Brokencyde - Fire Lyrics


I can take you higher. Just ask my supplier
Only fuck with good, no wood, just fire
Got this diamond on my neck. Your girl around my neck
Shorty looking dead almost fucked that hoe to death
It's that Brokencyde set. BC trece
Puffing on that loud tell us turn it down, oh yes
Please shut up with that bull shit
You ain't gonna do shit
Blow smoke up in your face till you're acting all stupid...


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
The roof, the roof, let's get a little higher
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
You can talk shit we'll just get a little higher

Okay, on to the next. On, on to the next
Before we have sex we take the bong to the chest
Smoke clouds, smoke clouds, lost in the mist
All I see is ass and tits, her thong to the left
Then I'm gone. I'm trying to figure out how loud that I can make her moan
This fire got me higher than these pilots ever flown
Tonight we're getting stoned. Tonight we're getting blown
Shit I ain't gotta tell em cause these girls know what I'm on (I'm on that)


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
The roof, the roof, let's get a little higher
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
You can talk shit we'll just get a little higher

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Brokencyde Fire Comments
  1. Sahra Successful

    pls feature with Suicide Boys :3

  2. Tamaran Parsons

    I wish seven was my boyfriend aha as if that would happen

  3. 28km Südkurve


  4. mason l

    Would like to see them live, what fast food establishment or gas station are they working at?

  5. Timon Emoboy


  6. toastersmomma


  7. Micha Frank


  8. Kittyboo1234 Scene

    try watching this when your high

    Billy Randolph

    I love getting blazed and jamming brokencyde

  9. chevyridin86

    im here only for sev nasty he the only 1 with flow and he keeping this group alive.. I fuk with sev, the rest of them are just a waste of space.. im still bumping bubble bath and blunt wraps and pink skies..

    La Riviera Cartel

    +Daniel - Tha Fox “TFox101” - Six Lives I was thinking the same thing loll

  10. Aaron Wahlstrom

    I freaking love brokencyde BC13 4ever I love their old stuff and their new stuff even though they lost a couple of their band mates but they came back to overcome them haters that talk shit cause they don't care what any hater says or thinks keep rocking brokencyde can't wait till your new album comes out

  11. Nitasha Johnson

    I'm for much the same reason as other people to see if These guys are still doing music. They are. I can't hate on them. They found music they like to do, a niche, and got even if slightly better at it. They are fun. I've liked all the new songs I've found. I might not be your biggest fan but I will admit you are not Terrible. Plus after like 7 years they're still hot. lol

  12. Nathielly Lessin

    I'm still with you guys i really love Brokencyde, the first sound I heard was in 2009..

  13. AngelicMUSIC PT

    Fire, Fire, Fire...Like this!

  14. Marcos Pari Torres


  15. S3V

    howw old is ¿sev & mikl?


    im usrprised this genre still exists let alone the genre

  17. Carissa Sanchez

    I listened to them in like 2008 with my sister. I'm now 16 years old and still think se7en is hot. but their music was so much better back then. yes. I listened to them when I was like 9. idk blame my sister ok.

  18. DestinyDownOfficial

    I still enjoy it and im glad they are continuing, but damn they are so much better with the whole gang

  19. teambrownie1

    this would be alright besides the 'fire' clip and screaming

  20. SweetToothInc

    Schizophrenia, Get Crunk and Freaxx where my fav songs. I can't bring myself to like their new shit.

  21. SpiritLessGuard

    hope this song comes on the next album :D

  22. Kratna

    You guys still suck.

  23. Anthony Hidalgo check it out!!!!!!!!!!



  25. AeonsOfFrost

    This was hard to watch, and I am a masochist.

  26. royston chew

    Can't say they're good now, but won't deny they're better than before.

  27. crash bandicoot

    Damn still trying to be a band without the other two members is like Black Sabbath still trying to be a band without Ozzy or Rob Zombie without Rob Zombie

  28. Reed

    Many of people are hating brokencyde music.
    Yeah okey, me at first was like 'wtf is this shit' but i listened more and now i like it.
    Propably in few years i will back here and say 'what the heck i listened to when i was younger'
    But now i really like this terrible music.
    Should i say good shit? Yeah, i should.

  29. Carrie Christensen

    I'm a HUGE BrokeNCYDE fan, but this song lost me... Sorry BC13, this isn't your guys' style at all..

  30. Emily

    Who the fuck is the Jon Snow ass screeching ass wannabe waka flokka ass albino afro samurai ass looking mother fucker on lead vocals?

  31. timcrow420 have to have a mental illness if you buy into this shit being good.

  32. Jay

    I really don't have words for this...please stop

  33. Zer01

    My god. Did I really listen to this shit when I was a kid?


    probably since their fan base doesn't consist of anyone over the age of 18

    crash bandicoot

    @timcrow420 lmfao 12 year old girls

    Karl Kisba

    +Zer01 yeah man we all somehow used to like this shit. lmao. it's ok, everybody has embarrassing music in their closet.

  34. Matias Brandán

    love this love brokencyde

  35. Johnnie Elliott

    Where's the other two

  36. lily

    Guys, it's not 2008 anymore, you can stop making music now


    @***** I'm actually in a band that plays actual INSTRUMENTS, but whatever ;)

    Kate Isobel Green

    brokencyde will never die lmaOOOOOOO

  37. The Light of Dawn

    This is what happens when you have rich parents and no musical talent

  38. Cirja Paul

    Micheal, that Meth is killing your skin.

  39. Promitious TM

    Sounds like they had another meth party with jessie

  40. Brie Mackenzie

    I should hate this, but I don't

  41. John Rollins

    Meth: not even once.

  42. Warrior Tha Witt

    1st 2 albums seemed WAY more energetic than your 3rd and now, this

  43. Sully

    yup. still terrible.

  44. JG Official

    P-O-R-T-U-G-A-L <3

  45. Based Anubis

    This actually isnt that bad

  46. Billy Arp

    Hate it

  47. Damian Fatale

    loving this.

  48. Jesse Jennette

    They sounds more like rap then they use to and I think they need some death metal screams tho just saying lol

  49. bby adelina

    Very nice ;)

  50. ScarlettAshes1

    I still kind of like BrokeNCYDE. This however, isn't good. I think they're trying a bit too hard to make a comeback after going hiatus. I think they were gone for too long and they lost the sound that they had previously.

  51. chonch burger

    okay so them coming back wasn't a joke? XD!! I'M DEAD!!!


    I use to be a fan of you guys, hell even digged your second album, but this...  is just garbage.

  53. Fairy C Rat

    brokeNCYDE haters, you wanted proof, you have it. They can also make hearable music.


    @MushyTheCraft Where is this proof you're talking about?

    Fairy C Rat

    @gastr0phetes This song isn't really unhearable, is it ? I've never understood why they have so many haters. Only autotune makes me puke.


    it's pretty damn unbearable lol. More importantly it is extremely repetitive, and not in the good way. Not to mention the lyrics, some of which are from another band entirely.

    null father

    @MushyTheCraft This isn't quite as bad as their more popular songs, but that doesn't mean it's not still completely horrible.

  54. Eduardo Romeiro

    Great <3

  55. Mel -

    Damn...I used to listen to them as a scene kid.....o.o Now I don't even like them anymore

  56. Thunderdome TV

    This is sad. I'm sad this type of shit is still being made too. Should have died and stayed dead years ago.

  57. invicta diverse

    The pig! Aha guess who's back bc13 mutha ducks

  58. Andres Olea

    How the fuck are you guys around? I shit more talent than you guys. 

  59. rachael

    JC Caylen?? is that you??

  60. Vampire Village

    Yall coming back real hard. Props.

  61. Brian Graves

    This song nd these guys are trippin me out I heard a few of there songs like teach me how to scream idk what im trying to type up here but im trippin

  62. Autumn Déragon


  63. Mr420

    why is bullet for my valentine pretending to be waka flocka

    Ur Cooked

    @Mr420bongsmoke yo don't talk shit about mah bois!


    Eat piss   shit leg bogan

  64. Ben Watson

    Just found out about these guys today.
    Hate screaming music and brokeNCYDE is no exception, but I didn't mind this song. I'll listen to a full more but won't egt my opes up. I think these types of songs are what you need to make more of.
    Except have a longer underlying beat. This one was annoying to listen to.

  65. Reported Leek

    I love metallica and tupac. And I really love brokencyde. You don't have to be scene to like them.

  66. RåRå

    Trippin on acid?

    Brian Graves

    I am high asf trippin out on these guys nd youtube aha

  67. crash bandicoot

    BC 13 rip:( I miss the old shit

  68. Tom Gentier

    love it!! come up the good work guys!!!
    BC13 will never die!!!!!!!!

  69. crash bandicoot

    I think I just found the shittiest song ever made what happened to the good s*** from them

  70. ChefJerfey

    Used to be a huge fan of bc13 & still enjoy a lot of their older music but I just wasn't feeling this. I don't like judging music too much because every band/artist is guarenteed to change over time into directions that some may prefer & others may disagree with but this doesn't sound like the bc13 I used to play loud as fuck to piss off my parents haha

  71. NoiseCombsOficial


  72. TimonLow

    check me out

  73. nevershoutsaywecanpierceblacksleepingveils

    They got so much better

  74. GogetaBlack94

    WTF HAPPENED to you guys!?!? 👎👎👎

  75. Warren Graham

    The editing looks like you tried to hard at a montage parody.
    I love it.

  76. Alex Evans


  77. Le Moth

    You guys look tired.

    Can't wait for the new album though :p

  78. Renan Stifler

    i like *0*

  79. Down 24

    Keep going on bro's this is one of my fav song but the new one with deuce killed everything

  80. Soggy Bread

    Good video!! Keep it up guys :) #BC13

  81. kellymadden

    i wish antz was still around, loved his screams and his presence in the group

    Іван Вітушинський

    PHAT-J was also cool, it's awesome scream


    tru dat homie

  82. BashTheBandOfficial

    Sick song and video guys!! 

    Ed Macias

    Thank you!! I appreciate it.

  83. rfcars

    I liked the dope new shock pink pig :p

  84. snorlax ninja


  85. Lexie Love

    Really good

  86. Dwon


  87. S3V N

    This sounds like something I would write

    Cirja Paul

    XD funny David

    Mikkel Olsen

    You're screams has definitely improved :D  I LOVE IT!!!

    Constant Throwing

    @S3V N You must be a shit writer.

    Lola Bradbury

    @S3V N You guys are always gonna be my "guilty pleasure" band! :)

    casey layne

    lol only s3v

  88. Steven Ray

    Dope guys keep It up!

  89. Giggity Goo

    Nice guys looks great love it

  90. Austin Films

    Brokencyde is the best

  91. christian arteaga

    Dope video homies ! #BC13

  92. Chelsea Hawkins

    Dude I love the ending to this song

  93. Jay Jung

    Fuck thatz good and Se7en's still hotter

  94. Ricardo Avila

    Saludos hommies, desde MÉXICO

    Salvador Chainsaw

    Doble saludo desde mexico :D