Brother Ali - Rain Water Lyrics

A question was raised to me the other day
"Why it seem you always have joy?"
Well, I'd like to take time to set the record straight..

All the joy I've ever known
Has disappeared
- in the motherfuckin thin air
Like it's never even been there
My joy left me y'all

God's rain water flow through the same gutter
That we, walk today gotta stay brave brother
Keep your lips stiff, keep your fist clenched
At times you gotta kick your way through this bitch

[Verse 1]
And I can't stop feelin empty smiling
A wise man once told me that every cloud has a silver lining
I wanted to believe him but it's a trick to find 'em
When the people around me continue dying
Granddad was in the twilight of his life
When he closed his eyes tight and opened his wrists wide
What make a tenth round finer with the winning score
Decide to eat or throw it's hollow for the whistle blow
Maybe I'll never know
But I inherited this poetic soul so the symbolism's yet to show
Was life so obscene that death's more serene?
Or was an old author tryin to write his own closing scene?
Nothing stings like knowing that the woman that gave me this life
Is being eaten from the inside
I thought we never make shit right
I wish I had of viewed it once clear before you were done here
That's two in one year that I let leave here
Loving me without sheding one single tear
Either I'm one of the strongest people left
Or y'all just tow me for even tryin to steal breath

[Chorus x2]
And God's rain water flow through the same gutter
That we, walk today gotta stay brave brother
Keep your lips stiff, keep your fist clenched
At times you gotta kick your way through this bitch

[Verse 2]
They say shit's strapped but you are by yourself, ain't ya?
Damn straight, I got a jail cell mantra
Been boxed up but I never been settled in
Him got tough started developin leather skin
I learned to make that face that tells predators
It's better to re-assess just who you bout to wrestle with
I'm on a run like the first kick drum of the beat
Clear my lungs, spit blood on the street
They tellin me we got nuttin to fear but fear itself
But I fear I have no human fear left
Some day a runner wanna peel back this catharsis
And really feel life again and ask what my challenge is
I been kickin and bitin for so long and
When they throw me a rescue rope I'll be too weary to hold on
And see the light, so I sing through the tears
And the key of life, the way a wounded ego might

[Chorus x2]
And God's rain water flow through the same gutter
That we, walk today gotta stay brave brother
Keep your lips stiff, keep your fist clenched
At times you gotta kick your way through this bitch

My joy left me y'all
She don't show her face around his past
Every time she come she get chased off
So she stay distant

[Verse 3]
If it run from the square he wouldn't know the sun was out
I hate every word that come outta his fuckin mouth
Ladies treat him special, don't know nuttin bout him
If saw what his wife see they wouldn't fluster bout him
He can't do shit right but rap and make babies
And babies need daddy at home consistent
But rap keep daddy on the road religious
So even in my two loves my soul's so conflicted
My son came into this world innocent
He deserves everything that he needs to live in it
And this home I made for him is broken
I'm hopin his love for me will never grow thin
It hurts daddy to no end to know when
You're cryin at the hospital I'm out tryin to rock a show
I made a vow that we'd never be broke again
And I'd never be a burden on another friend
So when I'm sweatin on my farewell stage
And wrote my last hook in my last rhyme book
When I get my last line of approval from my family
This is the man that I have to be

[Chorus x4]
And God's rain water flow through the same gutter
That we, walk today gotta stay brave brother
Keep your lips stiff, keep your fist clenched
At times you gotta kick your way through this bitch

I feel
Like I'm Al-most gone

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Brother Ali Rain Water Comments
  1. Max Man

    We have rappers & hip pop but this is ART

  2. Boomer Schley

    Gods rain water

  3. Kelsey Mcgarrah

    Ali is Fuckn amazing lyrically,period

  4. Ian Kastman

    Genius. I'm 45 years old, still getting inspired. 26 year old daughter and 22 year old son that grew up on BROTHER ALI.

    Chris Kosturos

    38 yr old new father and I've been listening to Brother Ali and Atmosphere for 20 years. Definitely music you can appreciate and enjoy with your kids. Good on you for taking interest!

  5. Vinicius Melo de Moraes

    Sick beat, so fire 🔥🇧🇷

  6. Gábor Tomanek

    This song has helped me so get back on my feet.. shits way too real

  7. sweetasskandi

    Love this 2018

  8. farfangled

    One of the best songs by Ali, which puts it in the running for one of the best songs ever

  9. Eddie Navejas

    Im gonna have this played at my funeral!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Peter Refsgaard

    One worthy soul here.

  11. Cody Phelps

    I don't know if you read these comments Ali; I want to remind you, your words have power. They have helped me through hell fire and replenished through gods rain water. You're an inspiration, keep it true.

  12. Brandon Custy

    Brother Ali... man you saved my life 1000 times n u dont even know me. You inspired me to sing with an open heart and a free soul.

    Ryan Cheverie

    Comment is proof this is emo rap


    @Ryan Cheverie

  13. Julian Velez

    just broke down crying on the bus to this song, lifes hard as fuck right now. thanks ali, this is true inspiration. "at times you gotta kick your way though this bitch" ✊

  14. Conscious Minded

    Brother Ali Us, rainwater and you say are epics ones you say is absolutely amazing.

  15. Brendin Armenti

    Second verse, my favourite verse.. hands down.

  16. 4some2joe0

    gets me through some shit

  17. yahya1119

    If you don't feel this, you're playing in life. Theme music for soldiers of Allah living in the land unbelief. Fire for real.

  18. Anthony Velez

    I love this song so much

  19. Joshua Pleasant

    rip Ali goat

    Bash Em!

    he didnt die fuck off

    Joshua Pleasant

    +Sabastian Larson what

    Bash Em!

    +Joshua Pleasant huh? what?

    Joshua Pleasant

    +Sabastian Larson cant handle

    Kirveen Hamara

    +Bash Em! i think he was talking about muhamad ali not brother ali

  20. johnny sparrow

    mmmm serenity

  21. Clark Townsend

    I know it wont happen probably again but Ant needs to produce Ali's albums again. I know they think their journey ended with US. This beat is just why Ant is one of the greatest producers of all time. Only Ant really captures the soul that is Ali in the production.

    Clark Townsend

    Yeah i saw. Lol. Ant brings out the right emotions in Ali with the production. As much as i liked Morning in America. It didnt have any tracks like this.

    Brandon Bright

    +Clark Townsend I completely agree with you. This and the Us album are my two absolute favorites from him.


    They're in the studio!! lol

    MikeAtron 1996

    Clark Townsend Might wanna check yoself brother haha


    They do work together, only projects that weren't were the one with jake one and freeway. Ant only produces for Slug/Atmosphere and Brother Ali.

  22. JamesMocro007

    Ma sha Allah

  23. Aslam Uddin

    I don't understand how this song can ever get a dislike...... Who are these people really???


    And only 1K likes?! lol

    Aslam Uddin

    @scottsmyth87ss exactly


    +Aslam Uddin every person I have showed ali to has at least one or two songs they play very often. keep sharing lol

    Aslam Uddin

    @scottsmyth87ss yup. Some of my friends listen to him and enjoy his music now. 👌👌.

  24. yougotit96

    I feel like i almost hear biggies voice when ali is rapping sometime, its crazy.

  25. J S

    One of HipHop purists that writes from heart and leaves it inevitable for you to feel him...Keep fist cliched, at times you gotto kick you way through this bitch!!!!

  26. Dope Beats

    need tae come out to scotland brother!!

  27. brainflux8

    Realness never gets old and time is an illusion anyway (:

  28. Talk Nerdy To Me

    whoa... came here expecting millions of hits - how is this still not overflowing with fans.  smh


    @Letters from a Psychopath Intelligent hip hop rarely gets the recognition it deserves. It is the biggest tragedy in modern music in my opinion

    Cameron M

    +Letters from a Psychopath People can't comprehend the realness and emotion.... the masses would rather listen to dumb ignorant rap

    Talk Nerdy To Me

    'Clearchannel' as well... I believe that if this kind of music was on more stations ppl would actually be listening to the radio!!

  29. Feelin Nice

    Bro. Ali is tight!

  30. Abruvanamed Sly

    If you ever doubt that Hip Hop still lives, listen to this song and know that your speakers are bringing you true and living sound...nuff respect Brother Ali...ONE::

    Kid Kapam

    @Lynxchillin08 Well idk if you're aware but, "they" fluoridate our drinking water in america to calcify our pineal glands, which in turn 'dumbs us down. Although many would say these sound like conspiracy theories from a delusion person, this knowledge is actually much more common then alot would think. The reason most aren't aware is because these are things we've been conditioned not to talk about. This was achieved threw social engineering via (via-com aka) television  in general, school, etc. @michael fernandez i didn't have to call you a moron, sorry 

    Anthony Velez

    that's so true...our pineal glands are fucking compromised n been since everyone since

    ExecuteAllNazis InMinecraft

    The tin foil is strong with this one.


    Martin Mikkelsen

    @Lynxchillin93 always turn away or in worst case scenario punch...


    @Martin Mikkelsen ?

  31. Magnus Larsen

    this shit, be realistic -won't stick,
    yesterday my day got grey, but i prey, prey amen, for an way throu the pain//
    I gain strength, talking to the lord allmighty, don't fight me -aight G
    -put down your hate, faith is what u need -or the devil will feed -on you
    check this out, if you are a friend of God, stand and shout -dont doubt!

    Magnus Larsen

    can I get an AMEN

    Elisabete Pedro


  32. J Fresh

    I started listening to Ali back in 2002 and this is still the greatest music out there, amazing!

  33. LordFridge

    Gods rain water flow threw the same gutter we walk today. Got stay brave  brother. Keep your lips stiff, keep your fist clinch. At times you got to kick your way threw this bitch.

  34. Nick Sanders

    "They're tellin' me we got nothing to fear but fear itself, but I fear I have no human fear left. Someday I'm gonna wanna peal back these calluses and really feel life again, and that's what my challenge is. I've been kickin' and bitin' for so long that when they throw me a rescue rope I'll be too weary to hold on and see the light, so I sing through the tears and the key of life, the way a wounded eagle might." My god that's some powerful shit. Brother Ali is a lyrical mastermind

  35. Diozmioz

    Jah means Jahwe

  36. vanilla kush

    True hip hop lives in the Underground

  37. Chris Winkley

    Top song.

  38. Helena Franczak

    I cannot believe this song doesn't have millions of views

  39. renegadekus

    God loves ALL.

    not jah, but GOD!

  40. Paradox 1

    You're a pawn.*

  41. andrew riggins

    always like this dude different old skool 1

  42. Amparato Corona

    Damn! i LOVE this piece ****Chi-Love****

  43. jared robertson

    very inspiring

  44. TheSerialnumberzero

    This song is amazing.

  45. weirdodude550

    but he sings with the soul or a similar soul as the old negro songs that helped them get through the hell that was thrust upon them.

  46. TheJohnnyh13

    I'm cursed with this earworm by Brother A. since two days. Seems if the disease is the cure by itself. So, i have to repeat and everything will be fine.

  47. TheJohnnyh13

    Hell yes - today i was sitting in our store and listenning to this beautiful song. Suddenly, my mother came in. She hate rap. I was on my way to mute it, but she said:"Wait, this sounds beautiful. It's poetic in may ways." We listend to it two times more. I was bowled over. brother ali convinced my mother to rap.

    Zevi Altus

    And that mother's name? Albert Einstein.

  48. Tim Dickins

    I'd say the fact he's legally blind is pretty impressive.

  49. Doug Gann

    Purity of soul, brother. It knows no boundary of creed or color. Only the soul.

  50. gno nimo

    I wish Brother Ali was my big Brother :)

  51. 12345Danro

    He's not the definition of beautiful but these are the fingerprints of god :)

  52. wade .b

    that has no relevance to the point

  53. kenny678910

    i haven't heard one bad song or album from brother ali. all around genius.

  54. Phews

    i don't know what song you were listening to but this definitely doesn't deserve a million views...

    I'd say at least 10 million. 1 just doesn't do it justice

  55. FatalOx

    This should have millions of views

  56. kenny stelter

    Everybody man, anybody who's been negative, doesn't matter who he's responding to, he isn't wrong.

  57. David Edwards

    who are you responding to?

  58. von Powderhorn

    God loves ugly.

  59. Zomar of the Nightfall

    He's pretty good looking, I mean, com on.

  60. TruSkoolHooligan

    Wow, the Drake fanboys here are clueless.

  61. Paul Brebber

    Its starting to piss me off when every underground hip hop video there is a comment about how popular artists are not true to the art. That is obvious, but complaining about it will not make any difference.

  62. okcali

    hit zero

  63. Darian Gregory

    glad I stumbled onto this dude. makes me feel like there is still hope for hiphop.

  64. Sam Eagan

    245,999 views? awesome lol

  65. Fuji Jenkins

    it's been awhile since I heard a emcee like this

  66. taylor smith

    this music heals the soul its not that people dont want to hear it, there not ready for it, they would just rather live in a materialistic unhappy existence that coorilates comparably to the music they listen to and the way they think.

    i beleive in this man he can change the world

  67. politicalprophecyuk

    drake is a puppet

  68. chrisp1987

    drake is fucking legit

  69. jerome johnson

    he is an amazing inspiration he so get made world wide

  70. junibismalis

    If you work hard, I will work harder. If I am tired, I will work harder. If I cant go on anymore, I will work harder. I will work hard on every aspect of my life. Everything I do, will be the equivalent of laying down a brick in my castle of defined succes. I will lay every brick perfectly as I possibly can untill I have finished my castle.

    That is how I get through my times of rain water. My life has been a wasted piece of shit long enough. There is only so much you can blame on others.

  71. luc

    still missing the point....

  72. wade .b

    just sayin, my experiences have changed me, that could be because of me as a person

  73. luc

    cool story but I think your missing the point.

  74. wade .b

    i've been through some shit too, im only 19 and i've experienced more trails and tribulations than a 19 year old should, mostly mental and emotional. when i look back i'm glad thats all ive been through, things could have gone much worse and i learned and still am learning from where im at in life and i know im not finished fighting but deep in the dirt under lots of pressure come diamonds, ali wouldnt have the mind and heart if it wasnt for those struggles.

  75. jockslap

    I agree with you almost completely, but you have to avoid judging and comparing how much shit people have been through, as a guy who's been through a fair bit, it doesn't change you, you change you. Admire Ali for his beautiful mind and thoughts, not his struggle, i wouldn't expect you to admire me for mine.

  76. DonFuego1

    Believe whatever you want man. I think anyone who buys Drake's album, who buys him another Lamborghini or another bottle of Cristal, is a terrible person. His lyrics are cold and hollow, and just distract people from life and their problems. They suffer and believe they'll be happy someday because he fills their head with dreams; as if buying an album means they are "getting money" and "fucking bitches". Ludicrous that you think the best way to address a problem is to ignore it.

  77. joseph rostkowski

    thats the silver line. His apperence isnt exactly a perfect design but his soul,intelligence,and art form is almost godly

  78. 420fmx

    I agree with everything you have said. Although you need to take in to account that the general population, show a lower intellect than a house brick.

  79. James Emilio

    Ali is beautiful!

  80. RyanGiggsOBE

    Ali got voted best minnesota recently

  81. dizzle93

    like he says "you can call me ugly but can't take nothing from me, i am who i am doctor you ain't gotta love me"

  82. ElPOdiUM

    Brother Ali is far from blind. He's just sensitive to bright light.

  83. 1111

    he's also blind...guy has gone through a lot

  84. TheKorpsEater

    sick shit....enough said

  85. Adam

    The 11 idiots who disliked this song are well, as Don Fuego 1 said, new generation loving pre packaged fake ass bitches. This IS real hip hop

  86. fabldyr

    it makes me happy too see im not alone!! :)

    "race is a made up thing, i dont belive in it"

    i try to listen to lyric. my brother makes it worth trying!

  87. anto ireland

    11 muppets like xfactor

  88. westcoastwarlocks

    his beats are so fucking unique

  89. wade .b

    so what if hes fat, so what if hes white, so what if he not good looking, hes still a man, a man with a soul, a man with a heart, a man who bleeds red just like you, but because he a white albino muslim rapper that makes him a joke, hes probly been through more shit than any of you and because of that he makes rap for real people and if you cant see that, your not a real person, your a pawn.

  90. PrinceofGotham12

    He's not even that fat.. & He's not even that ugly looking (no homo) .. ppl are just ignorant. The media has programmed people to focus on appearances.. The writers and media outlets grab attention by over-exaggerating on his physical features and religion. What they should be focussed on his AMAZING TALENT. Fuck the media & the mainstream culture. Nvm what you look like.. what colour your skin is, whether you're blind or parapeligic.. If you're Authentic and Talented.. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS

  91. TerminallyILLMusic

    Sick of hearing "Hes not fat just filled with lyrics" Every fat rapper gets the same shit. Brother ali simply makes up for what he lacks in coloured pigments with dope lyrics

  92. NicooDoe

    @filipscooliscool They used that with Earl's lips lmao

  93. mynameisnothing

    "He's not fat, he's just filled with lyrics" i'm pretty sure they used that for biggie smalls, but it works here too

  94. jrpaterson

    inspirational rapper.

    Please check out "heavy verbal artillery" and let me know what you think.