Brother Ali - Stop The Press Lyrics

Another one of them long ass breaks. Damn, Brother Ali where the hell you been? What, you disappear?

Stop the presses give me couple seconds
Let tell my friends what’s up with big brethren
New year new beard a new record
Made a few adjustments I want to discuss it

In a life of pain and sadness
Never would’ve guessed that a taste of success
Would’ve been the first time I ever got depressed
I know I’m blessed I just couldn’t adjust

In life all I ever knew how to do is fight
Scrapped on the playground fighting for the mic
Trying to build a life with an insane wife
Fighting for a little bit of time in the light

Then I got a daughter a car and house
No one left to fight with but myself
Gained a lot of weight wasn’t thinking about my health
Maybe the music I’m making could help

I can’t drive ‘cause this albino shit
Told you I was legally blind that’s legit
I ain’t want Ant to have to come scoop the kid
So I bought a crib a couple blocks from his

That’s the greatest friend I ever had
Like a brother to me a borderline dad
Maybe making a record will get me on track
Help fix whatever’s wrong with my head

I jumped back in the basement at once
Made the album Us in a couple of months
But I can’t lie to y’all I felt lost
Energy I brought might’ve been a bit off

Couple great moments though of course
Babygirl Puppy Love and The Travelers
I toured two years off that album
Was on the road ten months out of one of them

Did the globe with my brother BK
My life coach slash DJ
Literally been with me since day one
Had a lot of hard times had a lot of fun

Long story short he got hell of a wife
Catastrophe damn near ended her life
Brought our wifeys out to Hawaii
These fuckers got pregnant on Waikiki

He said "I need to talk to you Ali
This is what you were born to do, but not me"
So after Soundset two thousand and ten
Say goodbye to my Deejay but not my friend

My career ain’t stop it just grew
I rock(ed) the bells and Glastonbury too
Close enough to smell Beyonce’s perfume
But it just ain’t the same without dude

Couldn’t slow me down no lord
Stayed on the planes and the busses and cars
Brought a young DJ into the squad
Sucker quit on me cause I toured too hard “Wahhhh”

On to the next one
Then me and Ant had trouble connecting
If I was here then he was always there
Touring or recording with Atmosphere

What the hell's goin on with my career
Within a year my team disappeared
Got a phone call on the 4th of July
My dad died, he committed suicide

Shit should've been there for him
Had to fly home from Europe to bury him
Im sorry, I need a minute
Bismillah...) Alright, listen

Trying to hold this marriage together
But me and my baby barely see each other
I’m in France with the fans taking pictures
She’s with the kids making dinner doing dishes

She ain’t got to worry bout me screwing other [?]
But that ain’t enough to make a woman feel precious
If we don’t start to intersecting
We got no choice but grow in different directions -Damn

I got that phone call again
You know the kind you never want to get
Mikey’s mom couldn’t get a hold of him
And found him dead in his apartment

Just drowning in tears
Probably won’t get over that in all my years
I’ll remember forever
A day later boarded a plane to Mecca

And the next month changed my life
Listening to God in the holy sites
Inklings I had all my life
Suddenly presented themselves in plain sight

Any doubts I had about the mic
And whether or not what I write is right
Fell out of sight like the tears on the floor
Now I’m going harder than I ever did before

Got a couple of beat tapes from Jake
Genuine dude and his music is great
I told Zach to hold my tour dates
Roll the tape I got something to say

So, I’m gonna go make this album. Let me start it off right though

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Brother Ali Stop The Press Comments
  1. Nurtle Urt

    Ali, you're like no other. You make it feel like I've known you my whole life. There are songs that when I listen to, I swear it's like we're just chit chattin. Thank you for that.

    Fayetal The Tactician

    +Nurtle Urt This is a good comment

  2. SwayBack

    Love this dude, all his albums... All good stuff!
    To everyone gettin fired up about the flag... There's some deep symbolism there! We all interpret things differently... But if you spend some time educating yourself, opening your mind and you might be less offended

  3. tst.jpeg

    RIP eyedea saddens me to hear that verse

    some kid

    Oh my god. I can't believe I never made that connection. I've been carrying Ali's music with me for years, but I never realized who he was talking about.

  4. donte bosley

    oh my goodness....this was amazing on all levels....feel ashamed I started catching this dude late....he is slept on big time...

  5. Max Hart

    R.I.P Eyedea):

  6. Ninjoel

    This is the most awesome song I've heard in awhile.I can't believe how this guy can tell stories and rhyme. Dope shit

  7. TheJiggernaut

    I like this guy.

  8. Lefthook00

    Well said.No matter the other artist you listen to on Youtube some jackass wants to bring up Lil Wayne like its their song.

    some kid

    It's kinda funny too because if you've listened to a lot of Lil Wayne's stuff, it's actually not that bad. I used to talk shit about Lil Wayne too when I was 16 and didn't even know half of what the lyrics meant. Not to say he's the GOAT or anywhere close. It's just that I started seeing him as a human being instead of just some rich pop artist.

  9. WJRedgrift

    Soul Khan Ft Brother Ali.?

  10. elGustoOne

    Really?.what you don't seem to understand is that ATMOSPHERE AND ALL OF THE RHYMESAYERS TEAM, Are by far better lyricists, dj's, and overall better musicians THAN LIL WAYNE and YoungMoney.

  11. bob thebuilder

    im sick of people dissing on little wayne. he didnt get lucky, no he doesnt talk about the same shit as brother ali or slug but why would he? hes a different person who comes from a different place and thinks different things, so thats what he raps about. on top of that he became famous because he has an insane work ethic. he makes most of his songs off the top of the head which is pretty impressive, and he works literally all the time. i am not a fan of the man, but i respect his dedication.

  12. angellorenzoa

    2nd fav song in this album

  13. DMG Report

    Still got it brother

  14. spinespider

    Im glad to hear Brother Ali is still doing it this way...BROTHER ALI !

  15. Nick Fedorov

    whoever subs to my channel i will sub back

  16. dierick weippert

    little wayne's a joke>-<

  17. Ian Libby

    bieber must have fell off or just isnt doin enough stuff at the mo, so they go with the next effigy to burn; the internet is where retards have power know what i mean?

  18. DevilWithin

    Gotta love Jake One. His beats are too ill.

  19. john smith

    coz lil wayne brings a shit name to good music ?

  20. Peter Riojas

    so dope.... i dig how he mentions all the shit that happened the past 2 years(R eye P) etc

  21. glass509

    Lol...You realize using superlative pronouns actually makes him sound more significant....I get your gist though lol

  22. Virgil Alonso

    Music Video is due today. What's goin on rhymesayers?

  23. Jamal Ali

    This song gives me goose bumps. So good!

  24. john smith

    brother ali lyrical god it would be disrespectful to even mention lil....

  25. bigfatposterman

    great shit man!

  26. TheAtom

    Word, that's dope too

    It's just that Jake One seems to be doing neither a calm track nor a banging track. Drums bang, melodies're soft, leaving Ali hanging in the middle. At least, that's what it sounds to me

  27. r03jsniper

    dont get me wrong, i love not a day goes by, but i love when the beat slows down and its more of a chill calm song. My personal preference

  28. TheAtom

    In my opinion, the beat is too soft. Not a Day Goes By was hard, and that's what Ali needs. Jake One always has them banging drums, which is dope, but then give Ali some banging melodies too, not that soft shit.

    Just my two cents though, nI can see a lot of people loving this.

    - lilreel

    TheAtom this beat is amazing your dumb this beat fits the song so well with the time in the back with the snare drum to speed it up and give it that bang and he rips it up spits some facts and what happened to him the past 2 years and about how when he starts doing good he gets depressed and then shit starts falling apart his team is just busy and then the shit with his family and shit

  29. TheAtom

    Word he did that in Amsterdam too.

    I don't know, I'll pre-order it soon, but I'm definitely not feeling these beats...

  30. dannycapone24

    jake could of chosen a better snare lol Ali is a beast on the mic. keep the underground hip hop alive!

  31. Zombbg4

    This really is rap/hip hop or whatever you call it. It's uplifting, tells a story, spreads a message. Not bragging about riches, fame, or other unhealthy and meaningless shit.

  32. Big Tuna

    Preach brother, preach

  33. r03jsniper

    we will stop talking shit about lil wayne when hes 6 feet under...for ruining the game :)

  34. Slim Pickens

    No problem. Gave me chills so I figured I'd share

  35. TheGravyGraves

    Dude, thank you!!!

  36. glass509

    Yeh, that little bit about Mikey really hit hard...."After Soundset 2010, i said goodbye to my dj but not to my friend"...That shit is deep, Ali stays comin' with that deep shit.

  37. Mario Fernandez

    wow my heart dropped when he spoke about his dad. Brother Ali has been through a lot. That may be a reason why his lyrics leak with passion. wow we that fans should appreciate him more and pray for him as well

  38. Slim Pickens

    If you like this song you'll love the video of Brother Ali performing this verse acapella at one of his shows. Its called "Brother Ali spits an emotional freestyle @ paid dues.." Really powerful and on point! I suggest you look it up. Love

  39. BaconRadical

    Brother Ali is amazing. I been listening to him for years and years now. Dude puts so much of his own soul into his music, feels like he's part of my family. He consitently makes albums full of truth, spillin out his life one album after another. Can't wait to pick this one up

  40. Kade Mekai

    No doubt...thats a great idea ahki..salams to you aswell..

  41. PrinceofGotham12

    Gonna make a great Eid gift my brother. Peace

  42. Kade Mekai

    Subhan allah...this brother has found true guidance insh allah...

  43. thegoldenhero

    woah Brother Ali lookin like he comin hard...Jake One doin his thing

  44. Anthology7IN

    That's what I'm saying.

  45. Brian Rowe

    its weird i admire and idolize Ali, Slug, Eyedea all the rhymesayers dudes.. they have gotten me through some bad and hopeless times in my life yet we all struggle with the same things i guess thats why all their music is so special i dunno just nice to see ali going through some hard times and coming out on top it gives me the the reassurance that we all hurt but we will get through it

  46. Noah Justice

    Neither producer's better than the other in my opinion. I think it's pretty clear they come from different schools.

  47. Pramdana Investasi

    it's beautiful akhi.. keep up the great work!

  48. Canada4LYf3

    Hell nah, Jake>Ant all day

  49. JLee

    Ant > Jake

  50. The Hate Culture of Youtube

    The only artist to consistently give me goosebumps when I listen to his work.

  51. Ra Poetik Music

    that drum is sick.. and that's some real shit in the second half of the song, i feel you Ali -- Poet!k

  52. Punktering

    Stop talking about Lil Wayne everywhere. Just enjoy the music!

  53. johncitizen76

    no lies just truth. congrats and bless from down under

  54. glass509

    This is dope!! I'm gonna have to go to that show at Bottletree in Birmingham...

  55. nick schoaf

    i heard you, felt the lyrics, and gained perspective. Your music is amazing, you and all of ryhmesayers, keep speaking truth, and well listen.

  56. Thomas Bopp

    im new but this guys good, keep it up man. take a bit out of all of em

  57. TheILLType1

    wtf. made a few adjustments is right.

  58. ra_an

    I took a shit that had more real rap in it than wayne has in him

  59. Soul Rebel

    Respect for the flag? Section what? What about individual Constitutional rights that this 1 party system has stomped on since it's inception? And your worried about the flag being abused. Expand your mind. This shit is much deeper than that. Short sighted individuals are setting this system back 100 years. Educate yourself and stand up!!! Keep bringing the knowledge Brother A

  60. Nabeel

    This is real rap....Not shit lil wayne

  61. foolonthehillz

    I LOVE the delivery on this track. Ali has a wonderful voice and great emotion behind it.

  62. Sr Booyaka

    Ali... God Bless You!

  63. PrinceofGotham12

    If you were cultured & had any knowledge about his faith, you would realize your comments are misplaced. Yes, the flag is on the floor, but do you understand the context & reason for it being there? When he prostrates himself in prayer his head will touch that flag. In that solitary action he's demonstrating 2 things: His reverence to GOD & his perennial love/hope for America.. A BETTER America. So he's not doin a disservice.. In fact, he's HONORING that flag in the highest manner possible

  64. Steven Jacob

    Wow! thats all i can say

  65. Schubox Productions

    United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 — The Flag
    please refer to section 8 Respect for Flag and maybe this will help you understand what I am trying to inform.

  66. nerdmom920

    Quite the contrary, he is allowing the American flag to be exposed to one of the most sacred acts he performs. He is honoring the flag. No flags deserve honor in their own right, they are given respect according to what they represent. How could praying on a flag be disrespectful?

  67. PrinceofGotham12

    Now He's Goin Harder Than He Ever Did Before

  68. Sorryfor Beingadick

    Ali, you have to come to portland, maine. You are practically my brothers idol.

  69. 00 2B

    Thank you, someone needs to pray for America

  70. enderslut

    I never really understood why we can't let a colored piece of cloth touch the ground... But that's just me :P

  71. Schubox Productions

    I understand your point of view L0T but regardless of your religious beliefs it is indeed a dishonorable thing to do to the American flag its offensive to America and to the soldiers who have died for this country. It would be like burning a Quran in any Muslim country.

  72. PrinceofGotham12

    Just pre-ordered.

    Ali do something with Evidence!

  73. Marcion of Sinope

    I just heard Brother Ali is coming to Dallas. Saw Atmosphere and Blueprint earlier this year, helped Dielex Kemposed open for Immortal Technique and Sage Francis/B. Dolan when they were here, and my favorite close homies and I have seen 7 out of my 10 favorite mcs this year. I will not miss Brother Ali! RIP Eyedea, my list will always be one short.

  74. Marcion of Sinope

    But that didn't stop me from pre-ordering that and the Aesop rock album from Fifth Element! Bomb!!

  75. Alberto Alvarez

    real happy brother ali is coming out w/ another album. Keeping staying up Brother Ali, Atmosphere (Slug), rhymesayers. Also Classified.

  76. hazeXL

    So dope

  77. L0TTYK

    Actually there's nothing wrong with using any piece of cloth to pray on 4 cleansliness...what matters is purity of heart when u do country flag is more important than ALLAH swt & so I find this image correct & symbolic from an Islamic perspective. Respect 2 d brotha 4 keepin it real. ALLAHUAKBAR

  78. Brother Ali

    Fair enough.

  79. Brother Ali

    I didn't put it there. I found it there so I kneeled down and prayed for it.

  80. Brother Ali

    Who threw? You threw? Me threw? See threw?

  81. Schubox Productions

    not suppose to put the american flag on the ground bro

  82. sur3shot

    r.i.p Eyedea

  83. art will

    absolute boss

  84. italian7

    ugh I wanna live down street from ant too haha dope

  85. LordFridge

    Your almost see threw my man.

  86. mcgoliath97

    just put the song on RAP GENIUS go check it out!!

  87. ssdd191

    gives me shivers

  88. PrinceofGotham12

    I lovee this track. & I think being a Rhymesayers fan for many years makes you appreciate it even more. Especially since he makes so many references to the Rhymesayers family.

  89. R Drizzie

    yes he is

  90. micspic23

    My girl got me into Ali, and now we are closer than ever.

  91. Brother Ali

    Im just messin with you man.

  92. Creap0fluigi

    Ouch! Brother Ali you're the shit either way <3

  93. Edvis Glu

    he's albino man..ouch ;/

  94. Edvis Glu

    wonder is he's a muslim ?

  95. Marcel Hidalgo

    and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and MURS as a solo artist

  96. AFrame88

    naw naw naw. I know this. Sorry man, I never connected it I guess.It was the 1st time I ever saw you, and at the Middle East, Boston. It's just the memory I had. Thanks for clearing the record. I can change that story now.

  97. RyanGiggsOBE

    He performed this in London with no beat, slowed down a bit as well. Powerful stuff. When he mentioned Eyedea the whole mood of the crowd went down

  98. RyanGiggsOBE

    and Kristoff Krane, and Sadistik

  99. benjahoa

    just copped the Vinyl and the Tshirt preorder. Been a fan for a long time, if Ali aint in your top 5, you might want to re-categorize your mind. <-- didn't even mean for it to rhyme lol