Brother Ali - Bad Mufucker Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Intro: MURS - talking]
That was, that was the end
And it squashed the whole beef

Uh, uh, ah, uh, uh

[Verse 1: Brother Ali]
I'm so incredibly nasty, yes, my mama slapped me when she had me
Told me get your ass out with your daddy
Talked hella trash and my teachers couldn't stand me
Used to call me bastard and told me I was trashy
Unsupervised child, they call me a latch key
At risk youth from a single parent family
Nuts got hairy and my voice got raspy
Crews were gettin acne, I was gettin savvy
Yes I'm a bad motherfucker, understand me?
Grew up beaten, broken glass, rappin in the alley
Got my hands dirty, I was hidin in a trash heap
Hoppin out, knockin out cats, grabbin they ten speed
Little boys and the girls, they both pack heat
Both had somethin I need from 'em in they pants see
Broads got the booty all felt up in the back seat
Dudes got they lunch money boosted and they ass beat
"Can I get it back?", fuck naw, don't even ask me
When you see the Preacher, keep your peace and don't you dare speak
None of y'all snitches ain't in the same class as me
We ain't the same 'cause you wrote a couple raps G
That cover charge that you payin is my salary
Merchandise you carry away is all tax free
Facin all my bills and I count my money carefully
Bet your fuckin ass ain't nobody ever jack me, see

[Chorus x2: Brother Ali - ("you's" replaced by "you" the second time)]
You's a bad motherfucker man
On the other hand, you never see a sucker stand close to where the
Brother stand
You God damn right about that
Got me so pissed off, I wanna fight 'em out back

[Verse 2: Brother Ali]
My nuts done swung, all around the planet, where the fuck y'all from?
I already captured it, I bust my gun
Had a little cannon kid
Caught a little accident, slid 'em in the ambulance
He asked for this rumble, his ass got trouble
I'm pickin glass out of my knuckles like that's comfortable
Where you runnin to? You ever wanna a true
Bad motherfucker, you accept no substitute
No understudy dudes and no number two
Trust when it come to bustin loose, I'm the ugly truth
You ever want the proof, you can check the documents
Or you just watch the kid break door with my fist
I'm on some shit
Your old lady grabbin on the like she chose me
Police captain, ain't attemptin to hold me
A O.G. mack with a .38 told me


Uh, like that [echo]

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Brother Ali Bad Mufucker Pt. 2 Comments
  1. Nomadic Headspace

    Dope shit real hip hop heads

  2. Russell Hamner

    26 fools who had their ten speeds and lunch money jacked.

  3. Russell Hamner

    The beat on this one is infectious like MRSA.


    Classic like Trump for President and bozobama arrested for treason along with slick willy Clinton don't hate cuz we making America great while snowflakes keep trying to create something that ain't y'all need to take a brake in the bottom of the lake take a dirt nap in a burlap napsack word to that that this shit is phat on the track

  5. christopher optimus prime

    Yes im a bad motger fuckee understand me

  6. James Kryzaniak

    who's upside down in your bubble?

  7. Victoria Appiagei

    awesome cool dope rappers favorite brother all album

  8. Alex Dementiev

    Cannibal oxen pigeon

  9. Nick Danner

    yo this is the best song in the world

  10. Jack Straw

    finna bump dis den jack a mcikeys

  11. Michael Muslovski

    Sorry of it's been asked: who did this beat?


    Michael Muslovski most likely ant of atmosphere

  12. cliff stevick

    Ali is the shit man

  13. NOBODY

    one of the dopest songs by brother ali

    shaka brah

    NOBODY shonuff!

  14. Pacific Chief

    Just spent a month in LA County. I'm an athletic nerd, a fighter/ magic user. Surrounded by gang bangers, not knowing how to fight, but very athletic 6'2 190 lbs of bad attitude. Stood my ground against 3 Crips without having to raise my fist, I let my mind spray logic like Jeru. Got called a nerd and weirdo with affection and respect by skinheads, bangers and vatos. This song played in my head a lot.

    James Psiyon

    Pacific Chief that's dope man! I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything like that, but what do you mean you're a fighter/ magic user?

    Jimmy Biggums

    james pysion maybe magic the gathering card game.

    Austin Crosley

    20 bucks says you're not even old enough to go to county if you wanted to

    Jim Beam

    A fighter but not knowing how to fight?


    Nice LARP.

  15. Joe Salsieder

    +Koen Egberts, is there any place I can find the instrumentals to this song? I can't find them anywhere on the Internet...

  16. Monte Ferguson

    Brother Ali is bad ass

  17. civilian


  18. Mujahid Rashid

    and they wonder why Ali is my fav rapper #sheesh

  19. Radon7O1

    It's because he's so incredibly nasty...

  20. Javier Gomez

    Whoever disliked this "got they lunch money boosted and they ass beat"


    Javier Gomez and didn't get it back after asking

  21. roboticroses

    probably because he wont sell-out, that's the only possibility I can think of.

  22. roboticroses

    OH MY GOD YES, I've been trying to hear this song all year and couldn't think of the name of the rapper or any of the lyrics.! FINALLY

  23. Brent Dolliver

    One motherfucker met a bad motherfucker and didn't like the out come.

  24. Mike Flaw

    hes far from unnoticed, but i know what you mean, its a shame that he isnt mentioned among the greats but if you ask 10 kids i gaurantee atleast 5 have wayne in there top 5... its a damn shame

  25. RyanGiggsOBE

    I Saw him perform this live.
    Life = complete

  26. herewegoyall

    the dude that got his lunch money boosted and ass beat disliked this song

  27. Dartwith

    Ali is the Best of All Time!

  28. iluvrocknrap

    @chrizles i thought the same but those are lost idiots so more ali for me!!

  29. donttakeoffense88

    @chrizles SHH dont let this greatness bless the ears of the lame lol

  30. Hosh Jobson

    hell yeah. who said sequels arent better than the original?

  31. ImproveTheGrooveRecords

    @theopdahl yea its murs...hes also at the end of Round Here. talks about how a fight was gonna get off, but brother ali was there to be a BAD MOTHERFUCKER

    Michael Muslovski

    EyedeaDubstep nice assist, bro. Dude asked, you delivered. Also, shout out to eyedea, atmosphere, slug, and anyone else who respects real hip-hop; lyrical rhyme-saying masters.

    Michael Muslovski

    EyedeaDubstep also... my bad for a reply to a five-year-old post.

  32. Max Rabkin

    This cat breathes life back into hip hop.

  33. CitySkin09

    This song is so fire!!

  34. desir702

    @theopdahl idk but im thinkin the same thing hella sound like him

  35. theopdahl

    is that murs at the start?

  36. whySoGaY1000

    44 people are bad mothafuckas
    0 people have to get slapped today.

  37. chrizles

    @SlashPwnage true, fuck corporate hands

  38. low72

    @chrizles it's because he speaks about real shit, the mainstream music is all set up. hence "selling your soul to the devil" search the illuminati in music. and you will understand why artists like this don't get any limelight.

  39. Sam Dixon

    soooooooooooooooooooo sick

  40. synb0t

    Hands down one of the SICKEST lyricists to ever spit on a mic.

  41. tdabit

    can't wait to see Brother Ali at Rock the Bells.

  42. donald saysongdeth

    tha best line is... broads got the booty all felt up in the backseat dudes got they lunch money boosted and they ass beat.. can i get it back? fuck naw dont even ask me

  43. chrizles

    why is this music, song, and artist unnoticed, gets me so mad

    Russell Hamner

    IKR? Got me so pissed off I wanna fight 'em out back.

  44. 00ABBITT00

    this shit slaps.