Brother Ali - Won More Hit Lyrics

Please oh please oh please
Just give me just one more hit
Please oh please oh please
Just give me just one more hit

It's an exorcism bitches
A horror story

[Verse 1:]
Okay we stole you from your mother and we beat you red and bloody
And we made you build a country and we never gave you nothing
But a savior with our ugly face painted on the front
And we let you sing about it entertain us every Sunday

Sing when you're worshipping sing when you're working
And see if you can sing your self out of the hurt you're in
Please oh please give me just one more hit
Make it extra special and you might not get the whip

People want to hear your instruments and voices
It's just so annoying have to always come and join you
It reminds us of the horrible conditions that we're causing
Really rather avoid it try hard to ignore it

Give me one performance and an engineer record it
Then we can all enjoy it and we never have to know you
Please oh please give me just one more hit
I sell it 'round the planet and I'm keeping every cent

Treat you like a hero and we all come to see you
In a big fancy theatre dressed in a tuxedo
Going to have to seat you in the kitchen when you feed you
A place this regal doesn't serve your kind of people

Love to get and earful and praise and even cheer you
But we're still too fearful to think of eating near you
Please oh please give me just one more hit
You sing so very nice but I don't want you 'round my kids


[Verse 2:]
Fetishize your culture yet while it's still among you
We analyze insult it and criticize and judge it
Look down upon you say your music's from the jungle
And a civilized country couldn't gain anything from it

Said it's from the devil and it cause nothing but trouble
And tell you that you're ugly and we think it's so disgusting
But oh please still give me one more hit
Give me 20 years see if I can learn to spit

Your soul power got me so excited
That I went home and I tried it till I could do it just like you
Just a little bit lighter tired with less fire
Stiff sanitized to the white people's liking

Now they're so inspired by the way that I recite it
Celebrate a pirate as our nation's greatest writer
Please oh please give me just one more hit
We like your music better when it's spilling from our lips

You create it we can't relate so we hate it
Say it's too flagrant human nature too naked
But be patient eventually you'll escape it
Then we take it reshape it rename it and claim it

If you get in the business we'll just find a way to flip it
We don't celebrate success you're getting for a minute
After years of getting rich if you ever make us split it
We'll just film your cars and cribs call you materialistic

Boys in blue harass you say you're too successful
Do you for the taxes and sue you for the samples
You just get a plaque so you can glue it on your mantle
Looking dapper when you tap a little tune on your piano

Patented your soul gave your heart a bar code
Now so appalled at the gall to download
Please oh please give me just one more hit
P.S. Thank you and suck my dick

Please oh please oh please


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