Brotha Lynch Hung - Meat Lyrics

Alarm clock, I hate alarm clocks

Hey babe I gotta get up
Real shit ya'll

[Verse 1:]
I only got enough money for some hamburger meat
But I still ain't trippin that's the shit I like to eat
But my son he like daddy this is all we got to eat
I'm like son I'm about to sing big time
I'm downloadin' beats and I'm a start writin' to em
And if the fans don't buy em I'm a kill them in they sleep
Bring the extra cheese
We gonna eat somehow like the Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese
Gettin' dirty meats, make me some fuckn' stacks of G's
With the a-r automatic uzi machine
All you gota do is wash it off and then put it in the freeze
And then we good for another couple of weeks
When you get older like me you'll be tuckin the heat
And if not you, you'll be stuck in the street
I wanna say ya mom love you, but that's up to she
But we gonna do what we gotta do n that's get the meat
Strange music got my back they hopefully
But if not they really ain't no hope for me
That means you goin' through the same situation
That means we gone keep goin' through the same shit you hatin'

Meat, we gotta find something to eat
Even if we gotta go do it on the street
Even if we gotta go shootin' with the heat
Even if we lie to dude we gone get the meat, (meat, meat)

[Verse 2:]
I only got enough money for top ramen noodles
My son lookin' at me like he don't wanna come to close
He saw me in the bathroom cryin' it was to late
I couldn't even keep a straight face, like 2 face
All the mother fucka's around me they was to fake
I ain't got an album out now they call me to late
Bar b q yesterday, where the fuck was I at?
A football game where's my mother fuckin' hi at?
I remember lizz moore drive even after that
Starin at my strange chain, thinkin' ain't goin' back
I got a new life, I'm a get a new wife,
I'm a get a new 9, I think it was do time
No matter who's wrong or who right
Life's like shakin' 'em up n rollin' 2 dice
Thin slice, and my ol school homey like where you been ice
Just marinatin, stomach achein shit ain't been right


[Background Vocals:]
Real shit ya'll... real shit ya'll... meat
Hey kev wake up, fadin off, meat [Fades Out:]
Yo kev wake up

[Verse 3:]
Lil Kevin wake up it's school time, get ya clothes on
Don't no body love you like me
We in the O zone, twilight zone
All we got to eat today is bullshit
Time for you to pray, but I don't pray I carry full clips
You can't be like me cause I'm a fuck up,
And if we both fuckn' up you gone be just like me
It's gone be a tight squeeze, we can get through this
You my 'lil nigga so nigga we gone do this
Shit, I can count it on one hand
Old as I am I can still cound it on one hand
We both Kevin mann
We both gotta stretch it out like a rubber band
I got another plan, I got a million of em
I'm a still come with em, I'm still run with em
We gotta keep it goin, then I'm done with it
That's it, I'm a whipe my hands
I'm hella broke but I don't dance


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Brotha Lynch Hung Meat Comments
  1. Dylanicey Hall

    He got heart. Respect that bro.🧐

  2. Willy Bright

    stomach aching shit ain't been right ...

  3. 2 followers 0 videos


  4. psychoticninja100

    So much nostalgia

  5. alberts1985

    I’m so broke and so hungry

  6. Janice Powers

    Goosebumps Lynch you do it to me Everytime much luv from da 513

  7. why H8

    Fuck yea lynch knows how it is to be a Father this song just told my life with my lil boy .

  8. khakan adil

    Real music, never gonna get old ;)


    whose still here in 2020?

  10. Cursed Kennedy

    Killer track! so is mine aswell killa'

  11. I only comment while I’m on the shitter

    This makes my blood cold

  12. a bomb

    Nearly 10 years later.. Still here

  13. Joshua Giron

    How is this only 1 million ? Should be 10 million

  14. Jason Wolfe

    The struggles are real

  15. ALEX KOF

    i need that song on spotify please D:

  16. J Leone

    Back in 2010 I lost a job I had been at for almost 10 years I sat in my room with headphones on listening to this song crying wondering how I was gonna support my 5 year old son.

  17. JuniorAntonCrowley Superjointsmoked

    Lynch keeps me calm and mellow!!!

  18. Jeffery Maxwell

    That's What UP!

  19. Big Mike Garcia

    This one is raw & uncut😎

  20. 3rdcoastbornand Raise

    How dare people even say Em king,goat or god of rap.Its so many underground niggas who make you feel it in yo soul.

  21. Juniorsicxbounty rumz781

    This my shit love this song . Always bumping this track lynch spilling his gutz on this song

  22. JuniorAntonCrowley Superjointsmoked

    Love this song byfar one my favorite songs by lynch .

  23. Wedo Graydon

    This reminds me when i was young cause i didnt have food in the house and i had to feed my sisters and brothers first so i was the last to eat so i had to make money to eat

  24. Ok Ok

    meat (meat) meat

  25. J Scripture

    Some days this song is all I have to keep me focused on being a single father, raising my son to be successful in this world of bull shit! So easy to fall back into old patterns when the world wants to see you fall on your face, for their entertainment.

  26. javier Fernandez

    Real ass shit

  27. Romeo Dolorosa

    O to the G

  28. James V

    Gotta love Lynch

  29. Juniorsicxbounty rumz781

    This one my FAVOURITE Lynch songs

  30. JuniorSicxNHeadBounty Rumz781.

    This one my favorite songs real shit

  31. xJAY42Ox

    How does only have 1 million views. I feel like ive watched this 1 million times myself....

  32. Brandon Dalley

    almost 10 years later and this still soo fucking relevant to my life...

  33. David Cascio

    Just saw this dude live. One of the best nights ever

  34. Bishop Kadafi

    You influenced many fam especially me. You the reason ion even wanna fit in wit nighaz 🌙 GENERAL

  35. francisco padilla

    I want to say your mom loves you thats up to she

  36. T-Fitz21013

    Real shit y’all

  37. pharoah Akahnaten

    Im tired im coming for my kidds. Love my black peole. Im home im coming pharaohs kids

  38. pharoah Akahnaten

    I am pharoah. Coming to get every blaclk child. Red blue together. Lets go

  39. pharoah Akahnaten

    Look the blsck man is god. Black woman. I goddees. Plan simple . im home. To get my kids. Im phsroah. Im BACK. To get my kids . im home. So lets go. You with me let me know

  40. Doug Tha Drug Tha New Epidemic

    Salute Brotha Lynch Hung.

  41. pharoah Akahnaten


  42. francisco padilla

    You cant be like me cause im a fuk up ! King Javieee1 San diego clmt

  43. Ryan Bradford


  44. Ryan Bradford


  45. Ryan Bradford

    Get Prepaird for tha

  46. Hue Mungus

    Classic here in 2019

  47. Dylan Bong

    Lynch is one of the oldest and realist rappers out there that's way underrated

  48. Ryan Bradford

    just live wit Me G!

  49. Ryan Bradford

    yo im a get somevdope shit and i just want you to be drinkin my Champagne! @lright?

  50. Anthony Saldana

    I remember playing this Sophmore year.


    That trill~shit 101...

  52. Alex Bland

    Saddest song ever written about cannibalism.


    Or about the need to sustain life by killing. That means you and me, don’t try to wiggle you ass out of it

  53. SlimyZombie

    lots of love to brotha lynch hung aka spiderman... cant say enough good things about this man. Always helping us through tough times..

  54. Jon4

    this is legendary shizt man 2019 DOPE!

  55. Lorena Guerrero

    About his son went deep

  56. Ксения Мирова

    2019 год, есть здесь кто? неужели русские не слушают качественный рэп?

  57. Alejandro Gutierrez

    Damn, I feel you brotha!

  58. Grim Reality Entertainment

    Always Fire!

  59. Holly Lynn

    This deserves way more views than it has ✌

  60. Hxbicht 616

    Had to hear it twice, now I'm in

  61. Isaac Garcia

    2019 I'm still here lynch

    Marcus Thompson

    It's right..

  62. Liv Florez

    u can always feel that pain when lynch rap

  63. Luke Brown

    When I'm down and out I put this on repeat

  64. Ryan Bradford

    cRyTown won't give Up !FuRy! !!!!thA Sac VyKing

  65. Ryan Bradford

    I remem! Strange Music!! Synth!!!

  66. Ryan Bradford

    I'm On and pAint ever Gonna Stop My niiga!!!!ReaLOVE!rnb

  67. Nathan Collver

    U know every song has a order? It's all a true story don't get it twisted

  68. megament rodrigo

    Real.....Reality of Brazil....🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  69. Bay Area

    This 💯

  70. Chris Johnson

    Fan for decades, favorite song.

  71. Billy Davidson

    We gone eat somehow HUMAN PROBLEMS You will see that everything is an illusion when you have zero currency & zero family & friends, once a human is reduced to nothing financially, Survival will kick in & those in their surroundings will become potental victims, I've seen it first hand over & over, But like G.I. JOE SAID KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE 😁 SHOUT OUT TO G.I. JOE FOR LACING MY TENNY SHOE'S WHEN I WAS A YOUNG ONE.

  72. 7even8ight1ne Rumz

    I love lynch he been my favorite mc since fukkn 94 ORIGINAL SiccMade Fan Right here Season Of Siccness will always be his best work this ok but us here northern cali around Sacramento all kno wtf shit is when come to lynch if y'all wasnt around in 90's in cali y'all never kno what this siccmade shit was out here shit wasnt just rap that siccness shit was alive and booming back 95 all ways to 99 you hear lynch everywhere this is way before mf's outside 916 n 209 area codes even kno who fuk lynch was his local fan base here cali was legendary!!! Only person I say had that status was Too Short back his early days thumbs up you was rock in out here back 90's kno wtf I'm talkn abt 👌💯👍

  73. Carl Jeffries

    Hard asf

  74. Gacha Tha Mexican

    This happen to me I’m not lying

  75. Ryan Bradford


  76. chaotic loli

    My entire life this entire song happened to me I was am sill a kid so when I was like up in till 8year old all of it happened plus more

  77. Valkarrus

    How does this only have a million views

  78. Eduardo

    Much love to Lynch, one of the most underrated artists of all time, this guy is a monster, BIG respect from BRAZIL!!

  79. Myragegoesreee R

    I keep coming back to this song. It's such a good representation of poverty and struggle

  80. mandalor-83 1

    Lynch this vid was deep big cuzz

  81. Chup O


  82. Phil L

    Who's the actor in all these Brotha Lynch Hung videos? Anyone know his name?

  83. Deevon Dudley

    My old school homie lkke where u been ice, just marinating stomach aching shit aint been right

  84. bunbun

    so many times ive been a hairline from suicide and his music always brings me back

  85. John Ralph

    This is my favorite "Go-Get-It" song ever. Every time I listen to it, it reminds me to focus on what's important and to keep improving myself.

    Marcus Thompson


  86. Nolan Banks

    Brother Lynch is back! Hard as Hell!

  87. Ur mom when she is old.

    gotta eat, I feel that shit homie. Keep hustlin

  88. DOS UNO

    Lynch, keep the reality rap going. Music with a message!

  89. SAD Puppy

    2k11-2k17 was goin threw hard tymes keepin on pushin n kickin fall still gotta get up
    Don't hurt urself I let my lesson. ...

  90. BossCaveman

    Early morning days on Xbox Live opening my eyes on them summer days like I was struggling 😂😂😂


    Genial wie das Cover von KIZ!
    ( K.I.Z. - FLEISCH is a german Version of this Song)

  92. Wood T

    yo lench been listening since 24 deep cuzz. keep it real locsta

  93. aceisking/DA-JYK Official

    This song inspires me to write my rhymes

  94. Nilankanta the Dragon

    Way better than Justin Bieber


    It's time for you to pray but I don't pray I carry full clips.

  96. 618 Greenleaf

    I've had a lot of the same thoughts as he had in the video. Especially toward my ex bitch