Brother Ali - Only Life I Know Lyrics

(It's my life)
Yeah, the only one that I'll ever know
Feeling extra low
Please let me go
Hold on, no
(It's my life)
Yeah, the only that I'll ever know
And it stressed me so
Oh God, bless me soul
Hold on

[Verse 1:]
Wether it's the projects or a trailer park mess
Raggedy the apartment complex
With a stressed out single mom sitting on the steps
Waiting on the mailman, looking for a check
Boys on the corner, pushing out the chest
Questing for anything that resembles respect
Young girls swinging their hair with every step
Looking for affection, settling for sex
Bodies decorated with tattoos and chains
Trying to put armor between you and pain
Wood grain steering wheel, the bass bang
But not enough to drown out the hatred in your brain
The only out is smoking out
Get lean, get wet, get meth, get tore down
Cause who the hell would want to stick around?
Put me in a haze, I ain't never coming out


[Verse 2:]
They just wanna get you in the system, stick you into prison
List you in the military ship you to the desert
Pigs don't exist for you to make a decent living
But we got three illegal wars to shoot the pigs from
Keep stressing marvels and personal decisions
Tell me what's marvel about these conditions
Who decided you don't got enough to teach children?
Stay spending billions, on stadiums and prisons
How many roles can folks really choose?
When you're oppressed only three lead to you
First one is follow the rules and stay in school
Be the square dude, that's a society approves
Get a little job or a shitty apartment
Or a sub-par mortgage in a failing house margin
The after your life dedication and hardship
You died just as poor as you was when you started
Fuck that, what's up with the second option?
You could always hit the corner and try to get it popping
Get fast guap when you're out dropping and clocking
But, chances are that you'll probably die violent
The best hope that you got is getting nada
And end up with a job in a prison metal shop
They ain't paying nothing but three hots and a cot
Don't you know that's the biggest hustle they got?
Or door three you can get on that welfare
But they ain't trying to help, they'll put you in hell there
Give you just enough so you're not gonna starve
And constantly harass you while you're looking for a job
Do lock up and someone that got you to punch a clock
And they found about it and your check is getting dot
Can't win for losing, dehumanizing
You'll never get caught up, you caught up in a cycle


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Brother Ali Only Life I Know Comments
  1. b- dubz

    Can we get a Craft Ali collab?!

  2. Wilson Musa

    last verse Brother Ali is delivering Street Mathematiks

  3. Ryan Cuzzort

    I love Ali, he's an amazing rapper. But, I'll never understand how it is that he can literally rattle off everything democratic policy in this song, and yet still support the piece of shit mfers!

  4. TJ Avagliano

    Remember when hip hop was good? 🤘🤘🤘

  5. Celestial

    I just fucking love this guy

  6. HowdyAuS

    Brother Ali 🙌💗🍻

  7. James Kryzaniak

    Hey, how does an Artist get an agent? I can do this .. what yall do.. and more, I will honor the whole outfit. Earth. hook me up.

  8. Andrew C

    Put me in a have I ain't ever coming out

  9. Joseph DeVasto

    I have been a Rhymesayers fan for years and can't believe I missed this track. Been bangin' it all day.

  10. CelticWolf

    This song stopped me from committing suicide back in High School.

  11. syn boga

    The greatest. Saviors sun

  12. Victoria Appiagei

    Dope music awesome Cool Rap good Hip-hop Powerful lyrics Powerful

  13. Layth Fuller Sr.


  14. Submarine Veteran

    I love you brother Ali and your wize about a great many things except your political affiliations. You wear a Malcolm X shirt as to represent a very narrow angle of a very complex man. Malcolm X despised the Democratic Party in the US. He claimed they were the most despised party of all and simply could not be trusted. He supported our second amendment as a militant right winger he saw the absolute necessity for arms not against American citizens but against the tyrannical government that were sure to violate it's citizens white or black in the near future. Brother Ali you side with the "Dixiecrats," as X put it meaning the Democratic party was created and controlled by the southern plantation owning mega wealthy men who created the KKK and other dividing and conqouring tactical elements that still exist today but wear no hoods. X said of you vote Democrat your a traitor to your race. He respected the Republican party and new that besides the great many phony Republican politicians duping its voters regularly there are some that exist that are honest and support its initial creed. The statement by any means necessary implys a show of force in order for his people to obtain freedom. That is a Republican ideology...... he worked tirelessly to reduce the amount of government within hours community which is also very very Republican. So please don't believe the hype and read more about politics and less about rebellion and emotional response that is how women operate


    ali is a rap god

  16. Hishee Ward

    I've officially watch all of your videos,good content real hip-hop (educational) lyrical truth= great MC you are,again excellent keep it coming bro💯

  17. Sartre Sianez

    Ali was ahead of his time

  18. Demetrius Wilson

    Letz Go!

  19. Player Philip

    Used to roam around the hallways my junior year bumpin this realized a lot of shit that year with the help of weed, Brother Ali & friends

  20. u8sumthinbad

    Poverty has no skin color.

  21. Wyrmwood

    Thanks dad for telling me about Ali this is great

  22. ColdFusion

    damn, three different roads that all fall off the same cliff, my eyes were closed

  23. Eric Brito

    Ali is an OG this track goes hard the masses wont understand

  24. Matt Smith 612

    So proud to live in the city where the best Hiphop music comes from


    you live in NYC. nice

  25. Misfit Venable

    How did i never know about him

  26. gamburg

    Да Нил

  27. flerper derper

    So weird living in minneapolis and recognizing these neighborhoods

    Justin Pettit

    This was filmed in Minneapolis? Dope. I got a friend who lives in Minnesota.

  28. psycho777

    anyone know of a song by bro ali where he tells a story bout a military man

    Jonny Bravo

    live from the chippie bun club

    Meditation Medication

    Phillistine david

  29. JahmaiSoFly

    This song is good

  30. Jesse Cote

    Hey WE NEED sum more brother Ali where U hiding boss!? LoL!!

  31. Nick

    Что в моей руке?



    Gera ZZ


  32. Foma Ivanenko

    Да Нил

    Mouse man

    оттуда же вылез

    Mouse man

    как и 9 других человек

    Mouse man

    но у меня завышенный чсв

    Mouse man

    поэтому я посвящаю себе особое внимание

    Mouse man

    а что делаете вы?

  33. Mark Bruggeman

    Love this album!

    Daren Redman

    +Mark Bruggeman Me too had it in constant rotation and I always come back to it.

  34. Daniel Bahrami

    yeah........very nice......brither ali.....he is my muslim man

  35. Sako Gekchyan


    Sako Gekchyan

    No he's white, he grew up in a black neighborhood. 

    Sako Gekchyan

    well yea, he's not white in the biological sense but he come from a white cultural background, that is to say, his parents were white and he came from a white family. But he grew up among black people who gave him his love for Hip Hop and revolutionary badasserry. 

    Sako Gekchyan

    +Bhavesh Patel
    Yes albino is him is a medical condition caused by a lack of melanin in the skin and hair as well as a lack of pigmentation in the eyes.

    And yes brother Ali is ethnically white, I checked.

    Though Brother Ali is white, he has often described a childhood marked by cruelty and exclusion by his white classmates as a result of his physical abnormality. He has often explained that, from an early age, he felt "most at home amongst African Americans."

    Cheick Ahmed Touré

    Sako Gekchyan people are listening to some lady gaga shit or something.

    Alfaro Elenixo

    Uncle Sam Goddamn that's why

  36. Kris Owens

    UMI Says

  37. MileHighRonin

    4 more days! I cannot wait for Brother Ali and Atmosphere to tear up Red Rocks.

    Shadows on the Sun!

  38. Pixel Pav

    Gosh, I just love CONTENT in rap music

  39. Evan Chafin

    He reminds me of a white Nelly

  40. JaviAIR

    This what hip hop is supposed to be: storytelling about REAL SHIT.  Imagine hearing this on the radio...would never happen because they don't want people questioning issues like this and seeing the reality of how fucked this country really is. No, better to keep the masses dumbed down as they sing along to bullshit, cookie-cutter "Pop songs" while the real spitters like Ali are swept under the rug...smh


    Couldn't agree more, brother

    Soulstice J

    I actually found this song from the radio!! I couldn't agree more with your words. But I heard it on a very atypical station so that's probably why

  41. Andy P

    Ali is a blessing to hip hop, he has been lyrically killing these Elites, this society was built on profit and sustainability.1% of the world population owns 45%+ of the worlds wealth. and its not going to change unless we as listeners and fans start promoting the music that inspires change and critical thinking. Now is more important than ever..

    b- dubz

    More... They got way more now, everything else in this comment is on point af though...

  42. themadcaplaughts

    Respeto Hermano Ali.

  43. Alexander Moore

    jake one did great with this song.

  44. earthbound

    Why does this only have half a million views? This is amazing business right here. This is what I'm talking about old-school real hip-hop on point. Put this dude on the list with some of the greats!

  45. MileHighRonin

    I love you Brother, your wisdom is always welcomed.

  46. LordFridge

    Brother Ali & Tech Nine folks. Lets make it happen!

    motaz saleh

    @***** tech n9ne party music?


    +rabid woody Murs is signed with Tech N9ne, Murs and Slug have done a few albums together, Ali and Atmosphere are family. What I am saying is, there is a chance. And Tech is not just party music, he has some of the most underrated hip hop tracks out there; Suicide Letters, This Ring.

    Kaido ™ troll

    u probably only said it cause they have similar beards but yeah it'll be cool if they collab

  47. Cody Savage

    Real rap

  48. Christian Tym


  49. Madlaurent75 Hemmar

    I love you ali merci

  50. X DRO

    I like the beat so much....,
    And the lyrics are just awesome, straight facts n shit!
    I am really thankfull for this song, it gives me energy n shit.
    Every morning i listnen to this song.
    Sorry for my english...
    Shouts out to ali,
    Peace out!

    Victoria Appiagei

    Hip-hop Powerful music dope lyrics Awesome good

  51. djslademan

    Some of the realest ish ever. Shout out Brother Ali & Jake One all day. More of this please.......

  52. mafialoca


  53. Marius Jacobsen

    who the fuck likes this...

    X DRO

    I like this.....

  54. ThePhronetic

    fresh underground hip hop at my channel

  55. adrian medel



    @***** he probably listens to Kanye West . Or lil Wayne .

    He doesn't know real hip hop .

  56. Jeff Marg



    @Jeff Marg He went to school with a friend of mine here in Minnesota. So is he from here or there? lol


    @Michael white Born in Madison Wisconsin, moved to Minnesota later in life and went to highschool there.


    @Frostbite10001 - Minnesota claims him as their own. I am not aware of Badgerland Wisconsin claiming him as we do here in Gopherland.


    +Jeff Marg I am from Wisconsin and we all know he is from Minneapolis. Respect to Minneapolis hip-hop. You got that information from his wikipedia page and think that is enough to run with.

  57. Damien INSANE-O

    Dislike. Really dude? Still with the Islam thing? 


    @Illumirage explain to me why i should go fuck myself 

    Damien INSANE-O

    You've got nothing.


    @Illumirage i got a big dick and many talents 

    Damien INSANE-O

    Nobody gives a shit about your penis, alright?


    @Illumirage same goes for your life

  58. Dustyn Fox

    Aye... Minneapolis...

    Damien INSANE-O

    @Dustyn Fox
    When you get here, get yourself a bike

    Dustyn Fox

    that's the smart thing to do


    @Illumirage He's from Wisconsin dick head, Rhymesayers however is in Minneapolis

    Damien INSANE-O

    @bob jones
    He attended Cooper High School not far from where I grew up. The physical location he was born is peanuts compared to where he was raised. 
    Sounds like you're arguing just to argue at this point. 

    Dustyn Fox

    Madison WI To Be More Specific

  59. Will Brown

    A true artist.

  60. GG JR

    I can't really get in brother ali's songs. I liked the song he did on sevens travels but I can't seem to get into him.  Any songs that I might like from him? 

    Robert Hazard

    Palm the Joker?

    GG JR

    @Darkcarnival68 I'll check it out, I am starting to like this song doe.


    @upperclassnoobs Forest Whitaker, Baby Don't Go, Real As Can Be Take Me Home.

    Then lookup his contemporary Toki Wright "Feeling." I'm not as big on rhymesayers as I used to be. But they have their place in music and it is rightly deserved.

    Lawrence James

    @upperclassnoobs all you need is my fav from ali but then again i love everything he makes

    GG JR

    I like this song now lulz

  61. Chris Draper


  62. iamdanny

    so tired of "  life changes after the draft " ads

  63. Bad Drivers of Minneapolis

    3:06 That's my neighbor, Henry grilling on my front patio on 3rd Ave! southside!!! I miss that house!

  64. Jowdjo

    Brother Ali, an amazing flow & voice.

  65. sampath sam

    Jesus peace 

  66. MKR

    I swear to god, I would marry this man if I could. <3

    Damien INSANE-O

    How fucking ignorant are you?

    asfand babo

    hahahahhahaha wt...

    Damien INSANE-O


    asfand babo

    @Illumirage no no problem sir 

  67. loveofJESUSoej

    I'm a lover of peace..Smile Jesus loves you

  68. Alex

    put me in a haze I aint ever comin out 

  69. nickolas arold

    truth......good shit son

  70. Jay Zinho

    Ce gars est tellement talentueux. Respect from France!

  71. Dillon Peterson

    Rap at it's damn best

    Damien INSANE-O

    Not even close to 'rap at it's best'. I swear I haven't heard one good rap song in the last 15 years. It's all garbage today. ALL. OF. IT. 
    Especially Brother Ali the terrorist.

    Giorgos Dalekos

    Not many terrorists are against war.

  72. Greg Dwyer

    Just one thing to say:  DAMN!

  73. M Martinez

    Brother Ali is fucken ILL !

  74. OfficialRenoUtube

    Brother ali always speaks the truth one of my favorite rappers

  75. maDeiNtHe80s


  76. Nightmare Nightmare

    Ali is he Muslim ?

    Kvng Jdm

    Just shut all what u said is nothing to do with the topic of resriction ok stay on topic of ali not lupe

    Kvng Jdm

    @Esteban Houet-Ruiz how am i mad u went to lupe from ali what lupe does is his business n same for ali but its idiots like u that try to corrupt the minds of others by writing these bullshit ass claims on people so instead of being cautious about them u should just worry about ur self cuz ur hate make them better

    kwstas kwnstantinos

    @Mitch Johnson hey Mitch you are a man with a brain nice to meet you


    @Mitch Johnson  you are right!

    Isaac Eagan

    Why i hate religion but love jesus

  77. JL0183

    hard as hell

  78. devin oppel

    brightened my night up...

  79. Brad Nealon

    Dude reading newspaper in 2nd verse looks just like Mopreme Shakur!! glasses, lips.....

  80. Austin Scott

    much respect to Brother Ali. couldnt be more real

  81. Eye_of_ RA


  82. Dillon Peterson

    My son,s in this video bro!

  83. Rodgerwilco91

    Brother Ali would dislike this comment.

  84. Rodgerwilco91

    Yeh man, I missed them in Pittsburgh, I'm pretty bummed about it :\


    bro ali iz gud

  86. arkoizm.

    War & Peace Tour right now lol

  87. badriverdj81

    or maybe 46 deaf, dumb and blind people were just fucking clicking the mouse waiting for something to happen and shit, cuz yes, THIS IS REAL SHIT

  88. badriverdj81

    most people cant handle the truth, aint that the truth


    song makes me cry

  90. kyle87t

    He may be blind in the eyes but in in the heart and brain

  91. kyle87t

    Ali is Boss

  92. tony datiger

    most people just don't want the truth

  93. JoE

    Man you are fucking good, respect for you.

  94. DaAshman

    first heard ali on an Immortal Tech track and it was one of the few times Tech's verse wasn't the best. Tech and this brother are both incredible, i think they are going on tour together.

  95. kkstringing

    I always download my music from youtube, but Brother Ali is a different story. He deserves the support so i always purchase the songs from him.