Bronson, Action - Standing In The Rain Lyrics

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach]
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
You can see me on the riviera dressed like a Playboy
Or you can catch me up in Rivieras Tuesday night
Pillow fights with Dominican mothers
That's what happens when it's suede on the roof
Swervin' lane to lane in a coupe
Shit, if I crash it, I'll probably just leave it as a token
That your boy coulda died right there, no jokin'
Uh, eating well so my foot's swollen
Fuck it man I'm rollin', you rollin' or not?
The boat plane’s waiting at the dock
I wonder if he let me fly it, but it's a long shot
The money eases everybody's mind
Put kids through school, new titties on wives
New titties for the mistress
Fuck it, new titties for everybody, it's Christmas, yeah

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach]
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
I use to ease the pain
It was ninety-two degrees with rain
Right before the seasons changed
On trees just a little bit of leaves remain
My heart broke when his cock was in your throat
But fuck that laid top out on the boat
Heard you fucked around at Philippine and 1 OAK
My man seen you both at the Sonoko
Kissing and touching, lied and said that this was your cousin
Shit, I should have known when you stole money
Bitch called the cop and rolled on me
So good, I got old money
To lay on any motherfucking beach on the planet
With equestrian colored salmon
We examine my life and make sure I'm never dumb again
But first, slide your panties to the side girl, I'm comin' in

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach]
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same, no
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same

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Bronson, Action Standing In The Rain Comments
  1. Ur Salty667

    Suicide squad is the hated for no reason like its dope

    Just like the venom movie 😔smh

  2. • ItsMrRogue •

    this movie had a banger ass soundtrack, too bad the movie wasnt as good

  3. Joe Ferri

    Now double it for being a dickhead you got 10 seconds

  4. bryandech4rt *ೃ༄

    this entire just gives me blurryface era vibes

  5. super mlg doge king 125

    when you find out ur crush has a bf

  6. Brian Jaimes

    Aka DEADSHOT!🤑☠️

  7. Coco lixio

    Puto video de mierda


    I love youuuuu

  9. TheRedDino

    ActionBronson Has A Sans Shaped Skull
    (Excluding The Beard Of Course)

  10. Ghost Rider

    They are going to recreate the movie witch is sad

  11. Patrick Hodges

    I wonder if Oran "Juice" Jones has heard this! His song "The Rain" is an 80s classic!

  12. Kyle Gun


    Kyle Gun


  13. Andrew Hernandez

    I can garunteed it. Betch

  14. Olivia Hamilton

    This song deserved a music video 😩

  15. Searching

    Number of people waiting for mark Ronson to sing




  16. Luz Belen Flores Trejo

    Alguien español?

    Solo yo ok ;-;


    No eres el unico amigo

  17. Tae's Winter Bear

    I like how I can rap this

  18. Rick argento

    I love Standing in the rain

  19. Im Real

    Love this movie

  20. Jack Gamer

    Suicide squad 😎😎

    Deadshot 😎😎😎🤑🤑😈

  21. MMCCarlos


  22. That guy you know

    This is a weird mix, like this mournful indie rock somehow the got verses mixed up with a brag rap

  23. Adam Warlord

    When it's christmas 1:07

  24. Nick Dagrosa

    Fuck it new titties for everybody it's Christmas. Lol nice.

  25. keegan p.russ

    this song woulda been badass as the intro to bl2 or bl3

  26. Car guy

    This track is fire

  27. Diva Cookn

    The Bomb Cut

  28. Brad The Titan

    I really wish this had a Instrumental...

  29. Bill Cosby

    So Mark Ronson didn't do anything i see.

  30. Ryan Minaldi

    Still stuck in my mind

  31. DJ Tanner

    Genial !!!

  32. ya boy coconut head

    Wtf does Mark Ronson do? He’s a producer. Homeboy don’t even sing or anything why would they even add him lol


    Wdym he sings with Dan

  33. Fl A1phaWolf

    Dead shot, the best ( MOST ) wanted criminal for Assassination!

  34. Lil Twat

    Idris is gonna ruin deadshot will smith nailed that role

  35. Dunkel CtankWITTE

    This song along with the movie was fucking awful.

  36. lindsay Moga

    xxx:What's the best movie so far?
    Me :Suicide Squad ❤️

  37. tory Puente

    Sounds like ghost face lol

  38. Mike Omar Graffin El Nuevo Rey De Un Ojo

    why didn't have an official video?

  39. Emma Snyder

    Who else wishes there wasn't rap in this song?

  40. DEPRE 9

    Venia a leer comentarios y están en Inglés hdp😑A sus Mamas por las dudas😏

  41. Repuestos Originales

    Love deadshot and harley quinn

  42. Edvar Guerrero

    A qui en le gusta la peliculs

  43. luv2b h8d

    Love this soundtrack it's bangin'! I liked the movie it was a nice little diversion.

  44. gamer deyvid


  45. sörn s

    I love this song

  46. FBI Agent69420

    We love deadshot

  47. Elemnt

    Like the way the drums play throughout . Reminds me of some gta or red dead mission where youre in the middle of a shootout.

  48. xolmsc

    Oran juice jones

  49. Deadshot


  50. Cody Yuke

    Is it just me because I love this movie

  51. Kevin González


  52. Fat Marc


  53. Guerolol 02

    Deadshot 👌🏻👌🏻

  54. geiasou

    Does anyone knows what's the original song?

  55. Mukhlisa Atakhodjaeva

    *the movie didn`t impress me but soundtrack pack is so freaking lit*

  56. fockin great

    Man, never seen Suicide Squad, but damn do I love the soundtrack.


    Story line is trash.
    I prefer the comics

  57. donna gant

    I don care

  58. Avacarho

    I loved the Suicide Squad movie with all the songs and compiled all the songs from it into a YouTube playlist.

  59. TW_TryHard_Dano TW

    Dedshot floyd💪👌🤑

  60. Spartan 91

    Like for suicide squad

  61. HeatherDaleThings

    Pleasure doing business with ya , angie

  62. asa ashara

    Dude kinda sounds like ghost face killa

  63. Cristina Lorente

    This is just too good!!!!

  64. _Myst_

    The song itself is so much worse than the original, but the graphic design is on point.

  65. Salvador Lucero

    *"Now double it for being a dickhead"*

  66. Everton mathias

    Muito top

  67. Arsina

    suicide squaddddd

  68. danielsvnchez


  69. Rubys Weird gacha

    Is everybody seeing the pictures moving and stuff right?

    I'm off my meds

  70. Muzzammil Akbar

    Guy i acc liked the movie

  71. William B.J Blaskowicz


  72. Donald Schmenk

    Electric light orchestra

  73. Mop HeD

    Even tho this movie came out awhile Go only DC fans with still have somthing with this movie like for love

  74. Melinda Guzman

    dam right

  75. Keepers of the Garden

    What a perfect combination of artists. Awesome

  76. Aitana Galdo

    2019 anyone?

  77. a disappointment

    "Fuck it, new titties for everybody, it's Christmas."
    -ActionBronson, 2016

  78. OblivionMike

    That single piano key

  79. BanlordX

    deadshot man.

  80. Mr. Jeeves SXG Sr.

    Film & soundtrack are excellent imho!

  81. Harry Potter

    “slide your panties to the side girl i’m coming in”

  82. Rohit Sangale

    I use milfhunter. com to ease the pain

  83. sæbjörn helgi

    I thought they were black all this time

  84. Eeshan Prabhu

    Fucking new tiddies for everybody it's Christmas

  85. Özge Gül

    @Suicide Squad Deatshot👌🤑💲

  86. Sr.Yoongina :3

    Amo essa música música MUIto boa kkkkkk

  87. Sean Monaghan

    New tits for the mistress. fuck it new titties for everybody its christmas


    4.1 k hataz

  89. Luis Cortés

    Bronson and Dan😍

  90. Judah Jones

    2019 still standing in the rain

  91. Ysgramor

    I think i'm the only who thinks the rap destroys this song

    Adagi- -Hiko

    Or u just like the chorus best

  92. Airwick Cartman

    I saw you standing on the Lorraine. You were holding his hand and I never felt the same.