Brokencyde - Ocean View Lyrics

Weekends last forever when your playing on my team,
Walkin' on the scene, lookin' hot to melt your icecream,
She call me young handsome,
Phantom on the wine list,
I think it's time, lets roll up on the finest
Whispering some lyrics to Coldplay
Kicking back, sipping on this and that, and it's okay
The light shimmers on the water
Setting the perfect scenery
For us to adjust into unity
If you know what I mean?
And she's agreeing with me
I'm a gentlemen she's eliquent and soon to be
Weed smokin' on the beach and I never felt more alive,
Sippin on this wine on the waterside
Waves touchin' our toes
As the sunset glows
Leaving the skies a rosy red
To a satin peach
We could leave the ground
If our minds could reach
From this tropical retreat

I got dreams of smoking on a beach with you,
Drinking Margarita's from our ocean view,
Wasting time together, waiting for tonight,
And weekends last forever in this paradise, girl

Rollin' weed up, we at the beach chillin'
Smokin Pina Colada,
Girl, that sweet feelin'
We can pop champagne, and let the days pass,
Unless you wanna relax, and watch the waves splash,
Yeah, cuz we can do this all week,
On the same beach, smokin' some weed, bumpin' some beats
Clear clear blue skies is all that I can see,
And I can feel the waves right underneath my feet,
No lie, Louie V around my eyes,
And they sparkle every time you pass by,
I'm hell'a high, and hell'a ready to burn trees in Venice,
So it's been so long, we haven't been there in a minute,
Reminiscing, the clock's ticking,
But still the waves hittin' my legs, I've gone fishing
Yeah, and it's just me and you,
Top floor on the beach, from our ocean view, girl

I got dreams of smoking on a beach with you,
Drinking Margarita's from our ocean view,
Wasting time together, waiting for tonight
And weekends last forever in this paradise, girl

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Brokencyde Ocean View Comments
  1. luiz dakota

    my favorite song

  2. Jinell Kanach

    My favorite song by them 

  3. Jinell Harrell- Kanach

    i have this on repeat. love it!

  4. Cece Zank

    I agee =) they are way better now!

  5. TsquadTV

    if you like brokencyde check out my new single "In Dis Bitch"

  6. TheAuthenticNExus

    Crunk is a rap subgenre.

  7. Keirren Lee

    I have the Instrumental for this on my page if anyone wants it?

  8. Floral Ouija

    You are not a true Brokencyde fan.

    True fans don't care what they sing. And not every song needs to have screaming in it..

  9. Sloan Anderson

    They have done it again with there awesome music!!! :D
    Love BC 13

  10. gertg

    BrokenCYDE is now a rap band...... fucking fuck fuck! They are not crunk anymore! fucking fuck. I miss the old them D:< being a bitch cuz this is a good reason too, fucking se7en needs of scream!

  11. ichigo14789635

    @magnum623586 FF13 but I don't find the original music

  12. magnum623586

    is it me, or is the first 10 seconds song like the zelda theme?

  13. Christain Rolon

    A music video to this song would be amazing

  14. TheKmhm23

    I got Jesus smokin on the beach with u-3

  15. shadyexpress5

    @Greyler8SF21 bout time somebody said it you have my thanks

  16. KiwiKitten

    @xSpillMyGuts *Have

  17. KiwiKitten

    I love EVERY one of their songs from EVERY album they had made.

  18. vitortcs

    perfect song to smoke marijuana :)

  19. greyler

    just because we don't like this song doesn't mean we aren't fans. we're allowed to be a fan of a band without liking EVERY SINGLE SONG they make. think about it.

  20. Cassandra Jarvis

    I,Agree With Rainbow!!

  21. Allisa HelenKeller

    oh, and this is the worst song off their album i've heard. seriously guys? wtf is this shit?

  22. Zoe Pandora

    BrokeNCYDE Will Never Die?
    I'm sorry, but I fucking beg to differ.
    They're dead now...
    How sad. /:

  23. KLAUDiiiAx33

    LOVE IT ;D

  24. soph

    shit come on guys. it sure aint the old brokencyde but we gotta let them do their thang. hell i love you guys!

    Michael Hollobaugh

    soph i feel you fr

  25. Tyler

    Mikl improved on his voice so much from previous albums.. Its fucking perfect now!

  26. Val W

    BC13 is fucking dead to me now. God.

  27. jeremy daley

    What does the haters gotta say bout this? If they like rap I'm viroid as too what they gotta say bout this track!

  28. ALIVE845