Brother Ali - Three Day Journey Lyrics

"I sometimes feel like I am impersonating the dark subconscious of the whole human race"

[Verse One:]
To touch me is a luxury that most never experience
A Lyricist, Loungin in the shadow where my spirit is
I'm baring this cross for so long
There's not a care in this world that can cause me to join the heretics
I carry this solution inside and can't express it
I try to shake the Word and escape the adolescence
The lessons that God taught me won't let me rest easy
There's no escapin' this whole creation that sees me
I be a ray of light amongst the dark
Half of this poem I write, in the night I travel alone
Mappin' my own route
Tryin' to pull out as soon as possible
Because every new person I meet is a new obstacle
[?] oracles I speak with are bleak with
Forecast if I keep this
Damn, I got a secret
I seated in a hull of a ship
My destination unknown now
Forsaken my Lord I'm all alone now
And lack the know how to show my folks how to make it
Motivated by the hatred in a world where nothing is sacred
My knees shakin' my blood runs cold
I start tremblin'
My heart dangling by a thread
Voices in my head say

All I know is I don't wanna know what I know
To be in this position
(Hell no!)
I'm going fishin'
I'm sorta wishin' my people didn't concern me
(But they do!)
So I got a three day journey [X2]

[Verse Two:]
Up above I hear the waves rushin'
Heart bangin' like percussion
Mucus in my lungs slushin'
Just then, two men seize me
Release me among strangers
One spoke for him, his voice reveals anger
"The danger that we're in is because of you
We don't know you. What's your name?"
"We're gonna have to throw you over"
Before I knew it I was movin' toward the ragin' sea
Then creation turned against me
There's no savin' me
I should call out to God but what's the chance of him answerin'?
A more disobedient man, there hasn't been
There's no chance for me, so fuck it I'll drown
I'll just relax and let the strong current take me down
As I approach the abyss with body and soul
Yo, this large mouth fish swallowed me whole!
From the belly of the ship to the belly of the fish
And the only thing that my brain thinks is this

[Chorus X2]

[Verse Three:]
There is no escapin' this situation
I can't even die
I ran out of tears and can't even cry
I broke down and saw God, I should have followed his plan
Then the fish went and spit, spit me out of the land
I land on dry land
Hot sand scorchin' my steps
Sunlight burn down on my neck
A little plant grew up around me
And shade me with leaves
It's a three day journey to my people I believe
As long as I'm livin' I can still accept the mission
I'm fishin' for those who can listen to this religion
As long as I'm livin' I can still accept the mission
I'm fishin' for those who can listen to this religion

[Chorus X2]

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