Brown, Danny - Dip Lyrics

Dip I dip you dip I dip
Dip I dip you dip I dip
Dip you dip I dip
Dip you dip I dip
Don't let me into my zone [x3]
You haters leave me alone
I say, don't let me into my zone [x3]
You haters leave me alone

[Verse 1:]
Like Lieutenant Dan I'm rollin'
Back to back I keep on smokin'
Eyes keep shakin' and I can't stay focused
I don't give a fuck if you niggas ain't noticed
I'm sweatin' but I'm cold
Mouth all dry but I got a runny nose
I just bought me a water bottle
Chug that down but I think I need me some mo'
And I keep feelin' like I'm gon' faint
But fuck that nigga pass me that drank
I done drunk too much I might throw up in a hotel bathroom sink
Bitch I'm wildin, I'm zooted
Can't believe that I'm even movin'
Off a half a gram of molly we about to go party,
And I don't know what I'm doin'


[Verse 2:]
Now all these rappers talkin' bout that molly
Bet a million dollars these niggas ain't dippin'
Pure MDMA put it in a shot we talkin' bout crystals
Been dancin' hard up all day
Rest in peace to mac dre
Throw up the T
Scratch on my face
Do the Thizzle dance up in the place
I'm grindin on your bitch while I'm grindin' on my teeth
Don't give a flying fuck
So right now you don't want beef
I'm blown, I'm zooted
Can't believe that I'm even movin'
Off a half a gram of molly we about to go party,
And I don't know what I'm doin'


[Verse 3:]
She licked it off my index
Before that she been wet
Now she licking on her best friend
While they suck me watching sunset
That's right bitch we ain't done yet
Lifting her purse, undress
It kicked in she lickin'
Before I blink she undressed
Molly making her feel good
It's a feeling she can't explain
But obvious we got some problems
So bitch let's kill that pain
I'm blown, I'm zooted
Can't believe I'm even movin'
Off a half a gram of molly we about to go party,
And I don't know what I'm doin'


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Brown, Danny Dip Comments
  1. Ryan Lee Kinney

    I'm game

  2. Ryan Lee Kinney


  3. Darth Maul

    Lookin like a crackhead that smoked a 7gram rock thats how danny brown rolls.

  4. Sunny 4g75

    Yo what's good young ancestor 🔥

  5. Sypticle

    Here because GTA Ifruit radio.

  6. brecht geers

    In my Mephedrone-zone. So unhealthy, somebody quick, make me a back-up-clone

  7. anonymous

    absolute classic, definitely dipped to this in the past hahaha

  8. Yaad Rana

    I play this song when my boss leaves work and then dip

  9. OXP ShadowWolf

    Waddup cousin

  10. Doughy Daniels

    Danny Brown is #1 rapping, no doubt about it.

  11. Robert Brown

    I loved Danny as Sir Smoka Lot in Half Baked

  12. Mr.A VR Freak

    Every underground video I watch has Pusha T as next up. They are trying to get me to listen to the mainstream.

  13. BudLechi cs

    Я бланковом худи на фоне экрана
    Где брат Дэнни Брауна делает куни!

  14. NOOOKevin

    danny brown and yella wolf colab would be sick

    Nate Clark

    NOOOKevin damn... you right

  15. Nelson Hernandez

    Shovel statis!!!!!!! Digging this track°°MEGATRON APPROVED!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

  16. Angel Hernandub

    2013 everyone was fucked up lol

  17. mas korun

    Dip pa dip napom

  18. MrHall53

    Grinding on you bih, while grindin on my teeth 😬

  19. Moo Rooster

    the fact that in this day and age a man can make art that ranges from shit like this to shit like atrocity exhibition and be all the way into it whenever he needs to be is fucking beautiful

  20. R5dy_Clut5h

    Lyrical lemonade been out he Capping!!!😬😬😒😒
    A.K.A Cole Bennett..

    Angel Hernandub

    R5dy_Clut5h word up

  21. ComeAtMeBro

    Just a gay mofo

  22. Anthony L

    Going through all the old songs because the new album fire!

  23. laur v

    the hicks at my school:

  24. Vanya Mingalev

    Дэнни, мать его, Браун! Боженька)

  25. Stop speeding

    the drums on this are crazy

  26. jrod_421

    RIP Mac Dre. Danny Brown Thizz Dancin all up in this bitch

  27. GrindcoreNinja

    Danny trying to be MC Ride.

  28. Anthony L

    Still playing this in 2019!!

  29. Julia O

    Fajna nutka mordo

    Julia O

    Dzięki dziala

    Julia O

    O lol serio

  30. Luan Medeiros

    Danny Brown tem seu valor

  31. dinja


  32. Michael Anderson

    I didnt know Sir Smoke-A-Lot released a new album.

  33. Жак Фреско

    Дэни мать его браун🔥

  34. westcoastinmike

    Thank you for your service Lt. Dan and Danny Brown

  35. Daniel

    D!P! 2k19!


    La Croix?

  37. Smooth Operator

    double dippin like costanza

  38. Love Loli


    Углепластик 3000


  39. Feeling The Plant Action

    Eng deng wiggi deng. That’s what I heard.

  40. Fastball 113

    Did I just play 2k with u

  41. Riddlezz17

    Danny Brown is the next ODB and I'm lovin it

  42. James Shogun

    Ps vita

  43. James Shogun

    I mean royalty

  44. James Shogun

    Danny brown is loyalty

  45. James Shogun

    The PhD proof

  46. James Shogun

    Dan Brown or Danny Brown???????

  47. croz box

    This song is about mdma or ecstasy

  48. RiccDoesYoutube _

    Redfoo R18+

  49. Clancey Dripsic3

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  50. Luca Brasi

    2019 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Allison

    You are literally fucked up in this.. Did you know what you were doing? Do you love J-Dilla? I fucking love him and his goddamned donuts.

  52. adrian Ramos

    how could i forget about this.

  53. Tom Sonik

    Crazy how many got famous copying that style while this still has only 9mil views...

  54. R G

    High and Tight. Noice

  55. DeAngelo Mayes

    Nigga get your teeth fix

  56. haleigh

    the way his lips move when he says "zone" is funny!

  57. Makin Moves Tv

    I'm here in 2019 who else here

  58. tucko11

    I don’t need molly to rock out to this !


    who is listening in 2089?!

  60. Meagan Turner

    I can't understand a fucking word that he says. I know he's biting off the dip song from the 90s that's about all I can recognize. Visually the music video is dope

  61. rot pop

    its like D4L approached with the skill of Tupac

  62. Alex G

    All I do is listen to this and feel like I'm at the Works in Detroit. RIP Works

  63. Dante Rodrigues

    Dude honestly Danny Brown is a fucking tragic figure. No one cares because he still breathing but when he dies from an OD people will realize hes the Curt Kobane of hip hop

  64. tucko11

    Is it cool if I’m not on molly but rock out to this song?!

  65. haleigh

    i put my hand up on my hip
    when i dip
    you dip

  66. carl Carrington

    gotta be honest this is actually concerning.

  67. Yokahu Divine

    I love Danny's ad libs lol.

  68. Drift Numbat

    I heard this aaages ago and didn't realise it was this, so glad I found it

  69. Wondermod





  70. Akym Rinkovsky

    Cool take on it D... dig it

  71. Bryan Bofill

    I just discovered this in 2018, why have I just now discovered this?!

  72. K Sunshine

    Love from Detroit ! Saw lyrics to this song on a Kroger add and almost died 😂 rolling like lieutenant dan 😂


    LOL that's funny!

    K Sunshine

    haleigh legit. It was about ice cream and it said I dip you dip i dip I was like noooooo i gotta go comment on his video.

  73. Cody O'Brien

    Napom kills this beat.

  74. Matteo04 Digga

    amo queste vibrazioni

  75. э¢капист

    о таких, как дэнни я только от бульвара и узнаю, потому что я мейнстримная хуйня

  76. nostalgic 80's guy


  77. Juggalo

    Hey man you down with the clown you good with me

  78. Carl Johnson

    Типичный русский рэпер

  79. Cam

    god its sad to imagine people like this exist... funny song tho

  80. Kottonstream

    Danny is one of unique greats

  81. El Lita

    Кто тут после ДУдя?

  82. MF DOOM Madvillain

    Dwamn 5 year's ago plus 6 days and this shit is still dope!!

  83. Betu Branca

    Néstor K diría eshtashis

  84. Olivia Rouse

    Who’s here in 2018 ?

  85. born2vagabond

    pretty sure you don't even know how good you are

  86. Toto CH

    I am here only because of Jian Yang's sunglasses. B-)

  87. Kazper Jones

    Thou shalt dig Danny Brown

  88. Michael Davey

    Like lieutenant Dan I'm rolling back to back to back I keep on rolling... Best lyrics love love love

  89. kelvin freire

    this man look like a crack head that asks me for change at the train station ...... he sounds good too

  90. David Harrington

    This is some fucking trash