Brokencyde - Still The King!!! Lyrics

Yea bitch you better step back
I'm the king
When it comes to rippin', Mike's like that
I'm the king
Yea bitch you better go home
I got girls in the club that live and never know

Out the back door
Ima creep slow
Got her man on the phone say he's comin' home
Just a quickie though
Got that sticky dro
Try'na kick it but lil mama says i gotta go
Oh shit
Hop onto my broomstick
Gotta rubber in my pocket yea'n I'm try'na use it
Hit a couple bitches on my cell Imma hit 'em well
Got good tint
Give 'em something they can talk about
The way she drops it to the floor
Got me spinnin' in my head
Don't mean to brag but I'm just doin' my thing
Until the whole world knows that I'm the motherfuckin' king!

Yea bitch you better step back
I'm the king
When it comes to rippin', Mike's like that
I'm the king
Yea bitch you better go home
I got girls in the club that live and never know
I'm the king

Screamin' my name when they grabbin' on my chains
I'm tearing up the stage and teachin' rookies how to rage
I'm on a rampage and tearing the club up
Losing my brain and I don't give a (FUCK!)
Rippin' in this beat like the meat to a carnivore
Tearing up the streets like the feet of a dinosaur
I'm large as this life is
I'm sharp as a knife is
I'm fresher than slices
Leave you mind in a crisis
I'm the king in this crunk game
No way to fight the fame
Give a fuck if you like the name
We're takin' over the game you have to admit it
I'm one of the freshest that ever did it

Yea bitch you better step back
I'm the king
When it comes to rippin', Mike's like that
I'm the king
Yea bitch you better go home
I got girls in the club that live and never know
I'm the king


Yea bitch you better step back
I'm the king
When it comes to rippin', Mike's like that
I'm the king
Yea bitch you better go home
I got girls in the club that live and never know
I'm the king

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Brokencyde Still The King!!! Comments
  1. Jonathan Johnson

    2020 anyone? No.. Just me

  2. supernightslash

    can we please just not

  3. El Shoota

    Brokecyde Dos

  4. Sophia B. Williams

    where you going to find sounds like this in the universe? 2019

  5. Andrew Scott

    2019 and this song is still fire 🔥

  6. Djin

    я тут походу один русский)

  7. Nick atNight

    This has been my shit since I was in middle school. This will forever get me hyped

  8. Pen15 Pouncer

    Half the comments are people defending why they used to like this. Interesting

  9. Josh Tucker

    And to anybody that don't like this band or style of music, don't listen to it. Simple as that. Don't down the group just bc you don't like it. That just makes you look like an arrogant asshole.

  10. Josh Tucker

    2018 and still listening to them!

  11. jermmmmm


  12. Plaboy Valley

    FUCKING Art form Badass !!! I love it

  13. ダナDana

    😍 hi husbands! 😚😗😘😙

  14. j_wavehills

    best video for the best song BC13

  15. Razorblade Limeade

    The girl on the leash is fug

  16. Sophia B. Williams

    Fuc**** the place up! We deserve it

  17. Axyris Rattie

    Brokencyde is lit, fam🔥🔥🔥

  18. Vape Head


  19. Jesse Jones

    16 year old me loved this shit.

    22 year old me wants to build a fucking time machine so I can introduce myself to better music.

  20. Robbe Aerts

    Did anyone notice how Problem of Unicorns Killed my Girlfriend sounds very similar to this?

  21. Spooky Goon 731

    still consider bc13 tha kings of the crunkcore scene 2017

  22. Loyalty Xox


  23. Kub Slav.

    Still in my ears! BC will never die!

  24. Susns Msiwmbl


  25. Stu McNally

    brokencyde might well have been way ahead of their time ironically, stuff like xxxtentacion and itsoktocry are just getting popular pushing the emo trap sound

    Andrew Scott

    Stu McNally this is why I can’t understand them not getting there come back with the new albums

  26. Hannah Dakota Kelly

    let me be in a video! !!

  27. corrupted.decay

    why does this not have the appropriated amount of views ?!?! this was their dopest song/video ??!

    Michie Suicide

    master.of.reality. no theres more videos

    DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName

    corrupted.decay it was definitely a dark style video and it deserves more than 500,000+ views lol

  28. DestinyDies Music

    I've been and still am a huge fan of brokencyde since 2007 and personally for me I love them :)
    I actually got to meet them in person at a concert that I recently went to and I'd have to say that they are amazing in person and live too :)

  29. Cryssa Barnes

    I just don't see the purpose of expressively hating on music that I don't feel I relate to just because it doesn't express an aspect of my personality, my soul....I can't stand country but yet I don't bag on it....and unless u know them or ask them then you are just assuming negativity and you wouldn't appreciate if someone did that to you.

    DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName

    Cryssa Barnes Preach!😎

    Andrew Scott

    🙏🏻 thank you 🙏🏻

  30. Wang Yibo Uniq

    This is their only good song

  31. Dylan's AMV


  32. Spencer L.

    Thank Jesus crunk is dead

    Seth Marshall

    lmao nah they came back they
    never stopped

    It's The Ianster

    I know a few people including myself who are working on crunk core music XD its far from dead.

    It's The Ianster

    +Ulfric Stormcloak you mean unicorns killed my girlfriend. They suck dick lol. But I'm working on a beat though I'm gonna keep it going. Just lacking a vocalist at the moment.

    Jonnathan Sanders

    Ulfric Stormcloak crunk aint dead dumb ass

    DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName

    Jesus brought it back bitch lol

  33. Cryssa Barnes

    I'm not scene and I like it, I go to college and have about a 3.0 gpa. everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so for you to assume that only scene kids, who supposively are posers like brokencyde, then that makes an ass out of you for you to be that close minded is hilarious. If you dont like it that you don't have to listen to it. And all the negativity is ridiculously uncalled for. music is an expression of the soul and our feelings, so don't expressivley hate on music that you don't understand because you don't feel that way.

    Johnny Possum

    I would normally agree but I think the reason this band gets a lot of hate is because it's just music made specifically for the purpose of trying to make money. There's nothing artful or expressive in this music, it sounds like people who are straight dead inside made it. I genuinely can't hear any emotion here and maybe I'm completely wrong, maybe these guys put everything they have into their music and they love it and are proud of what they do but I have my doubts about that. Not hating on you or your choice of music by the way, I would never shit on someone because of the music they like. Just giving my opinion on the matter.

  34. afsgdgd

    i think brokencyde sucks but... this song is actually great O,o [waiting for hate]

    Austin Winters

    it's because the beat is more aggressive and bass heavy. the only way I like any crunkcore.

  35. alemmingsdeath

    How many cliches can you jam into one song and video and still get them wrong? A LOT apparently.

  36. jazmin garcia

    this is one of the best song then all there music

  37. Alisson Santos

    bek naal

  38. Diana Gonzalez

    this is so fucken good I love you guys💕💖😎

  39. Tyler Hinkle

    keep doin what your doin brokencyde fuck them low life haterz

    tɦɛ ʀiɳg ѳԲ ɗɛɱoɳร

    +Tyler Hinkle
    They can't keep doing this because they only raised $1,421 of the $30,000 they needed to keep doing this.


    Don't worry they just raise 40,000 already ;)

  40. msd blog

    go into a club&say: get away biatch (s),you better step back,get away yo biatch,you better go HOME..or best way: just ignore them,best way to earn all attention
    x) miss youth.

  41. Vindo

    This shit sucks.. All of it... The beat, the lyrics and that fucking moron screaming.. Like wtf.. Who the fuck likes this crap?!

    Austin Winters

    how can you think the beat is bad. it's one of the best trap beats I've ever heard

    severe anal trauma

    chill fam xD

    Kometa Hardcore Crash

    Vindo you

    Susns Msiwmbl

    Vindo its awesome

  42. Ryan Duhamell

    oh is that a disney add that came on before this ..YUP lol

  43. Danny Massacre

    Is this for comedy

  44. Anthony Hidalgo

  45. calmdownbub

    First time listeneing to them....Idek what I feel tbh XD

    Amber Price

    back out. abort this mission.

  46. White Lightning

    Hmm....yeah, no. Just no

  47. Gympanse

    I like it.......

  48. Brandan Mitchell

    And for all you haters go get a life you must somewhat like it if you even went to the video dumbasses lol

  49. Brandan Mitchell

    I will always love you guys brokencyde keep making music

  50. Jason johnson

    I love this song, video , lyrics its all just good

  51. tannia rohrbaugh

    god he is so fucking sexy...

    Papa Franku

    omg ikr

  52. Patrick Richardson

    Can't believe this only has 362 dislikes but then I remember scene kids not only are the world's biggest posers but also have the worst taste in music since Soldier Boy's fans.

    crash bandicoot

    I actually enjoy this song and I'm not seen good f*** those little kids it worse than emo kids

  53. crash bandicoot

    Back when they were good now they sound like complete shit

  54. emo lover forever

    Nice song nice beat nice lighting

  55. O.J.D.

    This is much worse than worst. Get life people... 

  56. Fernanda Souza


    Warren Graham

    That must be your soul

    Dimislayer nerdy master

    thats my favourite

  57. misterspacegoat

    Well got linked from Reddit.. and well, this is a insult to EDM and screamo...


    @The Lazy Dreanei Its shite only cause you are an immature pubestain who doesn't like admitting that he dislikes crunk-core who needs to call the genre shit instead of different taste.

    Michael Miller Jr

    Gotta agree. This is pretty much all of the worst parts of all the genres it has butchered and put back together. 


    @***** talk about salt


    @mrepicchickenman The guy has a point.

    DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName

    misterspacegoat #JealousFag

  58. Jack Helliquinn

    This is Bad not good

  59. Maze Cabanela

    Soo nice video song

  60. Lil Flame

    If you guys like brokenCYDE and think there as sick as i do check out my music. I appreciate the support from anyone that does even the haters x)

  61. igottheglitches

    bronys for life /)

  62. Whitney Hanner

    lol @ the people bitchin'. if you don't like this, don't waste your time. 

  63. haajera ferogh

    BC needs to go back to this type of music. What they have now isn't all that great

  64. TheLaceBarnettProject

    Worst song ever!! I justwasted wasted 4 minutes and 1 second of my life. The ultimate dumbass band ever made!!!

    Dez Brady

    If you don't like this "ultimate dumbass band", then why even click on one of there songs? Common sense dumbass.

  65. Laugh While You Can

    Crunkcore is still alive, check my music!

  66. masdog128

    BC13 bitches!!

  67. ThaXreMixz

    I love these videos for comedy. Cant believe people listen to this shit.
    #######################SWAG RIGHT

    Ouri Kagami

    I can't believe you like the word Swag. The context it's used in nowadays is very stupid and migraine-inducing.

    Justin Bettencourt

    @Ouri Kagami Just like this music.

    Ouri Kagami

    Well, that's your view on it. I like this music.


    That what I'm doing to lol.

  68. SN - Old channel

    Cool song, and nice video!

  69. Nizzi Woods

    So great, they went good

  70. SkylarLPS

    Crazy video!

  71. Amaterasu


  72. Kaktusz

    my fav video x3

  73. Erin Hanna

    Eee! My favorite song!

  74. Stephanie Johns

    i love brokencyed

    Yeah no

    *BrokeNCYDE* ;)

  75. matze ber

    best song from brokencyde good job ;)

  76. Surrealist

    this shit brings me back, used to love brokencyde but then i fucking grew up lol didnt realize until now how awful this is

    Muz McLellan

    I felt the same somewhat recently however, I grew up listening to them and they got me into screaming (obviously i'v moved onto better screaming now then) but if it wasn't for them i'd be a much different person so i'm glad they were here :p

    Kaela Creighton

    you might have more emotions.  I find people who like classical music understand more socially, have a higher social IQ, at least a decent amount of them. 

    Muz McLellan

    @Kaela Creighton That's bollocks based on unproven 'facts', there are so many contributing factors to IQ AND 'understanding more socially' that you can't narrow it down to being based on the musical genre's people listen to.

    DeathMonsterMunchie25000 FuckALastName

    loganateadino you haven't grown up then man...

  77. Allen Villanova

    the better song of this guys

  78. BWC 12Minus3

    Once again, if u seriously like this music u need to reevaluate who u r as a person at a very basic level, and most likely need to shoot yourself. Just hurry up and die because this is like someone raping my ears with a double sided switch blade ...over and over again.


    Sure, saying to people to kill themselves because they like a kind of music...What a high level of intelligence...

    sadie bane

    What you don't like 3 different types of music smashed into one? Is there not enough country in here for you? Thanks for you're opinion but we didn't ask for it. Now, go listen to something you find pleasing and leave us alone. Think of this like most people think of skrillex. New and uncharted territory you don't have to like it but some people do.


    I don't care for this song much. Most of Brokencyde's stuff is hit or miss, and this one feels like a miss to me. But if someone else likes it, I honestly don't care. I have no more right to tell them what to like they they do me.

    So with that established, you can go fuck yourself.

  79. Flavius

    lol, Ar trebuii sa dea un concert in Romania. 

  80. nate quintana

    Needs more pig squeal...

  81. supimstacey

    ok but like really i grew out of my brokencyde phase just like every preteen scene kid will but se7en is still hot .

    Luis Mora

    supimstacey yea lol i still love the beats n rapping but the screaming nah

    Shawn blaze

    True that

    Spooky Goon 731

    Shawn Miller actually prefer tha screaming, without it, it would just be a generic hip hop song

    Ant Garza

    Spooky Goon 731 lol yeah its not very great buts its turn up music. Everyone is different haha

    Derek Berry

    I think this,Dr.acula and Hollywood undead were like a month long thing for me. I still love me some post hardcore though.

  82. André Chalegre


  83. Emmakirke1

    I Will Always love se7en All the Way.

  84. deaf sp_ce x Weyland Punani Beats

    ahahahahahaha, it's so bad.

  85. S3BS7 IAN

    Hunedoara ;)

    ROMANIA !! :x

  86. Emmakirke1

    Antz is Kinda hot... ._. I just admitter something i didnt expect to admit

  87. Bii Logic

    Nope :)).

  88. Iancu Aurel

    Salutari si tie GaNNjaa si eu sunt din arges

  89. SEVEN

    Nu cred...

  90. Dominik Gottwald

    1:37 this nurse is soooo cute ! :DDD :33

  91. GaNNjaaa

    Nu-i distanta .. Pitesti :D

  92. Alexandru-Iulian Timofte

    nope. salutari din bucuresti :P

  93. Carol-Ann Stinson

    these guys are freaks I love it Se7en being tied up like that sexy mmm :P