Brother Ali - My Beloved Lyrics

Hold your moments

[Verse 1: Brother Ali]
Faith in God high thinking and simple livin'
Work hard deep love no conditions
Gentle heart head level clear vision
Back tall firm in our conviction

Smile through the tears laugh through the tragedy
All we got is each other must love radically
Passionately peaceful fight for it fanatically
Premium on people magic humanity

Dance as if no one's looking sing like no one's listenin'
Live and love out loud and let your spirit glisten
Feet firm in the dirt head in the sky
Serve when the sun is at work dream when he hides

And know that the water that well up in your eye
Is the same when a loved one is born as when they die
As sure as every hello is eventually goodbye
The art of truly living is learning how to die

[Hook: Choklate & Tone Trezure]
Wherever you go
May the good lord bless your heart and soul
My beloved my beloved my beloved

I want you to know
That your love and your wisdom touched me so
My beloved my beloved my beloved

[Verse 2: Brother Ali]
Bless your soul so precious and delicate
Powerfully compassionate, your friendship
Held me together when the threat of unraveling
Had me at the brink feeling inadequate

When the sky got dreary my eyes got teary, my
Heart got weary you were right there near me
Only reason I ain't laid up in some cemetery
Is when I was in fear somebody cared enough to hear me

Anything that I do in this life of mine
From this point is part you for the gifts you provide
Only way to repay you is live right and shine
Trust me when I tell you you're still on my mind


[Verse 3: Brother Ali]
Young lovers passion in their stare
Hanging in the air challenging their fears
Catch a passing moment and grab it in the clear
Desperately attempting to stretch it into years

Her soft and elegant he firm and gallant
Words dancing between them hanging in the balance
Grins and glances translate every sentence
Into a language where the future smiles at us

Love's not careful neither is it fearful
The thought of living without is unbearable
So listen young lady this me thanking you
No matter what you will always have my gratitude


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