Brooks, Garth - Wolves Lyrics

January's always bitter
But Lord this one beats all
The wind ain't quit for weeks now
And the drifts are ten feet tall
I been all night drivin' heifers
Closer in to lower ground
Then I spent the mornin' thinkin'
'Bout the ones the wolves pulled down

Charlie Barton and his family
Stopped today to say goodbye
He said the bank was takin' over
The last few years were just too dry
And I promised that I'd visit
When they found a place in town
Then I spent a long time thinkin'
'Bout the ones the wolves pull down

Lord please shine a light of hope
On those of us who fall behind
And when we stumble in the snow
Could you help us up while there's still time

Well I don't mean to be complainin' Lord
You've always seen me through
And I know you got your reasons
For each and every thing you do
But tonight outside my window
There's a lonesome mournful sound
And I just can't keep from thinkin'
'Bout the ones the wolves pull down

Oh Lord keep me from bein'
The one the wolves pull down

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Brooks, Garth Wolves Comments
  1. mike moore

    Garth is a legendary country musician.

  2. justanotherbum007

    This isn't from No Fences... doesn't sound right

  3. Ricky Sabine


    this is how country used to sound, a long time ago

    Jimmie Reaves

    This is always been my favorite Garth Brooks song I don't know why it didn't take off

  4. Saber Alpha

    Hey Christy I know you are out there...tell me how is God....Your dad is is gone but your mom has you in her heart here back on earth....your beauty will never be forgotten...see you when I get there....