Brother Ali - Apple Tree Me Lyrics

[Brother Ali:]
Apple tree me
They throw rocks, I throw 'em apples back
If you're ruffling my people's leaves
I guarantee that I'ma stab yo ass
I say it once so you can leave
Then we're both gonna have to choose
You wake up in emergency, I wake up in the custody
We both'll wake up on the news
I'm always on my post til they release me
To do the least or the most, whatever need be
Can't decrease me or DB[?] even briefly
A champion, stand as a chief until we breathe free
They either honor me or shower me with cruelty
Neither one has anything to do with me
But if you do judge, do it according
To the reality that this is me while being tortured
I often think of myself as lost, and
Only thing for certain is a curtain and a coffin
Learned my first song from my mama then I watched 'em
Zip her face up in the bag and drag her off and
I'm not being dramatic, I'm just playing back the highlights
Things I remember more vivid than my eyesight
Forgive me, give me just a minute get my mind right
Don't expect me spit 'em in a straight line, man

[C.S. Armstrong:]
I ain't scared, I ain't scared no more
Done seen the worst of the worst
I ain't scared, I ain't scared no more
Gonna have to kill me first
The bottom so real, when you move away it don't mean I forgot
I ain't scared, I ain't scared

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Brother Ali Apple Tree Me Comments
  1. BanneroftheSun

    Dawg this is one of most hardest tracks from Brother Ali..those that gave it a thumbs down it’s ova ya head! Truly poetic he is and always has been but as of late becoming more so.

  2. Steven Cyr