Brother Ali - Victory! (Come Forward) Lyrics

Ours are the cries that breathe life in the concrete
Ours are the tears that splash genius at God's feet
Ours are the prayers that weave poetry through drum beats

[VERSE 1: Brother Ali]
Step inside the mind of a soon-to-be legendary
Straight paramilitary
Brother Ali exist to read the scripture, it's never read
Whoever said this underground hip-hop shit is dead
Must have fallen on his head
Spent my lifetime buildin
Writin rhymes I remind rappers of everything that scared them as children
They call me show stopper
No opera singer has hit the exact pitch, I spit my flow out of
Taught directly by the source of all knowledge
You don't affect me till you're forced to draw powers
Respect me as a voice amongst scholars
Who speak deep to thee, move the sleep from your eye lids
Make your lungs flutter
Get it right, my inner light cast shadows on the sun, brother
I'm where the rubber meets the concrete
It's a cold world, not sayin bring your your own heat
I'm just sayin don't sleep
I'm walkin with the lion till the day that I die
And the pens have been lifted and the pages have dried
And a big smoke screen wrote my name in the sky
Politickin with the angels knowin they would reply
Got the lungs of a cyclone, tongue of a python
The reason why your favorite MC sleep with the lights on
Right on, brother, we def as fuck
Not 'deaf' like (What?) but 'def' like (WHAT!)
From the depths around the planet where my name's spoken
We here to get our brains open and our chains broken
Watch me walk around the planet with the same notion
His adversaries thought the pain broke him
But we run up in a stadium with diagnostics
Two tables and a mic and take a crowd hostage
And the very first item on my list of demands
Is that all these freedom fighters start liftin they hands

To my freedom fighters and the graffiti writers
And the people like us - come forward
And to the torch carriers speakin Arabic
Ridin on your charriots - come forward
To my political prisoners, individual listeners
Who feelin this - come forward
And to the bone shakers and the home makers
Raisin our own saviors - come forward

[VERSE 2: Brother Ali]
Me and my people are signed, sealed, delivered, incorporated
brought to your by Rhymesayers Entertainment
You got to face it, we not complacent
We came for your debasement and left your face bent
And me, mister Brother Ali is the stomp-down-beat-kicker
Who walkin the streets with the so real philosophy
Until I fulfill prophecy there's no real stoppin me
Obviously I'm the bomb, believe me
Opponents come up missin and they all beneath me
I know my soldiers need me, they call and beep me
I walk the streets freely with [?] beneath me, boy
We stays gettin it on
Act hard and I probably make you strip to your thong
Dissin your song and feel you mouth to fist when you yawn
Nibblin on a rapper till the gristle is gone
I stand and sing from atop Mount Ararat
I am a king, just ain't got my kingdom yet
And my anthem ring from the Congo to your set
I'm Alfred Hitchcock with my silhouette
Pourin Blood On Beats till the trumpet is blown
Coffins, I release em when I'm up in the zone
Fortune favors the brave and press on is the motto
Cast shadows on the sun with my bravado


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Brother Ali Victory! (Come Forward) Comments
  1. Suicide_King

    Remind rappers of everything that scared them as children....godamn son goin deep.

  2. Suicide_King

    That real shit.

  3. John O'Sullivan

    How am I only discovering this now? Ali goes hard

  4. Ryan Zacher

    brother ali always kills it.