Brooks & Dunn - That Ain't No Way To Go Lyrics

Lipstick letters across the mirror this morning
Said, "Goodbye, baby." You left without warning
Like a thief in the night, you ran away with my heart
I can't believe my eyes, must be a bad dream
You always said we had a good thing
You never once let on we were falling apart

That ain't no way to go. Girl, it just ain't right
Don't you think that I deserve to hear you say goodbye?
That ain't no way to go. Was it all a lie?
After all this time, that ain't no way to go

Getting nowhere, I'm tired of thinking
Guess I'll do a little wishful drinking
And make a whiskey wish upon a star
Train whistle blowing down the track
Lonesome sound says she ain't coming back
It's such a cold blow from out of the dark

That ain't no way to go. Girl, it just ain't right
Don't you think that I deserve to hear you say goodbye
That ain't no way to go. Was it all a lie
After all this time, that ain't no way to go

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Brooks & Dunn That Ain't No Way To Go Comments
  1. Drea Royer

    I was 8 when I heard them and I still listen to their music. I know every word 💕

  2. Joe Lerma

    Man I love Brooks and dun

  3. Tara Drier

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  4. CanAmRydr

    Perfect song for my current situation

  5. Rhonda Landrum

    Ronnie Dunn got the best voice in Country!

  6. Paula Fowler Richter

    Brooks & Dunn , I ABSOLUTELY love them , this is County Music fokes, but this song,, "That Anit No Way to Go!!!' 1991. Great year, I had my 2nd baby & his name is Little Bobby

  7. Drea Royer

    Best of their time 💕 I absolutely love their music and still play it

  8. Brandon Pulkrabek

    I must be allergic to this song. I get little bumps all over my arms as soon as it starts.

  9. Josh Gould

    Hands down favorite country music singer

  10. ducky wilson

    I like how they take turns at singing songs you wouldn't know if you didn't take notice

  11. tom meyer

    The greatest country voice from a 100 years ago to today ,that’s just a fact !

  12. Darren Johnson

    That last "that ain't no way to go" is pure perfection.

  13. Traci Kirchhoff

    The 90s was the best. Born in 84 and grew up on the 80 and 90s. Even the 70s music was good. My raised me right as far as music.

  14. Greg Hass

    Best country duo of all time.

    Dillon James Locke

    Best duo of all time!

  15. Joe Britten

    Country music has lost its way these days but b& d always put out great tunes

  16. LoveAuntAshley

    Totally weird probably but I love to see Kix Brooks pluck those guitar strings. So graceful.

  17. MK Ultra

    im a Man, this song Rules

  18. Chachi's Adventures

    Ronnie's voice just hits your soul!!!

  19. Sophia Bulgaria

    Love this song

  20. Daniel Bienapfl

    Best brooks and dunn song lol been playing all their songs today I miss this music

  21. David Clavier

    FGL, this is what country music is. Buy a clue or get out

  22. MsPSA96


  23. e harris

    Next stop ,,,,,

    Every light in the house is on

  24. Tracy Davis


  25. Anna Smith

    I love you Dunn and I love all of ya'lls music and you are a awesome singer and I love ya'll

  26. LoveAuntAshley

    My ex fiance abandoned me 5 years ago and then my dad did about 3 month's ago. This song is so healing and when I listen to it I am always reminded that I need to guard my heart.

  27. life of

    This is what real country music sounds like. This new Bro country music is a disgrace. Luke Bryan sux ,to name just one of many.

  28. King Melanin

    My favorite song by these guys.

    Dillon James Locke

    Mine is Neon Moon. This song is incredible though.

  29. Sherry Wheeler

    Excellent Voices

  30. Sherry Wheeler

    Brooks And Dunn Excellent Music. Good Music To Party To.

  31. Paula Fowler Richter


  32. Ronnie Watts

    This was real country

  33. Elizabeth Yates

    Wish I could turn on the radio and hear country music like this again!

  34. Ed Caldwell

    Ronnie Dunn IS country music.

  35. Maria Moshogianni


  36. Brandon Williams

    2019 still one of the best songs of all time

  37. Kenny H

    I feel sorry for the 1.2k drones who gave this a thumbs down, there is no shallower mind nor deeper ignorance that that.

  38. Kenny H

    Awesome tune!

  39. Angie Williams

    9 September 2019 Cincinnati, OH still listening and loving it!!!

  40. Cryptoria1

    I wouldn't tell either of them good bye LOL

  41. Clarence Dixon

    Good song🌞

  42. rockerisking

    My parents loved country music. I hated it. This song here won me over though, and since then I have enjoyed country music. I am still a rock guy no doubt, but these guys got me to broaden my horizons and include some country now and then.

  43. Jeremy Ross

    I like it when they first start it out

  44. Paula Fowler Richter

    Country Music & Real Country singers at its best ,when country wasn't even cool,, 1970's - 2005

  45. Joe Bates

    1990s the best

  46. wazzzzzup

    Still listening Brooks, and Dunn. This stuff they're calling country music now just ain't cuttin it for a lot of people <3

  47. Lisa Craig

    Did they write their own songs??

  48. Terry Hall

    RONNIE DUNN has the sexiest legs I ever. Saw. Sherry hall

  49. Amanda Culp

    Makes me reminice....😌🎵🎶love them!!!

  50. Gaming God

    The music period. Awesome memories of my husband that's passed. So much of ya'll we would sing so loud. When I'm really missing Tim, u go on. Thank so much. P. Timmons

  51. Jimmy Agnew

    Don't get a moon tan,

  52. Shamell Rose

    Me and buddy of mine are gonna bring back this type of country. Don’t worry, we got everyone who has an old soul and til feels this type of country deep in the heart.

  53. Killerwaleboy1v1 aka bot

    Ring back the 80's and 90's. The new country isnt really country. Not at all!!

  54. Amanda Marie

    2019 still my favorite country group💚💙

  55. Kaitlyn J.

    Today's "country" music will never compare to this. It breaks my heart in school when everyone is singing these "Fresh Country" music songs and saying that it's country music, give me a break y'all. THIS ladies and gentlemen is what REAL country music is so please bring it back 💔🙏

  56. Benjie Onan

    Man wish country music was still the same as it was when I was a kid but it was a diffrent world

  57. Dylan Batchelor

    I was with this woman for a while & our relationship felt to good to be true unfortunately it was. Just one day she disappeared & ran off with her ex. It was a hard pill to swallow & sometimes still is because I'll never stop loving her even if I wanted to.

  58. Abel Cheng

    I already liked country but now I fell in love with it.

  59. johnny hopkins

    I love this song back When Country was REAL!!!

  60. countrykid_20

    I wish country was still like this.

  61. Misty G

    Who's is here in 2019 💋💋💋💘💞💗❤💖

  62. Eric OBrien

    You remember these songs when you live the song

  63. Tad Wolfe

    After all this time, that ain't no way to go...

  64. L Schweigman

    Can't beat this duo. Still the best.

  65. Jan Norris

    when country was good....

  66. Showboat Sizzle

    yes! great duo

  67. Peter Cnossen

    Country music was born in the 50s. Took 40 years to get perfected, 10 years to go off the rails.

  68. Thanks Giving

    I loved you I really did and I still have never found a way to get over the way things ended, I would do anything to have you back in my life

  69. Thanks Giving

    Missing you sucks

  70. toddvandell85

    "Wishful Drinking"
    Great title for a song.
    Great name for a band.
    A great country band.

  71. Ashlee Mills

    I love this song
    But I am still going to say it...
    It is a way to go if you have tried over and over again with nothing in return.

  72. austin teutsch

    Ronnie Dunn is one of the top 10 greatest c/w singers of all time. Period.

  73. gerald 413

    Back when Country didn't try to bend/blend into pop stars.

  74. Michael Shockey

    I love country music Brooks & Dunn are the baddest duo I've heard in many many years!!

  75. Anthony Cohn

    I miss how the old country sounded. B4 it got all mixed with rap or rock . Music of today could never top these songs

  76. southern hot mess

    My all-time favorite song by these guys.... Str8 2 the heart... Definitely my heart

  77. 2 1/2 Acres

    YES!!! More of this kind of music. When country music was country and not Pop Country!!!

  78. The Hammer

    Great song

  79. ed gein

    Leslie ann Dalton

  80. Brian Tams

    Love It!!! Great Song!!!

  81. Elijah Shiver

    I honestly remember why I loved the Telecaster I had because of Ronnie, and this video, and this song.

  82. John Addison

    This is country, what's the heck is the music industry thinking to put out the crap they do today? It's pure garbage.

  83. Dustin Green

    I think this is their best song. Best country duo of all time

  84. yuhao wang

    I'm Chinese, just miss the country life so much, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas. Thanks for god to give me such a good memory. I would try to find the country spirit in my entire life.

  85. aande126

    Still my favourite song of all time 😍😍👌 only two types of music to me and thats country and western ❤❤

  86. wayne belsha

    good song

  87. Jerry Lee Kersey

    I had never been a country fan but when these guys came out along with little texas, I became a fan.

  88. Blanca Cardoza

    Country music like this will never go out of style. Love listening to. REAL COUNTRY ❤

  89. Sherry Wheeler

    Brooks And Dunn Rock

  90. Raul Rodriguez

    I would rather listen Bro country and wear bedazzled Jeans with a girly designer shirt...and $1200 boots that have never stepped on dirt..

  91. life of

    Miss the good old country music like this. Rap has ruined everything

  92. James Bizallion

    Listen to T.G. Shephard "Slow Burn" inspired this song...change my mind

  93. darrknight1971

    Now this is country music.  Timeless.

  94. Dillon James Locke

    The very idea of comparing Florida Georgia Line to Brooks & Dunn is insulting to Brooks & Dunn and country music in general.

  95. Dillon James Locke

    This and Neon Moon are my favorite Brooks & Dunn songs!

    EDIT: Oh and Believe!


    Just pure excellence

  97. Brendan Fay