Brown, Danny - Dubstep Lyrics

[Verse 1: Danny Brown]
I was thinkin' 'bout somethin'
But I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
Remember when I was strugglin'
Fucked up on my knuckles
Tryin' to sell some dirt weed
Taxin' off a ten speed
Money wasn't comin'
For sure nigga I kept frontin'

I had them dubs on the step
I had them dubs on the step
I had them dubs on the step
I had them dubs on the step
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
And I kept lickin' on that clit
Till she gave me that shit
I've been fucked up for so long
Swear to God I got a dib
I put my back into it
Servin' bags to them students
Tell 'em I got that fire
On that porch right there by the Buick
I'm just tryin' to get my mind
Go worry nigga 'bout yours
Rollin' up that swisher
Pourin' up a four
Servin' in them hallways
The courtrooms all day
Hoods kicked the door down
Now we in the conay

I had them dubs on the step
I had them dubs on the step
I had them dubs on the step
I had them dubs on the step
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way
Slow days, fast days
Gettin' paper any way

[Verse 3: Scrufizzer]
It's the same old shit
Everybody in a manner that's up top
Buck stop,
It's killin' me,
Niggas are makin' really me,
'Cause I never can bottle up and they be filling it with the mideast
Stick it in a manner, the heaviest rhythm bangin' it out
Don't be let my money getting opposite and can do time
Listen up Danny Brown
I been doing this ting
Skipped in, then I come and lyrical assist 'em
I had my dubs on the step
I never stopped cause I sit in the booth, I'm finna choose
But I'm runnin this actually I'm realer than Scrooge
You ain't so why you act, dummy
You think you bad, well that's funny
I'm try'na get Maybach money
I'm a Mac Miller, stayin ASAP, rookie

I had them dubs on the step

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Brown, Danny Dubstep Comments
  1. Chris McClure

    Not a fan at all at how Scrufizzer approached this track. Sure he has skill and it shows, but he doesn't make sense at all with the track. Danny is matching with how "flowy" and winding the instrumental is, and his lyrics matter more here since the track is slower but intense, and the hook is sticky AS FUUUCK, but Scrufizzer just throws the vibe out the damn window, and i honestly just want a remix of this with his verse cut out or replaced with something else.


    I think ur trippin

    Mohammed-Bashir Adewale

    Chris McClure i kind of agree and im from an area close to scruface. He changed the vibe a bit but its still a fire track. The instrumental is nice.

  2. Zeiro Tolerance

    I was hoping this was going to include all dubstep meanings but you can tell whoever mixed this beat got mixed up when he was dropping his first edm track

    Zeiro Tolerance

    Not to take away from danB Bc he was hyphey as fuck

  3. Gabriele Masini

    i'm doping with this album


    Rah when I saw Scrufizza on the title #MUADD!!

  5. Allen Blaise

    where the dubstep at, this isnt even 140 bpm

    Allen Blaise

    all dubstep is 140, this isnt even grim

  6. Arthur Williams

    The Brit threw straight up Fireballs. A solid jam

  7. UK Rap G

    man like scrufizzer 🔥🔥🔥 repping uk

  8. Johnny Gat

    Looking at these comments Danny Brown really shined some light on Scrus name. I respek that man

  9. Wavy Vaporizers

    this is 🔥 now I know who scrufizzer is. shout outs to scrufizzer and everyone in the UK that subed me

  10. Lazy Skates

    i love this song i knew it whin i was 12

  11. Joshua Haynes

    coming back to this 3 years later i see how cool this song is


    Aged well, Almost more of this years style.

    George Butcher

    Joshua Haynes party wolf!

  12. Werten a.k.a Hoshi

    This is pretty cool. It's nice how a US rapper got a UK rapper to be on his song.

    George Butcher

    Hoshi No Kaabii yeah

  13. Aeddan Gabe-Jones

    It's cool seeing a UK Grime artist with American guys, its a cool mix

    Werten a.k.a Hoshi


    Johnny Gat

    Aeddan Gabe-Jones especially scrufizzer tho. Mans been consistent and loyal as fuck to grime but he's still slept on by many. Glad Danny shined some light on Scru

  14. sammy boy

    never heard of the other guy before but he fuckin kills it, gonna have to look into his other shit

    Johnny Gat

    Did you like what you found? Lool

  15. fingersonfire4gh

    nba live 14 brought me here sadly... honestly, it isn't such a bad game. good music, mechanics needed work but overall it wasn't such a bad game. people just overact. I know this has nothing to do with the song, but I bought the game for 8 bucks at game stop and it was the best 8 bucks that I ever spent.

  16. A Jones

    He just goes Dumb man thats whats up xD

  17. johnny killroy

    This guy scruffizer has bars

    Riley Wright

    Thats a sheg??

    Riley Wright

    @BrandexProductions oooooh thought you meant check out kick it THAT'S A SHEG... no worries 😂

    Johnny Gat

    Made one of if not the biggest grime riddims of all time - Nutty Violins Flow. Ask anybody from London (not sure about other places) who's into grime about Nutty Violins Flow they'll tell you Scru and Stimpy made the beat and that they probably had it on their phones back in 05. Scrufizzers slept on but very talented and well respected

  18. Richard Burns

    I don't like this feature. This is a slow song, YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A JACKASS. What a tryhard.

    Mac Finn

    Thats how he spits on all his songs.

    Hannibal Traven

    obviously you don't know much about grime....

    Milo Hempel

    That's not him speeding up, U.K guys tend to rap quicker than us niggas, especially scrufizzer

    Johnny Gat

    Milo Hempel man better know bout me I'm fizzala ask anyone about Scrufizzer they'll tell you when it comes to flow and speed, he'll spin anyone and everyone

  19. Trevon Lemons

    This beat go in

  20. Skinn Peelaa

    slow days, fast days, gettin' paper anyway

    A Jones

    Me and you have Metal bands as our pic xD

    Greg Willard

    @A Jones metal heads, wooh!

    A Jones

    hell yeah brah

  21. Shondell Moore

    This goes in so hard.

  22. Skinn Peelaa


  23. JonD

    . Operator and wah effect much

  24. Raven Rodriguez

    Slow days, fast days gettin' paper anyways

  25. iSpawnedThere

    that interview had me listening to rap rave for days on end.


    this beat...

  27. R CK

    wow i remember the interview when danny was talking about working with scrufizzer

  28. Ivan Rodriguez

    oh mer gerd durbsterp