Brother Ali - Namesake Lyrics

I am somebody
And we am and she am and he am and I am

I was raised with the raised fist
Angela Davis summer sixty-eight Olympics
Train banging your wings against
The cage in the event you became cageless

The bane of my existence is to resist
Back never bent re-load never relent
Of All lights shone I'm glimmering glint
I was named after a king in our midst The Greatest

Changed the world in the ring with his fists
More so with the gift when rang from his lips
Bigger than just a individual gift
He had a vision for bringing dignity to the crib

Gold medalist in his Olympic event
Significant respect glistening off his neck
US flag waved the globe was silent
Wore it everywhere he went just to show what it meant

Stepped off the plane back on that pavement
The people hell bent that they will never repent
Celebrate him but his kin still clinched in a
Problem one piece of medal couldn't fix

Legend is he pitched it in the Ohio River
What good is recognition if I know that I'm a -victim
Expelled in a held back curriculum
Class president slash second class citizen

Diligent to fight for people
Nineteen years old sacrificed his ego
So here we go salute my namesake
Many are successful very few are great

Right on y'all. I am somebody
And we am and she am and he am and I am

I am he am she am and we am

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