Brooke Butler - Wave Lyrics

Feel it all so certainly
I can't stop now, I'm in too deep
And I overtake my senses
And I'll never be in jeopardy

When the lights dim
And we conquer
You start to feel the pull
I can't help but (help but)
Scream out (scream out)
We're unstoppable

Like a wave
Like a wave (Riding on that energy)
Like a wave (Sifting through the memories)
Like a wave
Riding on that energy
Soaking through the memories

I can't hold back
I'm riding on that energy
Ignite the electricity
Cause you haven't seen the last of me
I'm more than just a memory
Push has just begun to pull
I-I-I can't help but (help but)
Scream out (scream out)
We're unstoppable

Like a wave
Like a wave (Riding on that energy)
Like a wave (Sifting through the memories)
Like a wave
Riding on that energy
Soaking through the memories

I can't hold back
Like a wave
Like a wave (Riding on that energy)
Like a wave (Sifting through the memories)
Like a wave
(I can't hold back)
Like a wave (Riding on that energy)
Like a wave (Sifting through the memories)

I can't hold back

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Brooke Butler Wave Comments
  1. mariz_play gacha

    And i love watcing them grow up

  2. mariz_play gacha

    I love looking at this because they show pics of caleb and annie and when they were young and hannie pics and like the pics as they grow up and it was alot happened since season 1

  3. Ritika

    Who else get goosebumps while listening to this? Onlyme, okay 😔

  4. Purple Queen

    1:10 my favourite part

  5. Melissa Grande

    I LOVE this song

    Like if you do to

  6. f baunthiyal

    i legit got goosebumps...

  7. Anna-Kay Simmonds

    I can sing very well I also wanted to start acting from now but all I need is some help to get into a production

  8. Danielle Middleton

    I love this song

  9. cuz Garcia

    I leson to this song in class for real

  10. Summerplãyz

    *I start crying I miss chicken girls the best seasons were the first 3*

  11. Allisha Francis

    i love that song "wave" i would also like to sing it in front my school assembly if you don't mind. you also have a really sweet voice😍😍😇


    I love this song so much I set this as my alarm clock

  13. Haley Clouser

    Love this song!!

  14. Srikriti Arun

    #chicken girls forever,I cried of seeing all their memories and will be a chicken girl

  15. Ella gwyneth Hufana

    Honestly brooke is so underrated

  16. Sasha-lee Campbell

    Feel it all soo finish the sentence

    Miraculous Danibug

    Sasha-lee Campbell certainly I can’t stop now I’m into deep

  17. Sasha-lee Campbell

    Like a waveeeee

  18. Brittany Daise

    L like your song sister.. love you so much

  19. Essy Nickita

    Beautiful voice👌😍

  20. AlaZil Channel

    OMG!!! I MISS THIS SONG!!! 😭😍💜.

  21. ashlynn kim

    Guys i've tried my hardest but i can't sing the beginning..... the part with 4 longggggg stuff😏😓its amazing how brooke can do it😁

  22. Z A

    Who else can't read half of the lyrics

  23. Dis Ney

    sHe #SouNDs LikE #ADeLE & #JeSsGLyNn

  24. Stephanie Stout

    I like that they included both pictures from Chicken Girls and from their own personal life it makes people really connect to the song. Btw love this song it’s my new fav❤️

  25. Erika

    Love it!!

  26. Kammy Kays

    I really love this song so much. Brooke voice is really perfect

  27. LykaPlayzRobloxAnd Minecraft

    The Pictures Tho Kinda Sad Now 2019 Annie And Hayden Broke Up!!😢

  28. LykaPlayzRobloxAnd Minecraft

    Brooke is a really good singer i can't even sing like that

  29. Queen Brigitte

    I love this song

  30. maheen Mp4

    If Shawn Mendes rect this song he fal in love with you

  31. maheen Mp4

    My fav somg

  32. Sahxra• UwU

    It’s already been a year since this came out and when I first listened

  33. TravelChic

    She can sing. Freaking sing damn!

  34. TONY

    Can someone plsssss make a karaoke version of dis song?!?!??? ☹️
    And like reply d link ❤️
    I will subscribe and follow if u do I rlly need it 😭

  35. zoe miranda

    "i cant stop now i'm in too deep"

    *immature boys crack up*


    I see this going higher and higher ❤️❤️ so talented

  37. Dick Destroyer8862

    i love this song she should make more songs

  38. Rachelle11 Music

    Looking in the background of the song. Brook, Annie, Hayden, Hayley. I really miss Hannie.
    Love this song (-:

  39. Veruska Botha

    I think you Kan sing very pretty

  40. Brooke Green

    can u please make a karaoke verison of wave cause i wanna sing it on stage for school and i have anyone singing in the backround please notice

  41. aisha andros

    I love your voice

  42. Sylvia Garcia

    Omg I never heard a BEAUTIFUL SONG like this 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  43. Julie Marius

    i love yoll songs so much

  44. Rayon- A Nanco

    She is my fav

  45. ZZ Xoxo

    Wave is one of my favorite brat songs, and Brooke’s voice is beautiful! ☀️💙

  46. Kalea Scott

    all-time fav vid I love the memories

  47. briahna Guevara

    Love you

  48. tuhikura fearn

    Ok mum to let her know I was coming Add Dad would sing moari battalions to go out with him

  49. tuhikura fearn

    All Related articles on my way home

  50. tuhikura fearn

    Ok ill do the cows with my mum I am not 2hat 2morrow 50th this Saturday 3u4u4ur

  51. caleb the seeker

    I miss chicken girls

  52. Lois Roy

    I love this song

  53. Kathi Keichel

    How is brook butler so good at singing

  54. Jayram Medhekar

    Love you brook. You are such a great singer.

  55. Jayram Medhekar


  56. kind girl

    Chiken girls is gone 😢😢😢😭😭😭

  57. Dogsaresocutee harrypotterfan

    We love you Brooke!
    You have an amazing talent

  58. chantelle mounce

    This so is so amazing x

  59. Taanish Sushil

    She has an amazing............ Voice

  60. Andrea Nava

    Brooke butler voice is so good!!

  61. Andrea Nava

    Click the hashtag I put on...


  62. Andrea Nava

    I remember Caleb,Annie and hayley all together awww I wish Caleb wouldn't die 😁😂💔💔💔

  63. Mayandi Campos

    Love it

  64. mnikaluza yuwaste

    You notice there’s a lot of Hayden in this, Hannie anyone? 😢

  65. Naysilla Hamidah

    Love u♥

  66. Fast brailey

    Right now i am watching this and this makes me really sad because its almost the end of the school year

  67. Mangala Pabalkar

    I love brooke so much she has inspired me love you brooke this is ashmi from india

  68. dance girl

    I love this song

  69. ASFD 2210

    Anyone watching in 2019??
    BRAT is the BEST!!😃😄😉:-)^_^
    #Brat #Brooke #Wave

  70. Rachael Olivia

    Brook is super underrated

  71. Anila Merchant

    I love this song

  72. Iliana heart

    Broke songs soo amazing!!!!💗💞🌷

  73. Husnaa

    Love 💕 it sooo much ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  74. Kennedy Montford


  75. Robertroy Diaz

    I love you

  76. Halleigh Phillips

    Her voice is like my angels,she is so confident and loves to be her true self . I love her she is so pretty and she deserves the most out of everyone and has the most greatest voice ever I love her so much 😁😄

  77. Patrick Woody

    rip Caleb

  78. Patrick Woody

    who else misses Caleb

  79. Patrick Woody

    who else almost started to cry during the video I did

  80. Ng Un Chon Eugenia 吳宛臻 P6B22

    Chicken girls rlly mean so much to me , every time this song plays it reminds me of something sad ........😢😢

  81. TheDoodle

    how do you know all these childeren? Should I be concerned?

  82. GZJA Family pranks

    is it weird every time she dates someone something goes wrong or they leave and not come back

  83. Taelien 25

    Listening to this now’s the into song of Zoe valentine

  84. Tarissa Hunt

    Your amazing love you Brooke your so unrated?!

  85. 4Squishy15s

    I love brooks song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛❤️💛💚💜💜

    No Name

    4Squishy15s me too it’s so amazing

  86. C J


  87. Neveah Sime

    I miss when annie and brook used to be so close!

  88. Nihal's Gameing!

    Omg Birdie's/Mad's Hair in 0:57!!!

  89. PowerRangersFan

    Happy birthday, Brooke!

  90. laiba khan

    This is lila 🙆
    She has no money
    For each like
    1 pound she gets

  91. laiba khan

    Is Elle going to be in chicken girls season 4??????!!!!??????!!!! Are all the characters going to be from the past seasons? I hope they are i love them

  92. laiba khan

    I was crying but when I listened to this I stopped I cried Cos I didn't get the high school I really really wanted to get but this isn't my first time listening to this ily Brooke😊😭❤

  93. Jaelyn Smith

    2:38 Matt looks like he's just floating through the air on a diet board 😂

  94. Joy Princess W.

    wow her voice is amazing!

  95. DJ girl Queen

    Well done Brooke butler I always wanted to Know what that song was call I thought the name was

    Riding out of energy.....

    But it is called wave Anyways I Love it big fan and subscribed Byeeeee

    DJ girl Queen

    Boy: would you slap me
    Girl: are you crazy no
    Boy:do you Love me
    Girl: yes a lot
    Do you want to break up with me

    (Read back words)

  96. Jiwon Heo

    Brooke has an AMAZING voice!!!!!!!
    Ps Im soooooo jealous (in a good way tho)