Brooke Hogan - Dear Mom... Lyrics

It's such a shame
When someone you were born to love
Isn't that person anymore

This one's for you
I love you,
But you gotta change

When you said that you would never change,
Was it true
Do it to save all we had
Would you
How could you give up
How could you do that
Why did you leave me
And when you come back
Spending all your time with him
You can't even see me

Selfish, what you is
How you mistreated your own kids
How could you do that
I know we don't talk now
How could you turn your back on me
Now I'm walkin' out

Cause I didn't do anything to hurt you
Gave you the best that I can and it's true
(I try and I still love you)
(I still love you, but)
I gotta move on with out you
I should've moved on from the pain that I felt
But I choose to love you, the shit that you had
(I've learned to live without you)
(that's something, that is the truth)
It's better to live then love you
(you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you)
(you) (you) (you) (you)
It's better to live then love you
(you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you)
Love you

But if your leavin' is that what you can do to your baby
Cause I'm gunna' love you no matter what you were sayin'
How could you turn away
And forget those sunny days
But were they the sunny days
Or was it the game you played

Dressed up little doll, that you've torn, it's messed up
How can you be criticizing me when you fucked up
I never made you cry
I never told a lie
That's all you do to me
So what is you right about

Cause I didn't do anything to hurt you
I gave you the best that I can and it's true
(I try and I still love you)
(I still love you, but)
I gotta move on without you
I should've moved on from the pain that I felt
But I choose to love you, the shit that you had
(I've learned to live without you)
(that's something, that is the truth)
It's better to live then love you
(you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you) (you)
It's better to live then love you
(you) (you) (you) (you)
Love you
(you) (oh)

Was I the screw up and you were the best mom
I wasn't that perfect and you took the long road
The road is reversing
The tables are turning
I didn't deserve it
But thank god I'm learnin'

I can just imagine what you're doing doing with your days
Smokin' all your cares away and having a play date
To bad I found out what you were really about
I know it's good to take but momma I gotta say

That I didn't do anything to hurt you
I gave you the best that I can and it's true
(I try and I still love you)
(I still love you, but)
I gotta move on without you
I should've moved on from the pain that I felt
But I choose to love you, the shit that you had
(I've learned to live without you)
(that's something, that is the truth)
It's better to live then love you

"Don't come to me when you need help, I'm not helping you...get your ass right out of my house"

Get outta my way
Stressing me out
Momma get outta my way
You and your man can go live at your place
(it's your life)
It's all this shit I can't take

Cause I didn't do anything to hurt you
I gave you the best that I can and it's true
(I try and I still love you)
(I still love you, but)
I gotta move on without you
(I gotta move on without you)
I should've moved on from the pain that I felt
But I choose to love you, the shit that you had
(I've learned to live without you)
(that's something, that is the truth)
It's better to live then love you

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Brooke Hogan Dear Mom... Comments
  1. Tom Dodds

    I love the song

  2. Kasturi Suko

    Brooke is singing from the heart. If she has to move on without her mum then i guess she has to, if she wants to get on with her life

  3. Joseph Robles

    I think Brooke Hogan is beautiful so is Linda Hogan

  4. Leon Lee

    She can SING. Lets talk about that

  5. Svetlana Parker

    Mamochka Tanechka♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. sony Huu

    Love this song

  7. rickey b butler

    I have no negative comments because she can sing.

  8. tzsteve33


  9. Music1222

    What is with the sex voice, tryna copy Britney's sex voice, on a song about her MAM?!

  10. Danny Carr

    Wow, really I know people who are a million times more talented than this joke, how the fuck is she got a record deal. Really this isn't music it's just annoying noises, boring beats, boring lyrics and painfully ordinary singing. This is so bad I'm actually wasting time commenting on youtube, but really, how told her this was a good idea. And of the people who are famous due to their parents fame, her Dad is Hulk fucking Hogan a 80's b-lister. Music is not dead, but it's in a coma.

    essence Wright

    Danny Carr I guess you don't know talent now I'm not saying there aren't better artists but girl can blow and some of here songs are great she just goes through what most artists go through sometimes u get a hit and u blow up big other times u get a couple of good songs and u just gotta work harder just don't knock her she aint bad

    Danny Carr

    essence Wright You must be right brother, have to be a special BJ. 😁

    essence Wright

    Danny Carr special bj?

    Danny Carr

    essence Wright big Job 😁

    Randolph Jay

    You da man, Danny Carr!  Agree on everything you said in your comment.  She took the worst of all the pop singers out there today and seems to have adopted that style as her own.   And Brooke, the singer Pink already had a hit single years ago in which she spilled her guts about her parents breaking up.  Your attempt at doing the same things lacks originality and real lyrics from the heart.  Go spend your trust fund and sing karaoke at the neighborhood pub on Tuesday nights.

  11. kai’s hoe

    i can relate to this too much

  12. Keisha Iz Awesome

    I don't understand how she can be mad at just her mom. Hulk did shit too smh.

    Kristin Cremeans

    She might f had a closer bond with he mom so she took it more personal.. Idk just something I thought of

    Genise Costello

    Her mom fucked a guy that Brooke knew. They were like friends, or he was one of Nicks friends?? Idk but it was really messed up for their mom to sleep with one their friends.

    Kasturi Suko

    I think she has a closer bond with Hulk

  13. bruce Hester

    What a load of crap!

  14. moma dukes


  15. Compilation Installation

    god awful. is there anything she can do well?

  16. Nathan Bright

    Still her best song as it was personal to her so all the hate shows you have never had issues that she had to go through with her mum

  17. Constance Bridgers

    I love  Brooke  Hogan   she is so  pretty  

  18. Blue Life Karate & Kickboxing

    Her mom is died or something


    her moms not dead. just out of the public eye

    Alexei Cogan

    She might as well be dead, Shihan.  She only cares about one person--herself. 
    She turned her back on her family and hoarded all the millions of bucks in possessions just so she can then "play house" with her new boyfriend she found (who's young enough to be her son.)

  19. Mr latinobambino

    Best song from her album THE REDEMPTION

  20. tiffywiffy81

    Love her!! :-)

  21. ravi ammulu

    Hogan is awesome and really great for her woorkouts

  22. Amyra Mirela

    I Love My mommy to..XoX.

  23. HommeFatale

    Um they weren't good friends. They just went to the same school together but she said she never socialized with him. She said so in this interview with Chelsea Handler.

  24. emilytbear

    For these fuckers bitching about the song or hogan family, Brooke specifically, can just shut the fuck up. Seriously? If you don't like her, don't watch or listen to her music/music videos. Go find something else to bitch about. :)

  25. Bailey May

    Her mom is in her 50's and she got married to Brookes 19 year old good friend....

    Mackenzie Harper

    At least he's legal! To each their own!!

  26. Shaquan Hunter

    This is a nice song because she's singing from her heart

  27. Elu

    See... she should have recorded more songs like this one. Some songs from both her albums were good... :|

  28. atlarman

    sad lol linda shows what kind of person she is every time she opens her mouth

  29. TheLemon107

    Her mum is a grotty old cunt, but this song is the shits.

  30. Nails Love

    she can't sing lets be real this song is so CHEESY it blows... she'd be better off in porn

  31. al joseph

    when will they just go away. no more hogan drama. and please no more attempts at a music career through the Paris and Kim kardashian school of bad sounds.

  32. Freedom

    The two kids of Hulk Hogan are brought up well.

  33. SunsetShadows1

    Kinda sucks that she's trying hard to branch out on her own and i think she could be very sucessful (i love ALL her songs!) but her family's drama is what's keeping her from really being where she needs/wants to be... i love her and yes i'm a huge fan of her and of her show, wish they put it back on...

  34. RaiseFoldRepeat

    this sucks

  35. Timothy Little

    STRAIGHT LIKE THAT Brooke Hogan is the TRUTH!

  36. appletickle

    is this female eminem?

  37. Sam

    As much as I don't like reality TV or reality TV stars, I actually like this song. I feel for Brooke listeneing to this, even if it's years after the fact of these events.

  38. IskraTommo

    I like the song . Brooke always love u

  39. dodaTiffany

    This song reminds me SO MUCH of my birth mom! She does everything that is described in this song, and she just left me with my grandparents and didn't care or try to change her ways for me. Beautiful song Brooke! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  40. Richard Wall

    Not bad at all, actually one of Brookes' best tunes yet, but yeah I think she'd be more looked at if she wasnt Hulk Hogan's daughter.

  41. K-Dawg Dawgsen


    Ikke faen!

  42. Emily n

    I love this !

  43. Omar Alazawi

    jag älskar dig du är så bra

  44. jennifer garcia

    @manonfire40 wow you guys are so unreal get a life, take a look in the mirror ur probably not all that happy with youself so you have to try to being others down i'm gonna pray for all of you

  45. jennifer garcia

    @ani1616 you sound really uneducated, and how do you know are you in her life NO but i bet you wish you were, so get a life and grow up

  46. jennifer garcia

    Hey brooke i know how you feel about you're mom, i wish my mom would see how much i loved her, i love this house because it's what i been wanting to say and you just put it all together thanks you're the best

  47. Nathan Bright

    u no i give it to brooke, she's made her personal life and her music combined with fab tunes

  48. Lyndsey Wroe

    Brooke... no matter how hard life hits you... people get you down... keep fighting and take all this shit that haters give you like a pinch of salt... difference is... you have talent and they don't! Stay strong and keep doing what you do best. xx

  49. StephanyM

    this is probably the deepest song I've ever heard! I totally adore it :/

  50. Konrad G. 1969

    Same old Shit, Misses BOLLEA...

  51. manonfire40

    dirty family

  52. Maarten Rikkert

    the chorus is really good!

  53. RahRahRicky

    aaaahhh, i want the explicit version!!!! :(

  54. matthew baedke

    i love your new song brooke

  55. nickandkrissy24


  56. El Mero Mero

    Chill out gangser4life, I mean gangser4live. Lmfao.

  57. El Mero Mero

    you wouldn't be in this earth??? You need to lay of that gangseter shit and take some grammar classes ganster4live

  58. Aishling Myles

    I Can See Wre Brooke Is Cumin Frm..!! Not Matter Wat Ur Kids Do You Shudnt Choose A Man Over Ur Kids...!! Wata Bitch Linda :@

  59. tmac9938

    i clicked on this video just to say....

    who gives a shit

  60. brea23246

    @DownAzzGirlE midlife-"mentalhealth crisis" that is called menopause

  61. Pinketuzz

    people need to get over themselfs, Brooke is her to stay ive been a fan ever sense i heard her first song, so stfu and leave if you dont like her songs. Do your thing and let others do their thing, no ones forced to listen to anything.

  62. sexypeaches08

    nice song!!! i feel her pain, and she can really fuckin sing

  63. buckbumble

    watcha gonna do when shit music runs wild on you....BROTHER!

  64. FlyingBee

    Very good song

  65. Paul James

    new song maybe...
    wake up and move on

  66. Paul James

    unfortunately i know exaclty what you mean...hang ten girl don't let it get you down
    wake up and move on

  67. Melissa Marie

    she's a garbage singer. and her songs are'nt that great. its sad there are so many talented people out here. and people like her get handed things. but thats why she still hasnt made it. cuz she's just not good enough.

  68. BakedYanma

    This is worse than Hannah Montana.

  69. dominic cantillo

    dude get over it? her mom was a mess.

  70. fbi87r

    this song even is good :) pozdrawiam ;)

  71. MsStephaniie

    dat vind ik nou ook

  72. stepise

    what a shit song hahaha. she sounds like she is out of breath at the beginning.
    i just don't buy it this daddy's girl load of crap

  73. jakep42zer0

    sorry you dont agree with my OPINION....but i feel like this is a poorly written song and her voice is not strong at all....there are literally millions of blonde girls out there that could do this..probably better...not saying they should....but i mean come on if she wasnt hulk hogans daughter no one would even know who she is...she would be just another blonde semi-good looking girl who is not a great singer

  74. alibout

    fuck this attentionwhore-.- same shit as paris hilton and all the other britney wannabes FUCK off just have a happy life with your dads money but fuck off with your gay ass programs and shit music ty in advance ... cunts

  75. marieroseferron

    Brooke, that was a beautifully sung song! You're an amazingly strong woman, and just know there are people out here who understand you've been through a lot in the last years and we're here for you!

  76. roln onefour

    This song is so deep!
    I love it.


  77. jakep42zer0

    ....why the fuck do these famous girls all think they can be singers.....

  78. amagad1989

    Oh god.

    stop singing

  79. j371371


  80. Tino

    @backstabzrus You know.. I watch Hogan knows best & Brooke knows best and there she have sang sooo many times, AND SHE IS VERY GOOD! It´s not Brooke´s fault if those recording mens add so much effects to her songs.
    You can´t say that Brooke can´t sing, ´CAUSE SHE CAN!

  81. caramelking0693

    wtf she called her daughter a cunt? fucked uppp

  82. Gabriel Guzman

    yeah to but we all know as well the reason why this is a good song cause it happen in her life usually music is that good when a song is about real life situations.

  83. Gabriel Guzman

    yeah i read that in hulk hogan's new book linda called brooke a cunt!

  84. Jake Darin

    I think she is good looking!!!
    But she isn't the best singer maybe, but it takes a lot of practice to be a good singer.
    This tune i think should have worked better if the key was raised two semitones or so.
    Her voice doesnt sound so good in this "lowregister" i think.
    The chorus works, but the verses are weaker i would say.

  85. Tony Vega

    I'm pretty surprised by this woman's voice. She's a terrific singer. If she gets the right people behind her she could easily become very big.

  86. stratusfaction13

    Love this song Brooke is so Talented! Love you Brooke can't wait til your new album Drops in stores in 2010 and people if you don't already have her Redemption album buy it now!!!!!

  87. thegritch42

    I think Linda wants to be brooke. She seems to be someone who doesnt' accept her age well. Instead of embracing who she is, she tries to be younger. She sacrificed a lot to be what she is now. And please, someone drag her old ass out of the makeup room...looks like she would need a hammer and chisel to remove the makeup.

  88. Erica Rose

    awsome singer

  89. Erica Rose

    she is beatiful no homo and she is talented. idk wat u ppl are fing talkin bout she is gorgeous and can sing no homo

  90. sexyshygurl88

    her mom is crazy for this to her own daughter and hogan..... i feel sorry for him cuz he sacrafice so much to build a good family and she fucks it up, its sooo sad......

  91. Rebecca Egerter

    Linda Hogan is a cunt. She took everything, the house, the dogs, and got a restraining order on Hulk Hogan. Then says "Brooke really needs to get over this". You have one daughter, and you do this mental damage to her? Like seriously, total bitch.

  92. tkdmmalover

    :D brooke, don't listen to the haters! i love this! ur an ace singer, hun x]

  93. tonyzuko90

    Ok, deal. Just to prove that this song is easy. It's fricken long tho

  94. Seth Cannon

    wow this song is so shitty and i am going to make a wild guess and guess that it sucks even more live

  95. Giverney13

    ironic as both her parents went out with younger ones-both of them

    10-20 yrs difference is not all that-if one is current-there are other issues here and so many slamming on the age...

    seems many are quite jealous...
    sad about her family but being on a reality tv show is not all that healthy...
    Her mother is an adult-
    and so is Brooke right...all of them seem privileged compared to most-

  96. Giverney13

    both her parents are acting like they are going through midlife

    sadly the cost of fame sometimes is far greater than many realize when they sell their souls...hope Brooke is stronger than both of them. good job, she has developed her voice since the last time I listened to her. Keep it up