Brother Ali - Situated Lyrics

[Brother Ali:]
Alright, okay
Let's get it situated
I spit directly from the people that originated
All of that shit you faking
Think that imitation is amazing
You need to fix your faces quickly 'for your spirit get eliminated
I've been initiated, strictly by invitation
To the order of the Samurai, so this is sacred
Revealing by right, he's heat but I'm light
He feel it shine bright, deleting all hype
I'm not shining, I'm growing
Every rhyme is a poem
You been already knowing, I been trying to told 'em
Still grinding and groping, still prying it open
Still divinely controlled and I honour the moment
Been around the globe and always finding pieces of me
Reason to breath as deep as the sea
Pay the ticket price and speak it for free
Lay my head on any bed and then eventually dream of the key
I arrive clear, no dye here
But the colors of the tears cried here might appear on my beard
Uh, the dust I carry on me
Is just a ceremony
Because it bears the stories of the ones that came before me
You witness the glory, the gifted oratory
That I distribute as the richness of the poor and holy
They thought the floor could hold me
They thought the sky confined me
They thought the prison of the earthly body might define me
They thought because that God is out of sight, I follow blindly
Anything outside of space and time cannot be timely
Allow me, glad tidings to the strangers
Ain't concerned with being famous, or how many hits their page gets
That are happy being nameless
And absent from your papers
And could never be swayed by someone clapping in their faces
Hatred can't degrade them
Praise could never raise 'em
Their glamor can't be faded by no passing entertainment
And that's the generation where I catch my inspiration
The manuscript they're saving is the one I scratched my name in
This is by love, to love, through love, true love
Turn the lights down and turn the tune up

[Pharoahe Monch:]
I'm that ticket that get you higher than a mezzanine
Nosebleed, meth amphetamine
Protein, USDA grade: totally lean
If you holding up the world, you know what I mean
Promethazine fiend
Watch women in lululemon
Female geneticist: I study girls in jeans
Violent with the double-entendres
The weed-whacker that'll strike the bong and hit ganja
Then cut a rug before I drink Mary's blood
Regurgitate it, praise it, then raise the murder rate in the club
Sociopath, I will slice the tat off a thug
Then spit a slug in his mug and leave the hands of time with a nub
Sick shit, with a torn meniscus
Dikembe Mutombo ordering jumbo-
Shrimp with a pimp
In Red Lobster buttermilk biscuits
I'm proud, young gifted
Somewhere in between red and green, getting lifted
I'm half of the planet when the Sun gets eclipsed
Shit, I'm Steve Harvey at the African Day Parade
Drinking Tanqueray with gators on
Playing Spades with Issa Rae
Black Jew screaming on New York avenues
I'm blacker than black people's desire for new shoes
Fast, you couldn't catch him if you was Mohamed Sanu
In fact, I'm blacker than running numbers in sou-sous
On a cruise with Patti LaBelle screaming church hymns and blues
The fuck's blacker than that?
Came out the womb on Halloween
With an affinity for thirteen and black cats
Does it get any clearer?
Walk barefoot under ladders in a house of broken mirrors
Staring into what I am
Space-time continuum
At the minimum, math and helium gases slash
Malware to make your hologram crash
I totally get why you fear me
'Cause I'm what existed before the Big Bang theory

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Brother Ali Situated Comments
  1. Joshua C

    OK !!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  2. GTMDj


    Steven Cyr

    GTMDj Evidence

  3. BanneroftheSun

    B Ali for those who lit by Consciousness and who are intellectually gifted.

    Omni Stellar

    Normally I'd say that's kinda pretentious, but too true for him haha

  4. Manny Medrano

    Now I want slug and pharaohe on a track .. NOW!!!

  5. Używana Muzyka

    Dobry Hip Hop Na Dobrych Samplach RIP Niemen ...płyty Niemena to kopalnia muzyczna

  6. MrTitanSword

    Pharaohe is a BBBAAAAD man: he kills it every time!!! The ultimate hip hop acquired taste 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Matt330H

    🔥 supremely dope.

  8. Prettygansta

    Get grieslda on remix

  9. Kyle Jarvis

    in the words of my man Bubbles, there's 25 people out there that can fuck right off!

  10. cindy pedzikowski


  11. Harry Pool

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Boom Bap forever

  12. kagome1308

    Woww awsome track and sample , Czesław Niemen <3 greeting from poland

  13. P k64



    mega , szkoda ze tAK malo osob z PL slucha eva i Aliego

  14. Brian Faberge

    Wow amazingly dope

  15. Chuck Gale


  16. capricornking560

    Stupid dope 🔥🔥🔥

    Chuck Gale

    I concur

  17. Dr Funck

    Pharoahe Monch is a supreme lyricist

    Kyle Jarvis

    they both are!

    Sphamandla Mqadi

    Dr Funck bro !!!🙌🏿🙌🏿


    @Kyle Jarvis theres levels tho

  18. Quintin Hagues

    They got off on this one, sheesh!!!

  19. Marek Wojtaś

    Czesław Niemen "Nie jesteś moja" <3

  20. Peter Badami

    Brother Ali now joins Black Thought as the only emcee to have a better verse on a joint with Monch!

    Kyle Jarvis

    idk man... Monch absolutely murdered that verse. even Ali himself said he thinks it's the verse of the year. don't get me wrong, Ali's verse is straight fire. but Monch is on some other shit. one of his best verses ever in my opinion. but they're both dope as fuck. i can't get enough of this song.


    agree to disagree.


    @Kyle Jarvis his verse with the many ways of how black he is was straight heat.


    Monch easily won

  21. Kuba

    Czesław Niemen 💪

  22. big w

    Popkiller bring me here !

  23. ilikeitdark

    And that is FIRE.

  24. Christopher Gunderson

    Dissapointed about this wach ass wutang wanna be

  25. Misael Ramirez

    Yo this shit is fire

  26. Maryann Appiagyei

    awesome great music dope

  27. Kyle Jarvis

    good LAWD. i needed this.

  28. Cameron M


  29. Ty Ant

    Ughh face after listening to Pharoahe that shit was unbelievable.

  30. PartTimeGamerr

    Oh my ..... :O

  31. Shiva The Destroya


  32. Zion Zero

    This seems like a natural duo, need a whole album.

  33. Bazooka Tooth

    So dope a duo I didn't know I needed until now