Bronson, Action - Warlord Leather Lyrics

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
Dipped and writ his own ransom
Chest full of spliffs told the bitch it was cancer
Hit the road for some months
For the fan in the front row, getting punched out
Screaming "Whoa" with his hands up
The glorious bastard is back
In that hoodie like a vein that collapsed cause it's black
Sittin' shotty in the Mazda, pack cover lap and his
His daddy like an answer, 'cause he never had one
Eyes all low on account of what the grass done
Higher than the Masten
Five star telly, nice belly on the bad one
Heavy with the raps way cause a nigga chip em out
Be really what attract the bitches
Switchin' brackets with the taxes never actin' different
Boney nigga think he's thin, kind of baggy
With some niggas that be trappin', shippin' packages;
Their cake is up
Got my mama tripping like she jogging and her ankles touch
Now I'm at the Waldorf stressin'
Fidget with the zipper on the warlord leather
Whisky with the spliff, because it goes more better
Why bench him if he's scoring under full court pressure

[Action Bronson:]
Put me in coach
Put me in coach
I got this man I'm on fire tonight
Telling you

Your bitch pussy smells like Sway's hat
I'm like Swayze mixed with Sajak, in a straight jacket
Aim the iron at your facial bracket
You can't escape great magic
My mind make the fishes swim in strange patterns
Drift in the beige Satin
Switchblades, new face, get the face tatted
Inside my lungs look shattered
Hanging backwards off a ladder
EBT card got my baby momma face on it
Big checks with my name on it, put my name on it
My face is on the pen, cause I'm a G
Looking for some other shit, send 'em down the street
Can't even compute on how much I spent on then retreat
I spent up about a eleven thousand Yen just on the feet
Another twenty seven thousand Yen just for the heat
Play the guitar with my teeth (Yeyeyeye-ya)
Coach called him off the bench, told his ass to sit down
Motherfucker you were picked up in the sixth round
Throw him in the tub that's filled with hot sauce
I'm laid back, gettin' sucked, eatin' nachos

You know it's me motherfucker
You know it's me
And it's me again
Dinosaur legs in the building
Yo, Gary! turn that shit up, I can't hear it motherfucker

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Bronson, Action Warlord Leather Comments
  1. You'r Mom

    this is one of the rarest earl songs ever tbh

    None Available

    You'r Mom he spazzed. Dismantled this beat.

  2. Dr. Hugstuble

    "Yo bitch pussy smell like sways hat" lmao

  3. Danny Dan

    Why tf this ain’t on iTunes? 😩

  4. logan turner

    The beginning 12-14 seconds of eeriness is 100% from Interstellar. To be specific, when they pull up and are detained by TARS. That sound had always bugged me, I know I knew it from somewhere.

  5. Vlad Meche

    Yo the drums are on point

  6. qvezo

    i am barely finding this \./

  7. Caleb White

    fidget with the spinner on the warlord leather


    LYNX CANE kendrick lamar


    why bench him if he scoring under full court pressure?


    drewyoung97 it’s zippo you degenerate

    You'r Mom

    Memelord69 cant take a joke lol

  8. jidmoore10

    my dad like the answer cause i never had one, bars.

    Marlowe Hasta Siempre

    *"cuz he never had one"

  9. WeezerBro

    barbarosa barely even tried

  10. bug guy

    play the guitar with my teeth.


    bug guy yayayayayayayaaa