Brown, Danny - Ain't It Funny Lyrics

Verbal couture
With the metaphors
The flow house of horror
Dead bolted with metal doors
Grinch bitch
Six sense
With a nose drip
Mind skydive
Sniffing bumps
In the cockpit
Locksmith of Hip Hop
Appraisal the wrist watch
The rocks bout the size
As the teeth in Chris Rock's mouth
Sock out the mic
Prototype for Adderall
Your work killing fiends
Cause you cut it with Fentanyl
So much coke
Just to sniff need a ski lift
Flip your table over
If you cut it with the bullshit
Nose bleeds red carpets
But it just blend in
Snapping pictures
Feeling my chest being sunk in
Live a fast life
Seen many die slowly
Unhappy when they left
So I try to seize the moment

Funny how it happens
Who ever would imagine
That jokes on you
But Satan the one laughing

Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it

I can sell honey to a bee
In the fall time
Make trees
Take back they leaves
Octopus in a straight jacket
Savage with bad habits
Broke serving fiends
Got rich became a addict
Ain't it funny how it happens
Who would ever would imagine
Nose running right now
Could ya pass me a napkin
Managed to somehow
To have the upper advantage
Panic when the drugs are gone
And nobody is answering
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
No way to mask it
A lot became has beens
Rolling up that 100 dollar bill
Till they cash in
Thinks it gone last
Going too fast
Man it's fucked up
Ain't it funny how it happens

Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happen

Upcoming heavy traffic
Say ya need to slow down
Cause you feel yourself crashing
Staring in the devil face
But ya can't stop laughing
Staring in the devil face
But ya can't stop laughing
It's a living nightmare
That most of us might share
Inherited in our blood
It's why we stuck in the mud
Can't quit the drug use
Or the alcohol abuse
Even if I wanted to
Tell you what I'm gonna do
I'ma wash away my problems
With this bottle of Henny
Anxiety got the best of me
So popping them Xannies
Might need rehab
But to me that shit pussy
Pray for me y'all
Cause I don't know what coming to me
Bought a 8 ball of coke
And my nigga on the way
Got 3 hoes with him
And they all tryna play

Ain't it funny how it happens
Who ever would imagine
Jokes on you
But Satan the one laughing

Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it
Ain't it funny how it happens
Ain't it

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Brown, Danny Ain't It Funny Comments
  1. Klaus Otto Nagorsneger

    Wallah gut diese ya


    i don’t remember this married with children episode

  3. Connor Rea

    this is the greatest hip-hop song OF ALL TIME

  4. illuminate confirmed

    oh uncle danny!

  5. Mr Bandito

    This is not your average tv show

  6. TøñY VëL

    No idea why but for some reason I instantly think of that song mope by bloodhound gang when I hear this.

  7. Marcstacos

    Ain’t it funny how u hosting ifruit radio?

  8. ReaptheWhirlwind

    wait Jonah directed this? Hell yeah Jonah!

  9. SaddestBoysOutHere SBTT

    I’m not a huge fan of Danny, his music just isn’t my type... but fuck i sure can respect his style, he’s deffo not a bad artist by any means.

  10. SaddestBoysOutHere SBTT


  11. Retro Games Made Easy

    I'll bet our homie Chris Benoit could have related to this.

  12. broodjebakpao1994

    Idk why, but the instrumental sounds like a parade of fat people coming trough.

  13. BabyCakes123

    This eerily reminds me of the recent passing of Juice Wrld. He constantly sang about drug addiction, dying young and depression. Audience is entertained from his music and he dies from likely drug related death at 21. RIP.

  14. Dread UV

    R.I.P. JuiceWrld. He rapped about getting fucked up so often, and I’m sure his seizure was caused by drugs. If only his fans didn’t encourage his heavy drug use

  15. rasheedk219

    The news about Juice (presumably a drug related death but it’s not confirmed as of rn) reminded me of this masterpiece. RIP Juice WRLD. RIP to every inspiring and creative yet tortured soul we’ve lost to drugs. And thank god Danny is doing good now because he’s as inspiring and creative as they get. Please take care of yourselves anyone reading this, you are loved.

  16. Michael Strait

    A bunch of rich white people incongruously coexisting with a self-destructive, drug-addicted black man whose suffering and misery is exploited for light entertainment by other white people.

    I think there's a metaphor here that goes deeper than Danny, honestly.

  17. beke VV

    This videos is fucking art love it

  18. WakkaWakkaGaming

    This song is the prequel to Clout Cobain


    How? They're made by different people


    @Heat not literally, I mean this is about how the expectations that come with fame result in people not taking your issues seriously, and clout cobain is about the aftermath of that. I guess they're actually more corollary messages, but still


    @WakkaWakkaGaming ohh, I thought you meant more literally


    @Heat nah, although it does now make me thirst for the zel X danny collab album

  19. NJASZN

    Why does this make me feel sad for Danny brown, disturbed, hyper, and intrigued at the same time?

  20. Hector Ramos

    This shit hit different

  21. fruitypeebils

    damn jonah hill is a pretty good director

  22. Jesse

    man that fucking bass gets me pumped af .

  23. Synester Gates

    This is really disturbing still

  24. LIL BEAR

    Just Blow My Mind 🐑🐑🐑

  25. Spencer

    The best hip hop song ever.

  26. Master Tyler

    "Ohh uncle danny!"

  27. quedronol

    he's slowly dying and we're all laughing. he needs help.

    oh, uncle danny!

  28. nebsdoe

    Damn bru this feels different watching after you’ve watched joker.

  29. Jay C

    I'm not sure what to say about this. I like it so much I'm scared of myself now ! What a Mind-KerFluffle. Who, What , Where and How.

  30. Phillip Alvarado

    Isn't that famous director from Good Will Hunting in the movie milk and finding Forest

  31. The Unknown

    i like it a black version of old eminem

  32. DerekTV

    Gotta love this fucking kid as kid

  33. Herman Herman

    Should I be disturbed or take this as a comedy?

    LeLoony YT

    Herman Herman Both

  34. Michael Fents

    So creative. 90s vibes so perfect

  35. Mr Bandito

    This is a little too deep


    for you. Go listin to some Logic, loser!

    Mel Mancheno

    @Jack Logic is garbage

  36. Crappy Scenery

    This video is nuts

  37. levi homer

    this is a horror film

  38. I Want Die

    Who's here from Joker?

  39. CDJRose

    If you told me Requiem For a Dream could be replicated by a hip-hop music video in under 4 minutes, I would have told you that were the crazy one

  40. JMAlvarez

    This video/song has so many similarities with the Joker movie it’s scary

    Lil Huf

    Imagine if this was used for the movie lol

  41. Solanuma

    I hope hes like in therapy now :(

    T Billing

    Solanuma (ph-neutral) He already been out of rehab lookin like a new man. Dude cleaned himself up good. Very proud of him.


    @T Billing oh thats nice to hear

  42. Popeye Pnnn7o

    this is way better than Danny's House

  43. Tiernan Flaherty

    This should be shown as a top agent on not to do drugs at schools, facilities etc.

  44. lynn pehrson

    Reminds me of that scene in natural born killers

  45. Adesh Garcha

    Oh uncle danny!

  46. Von Von

    They got the grandmother from 2 and half men

  47. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    The "Problem Child" anthem. What's that lil' kid's name? 🗣️"BRAAAAAAAADDDD"

  48. Jerry Okonkwo

    He even got Levi fron Raven's Home, just wow

  49. nightmuffin937

    This should be in the "Joker" soundtrack

  50. Grifter

    going through a danny brown youtube wormhole, is good.

    Epic Gamer

    Can't wait for his new album!

  51. Clout Goku

    oh no im catching all the bad vibes from this video

  52. Raw Ross


  53. N. Ayancan

    01:45 did he peed on a billie eilish future portrait?

  54. A Bad Guy

    Jonah Hill the fat joo. Of course the video is deranged. And all the audience is ugly Europeans, typical.

    Deffientlly not Jalen Butler


  55. The_One&Only

    Ain't that the mom from *Growing Pains*

  56. Whill

    Danny brown + too many cooks+ full house= ain’t it funny

  57. Whill

    Disney: so what’s your experience
    With film
    Kid: uhh I was in a Danny brown vid
    (Searches ain’t it funny)
    Disney: ... (in fear)
    Kid: ain’t it funny how it happens



  59. Shannon Turner

    anyone know what the jacket hes wearing is? or where its from?

    Mel Mancheno

    Amiri Python Biker Jacket, all of them are 6k-16K

  60. luiz cláudio

    Beastie boys ?

  61. Jake Coleman

    Favorite video of all time

  62. R€L

    he look so different, in two years?

  63. bravetherainbow

    This is the realest shit

    Love you Danny

    Good job Jonah

  64. TwitchDM -


  65. Just Call Me Brad

    I feel like this song represents what’s going on with Antonio Brown and the media right now

  66. Cristobal Ordonez

    It’s insane how Jonah Hill directed this video.

  67. Felsh

    3:09 this moment disturbs me

    flavor flav

    I thought it was just me

  68. Nawit Atd

    wish I was rich so I could get away with doing drugs, or maybe not even have to think about doing them if I would then be deemed worthy of loving

    Deffientlly not Jalen Butler

    Lol your going to die alone

  69. King Puncake

    This is scary, because it's true.

  70. Serial Killa

    I definitely think this video took a lot of influence from Too Many Cooks, another very unsettling video.

  71. Freak azoid

    "It's a living nightmare
    That most of us might share
    Inherited in our blood
    It's why we stuck in the mud
    Can't quit the drug use
    Or the alcohol abuse"

  72. Julián Bragulat Urios

    This hair id like Goku super Saiyan 2 in 3:12

  73. LazerFish {narnia squad}

    If you watch this on 1.25x speed, you just get more anxiety the further you go on.

  74. Chris Aimé

    „Verbal culture, parkour with the metaphors, the flow house of horrors, dead bolted with metal doors“🤯💀

  75. Cardsense Canada

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????

  76. McSoi

    Directed by Jonah Hill??

  77. Naugh s

    Does this remind anyone else of The Bloodhound Gang for some weird reason? I can't understand 90% of his words without lyrics, but it's still so good :D

  78. GuyRami

    Imagine growing up in a place known as overdose your childhood is weird. Oh uncle danny...

  79. Hammer Of Justice

    I find it pretty ironic how i always end up laughing when i see this music video.

  80. ExpiredPants

    fuck yes
    timeless treasure thank you for this Danny

  81. hal900x

    Huh, a step by step video of my actual life. That's new.

  82. Nosihcta Draner

    The beat drop at the hook sounds so spooky I love it

  83. lil gang

    that kid is an actor on the that's so raven reboot. ain't it funny

  84. Omnin

    Everybody gangsta until the life-sized xanax kills you

  85. MechanicalFoundGhost

    Oh uncle Danny

  86. MechanicalFoundGhost

    Shit is dark

  87. Jay Are

    Real illness isn’t funny, that’s why the video is making fun of modern people who wont care about cries for help, unless they’re light and entertaining — ‘dying inside lmao 🤣✌️’

  88. Anthony L

    Hopefully Danny ok.. this a underrated song/video

  89. robert navarrette

    i havent rly listened listened to danny since middle school but this is CRAZY NICE

  90. Afro Raijin

    It’s funny that the kid is in a fucking Disney show now😂

  91. Bianco

    Keep your jeans high and tight

  92. Micah Jimenez


    Dechef Mane

    No shit

  93. Bovin Desouza

    where is that bomber jacket from? snakeskin looks dope!

  94. Samuel K

    If your paid millions of dollars to "perform" all i can hope is that your self destruction kills you for my entertainment your just jokes we normal people get to laugh at

    Mel Mancheno

    @Samuel K Sounds like you've never felt actual fulfillment in life so you bring down others. Pitiful.

    Samuel K

    Mel Mancheno no i enjoy the suffering of the rich vanity is another word for vain, kill the rich and wear their faces as badges of honor

    Samuel K

    And you like tyler the creators shotty album from 2017 your opnion doesnt matter smh

    Mel Mancheno

    @Samuel K Nah, ya don't, you're just a little edgelord who can't spell.

    Samuel K

    Mel Mancheno that might be, but if thats the case then youre an inbred mongoloid who likes trash music sorry but its the truth

  95. Sergio Alcantara

    What’s up with all the dislikes?