Brokencyde - My Gurl Lyrics

Oh Yeah
This Is One To Dedicate
To Your Lady

You Can Be My Girlfriend
An' I Can Be Your Boyfriend
Together We Can Be Friends
We Can Kick It On The Weekends
And If You Wanna Make Love
You Know How To Hit Me Up
Call Me On The Video
'Cause Shorty I Can't Get Enough

Hey Mama Sitta
Will You Treat Me To Kissin'
Got Some Weed Got Some Drink
Got Cha Man On A Mission
Coff' An' Sippin'
Girl You're My Prescription
I'm Sick And You're I'll
If Looks Could Hurt
Then You Be A Killer
But Your Beauty's Much Deeper
Your Skin An The Skrilla
This Is Why I'm Gonna Drop
A Mellow Tune
Just To chill With You
And Drink And Drop Or Two
You Know How Papa Do
Oh We
You're a Hottie, Little Body
Girl Your Mom Is Sweet As
Coffee Cakes
But Then The Sex
You're Hotter Than Baked
I Love You 'Cause Only You
Could See
All The Things With Me
And I Can See
Is The True Meaning In This Video

You Can Be My Girlfriend
(You Can Be My Girl)
An' I Can Be Your Boyfriend
(An' I Can Be Your Boy)
Together We Can Be Friends
(We Can Be Friends)
We Can Kick It On The Weekends
(We Can Kick It Every Weekend Baby)
And If You Wanna Make Love
(And If You Wanna Make Love)
You Know How To Hit Me Up
(Know How To Hit Me Up)
Call Me On The Video
(Call Me On The Video)
'Cause Shorty I Can't Get Enough
(Shorty I Can't Get Enough)

You Got Stars In Your Eyes
And Sparks In Your Kisses
So I'm Working So Hard
Just To Kill Competition
I'm Smashing To Gain
'Cause I'm Falling Down Never
This Is The Story Of My Life
Now And Forever
This Is The Love
Just Because There's None Better
I Can't Forget The Ever
'Cause You're My Lady Treasure
Necklaces Are Worthless
If Not Next To Your Heartbeat
Sweet Lovely Lady
You're My Baby
Hold Me Closely
The Money Ain't Around
So Were Sittin' Around And Stressin'
You Know I Got You Boo'
That In Even A Question
You Got Me Down
My Every Move Is Easy To Read
I Switch The Sound
So If You Follow Me
I'll Lead You Baby

You Can Be My Girlfriend
(You Can Be My Girl)
An' I Can Be Your Boyfriend
(An' I Can Be Your Boy)
Together We Can Be Friends
(We Can Be Friends)
We Can Kick It On The Weekends
(We Can Kick It Every Weekend Baby)
And If You Wanna Make Love
(And If You Wanna Make Love)
You Know How To Hit Me Up
(Know How To Hit Me Up)
Call Me On The Video
(Call Me On The Video)
'Cause Shorty I Can't Get Enough
(Shorty I Can't Get Enough)

You Can Be My Girlfriend
You Can Be My Bo'
You Can Be My Girlfriend
You Can Be My Bo'
An' I Can Be Your Boyfriend
You Can Call Me Bo'
I Can Be Your Boyfriend
Special Somebody

You Can Be My Girlfriend
(You Can Be My Girlfriend)
An' I Can Be Your Boyfriend
(Baby, Baby, Baby)
Together We Can Be Friends
(An' We Can Be Friends)
We Can Kick It On The Weekends
Kick It On The Weekend Baby
And If You Wanna Make Love
(If You Wanna Make Love)
You Know How To Hit Me Up
(How To Hit Me Up)
Call Me On The Video
(On Video)
'Cause Shorty I Can't Get Enough
An' You Can Be My Girlfriend

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Brokencyde My Gurl Comments
  1. acmromano

    Damn I remember I used to jam to this song back in my teenage years lmao no lie I still like this song, catchy asf.

  2. Rafael BossBaker666

    Brokencyde created soundcloud rappers

  3. Christina br

    I like this song

  4. Vince White

    0:16 his laugh tho 😂😂😂

  5. Leo Nando

    My childhood omg

  6. Lionlex Ganjah

    Eso es un trapo jajajajaja esa barbilla la delata.

  7. Seremedy REDUX

    When people just trash talk music they used to like, I think they're just fake as fuck. It's been 7 years and this is still fun to listen to. Never forget where you came from and who you were or you forget what makes you; you.

  8. atkanesh

    Somebody get these juggalos some Xanax

  9. Weslie Global

    This is hilarious and cool at the same time! 👌 keep the crunkcore swagg up guys! 😉

  10. Conde Nado

    6 años y aún reventando las bocinas excelente

  11. alkoholizer \m/

    omg..mik cute

  12. Layla Joyce

    omg i love you guys <3

  13. Bby Doll

    I want the screams back :,(

    Morgan Couch

    I love you baby boy

  14. Tom Emoxx


  15. Sophia B. Williams

    why they make the pig guy look so angry?


    bree bree


    People thought I was one of these guys all the time it was funny people ask you to sign stuff but the bad part was people who hate this band use to scream fuck you your band sucks 😂😂 I love there music and it was awesome that people thought I was one of them but I didn't like the hate


    so you were cool posing as some posers but didn't like when ppl called you out for being a poser? if only they really knew the depth...or should I say shallowness in this case

  17. XxSorrel PawxX

    I just realized this was shot downtown albz haha I've been there before XP

  18. Dawson Clark

    Why does this exist?

  19. Noemi Alvarado

    I swear this used to sound a lot better when I was 16. Lmao 😂

    Kaley Mitchell

    Glad I'm not the only one

    Lilac 207

    Hahaha true that 😂

    Layla Joyce

    lol this was like badass epic when i was 16 lol

    Blitzer Music Records

    So Right

    Dan Tomczak

    14-15 for me lol 😂😂😂 I said one of these lyrics to a girl at my school that we could kick it up on the weekends lol

  20. Richard Vinicius

    Porque não aparece o Antz, e o Se7en?

  21. TheSixthQueen

    I reckon there doing it on purpose..

  22. PC_GameWorld

    Hey why did you make this parody of Justin Biebers "Boyfriend"?

    [Shuriken Symbol]

    how is it a parody of JB's song?


    @IAmTridoken you didn't get it 

    [Shuriken Symbol]

    @PC_GameWorld oh I see it!! xD

  23. Amber Dawn

    My ex played this song alot :'(

  24. Bree Monroe

    BC13 FOR LIFE!!!!!

    The Winter Soldier

    +Bree Bree Currey You must be a 12 yrs old, You'll laugh at yourself when you grow up, just like everyone else xD

    Bree Monroe

    Um no I'm not 12 @The Winter Soldier​ but thanks and Ik I won't love this band as much as I used to but they still have some good songs and I never know I might be in the small category of ppl that like them as I get older we never know

    Juggalo Mcl Whoop Whoop 420

    fuck theres nothing wrong with liking them....I still listen to there music everyday...hell half the time I'm listening to there songs I'm high as fucki from smoking so much weed...fuck them haters n fuck the world

    lillith LPLS

    Kush Dank Bud 420 fúck I'm 26 and my favorite hobby is listening to this stuff while I'm blazed
    bc13 motherfuckers

    J M4Y

    Bree Monroe
    please marry me
    You love crunkcore?

  25. BLONDE ATOMIC BOMB bombshiggity

    Please PLEASE can I teach these girls how to dance! Or eaither have me in ur vid, ur killing me lol

  26. Jack Etchells

    Its like to HOMO-EROTIC men made a video about a girl just to hide there love for each other, then edited it in there garage whilst sharing a double ended dildo and dying there hair to take peoples minds of there gay personality

  27. Reverse this Fate

    What did I just listen to... Hey, if brokeNCYDE is what gets you through your tough times, so be it but, God damn.. Can't take this shit.

  28. Isiah Morales

    They never have thick girls they always got skinny ass people dafauqe

  29. Marcii SharkbiteZ

    how the shit is sev ?>.<

  30. charlotte

    I want more screaming

  31. Zoe D

    I love this music video xD

  32. X0XDamonX0X

    This guys look like shiiiiiiaaaatt

  33. sloththesin


  34. sloththesin

    the singer has man boobs


    And probably several times more money then you.

  35. Le Deux

    Where was se7en?

  36. sexymexy1991

    disapointed in this lame ass song.. they used to be off the wall hard now they sing about love? wtf.....

  37. Kaitlynn Bradford

    I have like 2 of their albums from 3 years ago, I remember when I thought they were the greatest band ever -_- they're still great, though <3

  38. Cassie Orr

    se7en and his screams :* <3

  39. Carol-Ann Stinson

    when did they make a new CD . i have there first one

  40. Rhoads

    whoa.. this is PAINFULLY bad..

  41. Астика е Пикня

    whooooo we have a bad ass over the internet you prove my point faggot look at what you are telling me how am i hatting on a braindead song like that the fact i write these words now will make a better song thatn the one you so vigurously defending so go fuck yourself ot the first relavite you find im shure you yanks do it all the time so if you ever have your way to bulgaria holler at me i will be glad to see your faggot face :)

  42. Jesse DeBona

    Your name has YOLO in it. You think your opinion matters??? You're wrong.

  43. Jesse DeBona

    I wouldn't want a girlfriend twice my size...
    This is a shitty song... Poorly autotuned, simple stupid beat, and bad rhymes. Not to mention his white boy flow. No offence, I'm white too. But i'm not trying to rap.

  44. Oscar

    hope your mum dies

  45. Oscar

    I have seen a few of your comments all on brokencyde vids why don't you actually fuck off spreading hatred is a lost cause you can't make bettern music so shut you scum mouth gimme your address I'll fucking end you.

  46. Kyle Smith

    Fuck the haters all of brokeNCYDEs songs r good

  47. YOLO Beastys

    Oo love brokecyde. Don't listen to these fucking haters. BC13

  48. Marissa Johnson

    you forgot to tell me to kill myself. Anyway I made this post 11 months ago and people like you are still commenting on it, I'm glad you can form an opinion about me without even vaguely knowing anything about me I'm pretty secure in my music taste and calling me a 'fucking bitch' isn't going to change that I'm far too old to still get offended by dumb message on Youtube so you've wasted your time. have a nice day.

  49. YOLO Beastys

    Michael looks so different

  50. Tom B


  51. orville van sickle


  52. Dwight Scott

    i can't believe i actually liked them at one point they suck ass.

  53. hallanoates

    These people make no sense? What about your terrible grammar and spelling? Or how about the defense of "musicians" who promote having no talent, that being a complete tool is OK for younger generations, and the dumbing down of people like you.

  54. sam wickwicky

    brokencyde kicks ass

  55. DoomBoyRioter

    What The fuck? Ça screame même pas, on dirait pas du brokeNCYDE.

  56. HighIm Rebecca

    Omfg, This Stuff Is As Bad As BOTDF.

  57. maria ermidoy

    i ♥ Brokencyde

  58. MarcTheForgotten

    wtf happened to the old brokencyde :/

  59. dylan milheim

    honestly, I like the way they are expirementing with rap, its pretty dope honestly. an in never back down they mix rap and scream its dope as hell.

  60. Márk Fehér

    don't worry bitches.se7en is here: 3:09 :D

  61. kurtisbray

    i agree, not all brokencyde fans are screaming 12 year old girls
    i love brokencyde because their music is completely different, catchy and funny
    the band being hot is just a bonus;o

  62. xXchuishwiffmehXx

    Phat j :3

  63. Carol Wendigo

    He's not in the song so he's not in the video...duhh,,,

  64. leDuke OfBacon

    there is no se7en here, I miss him

  65. Nicholas Storm

    ...people why hate?....

  66. Taylor Stroh

    These guys know they are white, right?

  67. Fap God

    This band looks like a lump of self-confident

  68. Fap God

    Some people said ' if you don't like it just don't listen '
    i think this is damn right.

    But this is youtube. common sense won't work in here.

  69. cante lost-bear

    dont listen to their music if yoo dont like it. like wat r yoo doing? listening to it just to post these bad comments bashing on them? Yoo ppl make no sense wat so ever.

  70. Lilac 207

    I don't love this band as much as I used to but I don't regret anything, I'm just stating a point.

  71. Gigi Flowers

    I'm sorry but this band makes me wanna run to Justin Bieber's VEVO page...

  72. Tommy Winter

    This "band" is a horrible excuse for entertainment and you'll probably regret ever trying to defend them.

  73. Danno1850

    One day you're going to look back at this moment in your youth and cringe. This isn't a joke, it will happen.

  74. timcrow420

    I was kind of hoping for a fatal car accident at 0:35

  75. zhinE ZEW

    Fuck Justin Bieber .

  76. gianna gore

    yeah i know how you feel real shit :)

  77. gianna gore

    i love you bc13 for ever fuck haters

  78. Marissa Johnson

    Nowhere in my post did I say I had good grammar, its a known fact that I'm stupid. thanks for editing it to I guess prove a point but I was just saying that fans should explain why they like BrokeNCYDE instead of just attacking whoever posts a mean comment. -thanks

  79. Justin Comeau

    Lol @ the Pig. xD

  80. super creep

    just not the same

  81. Megan Horncastle

    What the hell happened to Se7en?

  82. Anal Reyam

    I really can't stand this band anymore. I loved them 5 years ago but now that I come back I realize how untalented they are and their lyrics to their music are mostly about sex and getting drunk. Sorry to all their fans but I just think they should make some meaningful music and stop with all the crazy autotune. It sounds awful.

  83. Hrefna bryndisardottir

    what the fuck happend to the old brokencyde?

  84. brice nowacki

    Bc 13 for life

  85. Márk Fehér

    he is the pig:D

  86. Márk Fehér

    0:10 What the fuck are you doing,Mikl?:DD

  87. charlies lugo

    yea bro they broke up cus of stupid haters not likeing there music now the band is dead :/ i wish they would come back

  88. SailorMoon Fan

    My all time favorite song to listen to!

  89. Jordy van Engelshoven

    Wtf happened to them?

  90. cassandradragonn

    @ThaWh1teBrony I thought it wa a tribute to their first 13 fans....?

  91. ThaWh1teBrony

    Why does nobody understand the name, BC=BrokeNCYDE with means broke inside, from an old song called "Broke" and 1-3 wither means a Triskaidekaphobia reference, or one singer, three rappers.

  92. edbingey

    That woman must be dying inside.

  93. KippursMC

    being popular by hate is not a good thing.

  94. cabgrassy

    brokencyde fan right here

  95. Dorkus Malorkus

    They were great at the Super Bowl XXILVIXX halftime show