Brokencyde - Kama Sutra Lyrics

I wanna hit it from the back, hit it from the front, hit it from the side, anyway you want.
Whatcha want girl tell me whatcha want.
Whatcha want girl tell me whatcha want.
I wanna hit it from the top, hit it on the floor, hit it real fast, try to move slow.
Now whatcha want girl tell me whatcha want.
Whatcha want girl tell me whatcha want.

I need a freak bitch, with some nice tits, flick her titty like a muhfuckinn light switch.
And don't trip hoe you know you want the daddy, Imma get some brain while we rollin in the Caddy.
Ice on my chain bitch you bet I'm a starr, rubbin on my dick make a muthfuckerr harrrd.
Slap her on her face she like OH MY GOD! I never seen a dick that big before.

Whatcha want girlfriend?! Baby put it in the ayer!
Whatcha want girlfriend!? Yeah you know I put it there!
Whatcha want girlfriend?! She know that I'm a freak,
Imma fuck a different girl every day of the week!
Get loose!
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!
Baby girl now drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop!


And Imma hit it from the back, bend the bitch over put a finger in her ass.
Got a long dick honey, girl this aint funny, Imma beat the pussy up like it owe me money.
I'm a A-town stunner got my stunna shades on with my black high tops.
Bitch you know we stay crunk, stay drunk, stay high, fuckinn bitches in the sky.
We could backbone girl I don't even have to try!



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Brokencyde Kama Sutra Comments
  1. Giovanni Jacobs

    this is just eating all the worst parts of our culture then vomiting it up again. these people overestimate how cool they are

  2. Hayley B

    I love this song no matter what year it is . <3

    Eren Jaegar

    Hayley B...I love BrokeNCYDE So Much.....And Same I love this song

  3. Robert Campbell

    Yoo 2018 still listing to this.

    dem0liti0n l0ver

    Bitch its #twentyninescene

  4. Jessy Keller

    The beats of this music is better than the lyrics. lol. But still not bad. :)

  5. timcrow420

    Their, possessive not used for directing someone. Oh and BC is fucking gay :)

  6. SuperBrewster78

    man yall fuckin haters i swear

  7. SuperBrewster78

    u five that disliked oh if u were near me oh u would b dead crunk is my shit

    laura mesh

    7 years ago? I bet you really regret that statement now lol

  8. Kim G

    @darkstalker80 and in the end who the fuck cares, lol

  9. Mother of Cats

    @ImProTroll That's what you say about people who have a different opinion from yours? Harsh, is it not?

  10. Cyanopteryx

    These gentlemen may be fucking a myriad of women, but in the grand scheme of things, they're really just fucking society. Ah, the deterioration of our culture is a bittersweet spectacle from any outsiders perspective, but seeing it from the inside, well, I'm numb to it. And don't tell me "if you don't like it, don't listen to it." because I'm trying to do you guys a favor by informing you that this is shit. I bid you adieu.

  11. Kai Reid

    Everyones just jealous cuz Brokencyde gets all the pussy and they don't get shit.

  12. Michaela King

    i dont like this song
    i LOVE it!

  13. Jasmine Mew

    i love Brokencyde but iwish they did more songs like Kandyland ^_^

  14. hellokittyxsuicide

    holy shit <3

  15. Summer Brown

    @Bhrianna123 Same here(;

  16. Summer Brown

    Why Dah bitchez Hate On this Band when Ereybody know'z They Fckin Amzin<3

  17. Beata Kowalska

    @pmmulhol Are you serious?
    We're not at school k. -_____-

  18. Rebecca DaSilva

    Amazing Song Love Them <3

  19. Brittany caward

    @pmmulhol rly ...... -_-

  20. Beth R

    Brokencyde is 'mazing.