Bronson, Action - Ring Ring Lyrics

It's the captain, skipper

To all the women that I hurt in the past, I din't mean it (Sorry)
Now that we clear, come here, put your mouth right here (Uh huh)
I'm rare like a white deer with spiked hair (Uh)
New Nike Airs, smoke big cigars in a nice chair (Uh)
Oh why, oh why do I feel like I'm starving in Lionheart?
And sniffled every drug that's on the science chart (Damn)
I got a Mayan heart and I'm running like I'm Deion once the sirens start
Ring ring by the park, my pants keep falling, I hop the fence easy (uh)
They stopped chasing, damn, my ID dirty
Habañero, eat thirty, swerve off (Skrt)
Genesis, I Can't Dance blasting
Heavy metal hand clapping, captain, uh

Machine gun money

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's me

I'ma stay fly until I'm up on that big spaceship in the sky (Sky)
The money coming with me when I die (Yes)
My drugs are coming with me when I die (Uh)
Nobody better cry (No), nobody better cry, man (No)
If you need me, I'm at the bottom of Lake Titicaca
Watching World Cup soccer, Portugal won, it was a shocker (Uh)
This rhythm open up my chakra (Uh)
And it keep telling me to cop the Porsche in aqua (Ooh)
It also said your boy is destined for an Oscar (Ooh)
And for my birthday, mommy blessed me with a chopper (Oh)
On my worst day, you couldn't clean my boxers
Or diagnose this mind with eighty doctors (Uh)
Life's a box of chocolates, it's me, man

Machine gun money

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Bronson, Action Ring Ring Comments
  1. XCocoaCutieX

    FlREEEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Alex ONeill

    Best opening line of a song of all time 😂

  3. Joe Traxler

    The best fucking song iv ever heard , I fucking laughed, I cried, I think I might have shit myself.

  4. Jake Slomowitz


  5. pokeatrick

    If you need me a at the bottom of lake Titicaca Peru all day lol

  6. Ari Shaffir

    be on some bronx tiger zoo style, riding with jah and pac for a few miles

  7. sharliecheeen

    Playback speed @x1.25. You're welcome.

  8. So Hype

    Needs more body

  9. IamBicPentameter


  10. Archduke Redcat

    Clavinets sounding beautiful

  11. EL3 Imagery

    Why you be rapping over these whack ass beats. Go back to alchemist or fuck wit Roc Marci or Preeme. Please!!!

  12. Rod Angles

    Starting a gofundme page to pay for the funeral of this beat, Bronson and Bes just murdered it!

  13. Johnny Carlos

    Yo action , you should cop the Porsche in aqua

  14. A Status Coatings

    Machine gun moneeeeeeeeey!..

  15. Peter Parker

    How does this guy not think he sound like ghost?? There are moments when he dont but for the most part..he do #WISEMIMMICK

    Chris Calzone

    Peter Parker I feel like only people who don't listen to Action or Ghost say this.

    Peter Parker

    @Chris Calzone i still listen to it. Obvi. imean ileft a comment. i was here . you know what a wize mimmic is? Thats what i feel like this is. Ghosts style with Action tryna put his own twist on it. What was that dudes name that came out sounden like Big.. Gorilla black? He didnt last long ... Action still in there cuz people like em. People like 69 too. Shit. I like Actions verses ! But im not gnna pretend like this shit dont sound just like Ghost.. I owned almost all of Ghost Albums cept for a few cuz i didnt like em too much. But to each thier own i guess. Cept for Action cuz he liven through ghost dini right now. Fuckn bronzalini why does that sounds just like ghost shit too? Anyway. Feel how ya wanna feel

  16. mightywhitey718

  17. The Bluecollar Badass

    Big body this and Big body THAT ALL day son

  18. Robbin Hatchett

    How Are You Going To Have Body on Here only Saying Three Words?!!!! Now I know the world is Coming to An End!!!!!

  19. Slim Tek

    Bro when we gonna get that Body debut??? My life won’t be complete without an entire Body album smh

  20. Jefry Arocha

    I feel that NYC street vibe listening to his album. So accurate

  21. CityLoch

    It's been downhill since Blue Chips 2.....smh

  22. garritt vreeland

    Thick torso

  23. Tony 901

    *Roll blunts to this*


    Geez man. 😳

  25. Quentin Kung Fu Kenny

    Nice! but where the hologram is though?

  26. Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company

    Zero people don't appreciate Bronson

  27. 99problems

    Harry Fraud goin in on these

  28. Slapaday

    best song off the album

  29. Brad H

    needs more body!

  30. NoSkillzJustGillz

    big MFKN body in the HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Thomas Coronel

    That lake titicaca made me laugh since I’m Peruvian

    Matthew C

    Thomas Coronel fuckin same😂😭😭

    Anthony Aguilar

    I read this as he said that line. So I dropped a like or die

  32. Nuno Dores


  33. henkdachief

    this track needs more body

  34. John the crazy guy

    Big body we want the solo !!!!

  35. Vasilis Lamprianidis

    The beat is same with this : Display ft Saske - Chicken Nuggets ,a young greek traper

  36. Aviation Compilation

    I needed the body laugh LOL

    John the crazy guy

    We all need that album

  37. urHIGHNEs s

    IT'S ME!

  38. urHIGHNEs s

    Body is always hilarious!

  39. Red Rocket

    On my worst day u couldnt clean my boxers!! #bronson

  40. Cillian B



    This shits dope, go fuck yah self.

  42. jim bo


    urHIGHNEs s

    Lmmfao wut the fucc is Body talking about 😂 😂 😂

  43. EL LB



    fuck cristiano

    EL LB

    fuck you filho da [email protected]


    messi best

    EL LB

    messi sucks, ronaldo best in all [email protected]

  44. N I C O v e

    machine gun moneyyyy

  45. MrBurdekin

    Baris manco lives

  46. Hassan Sultan

    You're a g bro. One day I'll make music with you

  47. Ryan Chang


  48. nicky 2times

    im used to big body doin much more hollerin when hes featured


    he got a new marble floor give him a break


    Ervin 😂😂😂😂


    happy Halloween action Bronson's giving you some treats
    everything hes been making has been touching me deep to the core of my soul

  50. BigFat

    Glad i get to listen to this after the ending to that mac miller concert. Need a up lift.

    jim bo

    bronson went home an released this..tremendous

    jim bo

    He'll go down with big and played forever


    @jim bo LOL TRIPPIN lmao

    jim bo

    once every three months i trip my balls off @CityLoch. Nah im not.. He created art and so did they. Death to lil xannybitch wannabe rappers

  51. tyegunn

    Awesome man

  52. Jesse tries

    bro just drop the album and come to sf or oakland

    urHIGHNEs s

    He dropped it tonight fam! Go cop!