Brother Ali - Babygirl Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
There's big pieces of a life she can't remember
Her mind shuts down, it's trying to protect her
Might be for the best to forget but it seems like
They always reappear when she least expects
Late nights we lay awake, drowning in the lake that pours out of her face
Here's late but she's still not safe
Memories live out in the time, in the place
The way he smelled, the way he smiled
The evil she even recognized as a child
Hand on her throat, sting of a fist
Instead of her first kiss she got this
Shameful feeling, painful secret
Lonely knowin' that nobody would believe it
Every wound that escapes her time capsule
Hurts like the day it was born and it's brand new

I wasn't there babygirl but I'm here
I don't know what to say I just hear
If there's one wish I could make true
I would shoulder that pain and take it off you
Don't run babygirl, don't run
You gotta' face what you fighting, head on
Only one thing I could say in truth
You gotta' deal with the demons before they deal with you

[Verse 2:]
How can she find peace in her mind when
Love means returning to the scene of a crime?
I can feel it inside we've reopened wounds every time we intertwine
Such an evil design when you can't even enjoy the sweetness you find
Trying to see through the tears in your eyes and rebuild your shrine one piece at a time
E & K made it all fade away
Colors don't burn no more it's all gray
Can't find heaven from within that shell but it's enough of a blessing if just not seen hell
Constant inner dialog says just end this roller coaster ride you're on
Only one solution seems final: slide into a hole where your pain can't find you


[Verse 3:]
She said if I was meant to die he would've killed me
There must be a reason that I still breathe
I don't have the tools to rebuild me
But I still believe that one day I could feel free
And my body can be mine again
My eyes can learn how to shine again
My inner child won't have to hide and then
When I'm strong then love could be invited in
Sweet God that's all I ask, of thee
I'm willing to give what you demand of me
I'm learning to embrace the reality
That life doesn't always turn out how it's planned to be
I didn't deserve what was handed me
Only one who can grant happiness is me
What it takes for her to face the day
I can only hope to be half that brave


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Brother Ali Babygirl Comments
  1. Mandy Leigh


  2. Mia Sanchez

    it never gets easier.. 21 years old & i still feel like that scared 7 year old. thank you ali.. thank you for understanding.

  3. Marc Labrie

    I want to give a big thanks to Brother Ali and everybody from Rhymesayers entertainment cuz they made me want to spit my Rhymes everyday and everyday I wake up and pray that I could be up on that stage with Brother Ali

  4. Odin Woutan

    I hate it when I wake up in murica.


    The Jew Pedophile Epstein who trafficked underage girls and pimped them to the elites and than committed suicide in one of the most High Max Suicide Proof Jails?

  6. Darian Gregory

    Brother Ali is special. One of a kind and easily imo the best rapper in the game hands down.

  7. Jake Lang

    this is hip hop

  8. Timothy Padilla

    Hip-Hop for life...

  9. annie alesna


  10. Bryan Kolonis

    The Bones and Tubs Show is here

  11. Dolle Reinart

    Man, I hope my baby girl is doing well.
    I hear this and it all comes flooding back. "I would shoulder that pain and take it all for you"

  12. shewhosigns

    You gotta deal with the demons before they deal with you👌🏼

  13. Woah Cold

    I think finding my Brother's music in my formative years, high school, early dating life, while I was deciding who I want to be, I think it made me a better man than I could have been. Salam/Shalom big Brother <3

  14. Lailah Bustanji

    The anthem we need

  15. SheWhoWillBeKnown

    Thank you for this Brother

  16. Kevin Parker

    164 people need prayer, a colonic or therapy!!!

  17. Justin Becker

    This is hip hop! Amazing poetry, i could only imagine the pain, it took my wife 11 years of marriage before she could tell me her story.

  18. Lamonte Wood

    Really real real real !

  19. nikos theo

    Σύν ένα, όποιος ήρθε από Booyah!!!!

  20. Yazzmine Zaccardi

    And I thought I was alone ❤️

  21. Shawn Montana

    Thank you g...feel this track deeply!

  22. Nita Sayers

    I feel this song more deeply more than anyone ever should. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic assault. I really feel like he made this song for me. This song has helped me through moments i thought I'd never make it out of and i have a deep sincere, genuine thank for you I'd really love to, one day, do in person. I love you Brother Ali. You've literally saved my life with this song. I owe you all of my gratitude.

  23. Gary B

    Moves me every time

  24. Stephanie Waishkey

    156 thumbs down. Must be Drake Two Chains fans. Slug brother Ali use words all the time most rappers couldn't spell never mind define. I think they are a breath of fresh air. Instead of rhyming words has story. What happened to fish and grits and all the pimp shit

  25. Bones and Tubs Show

    I truly hope that I can do for one person with this podcast, what you have done for millions of people with this song.

  26. Hollie S

    This is true music ♡

  27. Julian

    underrated piece :p , i love it .

  28. sam.

    More views??

  29. beto sk8s

    I f****n love Brother Ali!!!

  30. Victoria Appiagei

    poet powerful good Listen wow powerful best ever real hip-hop raw lyrical

  31. Brianna Murray

    Brother Ali has a special place in my heart 💜💙💛💚❤

  32. Debbie Oleary

    This saved my life ❣️

  33. MizterConfuzing

    Was lucky enough to meet and talk to Ali in 2017 for about an hour before his concert in Oslo. At one point I told him that this is my favorite song he has made. At one point during the concert all the audio got cut and he started talking about being strong through suffering. The he said "like my man Tommy (my name) standing over here in front row, he understands this song" Then the intro melody started and I almost started to cry. This guy is such a sincere and down to earth guy.

    StuckInTheSticks '86

    Awesome experience man, truly blessed to have been able to connect with him like that. Incredible human being.

  34. Pinx Matheny

    oh my fucking god i swear this song was written by my man for me... first time he played it for me i balled my eyes out I LOVE YOU SHADOW ... its my life story WTF??????/ CRAZY SONG PROPS HOMIW U SHOT THAT SHIT

  35. Katie

    These nicotine patches are giving me crazy dreams....this night I dreamt of this song and that you loved me without judgement. This song is spot on in my life. Thank you for your music. #100%

  36. cameron H

    This is some real spit

  37. Aaron Guthrie

    Sounds like Slug in this for a second. Great song.

  38. Monique Lashae Holliday

    Omg I f*cking love this song! #Bringbackgoodrap A beautiful song with a great message, don't let its title fool you. It applies to everyone. I deal with depression, it f*cking sucks. If you need to talk to someone. PLEASE talk to me. I got you. You are worth it!

  39. Jessica Jones

    Very empowering song for me. I didn't find this song until a decade after a was sexually abused but it speaks to me on all levels. Makes me cry and smile all at once.

  40. Cruz Dominguez

    Just the thought of hurting someone that loves you, makes my blood boil. I'll never do this, for all my faults I'll never sink that low.

  41. korey schale

    you've truly touched hip hop

  42. Jon-Paul Andrews

    My innocence was stolen. A lost, lonely, ashamed 3 year old girl. No one did anything to help me then and when I can't find the words for the pain I still feel 30 years later and looking at my baby girls...I turn this song on and I let it out. Someone very special to me sent me this song and for the first time in my life, the secret pain I was hiding was understood. Thank you Brother. From the bottom of my heart. -Tiffany

    N.J.B Beatz


  43. TJ Avagliano

    This is the type of hip hop they need to play on the radio. All the hits are complete garbage compared to this.

  44. Vanessa Rose

    So Raw and Precious💖

  45. Molano Carlos

    Tryna risk any possible meanings of way's paper chasin' trails, history in the progress
    Who's leaving digital notes behind of a legend like Bach or Allen Poe,
    Many self proclaiming artist search for acts of mainstream motes
    Keynotes dusty crumbs soluble of nothing turn into greater value equivalent,
    Breathe hi"-clefs out diaphragm no giveth time rare breed forms within'
    Poetry just simply ease my pain away. -Yours Truly & signing off away I go

  46. seewuh

    This brought tears to my eyes at the show in Vancouver tonight.


    A former best friend of mine has led a very tragic life. This song and Devil's Arms from the Left In The Deck EP basically describes most of her life up until last year. She sobbed rivers when I used this song to introduce her to Brother Ali's music.

    On a lighter note, 2009 was a pretty goddamn shitty year for hip-hop, all things considered. Whole lotta people died or went to prison. This album has to be a bright spot in an otherwise bleak year.

  48. asinine Dumbass

    amazing song.had an ex that lived this life

  49. Janette Blaydes

    Heaven Received Another Angel. My Dear Nephew, Auntie Will Be Missing You Dearly <3 Until We Are All Together Again, We Love You. JOHN 3:16.

  50. john amaya

    I concur with the statement below me 😎

  51. James Deveny


  52. Malcolm Ivory

    good look pandora

  53. James Brown

    Not often a song anymore sounds great and contains intelligent lyrics that make you think. Much like the better lyrical songs of the 60s/70s, this will stand the test of time, this is an artist I will definitely listen to...

  54. Andres Torres

    this is a about a girl being molested right

  55. Benjamin Adams

    Heavy Stuff From Nightmares

  56. ZNINZ

    feeling this deep..

  57. Dakota Caldwell

    saw this in concert red rocks 2016!!!

  58. Haley C.

    79 people don't understand what it's like to hurt

  59. alice In-Wonderland

    wow beautiful

  60. that_oneguy_est.94

    this song reminds me of my mom other than the intertwine part, but i watched my mom fight hell and make it out. my brother sent me a link to this song and i laughed when i read it. but it is legit. i love the emotion and vulnerability put out. right in the feels!

  61. Carl Daenzer

    just watched him 2 nights ago in Missoula! great show

  62. Meow Richard

    jeffie mcheffie brought me here!

  63. Ricky Lahey

    saw this live a few hours ago was fire !!

  64. kaleb wylie

    much love brother Ali. keep writing people need your music

    Ricky Lahey

    Hes got a fresh album with Ant od Atmosphere coming out next year.

    Dustin Mercier

    Freal?? That is Siccccck,thankyou for the knowledge on that! Peace

  65. Eliana Black

    how do I deal with them?

    Leah Mcdermott

    Eliana Black love yourself ❤ because you deserve it and no one else will if you don't

  66. Mariah Simpson

    Can't seem to stop running.

  67. Brett Montgomery

    this is real hip hop. brother ali for president

  68. Illya Swan

    This whole album is a tribute to love, feelings, vulnerability, respect, and caring. This is stunning, poetic, and hypnotic.

    Victoria Appiagei

    Dope music awesome Cool good Listen lyrical era poet powerful so skills beautiful music spoke word

    Grum Pee

    Illya Swan is 4 us


    His entire discography is like that. It's rare to find an artist who can do what Brother Ali has done. It's strange, there seems to be a higher percentage of Rhymesayers artists who can do this than any other label.

  69. Rascon5

    does anyone else agree that this song is about his girlfriend/wife was raped and he is trying to protect her

  70. Oscar DeLeon

    This that real sushi!#!!

  71. Dub 87

    I wasn't there baby girl but I'm here

    Arlie Wardlaw

    +Dub 87 😶 promise?

  72. Mabreezy Weezy

    this song fucked me up n saved me at the same time

    Doctor Love

    Im really glad it did. Peace and love.

    Mabreezy Weezy

    KevinLove3030 🤘❤

    Clint Monroe

    Mabreezy Weezy im sorry that anything bad ever happened to you. You are a strong and amazing women.

    Yazzmine Zaccardi

    Me too, sis... me too.


    WTF!?!?!, why is this so under rated? I cant believe it. This is so good

    v V

    Psycholoque because some people can't cope with the pain and it's to much for them so they dislike a strong message such as this song about domestic violence.

    Jake Wilson

    mike vess showed it to my ex hoping it would help her open up and realize that i understood how hard it was for her to do so because of what she went through in her past and the parallels drawn in the song. It conveys the emotion a lot better than me trying to delicately put it into words, but it backfired terribly. She couldn't even listen to half of it without being pissed at me for bringing up the old emotions she had been burying for so long

    Doctor Love

    +Mike Vess Its hit or miss. Luckily the 2 women who I knew who were abused loved it. Its a very sensitive subject.

    Melissa Villegas

    Jake Wilson I listened for years it's a long process to come to terms with but this year I'm finally telling. tell her this . a stranger on the Internet feels the same and she has never felt this light before . it'll feel so good to tell . have patience it took me years and years.

    Ryan Delisle

    It's not popular because most of our population are not intellectuals, they just care about a song if it's "hype" and show now respect to the meaningful and very powerful songs that people like brother ali can come up with. I've never heard a lil yachty, or 6ix9ine song that has choked me up, and I'm sure none of us will. It really is too bad that not many people respect real hip hop anymore. Keep hip hop alive and well people. Stay up everyone!

  74. Abram Montiel

    I have been listening to Brother Ali for a good 8 years and have never heard this song.. I have been missing out

    Doctor Love

    How did you not unless you aren't buying his albums..which is a huge shame. You are missing out.

  75. Aniki Yamamoto

    I don't know what to say, I just hear!

  76. StrangerOnErth

    If I was meant to die he would have killed me.

  77. Kev

    This was me and me ex-girlfriends song.... this song is pure sadness for me now

    PAKET 1337

    nbdy give a fuq

    The Majestic Narwhal

    If you're going to be an ass at least spell your words right, and that fucking sucks Kevin

  78. Doug Diamond

    This is my favourite Brother Ali song. It really grabs you by the heartstrings.

  79. bradly hanna

    Never a whole bunch a views. But that's alright cause I know I ain't missing out on real hip hip. Hands down to the hip hip originals.

  80. mizzmamawolf

    This song hits home harder than any other song for me, lovely and powerful image but most of all the emotion in his words gets me every time. Brother ali will forever be one of the best in my eyes.


    Far from it to be honest. Still feel this way and lonely as hell but Thank you though <3 <3 <3 <3 

    Doctor Love

    +mizzmamawolf You ever wanna talk music or whatever just shoot me a message on here. Human to Human we need more kindness in this world.


    mizzmamawolf I saw him perform this song last night, and he literally closed his eyes and poured his emotions into it. Extremely powerful. Watching him lose himself in his words was stunning.

    Prezzie Lopresti

    mizzmamawolf I seen him in concert as well he was the star of the show

    James Kryzaniak

    E and the K...?

    Me and my son.. You are the Spirit, Ali..

  81. chevz aguilera


    Mario Vega


  82. Zaina Smaidi

    this song gives me hope everyday thank you

  83. Chris L

    278,357 hits and only 2,369 likes!? WOW that is a crime! This an amazing track.


    +Chris L 279,652 views and 2,380 LIKES.

    Chris L

    @Catter Peener corrected! :)

    Aurelio Gonzalez

    +Catter Peener I would like to personally visit the people who gives this song a thumbs down! they're probably pedo's, why else would dislike such a masterpiece of a song

  84. Hannah Marie

    I can never stop crying

  85. Becca R

    such an evil design when you cant even enjoy the sweetness you find❤

  86. Becca R

    late nights we lay awake
    drowning in a lake that pours out of her face. 💕

  87. Jen Olson

    I can't thank you enough for this song.

  88. j d

    this just rattles ya..

  89. Ryan beeley

    I've met Ali 3 times and he deeply loves his fans which makes him super dope on top of being an I'll Mc and part of Rhymesayers!

    Doctor Love

    Me too. Met him outside a DoomTree show in MPLS handing out flyers for his own show. This was before Undisputed Truth dropped though so I doubt he has to do that anymore. Dude was just so fucking kind and humble. I told him what his music meant to me and dude gave me a huge hug and said thanks for being his fan. Ali is a godsend

  90. Ryan beeley

    correction below sex crime victim

  91. Ryan beeley

    I'm under my fiances account but I love that Ali can put into words the hurt from being a sec crime victim. he talked to us at the show saying how only half of victims report it. he said that we spend billions on war yet can't protect our own sisters, friends. I've had the privilege of telling him how much this song has helped me

  92. Ryan beeley

    I have had the honor of seeing this live in Boston

  93. pkleaf

    Holy shit, I lucked out hard on clicking a random vid cause the art looked cool. Gonna spread Brother Ali hard.

  94. Justin Lowe

    Brother ali got heart

  95. Origin_Wigo Fahli


  96. jayjayStyler

    who the fuck produced that beat?

    Bad Randolf

    +jayjayStyler Ant from Atmosphere produced the whole album