Brooks & Dunn - Tequila Lyrics

One shot, Two shot, Three tequila floor,
Cowboy bouncer's 'bout to bowl me out the door
Jose got me stumblin' mumblin' like a fool
That worms got a kick like a Tennessee mule
Wake up in the mornin hurtin head skinned knees
Aint no doubt about whats puttin a whoopin on me


Tequila Goes down easy, lord it will sneak up on you fast
Tequila Great Big buzz in a lil bitty glass
Tequila Glass, salt, straight up, chilled,lemon lime
Blue on the rocks, frozen margarita time
Mexicali, blue aguave, fire in a bottle
Too much Cabo Wabo do the cucha racha wobble
You think by now a drinkin man would learn
You dont go toe to toe with that lil bitty worm

[Repeat Chorus]

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Brooks & Dunn Tequila Comments
  1. Beth Davis

    Damn! Marilyn Monroe

  2. Steven Sheats

    Tequila Great Song Brooks & Dunn
    And The Funny Part Of The Song
    You Brooks And Dunn Sound Like The Mexican Guys

  3. esenihc drew

    So cool

  4. Constantina La Fontaine


  5. Alynne Hanny

    Realmente, esse esfilo country faz a pessoa querer passar o dia todo elétrica

    Sara Ali

    Not the same way

  6. tracey hayward

    Awesome tune . Love that harmonica .

  7. Colette' G.


  8. Heather Lyn

    Ain't never and will never be a better duo than these two right here!! Not one song of there's I don't like and I still have my neon moon, boot scooting boogie..... Cd from 7th grade.... I'll love that cd til eternity!

  9. Tammey may brooks gimme kiss

    Brooks and dunn should get back together one more and Ronnie Dunn is like garth brooks they can sing anything you give them to and Brooks and Dunn are my favourite Duo

  10. Carlene Fennell

    Ronnie Dunn can sing anything. I just love his voice!

    Sara Ali

    Your butt

  11. Daniel Puyol

    Good drink harmo tequila 😨

  12. Devansha55

    This gives me happy feet! Ear candy! ❤️❤️

  13. Janet Pearson

    Love these guys!

    city slicker

    Hillbilly deluxe was class

  14. Ann Clancy

    Brooks and Dunn, awesome, great way to start my day!

  15. Ann Clancy

    I love this!

  16. Joe Costigan

    Love it keep the awesome country music coming 👍🤗😉

  17. Myke Lowry

    The cops could chase me to this song !!!

  18. boston brian

    These two are just Country music-Cool!!

    Sara Ali

    Desperate to eat mac and cheese

  19. Silvia Lima

    Tequila uhuuuuuu

  20. 12cm32


  21. Mr GatesDog

    Miss new music from this duo. But love these versions

    Lisa Mckee

    Had shot earlier tonight's

    Sara Ali

    Bitween yo an me it's not relaxing from me

  22. Tatiana Lozada

    Tequila viva Mexico 🇲🇽😁👍

    Sara Ali

    Yeah the same way to you if you please no thank you if come no soda thank you for the biscuit

  23. JT Stroupe

    These guys are legends

  24. Cheryl Chimino

    Love anything Ronnie sings This is sweet i love it

  25. Ethan Mustard

    👌🏻 👍🏻