Brody, Dean - Another Man's Gold Lyrics

I was watching cartoons on a Saturday morning
And I heard daddy start the truck
I come running from the house and waved him down
Cause he was making a run to the dump

We watched the Bears and licked ice cream cones
And take a little walk around
I'll never forget what my daddy said
The day we pulled that bike from the ground

He said one man's trash
Is another man's gold
If it's thrown away
It's free to take
A little oil should be good to go
So I rode that bicycle home
Thumbs up, daddy honking on the horn

I got my first job working on a dairy farm
Driving tractor and bailing hay
I'd have to circle around
A bog in the ground
Beside an old Mustang 68

One evening I asked that farmer
Why that car was just wasting away
Said you can have it for free
It don't mean nothin' to me
And I couldn't help but think

One man's trash
Is another man's gold
What someone will throw away
Is a crying shame
So I towed that Mustang home
Til she could be restored
And I got the engine to roar
And boy did that engine roar

It was an awkward blind date
We met at a park
She had her little girl tagging along
A Beautiful smile hadn't been out in a while
She was a hard working single mom
In time I learned he'd left her
He said I'm just way too young
To be having a kid, I'm not ready for this
If you keep it I'm good as gone

He never looked back
As she watched him go
She stood there crying in the rain
Til one January day she had a beautiful baby girl

Tonight I took her in and read her stories
And hold her mama while the sun set low
My two arms full
Of this man's gold

What someone will throw away
Is a crying shame
Those girls make our house a home
Yeah my cup overflows
With this man's gold
This man's gold

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Brody, Dean Another Man's Gold Comments
  1. Lydia Blumberg

    What was the song that goes one mans trash is another mans treasure

  2. Pretty In Ink

    This song is so soothing, I just love it so much 😍

  3. teresita edna munsayac

    Blue-eyed Canadian singer that I love

  4. John


  5. John

    git er sergeant!

  6. Jonny

    What makes Dean different is he sings about stuff everyone can relate to. While the rest sings about dumb back road parties and their dumb trucks.

  7. gary barr

    right on dean

  8. Mo-LOVE Movement

    Bravo 👏

  9. Tyler Mcc

    dean brody is an amazing country singer. it's sad to see his views on videos so low more people need to experience the message this man has to give with his music

  10. Lewis Tasso

    I love this song. It brings me back. My dad worked for public works. I remember until I was nearly a teen that my first bikes, trikes, etc came from either the landfill or from fellow co-workers and town hall friends that would give us things their kids were too old to use. That was the 1970s. It was a time where one could get by if they were careful and kids appreciated what they had. It was when one actually played outside and rode around town. It's not like today where people don't drive trucks, they drive 4wd luxury vehicles with beds attached to them. They buy the expensive gadgets and all that garbage today. The kids today could probably learn to use a phone or tablet in minutes, but would not know how to ride a bike or which end to hold a snow shovel. I'm glad I was a part of the "thankful and capable" young generation of the 70s and 80s.

  11. Richard McBride

    I'd love to have him sing this song at my wedding reception

  12. John sloss

    I really love this song and lyrics x

  13. William Shaffer

    To me this song represents the way you look at things with real substance I do love classic cars and once loved another man's gold

  14. Rick Creasy

    Do you know that little girl that is me alianna

  15. Rhett Bailey

    Thank ya bud, I'm glad your keeping it real country and man I'm a big guy but you made my eyes misty with this one. Pawpaw would've love to hear this one.

  16. Postal Patriot556

    Okay, y'all lyin. No way this is Canadian 😂

  17. Danielle Clarke

    We need more country love and less pop crap

  18. KnightIndustries1997

    Awesome song! Can't help pointing out that when he pulls the cover off the Mustang, it's a '66, not a '68. Nitpicking, I know...

    Tim D

    haha I remember when this song first came out, they had to change it cuz it said the mustang was a 58

  19. Diego shallow

    Nice nice nice. Video

    Diego shallow

    Put 500 likes on this video

  20. KnightIndustries1997

    Beautiful song! Can't believe I never found this one before. I can't help noticing that the Mustang in the video is a '66, not a '68, but I love 'em both so who cares? Keep it up, Brody!

  21. Sensei Juan

    Why is this song not number 1???

  22. Jessica Smith

    Love it so meaningful

  23. Tony Oxy

    He plays here in CA .

  24. Bebeyai Forward

    I wish Dean Brody, men get on with play great.

  25. Maple Theme Parks

    Can't wait to move to Canada!

  26. Kaileigh Kelloway

    He didn't actually write that song, my stepdads uncle wrote it and Dean Brody sings it.

  27. Hey Haiden Boom

    What song do you like

  28. Ryan Mitchell


  29. Eric Etsey

    Dean am enjoying you great voice here in Ghana Africa never say die until the bone are rotten live it up loud

  30. lonerwolf69

  31. Justin Thiessen

    nice mustang

  32. David Hall

    Good Lord, What an awesome song!

  33. Johnny Valenzuela

    That's my niece in the video. love you. I watch this one every day. Thank you Dean Brody. beautiful song and video.

  34. marty beckman

    I guess I cannot go back and correct my spelling so I guess I will say again and this time spell it right !!
    ( I am so Addicted to this song!!!!  )

  35. marty beckman

    I am so Addicted top this song

  36. Elizabeth H

    so very cute! I love it!

  37. sweetodude

    Any artist who has a PPCLI flap on his guitar strap automatically has my respect. Strong and proud.

  38. Walter Kolodziechuk

    What a beautiful song!!

  39. 420 gamers

    good song

  40. Teresita Munsayac

    Cool..... dean brody

  41. Barry Melrose

    such a beautiful song I'm glad real country still exists even if it doesn't get the recognition mainstream bro country does

    Ben Baker

    +sizeOVERstrength do u mean your also tired of all those soft love songs that are taking up all the radio time? like the ones that make u feel less manly and make u feel like coutnry is meant for girls?

    Val Listen

    +Ben Baker country is not just for guys it is also for girls it all in listen to and including do get how some of them are sappy but come on dude not everything is based on the opinion of a man

    Ben Baker

    ok i made this a while ago and i probably didnt read it over. My issue is songs just about girls. They dont make songs the way the used to

    Val Listen

    Yes and i do understand that and thank u for clearing things up

  42. 666backwood

    Country left the US but canada will take her in and give her a home.

  43. Brad Tilitzky

    this guy kicks the crap outta so much of the country coming outta Nashville these days, that's alright we'll keep him up here.

  44. Rebecca L. Holder

    I don't really listen to Country music, but my co-workers do, so this video was on CMT in the lunchroom. It doesn't take a genius to understand its meaning, beautiful song.

  45. Ash Ketchums Dad

    so Country music moved to Canada after a bad breakup with Nashville

    KerryPark Islanders2673

    Ash Ketchums Dad British Columbia technically

    Rick Creasy

    Thank you...that was me when I was 5...Alanna

    Lewis Tasso

    And it moved to Australia as well! Great stuff from there too. Nashville can keep their "snap clap rap" franken-country so-called music.

  46. RazzyFoxtrot

    so he's just straight up calling her trash hey?

  47. Ayush Singh

    Dean Brody you are phenomenal...

  48. Alexandra W

    Verse 3 though...

  49. Pidgeot

    most well written song I have heard in awhile

  50. Clayton D

    good tune

  51. dunger83

    I was wondering why he has a military badge on his guitar?

  52. strawman8

    Today Dean Brody is playing at the IWK Children's Hospital, Halifax. Nova Scotia to raise money for children who need surgery and special care in the Maritimes. Thanks Dean we need you.

  53. karlwoolnough7

    This song has so much meaning to me, I'm a 22 year old with a Son of my own and a Step-Daughter, My daughters Biological father wants nothing to do with either of them, he had threatened to kill My Soon to be wife and my step daughter while my fiancée was pregnant with her. Now my daughter is the most beautiful and intelligent 2 year old, Wouldn't change a thing.

  54. donald rockburn

    great song and video.

  55. TammylClement

    Amazing and beautiful! Really touched my heart. I play it on repeat. Thank you Dean Brody.

  56. Dan Sundquist

    I will always be a fan of Dean as long as he doesnt start makin shit like they're callin country these days. This is real country not that Blake Shelton shit.

  57. Madison Sinfield

    explains my life basically

  58. somegalfromcan

    I wonder if this song is, in any way, autobiographical.

  59. Maria Wilcox

    This song is so good. I am a single mom, my daughters father wasnt the guy i thought he was. after we split i tried going on a few dates but they thought because I am a single mom I would ne easy. Then I met my boyfriend and he loves her like she's his own. On one of our first dates he took her and me to the zoo. I am so thankful that some men can see a broken family and think that it's perfect.

  60. Ted Mosby

    Canadian country needs to be played in the US much more often

  61. An Gje

    not a bad bike hehe love Dean broody 

  62. gordo907

    Has anyone else noticed the Mustang in the video is a '65 or '66 and not a '68? My wife says I'm being anal..

  63. ridedatbikegirl

    This is a really beautiful song.  It kind of broke my heart to hear it.

  64. Alpha Ikaros

    an amazing song one that I will cherish forever....this really touches my heartstrings and it is so ture for many single moms out there!!

  65. HumberGirl77

    My boyfriend put this song on for me one day, I didn't used to be a country fan. I didn't really understand why when he told me he thought this should be 'our song'. So listened, not really getting it until the end when he sings about the single mom and her daughter. My daughter has never met her biological father, he left as soon as I told him I was pregnant, to the other side of the country. The only daddy she knows is my boyfriend and I couldn't be grateful, he loves her and she is his daughter, no matter where her blood came from. So thank you Dean Brody for our song <3


    He is amazing :)


    @HumberGirl77 Any fool can make a baby. It takes a man to raise a child. Especially if it isn't his. I give your boyfriend respect.

    Ciara Hansen

    The same happened with me.. Got pregnant and the guy left.. January 5th, 2014 i had my baby girl . only daddy she has ever known is my boyfriend who stepped up when the other stepped down..

    Anajen 30

    One of my favorite songs. And if you like this one youd like another canadian country singer Terri clark. She sings a similar song called "She Didnt Have Time"
    Canadian music rocks🇨🇦

  66. M Howes

    really ppl seriously.... so negative always sour ppl in the crowd... and I think its pretty awful you have to comment, there are many Canadian country singers who either wear the uniform and or right songs about our men and woman who serve our country .. I am an ex military wife of 15 yrs  and to see him wear the PPCLI Sgt rank on his guitar strap makes me even more proud to be Canadian.. haters will always hate and always find the wrong in anything.. get a life and give it up... maybe thanking a soldier is better then complaining. try it :) cheers  

  67. Chris Lamothe

    this song is so touching for the amazing situation i am in right now :)

  68. John Jaramillo

    Great song part of the video was shot at my grandpa's garage in Marfa,tx

  69. Rebekah Janos

    We're number six today on the top twenty videos on CMT  Yeehaw

  70. Tools In Motion

    Another winner from Dean Brody. This guy can't make a bad song. It's sad that this gem has 55,000 views and just to the right, "Drunk on a Plane" has over 4 million. A lot of people are missing out.

  71. DMichaelBarrett

    That sure looks like a Texas registration sticker on the windshield at 2:16.

  72. Mr.Mister

    On the version I have of this song he sings "where sat an old mustang 58" In this one he sings "68". Am I the only one that has noticed this? 

    Zach Rosaaen

    He clearly says mustang 58 on the actual album. I've listened to it hundreds of times


    @Zach Rosaaen Thanks for noticing too. 

    rd Shaw

    the hearing people set you a hearing test mustang was a horse in 58

    rd Shaw

    sure just you you deaf waterhead a 58 mustang has 4 legs a head and a tail


    @rd Shaw Why does he say in the song "so i towed that mustang home, till she could be restored. And I got that engine to roll" Last time I checked a horse didn't have an engine. 

  73. SpymanTIVC

    I'm kinda expect a better video for this wonderful song

    rd Shaw

    so now you think its not a good video  hmm 

  74. Alberta Rose

    The video made me get teary eyed at the same point it does on the radio.

  75. Nikki Scott

    Oh wow ive heard this one 100 times and it still gives me the shivers on "she stood there crying in the rain, 'till one january day she had a beautiful baby girl"

  76. Border Property Inspections

    As the father of two biological and two adoptive children I couldn't agree more, children are a gift from above. 

    Marcia Church

    Awesome song

  77. Becky Welton

    Love this song!! :)

  78. Sandra Phillips

    Absolutely loved it! Reminded me of my life and what I'm going through right now.

  79. Kevin Whidden

    Love this song and video!! Very touching. A real traditional country song!!! Way to go Dean! Can't wait to see you again in Cavendish!! I'll be singing right along with ya!!

  80. WeekendWarriors

    is dean actually in the CF?

    Jacob Pacheco

    Just read an interview wondering the same thing, he says he wasn't and nobody in his family is. I had thought maybe it was his dads or brothers, however I think it may simply represent a friend.


    @MajorAnubis im not opposed to it im glad he supports our troops, I was just wondering but thanks

    Jacob Pacheco

    Lol neither am I, I'm in the CF! I think it's pretty cool he has it on there regardless.


    @MajorAnubis haha agreed

  81. StolenCry

    This is awesome! Dean should appear more on American networking. I only hear him since I listen to a Canadian country radio station.

  82. Nate McKnight

    best song EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Daniel Stone

    Awesome song keep up the good work!!!

  84. TinManKustoms

    Great song hits close to home. Well done.

  85. Branson Mathess

    Great song. I wish Dean Brody got played on the radio here in the US. I never heard of him until I started exploring Canadian country artists, mainly because I'm sick of an overload of Luke Bryan & Florida Georgia Line in the US. This is true, real, meaningful country music. One of my favorite songs.

    tait8160 tait8160

    Branson Mathess I'm Canadian and I listen to amarican musicians

    Talia Dougall

    stompin tom is my best friends grandpa

    Rosey Horsegirl

    I heard this song a few years ago when we were going through Canada to get to Alaska. The first time I heard it, it made such an impression on me. I have remembered all this time even though I only heard it a few times.

    Postal Patriot556

    It's still here. You just have to break away from the stupid shit and start listening to the little guys.


    Let me go ahead and add Tenille Townes to that list. She’s just coming up and fantastic

  86. luvncrazi

    Gorgeous song!

  87. Pariegh

    I knew an old veteran who was in the Princess Pat's, it is awesome you have that on your guitar strap!

  88. Σωτήρης Στεφανίδης

    Oh Man!!! REALLY thank you for your music Dean :)
    Greetings from Greece to every Country Music fan :)

  89. Ranger08082012

    PPCLI epaulette on Brody's guitar strap.....first class.

  90. wegsportsfan99

    I love love love this song!!!! this is by far my favorite country song right now !!! keep up the good work love ya:)

  91. gorane mendieta

    Awesome, i love your music Dean, is really amazing

  92. JoeDoakes1015

    Awesome video for an awesome song!

    The world needs more country music like this and less pop crap like FGL.

  93. Mrs.Angela 3510

    Wonderful Song & very lovely Video :))

    Douglas Doug