Bromfield, Dionne - Tell Him Lyrics

If you ever see the boy for me
Tell him that I love him
Tell him that I care
If he ever needs me
Tell him I'll be there

It happened the other night
We argued but we didn't fight
He grabbed his bag and slammed the door
He hasn't been a-back here no more
If an' how you can see my boy
Tell him that I need him
Tell him he was right
Tell him that I miss him
Oooh, each and every night

I didn't mean a word I said
Tell him I was wrong
And yes, if he'll just listen
Tell him to come back where he belongs

If you ever find that love of mine
Tell him to forgive me
Tell him don't be mean
I didn't mean to start it
I wish it was all just dream

Tell him
Tell him
Oh, how much I love
Oh, how much I need him
How much I love him

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Bromfield, Dionne Tell Him Comments
  1. Viviane Andrade

    amo esse som ❤

  2. Juca Bala

    Eu te amooooo


    #AmoTudoIsso🎼 Fim da Tarde!❤️🎵🎶💿📀📻📟🔉🔉🔉🎹...Efeitos Que a Música Provoca Em Nossa Alma.🙂🙃☺😍