    Is that a sample from the bully soundtrack?

  3. kidarchitecture

    this song is a real AMD Threadripper

  4. suaryps


  5. Bob Jim Bob Jim

    I wish Vince was on this

  6. Tim James

    This one of my favorite songs of the 2010-2019 decade! I think Danny had the hardest verse btw

  7. SaXoN Saxon Kubiak


  8. Justin Gawlowski

    Definitely worth the wait, saved the best verse for last.

  9. sonny rossi

    earl isnt even in the same league

  10. saint killem

    Lock it up o shit

  11. Jason Harris

    This beat sounds like it sound on Toonami.

  12. gabeisyourbabe

    just realized this has the same drums as boredom by tyler

  13. Duncan Edgin

    This beat got mad ffxii vibes, like the zertinan caverns maybe or that place right before giruvegan. Shits fire

  14. YouTube NOOB

    If Rockstar games made a Bully 2 and it took place in the hood 😂

  15. Jameson KK

    Yo ain’t hearing these tracks drop in 2020

  16. Jameson KK

    “I never passed my momma no blunt”

  17. Jim Corneleous

    Earl isn’t that great but studying him and tightening up HIS flow can move mountains, he just don’t want it that bad he’s still a badass little kid

  18. Julius Ebola

    Not a bad verse on this.

  19. RichTown savage

    this $hit iz still a knocka 2 me err time I hear it!!!

  20. blackcube el

    love wasnt lost it was destroyed

  21. EliteHunting1911

    This shit is so hypnotic.

  22. Eli Willy

    i wish earl still rapped like this

  23. Казах Разбойник

    Anyway Danny's part's the best

  24. BlakkFist Musikk

    You wanna of the dopest m.c.'s i've been blessed to hear in almost 50 yrs Danny...DAAMN!✊🏿

  25. TG 125

    Danny brown best verse

  26. blunted carlos

    Wow earl thank you merry Christmas

  27. Maurice Jones

    Earl got the best verse sheezh

  28. Dvntei

    Still love this track. Wish it had Mac Miller & Vince Staples on it as well.

  29. RDP

    all did a 10/10, but in order by personal preference:

    1. Earl
    2. Danny
    4. Ab

    Cassius Richardson

    Spot on

  30. Oisín Brew-Dinan

    One of the best posse cuts

  31. Perry lee

    Starbro here, just stopping by to say that I head bang to Earl's verse to cure my depression sometimes, my little brother brings the bartillery so fucknastyingly hard on this shit that the verse could be the cure for a disease I bet.


  32. PlayzMasterMODS 20XX

    Eminem: I am the king of rap
    Danny brown: check
    Eminem: i dont feel so good


    PlayzMasterMODS 20XX chill

  33. Jonathan Eddie Diaz

    Wish griselda got on this beat

  34. Jonathan Eddie Diaz

    So fire

  35. Jokab

    i aint a boomer thats a goddamn lie

  36. skulasticsee

    Haha i have this sample in my itunes

  37. Dimitri Andreiev

    I'd like to see Danny Brown work with Tricky.

  38. Joshua Stephens

    I'm just here stopping after K Dot's verse

  39. Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    The beat sounds like the music from the game bully

  40. rey luna

    gotta give earl the 1st place trophy on this one

  41. Lance Warren

    When I heard this it changed everything I knew about rap. If you wanna here more music similar to this check my song out and follow me on Ig @kifodelia song link:

  42. Keyson Whiteside

    Sounded like listening to the Reaper as soon as Earl hit the track.💀

  43. perc nowitzki

    *ask your girl why her mouth on my nuts*

  44. Jay Ruki

    i just realized tyler the creators song “boredom” and this song have the same drums.....

  45. Jordan Utley

    I just want to acknowledge that Danny Brown's verse is literally less than a minute

  46. fruitypeebils

    whoever designed the album art is fucking crazy, its so awesome

    brodie on the corner

    Yeah its siiiick

  47. ted the commenter


  48. Mike Garcia

    Everybody killed it. If Ab-Soul went 100% he would've easily bodied everybody on a lyrical level. But earl completely had me stuck with his verse. Wow

  49. thot creations

    Havent heard this in so long!

  50. BlackSn0wz

    Ear stood out on this one for sure.

  51. Logan Burchett

    Ab- soul lutely REALLY DO LIKE REAL HE THO!

  52. Max

    Earl killed this

  53. William Bodman


  54. ImGettingLost

    Earl ate everyone on this track. No survivors.


    ImGettingLost I think Danny attacked this beat, no one else rode the beat like him.


    @cityking9ne I can see that, Danny rode tf out of this beat

  55. John Doe

    Earl is one of those GOATS who climbs up 90 degree walls for hundreds of feet just to lick some salt

  56. keane snyder

    2019 and this track still slapping harder than reality

  57. deathsoar 20x

    Like really doe like really doe

  58. GameOn WorldOff

    The last verse in this is absolute garbage. How the fuck did that make it on the track with the rest????

  59. Micah Ramey

    A remix with jay rock Freddie Gibbs and Vince Staples would go crazy bruh

  60. Llama

    I think earls lowkey the goat

    John Doe

    No doubt. It's crazy

  61. Azania Nf

    Azania_Nf ft Msizy Lee _ Sibongile
    Please Watch and subscribe

  62. Kristian M


  63. dave P

    The last CD I bought.

  64. wiiwi Peep e

    4:03 y a z !

  65. saint killem

    Kindrick kills it

  66. eli locktree

    I'm at your house like, "why you got your couch on my Chucks

  67. Streigt Savage

    Di$$ $hiiit is $¤ fukkin $ฯckk!!!

  68. Streigt Savage

    Took my mamma wedding ring 2 school for show&tell so now im married 2 the game!!!!!

  69. protoglyph


  70. Jesus Christ niggga

  71. Popeye Pnnn7o

    2:57 whatever ghost writer Kendrick uses also writes for Tierra Whack I love both of em tho

    Is This The Krusty Krab

    Where'd you get this from

    Popeye Pnnn7o

    @Is This The Krusty Krab I keep hearing uncannily similar flows. Like they obviously have the same vocal coaches at least. When u listen to so much music u can see so many weird details that are exactly the same across different artists work in such a way that couldn't be organic

  72. High Time Gaming Videos HTGV

    Skip to earls verse

  73. Silas Nelson

    I remember when Danny released the track list for Atrocity Exhibition and I knew instantly this would be the highlight of the album. Apparently wanted to get Run The Jewels on here too. It probably would’ve ended up being an entirely different track, but I’m sure it would’ve been great.

    This is still a culmination of all of my favourite artists in high school and I’m never gonna wear this song out.

  74. Brayton Lieb

    This song is insane. Earl killed my ears

  75. Trevor Walton

    Still can't believe the Alchemist produced this fire

  76. Anthony L

    Black Milk did his thing with this beat!

  77. B 17

    this beat is evil


    hell yes

  78. Josh

    Bruh all these fools trynna put one rapper above everyone else.

    Everyone on this track killed it end of

  79. Steven Sykes

    2019 anyone

  80. Icaro Augusto

    Melhor feat do mundo

  81. alex medina

    I move the weight from the waitress..🔥🤯😳

  82. ohaiowow

    The more times I listen to this the more I think Ab might have the best verse.

  83. Matthew Adkins




  85. BigFellazInc72

    Danny Brown underrated my top 5 out The D 1.Royce 2.Tee Grizzley 3.Big Herk 4.Danny Brown 5.Sada Baby.

  86. Cat Chameleon

    I need to listen to more Danny Brown

  87. jtillman110

    What anti-Christ employers r tryin write up ab?

  88. Anthony L


  89. bruh idk

    danny brown - 8/10
    Ab-Soul - 7/10
    Kendrick Lamar - 8/10
    Earl Sweatshirt - 5/10

    btw this is only my opinion so dont get pissed

    konde dracula do earl

    ok man, and, are you following me?

    bruh idk

    @konde dracula do earl wtf u talkin about

    konde dracula do earl

    @bruh idk hahahaha that's just a play man

  90. von jon

    Earl goes hard

  91. Erik Garcia

    this guy reminds me of a murs from slug but has interest in talent that sounded as far fetched as xxxtentacion before he took over florida

  92. Kobey Furze

    "Broke up with my bitch cos we dont argue enough"