Brother Ali - Secrets & Escapes Lyrics

All my deepest darkest secrets and escapes
They're keeping me awake
Keeping me awake
Tryna make me break
Deepest darkest secrets and escapes
Keeping me awake
Keeping me awake
Tryna see me break

The next time I disappoint you, just listen to this
And remember that I warned you, I'm a hypocrite
Filthy me, guilty plea, throw me
On the mercy of the court
Worthy of every curse you've ever thought
Homesick and heartbroken, I remember God
And the dragon of the treasure chest of all that I forgot
Use my hard heart as a rock to break the lock
I tried to spend the spoils of a war I hadn't fought
Blocking off the block because we're plotting a parade
Time to celebrate all of the progress that we made
Mediocre strayed and we're the only ones that stayed
Never mind the fact that it's been mostly a charade

All the deepest darkest secrets and escapes
Keeping me awake
They're keeping me awake
Tryna see my break, break
All my deepest darkest secrets and escapes
Keeping me awake
They're keeping me awake
Tryna make me break

Anything of benefit I ever did has been a gift
Truth is I ain't ever did shit
High percentage is just projected what my image is
The rest of it is just coincidence
Filled my stomach and I emptied my lungs
My dollars are consumption and my charity coins
I elevated my claims, even though the state is the same
Now you're saying you're so inspired
Yeah I know, that's the point
As I'm spitting this, I know that you're hearing all these confessions
And considering I must be so sincere with it
I'm sitting here baring it, my ego get embarrassed
Started tearing at the intention I claim
Made it a chain and started wearing it
He don't ever slip or sleep, he just let me trick and treat
Myself into the costume I designed to keep my picture sweet
Got me walking in the street, indiscreet
Long as I can say that this outrageousness is inner peace
Listen please
All hail the veils I wear like they're regalia
Add another layer to the fray, the more the merrier
Broke my arm patting my fat ass on the back
Thought I won 'cause a saint was kind enough to sign the cast

My deepest darkest secrets and escapes
Keeping me awake
Keeping me awake
Tryna see me break, uh huh
All my deepest darkest secrets and escapes
Keeping me awake
Keeping me awake
Tryna see me break

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Brother Ali Secrets & Escapes Comments
  1. Suleman Miller

    Man i just can't get into this album. IMO Ali's worst effort. Now the new Atmosphere I can't stop listening too.

  2. Kyle Jarvis

    this might be Ali's crowning achievement... simply stunning.

  3. Manuel Merryman

    Just got my tickets for Launchpad Albuquerque New Mexico!!!! Brother Ali always killing it!!🤘👍

  4. Jaybuza

    Love this whole album.


    Great job love it family

  6. My Name

    What song is 50 cent featured in?

  7. Adaline

    Brother Ali you are AMAZING

  8. LiveShowVideos

    This just made my 2019 when it comes to songs

  9. LiveShowVideos

    The duck didb this guy come from hsgshxbjxbeucbdhx.!!! I’m doin straight air kicks in this beech

  10. LiveShowVideos

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ALLIIIIIIIIIII DID IT !!!!!!!!!!
    Sittin here in 96 with my fukin locs on homie 😎

  11. Tristan Matolcsy

    stuuuuupid good

  12. Sheriff Isma3eel

    Big love Ali!

  13. Nolan Wilder

    So blessed to have this just arise in my life. thank you thank you

  14. Mr1Schoolmaster

    wtf is that uh uh uhmmmmm hip hop hellllllll yeah. hiding on youtube this is excellence. my Man Monch came to eat. whole album straight fye! brother Ali. added to my list of all the time now. Peace Gods.

  15. Remain One2C

    👏👏👏... Much love and respect, I feel it from the first verse and really appreciate people that do it for the love and the talents that they were blessed with. thank you brother Ali and evidence for being Inspirations in my life over the years.

  16. Blanka Gie

    Ahhh, it's real hip hop! Your concert at Hip Hop Kemp in Hradec this year was amazing!

    It was worth waiting until 3am. Greetings from Poland!

  17. corbyn shade

    👌👁🦉it push me to the threshold

  18. Mark Gillan

    I am with you.. Thanks

  19. etiwankenobi

  20. Kelsey Mcgarrah

    Fuck yeah

  21. Thomas Smart

    Pre-ordered the album... this is righteous, son...

  22. evchamo2

    the song Father Figure is sooo good. The flow doesnt stop and its smooth as fuck

  23. Fructose corn

    I needed this.

  24. Neil DeGrasse Titan

    The music is pure. ✌

  25. Darian Gregory

    Man I Love Brother Ali. He is the only white rapper worth listening to imo. The best thing about him aside from his flow is unlike other white rappers he has a real respect for hip-hop culture and black people and it shines through. That's because black people accepted him when his own shunned him because of his Albinism. If only more white rappers were as genuine as Him I wouldn't skip the track when they come on a mix.

  26. Max_Mustermann

    So good, thank you so much

  27. Eli Foster

    This was a Pleasant Surprise for me...

  28. Henri G

    Alhamdulillah <3

  29. Mane on a new plane nigga

    man i hope this man and Aesop make an album together one day

  30. Eileen Dover

    I stay in complete awe of the Brother's ability to be a brilliant composer of lyrics/poems, AND a phenomenal freestyler. It often seems to be either one gift or the other.

  31. Daniel Gamez

    Replay all day don't avoid the heavy convoy .

  32. Uncouth Behavior

    Holy shit Ali ain't here to mess about
    Much respect

  33. Lucas Schulz

    You guys are the best. Thank you very very much!

  34. Al G

    This is real hip hop

  35. حد منفصل

    big love brother Ali <3

  36. dxoxos

    This album. I'm speechless. Divine production. EPIC album. #hiphop love🙏 I saw EVI and Brother Ali live. Still soaking it all in.

  37. Cog Nado

    Dope HipHOP. Great Collabs. Meeting of The Minds.

  38. begal brew

    The verse beat of Red Light Zone has an almost Reznor/NIN feel to it for me.. that is wild! Add the rhythm in the brothers flow and the track is mad good. Not to mention the lyrical topic which i feel the world today needs to take a long hard look at!!

  39. PiquedFlow

    Hell yes Ali!!

  40. Toppest Tier Operator

    Probably his best album. Ali should do an entire EP going in on Cointelpro- those verses are a major standout of this release. Pharoah and Ali is an epic duo as well- could do an entire album w those two- have great complimentary styles & cadence.

  41. Kyle Ortiz

    Dang man I have kind of made my life about being transparent and willing to belittle any of my mistakes or insecurities for humor's sake. My deepest secret I'm sure will only come to light with my precious future wife in front of my eyes. Secrets can be thoughts or dreams as opposed to being a reality of past actions.
    The truth is man, its no secret I miss my cat and I think about him often. I miss my cat so much. The way I left my animals makes me very hurt and sad. This is and will be a current concern of mine not something I feel I should try to overcome or accept. My animals were my Family. My dog looking the opposite way and falling onto my chest every morning when it was time to wake up was the hug that kept my Heart warm for many years.
    My Heart is so fucking empty.

  42. Trevor Brown

    I don’t know what happened. Most of these rappers that I grew up listening to Are just putting out garbage now. I’m a fan but most of this album is garbage

    Roc Cygnus

    That just means your tastes have changed. I feel you though

  43. Tara Hughes

    Swimming in the depths of a powerful soul and raw lyricist. Gratitude.

  44. mahmoud fellah

    Loooov it all the way up brooo..blazing..a new discovry for me...wooooow..

  45. Jon K

    I can't believe we got this and One of the Best Yet from Gangstarr in the same week. What a time to be alive!

  46. riohillman

    Dope from beginning to end.

  47. Beau Forpahl

    Brother Ali DON'T STOP! This album is raw!

  48. Not Aname

    Holly fucking godamn shit I am listening to these lyrics and they are so articulate. Brother Ali has always had a profound ability to deliver his message but he has always got better even when I think it isn't possible. Such a beautiful human, we are blessed to have him among us

  49. Nick Montoya

    To my Brother in arms Brotha Ali the true man behind the curtain on the real front line. God bless may you get my message through the speakers. With Love and respect from the Bay!!

  50. Larrson Arrows

    I'm still puking thanks so much.

  51. Anthony Velez

    amazing album front to back

  52. Gabe Borreson

    Person in the picture puffin out

  53. 3rd BlindMouse

    Mashallah ! So nice to hear Brother Ali. Truly an amazing release. Thank You!!!

  54. DJGoadman

    Past few weeks been really good for Hip Hop

  55. jstmeknz87

    His genuine honesty reminds me of Julian Assange. I wish I could send this album and sum ear buds to Julian.... This is the stuff that gets you thru.... Tell the truth proof yeller... I caught that as I type... Might be wrong... But solidifies exactly what I'm saying. I love when things happen like that and make my ears tingle....

  56. jstmeknz87

    1 week new?? New Ali?????? Full album???! I've been looking forward to this for a while now... And I didn't realize I missed that voice, uh! "Pushed me to the threshold. . . "... I can't say enough random nonsense to explain how happy I am to be listening to this right now. I'll update when I get to the end♥️
    If anyone doesn't know who Brother Ali... Me either. But I do know I align with his flow and his views and he gets better every fkn time...
    I'm writing this half listening, which I'll rewind...but I can't say enough about how healthy it is to listen to his masterpieces. They just hey better. .
    Just realized.... How come all the words we use to describe awesome stuff is "negative", in context? Think about it... Sick, wicked, tough, bad ass, bad as f, dope, oops I almost said tits, but what are tits? ....


    K sorry bout the errors, use your context clues, I got shit to do..... I don't have time to do what APPLE and iOS should do passively.... But I meant most of all that that I said... Now I rewind to the beginning.. I live this guy.


    Funny how's I can now carry on a conversation on YouTube comments with ONLY myself.... And im3 deep already.... Well. Hell.

  57. Death Metal

    RIP to ol' Bushwick Bill! Nice reference. Does anyone who listens to Ali also listen to K-Rino? Any other notable slept on rappers?

  58. darn jackal

    Yeh boy

  59. Common Dominator


  60. edward little

    2019 has been an amazing year for great Hip Hop. Thank you Brother Ali + Evidence

  61. Jordan Schacht

    Thank you.

  62. Krissy Bousquet


  63. Kyle White

    Lifted Life ,thank you so much.

  64. Goud Univers

    MASTER ART WORK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Tony Blowmo

    Album is 🔥to my ears 👂

  66. Jaden Williams

    Just a quick reminder why he’s on of the greatest to ever do it

  67. Skankin' kid

    Brother Ali bringing back hip hop with nothing but bars and truth.

  68. Purple Green Music

    When it's only Evidence Beats, that's when you got me. That is only real Shit damn 🔥

  69. ElProductonumerouno


  70. dj stone

    "go ahead and make a diss record, rap your little heart out. feel better?' o.O at Ellay Khule maybe...


    dj stone elaborate

    dj stone


  71. Aubrey Ahrens


  72. Plump Luv

    This album surprised me. Hoped for better. It’s not bad just mediocre. Beats need work.

    Potato the Flof

    Did you read the description

  73. Brad H.

    Oh dip, I'm a where this CD and have to go and get that s*** again!!!

  74. Justin Mashouf

    This album is dope! Thank you Rhymesayers

  75. Donny Filkin

    Did you release this when you were showin for Mr. Sanders?

    Donny Filkin

    3 days and i didn't see ya

  76. MrHaveaword

    ..the Eagle turned the mosque into a mosh pit.


    S-s-s-smaaash that like button!

    Mane on a new plane nigga

    nazi bars

  77. James P

    Thank you

  78. rizednb

    Whoever disliked this loves Migos . Such a good combo ! Thank you for the wisdom brother Ali

    Mane on a new plane nigga

    i think they like eatin shit i eat what i spit legit whole abyss might haveta put a hole in a bitch and watch that hoe twitch Brother Ali beyond rich kids beyond missed

    Skyler Rothman

    I hate this comment. Stop being all pretentious and just let people like what they enjoy. I personally love brother ali but there's also a time and place for the Migos. I personally enjoyed culture quite a bit

  79. Brad52883

    Man this Apollo brown and a new gangsrarr hip hop is fucking alive this month

  80. Trickzzz1

    still guy this guy is killer tight damn.

  81. huntedrasta

    Pharoahe Monch the GOAT lyricist

  82. James Horton

    Knowledge & sicker beats

  83. Mr.Jones

    Dope as fuk✊

  84. VNS TRV

    🔥🔥Thank you Bro

  85. Bakercast Media


  86. jdbankshot

    holy fuck.... don't y'all just love it when a dope as fuck surprise shows up out of the blue to tickle the ears & stimulate the soul? that shit's better than pizza. btw, any of y'all muthafuckas out there know how to transfer beats from an ensoniq asr-x to a computer? i need some help over here...

  87. utoobmuzak

    Never an empire rose without blood on its hands an face.. they hate the poets for exposing that channel the rage

    -Brotha Ali

    Think Ali would be cool if I put this shit ona Tshirt?

  88. utoobmuzak

    I put this on the corner, 12 min in i was getting chillz and water welling. He talking so real

  89. Joey Baldwin

    Really Dope album to listen to in the morning


    I am an atheist, but i am glad for you if be religious make you a better person. This album is simply dope. Regards from Chile!

  91. Silas Battle

    Thank you Ali this is the kind of music I need in my life. Its good to hear your voice again

  92. rajat chandra

    Album that I didn't know I needed

  93. rajat chandra

    First song , AOTY along with Sadistik's, Benny's, Earl's and prolly Franks's incoming.

  94. Ricky Walker

    Very ill.

  95. hellohairymonkey

    Evidence and Big Brother Ali blessing us with some heat! 🔥🔥🔥