Brooke Butler - Next Crush Lyrics

I used to hold you in a higher regard
But you let me down now I won't be scarred
Keep out the bad and bring in the good
Find someone who will treat me like the way you never would

It's true
You gave me a rush
But I am moving on to the next crush
Now we're through but I'm over you
New rules to establish
I'm on to the next crush

My eyes are open, I read all the clues
Caught you red handed, so I bid you a due
Keep out the bad and bring in the good
Find someone who treat me like the way you never would

It's true
You gave me a rush
But I am moving on to the next crush
Now we're through but I'm over you
New rules to establish
I'm on to the next crush

Maybe I'm mean
Made it all up
Feelings one real
One sads not enough
Down on my luck
Made a bad choice
But I'm finding my way
By finding my voice

It's true
You gave me a rush
But I am moving on to the next crush
Now we're through but I'm over you
New rules to establish
I'm on to the next crush

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Brooke Butler Next Crush Comments
  1. iLU Momma

    Last msg I love u momma farewell sweet pain forever and ever

  2. prince abdull

    Like likeeeeeee dis song even.more Dan da owner who is with me

  3. Asher’s Angels

    Love Brooke😘💜

  4. Tausha Woods

    I love you so much 😍😘🥰❤️

  5. Tausha Woods

    My sister said that you are stupid

  6. welcome to Paula's channal

    I like all your songs they are so nice

  7. welcome to Paula's channal

    I like all your songs I love them they are good

  8. Kurtzy kurtz

    This is to my old crush sean

  9. Mariah Camacho

    I love your soing

  10. Carsen Deanna

    To my old crush, Gavin

  11. Kayla WIDING

    I love her voice so amazing Annie’s too

  12. Sumit Ved

    really wanna move to next crush? visit

  13. Cynamon Toglena

    This my favorite song.

  14. amanda auđur

    I cant stop listen to this song i love this song from iceland. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    amanda auđur

    I sent my boyfreind this song ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Jena bush

    This is for my crush austn

  16. BossLady Hoffmann

    On my birthday this was published Nov 8

  17. Jessica Del Rio

    I sang. It at school to day

  18. Katie Forshee

    I love love Brooke’s voice and she is very talented

  19. Celiflor Marin


  20. Celiflor Marin

    This was amazing

  21. Celiflor Marin

    Love you Hi

  22. Nataliah Howell

    Y isn't she a musical popstar i mean she sign really good😍👍🎶

  23. Paloma Gutierrez

    I love love your singing😘😘

  24. Chloe Pratt

    This song is for Richard Harris you were such a jerk but I'm over you and I moved on so I'm happy I hope my new crush will treat me really well

  25. ElephantOoF

    Lol maybe this is the world telling me I should move on to a next boy since a boy at school when I left the school he said he is glad I’m leaving and my new class at my new school, there’s a boy who might be my next crush BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IM SPEAKING ABOUT MY PERSONAL STUFF RIGHT NOW

  26. Hanniex Stories

    I wonder if Brooke felt weird when she said "Rush" because that is her brothers nane😂

  27. Jessica Laster

    Love this song

  28. Candelaria Similian

    i like it

  29. briellenon


  30. •TheTwoDollGamersLover •

    I love this song so much her singing is so beautiful 🦄💗

  31. Sophie Deane

    You are really good at singing brooke xx


    this song goes to my crush keith at my school

  33. Kathleen klove

    I like your voice

  34. 22Ella Haneberg

    This is to my crush Alex

  35. Jocelyn Ayala

    I look her songs love u

  36. marie Patricia perez vlogs

    5his song make me cry 😭😭😭😭

  37. Carol Villanueva

    I love it



  39. Kaedyn Wyckoff

    you are agood singer

  40. ᗪᗩᑎI ᖇᗩᗰOᔕ

    How did you put the music in iMovie???

  41. Lucy Lou

    Love this song

  42. george gh

    the only thing is that I can do to make

  43. Melissa Boudreau

    You sing good and your voice is so beautiful and your so beautiful

  44. evelyn jane

    my old crush i call ryan “iopoohoe”

  45. Harley Liz

    This song needs to be on iTunes


    omg i really love this songggggg
    a lot

  47. Naseem A

    So cool

  48. Naseem A


  49. Naseem A


  50. Naseem A

    Omg love you

  51. Jerry Jeovanny Osorto

    I list to this song 200000000000900

  52. Jerry Jeovanny Osorto

    Love this music ❤️❤️😇😍😍💋😘😘🤩🤩💕💕🤗🤗🤗

  53. Sharnee Evans

    Thx so much for this song love it

  54. Paige Crellin

    Thank you soooo much I’ve listened to this a million times😀😄😆👍🏻

  55. Goran Lucic

    I Love to sing this Song

  56. Brae Dreher

    She's so good!

  57. losldljd jdjdnd

    Sounds like 1930s! Can someone else sing in the chicken girls


    Almost all the girl actors in Chicken Girls can sing. Hayden and Carson can sing too.

  58. Macala Glenn

    I love this song so much

  59. Nathaly Nunez

    I'm in love with this songggg

  60. Justcallme Mia

    I'm singing this on my first YouTube vid

    Macala Glenn

    Mia Squad when is your first YouTube vid gonna be

    Justcallme Mia

    Idk yet X

    Justcallme Mia

    When the g t subscribers x

  61. Cece Mellin

    love it

  62. Vanity Blanco


  63. Annie Leblanc


  64. kayla colyer

    This to my old crush jordyn

  65. Vanity Blanco

    Wanna cover this song so much!!!!

  66. {ree ree}


    i have no name

    xxAriana Reneexx IKR

    ᗪᗩᑎI ᖇᗩᗰOᔕ

    xxAriana Reneexx I KNOW RIGHT!!!💯

    maggie rodriguez

    xxAriana Reneexx ikkkkrrrrrr

    Crystal Morrow

    I know right soooo talented

    Taylor Norman2

    She is amazing singer.......

  67. Helena Teixeira

    Like it

  68. Zakiyah Garner

    My fav song

    MKJ Smith

    Zakiyah Garner I'm obsessed with it

    Grace Nassuuna

    Yes sis

  69. Martin Rivera

    This helps a lot because

    Amberplayzgacha verse

    Martin Rivera because?????

    wednesday aleeza

    Martin Rivera because????????............

  70. Annette Greenberg

    This song was so amazing, I just HAD to do a cover of it! Even if I'll never sing as well as Brooke.

  71. marissa


    Precious Annie

    Marissa Adrian hahaha same😂 RUSH?!!

    Its Rawan

    Marissa Adrian Haha it’s rush

    Cali Rod

    Haha lol

  72. Jane Coleman

    Love it and u

  73. Maddy Bucar

    when is chicken girls episode 8 on

    Vanda Nivong

    Maddy Bucar November 21

    Yasmin Porras

    Maddy Bucar yea its every Tuesday sometimes Monday



    líl jãy

    Maddy Bucar I am so excited for so 8 9 and 10


    I on the 10 now

  74. Delilah Ardila

    I have to listen to this song at least one or two times just to get it right

  75. Faith Barilla

    Thanks so much

    Ana Higareda

    Good jod😍😍😍😍😍

  76. John Kangas

    This kid truly has the PIPES!! Her sound is something a person is born with. It cant be taught. She will only get better in time. I bet she becomes a STAR someday!

  77. Izabella Bickford

    This song is sooo good I have listened to it like 100000 times

    Courtney Basinger

    Izabella Bickford same

    Eazy Evie

    i know right

    Eazy Evie

    Brooke has an amaizing voice

    Luisy Keziah

    you dont mean it

  78. Snowflake ASMR

    Thanks for posting this is great. And bye the way dont listen to the haters

    Jocelyn Ayala

    Yah don't listen to the haters

  79. Mayte G.

    Its amazing!!!😘

  80. carmenxmax

    It is ok

  81. dmtea

    I'm sending this to my boyfriend

    Amberplayzgacha verse

    tnsalexandra2 good luck

    Sharnee Evans

    Hope you don’t get dumped

    Amy Miller

    I have a feeling she is single 😂😂😂😂

    Jocelyn Ayala

    ha wow girl y r u sending it to him

  82. Nisa Hasani

    Thank you so much for posting this i would always have to open the video and then skipping to the part of the song so thanks for posting this

    Sharnee Evans

    Why don’t listen to the hole song

  83. Happy Happy

    Love it

  84. Allison 65356


  85. Jane Bacani

    Girl I flippin love this song

  86. geomei.

    You messed up.

    Miyuki S

    human When?


    human when