Brother Ali - Whatcha' Got Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I came in the door nineteen eighty four
Paint on the wall got chased by the law
Once got soul in the place full of flow
Was never given the zone had to create my own
As clean as the nose on my face that I placed on the stone
Had to stake my claim to the thrown
Ain't no mistaken the sacred in his tone
Ali the new name by which greatness is known
Ya'll act like seeing is a new sport
Your too inexperienced your teeth are too short
Every culture has a right to passage
You wanna bypass it and sell me your practice
One for the lunch money
I don't run from you punch-drunk dummies
I invite you all to come for me
I said I'd shot hungry when it wasn't sunny
I been here long after y'all are done humpin'
Talk to me when you've done somthing
Other than swing back n' forth from hating to nut pumping
No, all criticism isn't constructive
Some need to be destructed, your done with
And either you retire to the sideline
or imbrace this time, this rhyme with your eyes wide open
Shit won't have to earn them accolades
A-N-T gonna take you all back to phase one

Yes Yes y'all you don't stop
Now come alive A-N-T and give me what you got
Brother Ali rock shock the house we most definitely
We bout to turn your doubt y'all
A yes yes y'all and you don't dare stop
Well come alive A-N-T and give me what you got
Brother Ali rock shocking the house we most definitely
[scratching:] (the way I feel now I just got to rock)

[Verse 2:]
Ya'll ain't heard nothing I gave you your first lesson
From what you discussin' over the percussion you
Never compare to me
You a parent tearin, repeating what you hear fly through the airwaves
The meaning get lost in translation
You a copy of the authors first page
Counterfeit money, only get it in small denomination
You'll never be prominent - face it your imitation
Equal sacrament, sea bass generic ass
Sprayin' through closed concerts simulacrum
We used to distribute our music ourselves
Our records shouldn't even be held on the same shelve
Its bad enough they put y'all with 'rock the bells'
Clean shaven culture we're best to be involved in it
Ya'll will sqaunder in it
No need to think for a minute by pushing limits
you can see a pond to fish in
And you will get strangled by your lines
Whether your anger lingers sayin' ryhmes in due time
Send your dues back to shoe shines and clip them coupons
You a [?] lie to you open your brew on
You slither out from under a rock
and then present yourself for something you not
But brother you jock
Try true hip hop Preston forgot
Swing it on the first fight and mother fucker I spot
What up! Not
I would love nothing more than to bust your box
and blood clot a porn spot
Three things I got I love'em alot
Do anything to protect them from the vultures of block
Hover above on the block, you mother fuckers better not

Yes Yes y'all you don't dare stop
Now come alive A-N-T and give me what you got!
Brother Ali rock shock the house most definitely
We gonna turn your doubt y'all
Yes yes y'all you don't dare stop
Well come alive A-N-T and give me what you got!
Brother Ali rock shock the house most definitely
We bout to turn you out y'all

[Verse 3:]
The champion is back with his man again
Crack the book open and fill another chapter in
And we just wont stop come alive rhymesayer give me what you got Ah!

[scratching til fade:] 'the way I feel I just got to rock'

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Brother Ali Whatcha' Got Comments
  1. Dave Wigger

    This is brother ali' best album I think

  2. Multiyapples

    I heard this from Madden NFL 08.

  3. NasGaming

    Madden 08 baby🔥💯

  4. Victoria Appiagei

    Dope music awesome Cool good lyricism

  5. Aussie Ozzy Smooth Chill Rasta Verbz

    Hard n fukken heavy

  6. Multiyapples

    Madden 08 brought me here.

  7. Cam7below 1

    "Y'all act like MCing is a new sport you're too inexperienced Your teeth are too Short"

  8. Gamingwithtre

    Madden 08

  9. Nate The Great

    madden 8

  10. Bo Jackson

    dope and also way back in the day on madden

  11. ParadoxAssassin

    You can definitely tell how much passion Ali has for hip hop in this track. However, I don't really care for the production, especially as the intro to this album.

  12. Get money

    dope beat also 100

  13. Get money

    dope word play