Broadside - Puzzle Pieces Lyrics

We're stepping stones for privileged men, they use your back to climb
Youth in revolt through telephone so keep it short and kind
A game of chess, use race instead that forces from inside
Strategize a happy life but only seeing black and white

Justify my actions
Rectify this war

They've torn us apart
Everyone and everything's losing the art
Of passion and heart
Where is your passion and heart?

What gives you the right to decide my path and life
Strip my will to carry on and fight (Strip my will to fight)
A jealous man of sorts who plays his pawns for sport
The weakest kings will build a wall to hide

The highest powers want you to believe that the biggest difference between the human species is class or race. However, our only defining traits are passion and resistance

They've torn us apart
Everyone and everything's losing the art
Of passion and heart
Where is your passion and heart?

Like pieces to a puzzle your place is valued here
Speak your mind and show you're worth to make the image clear
We have passion and heart
Yeah, we have passion and heart

They can silence my voice
Grip my throat and let my actions speak
I won't give in. Resist! Resist!
Resist until the very end

Where is your passion?
Where is your heart?
Where is your passion?
Where is your heart?
Where is your passion?
Where is your heart?

They've torn us apart
Everyone and everything's losing the art
Of passion and heart
Where is your passion and heart?

Like pieces to a puzzle your place is valued here
Speak your mind and show you're worth to make the image clear
We have passion and heart
Yeah, we have passion and heart

Where is your passion?
Where is your passion and heart?

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Broadside Puzzle Pieces Comments
  1. CJFoxy

    Can someone explain this song to me? I can’t tell if it’s hating on white men

  2. 888walrus888 *

    “The weakest Kings will build a wall to hide”

  3. Amira Williams

    Hey guys what's a song that makes you excited to fall in love

  4. Lunar Scorpio

    I never knew this band existed before and I know I've never heard a single one of their songs but they bring a sense of familiarity and nostalgia mixed with some classic Tumblr aesthetic.

  5. Avenue Teal

    Also, after looking at the comments, why are people comparing them to Fall Out Boy? Yes Fall Out Boy may have released a disappointing album, but they are not even on the same record company as Broadside. FOB is on Fueled By Ramen, Broadside is on the record company whom the YouTube page is showing this video on(As I am writing this, I can't think of nor see who the record company is as the channel). Besides, there are probably other Pop Punk bands who released music BEFORE Broadside that you maybe have not heard yet. Just saying, there many people who are keeping tye Pop Punk sound alive.

  6. Avenue Teal

    For a song that is so heavy, the dancer adds a sort of light touch to the song. I love when bands do that. They make a hard-sounding song and then the music video puts in something graceful, beautiful, and overall light. Keep doing things like this, guys.

  7. なはり

    From Japan, i’m freaking obsessed by music they make <3
    Their music is supposed to appreciate a bit more, I think.🙂


  8. Keil Espinosa

    0:03 when your phlegm's finally gone

  9. C.U.L.T.U.R.E

    Dope visuals and 🔥🔥🔥 content lyrics message 💯💪.

  10. Philip Ranayo Jr

    Always keeping up with the sickest music!!!

  11. Michael V.


  12. Erin Womack


  13. Ae V

    #VictoryCommentContest the producers of this music video know what's up

  14. Senpai Bitch

    manipulation, censorship, restrain, and liberation

  15. Colton Fude

    Different, but still awesome


  16. Justin Dittburner

    I've got one of your posters up in my basement! I might bring it with to college to put in dorm #victorycommentcontest

  17. Caitlin Rielly

    broadside out here keeping pop punk alive

  18. natalie morales

    #VictoryCommentContest greatest video i've seen in a while

  19. Mecha Maiden


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  22. Boojie Baker

    Wait, there is a song here? Wasn't paying attention...

    Just kidding, great track!

  23. Hailey U

    this song came on as an ad before an all time low song, now I know another great band

  24. Rafael R

    name of model?

  25. Steve Pierre

    This what Pop punk should sound like...not like the current FOB shit!! 😝

  26. César OS

    Es genial, me encanto a la primera que la escuche ❤️

  27. Ryan Rawlings

    This is the same woman from 'Coffee Talk' video, right?

  28. Louise

    Heard this on an ad and now can't stop listening to it

  29. Alexander Drinks Water

    I just wanna point out that when they're covering her with paint, they specifically make sure to avoid any "questionable areas". It's pretty hilarious if you think about it. Her body is covered with paint from the band's hands except for her "up here" and her "down there". 2:48, look. 😂 It couldn't be anymore obvious lol.

    But great song. So many unknown bands are on this channel with such great music. Hopefully it grows.

  30. Bianca Andrade

    this is amazing!

  31. Ashley Jackson

    I'm so glad I got this as an ad

  32. Haidy Zahran

    i cant wait for the album

  33. Valerie Ferguson

    Please keep up the simple, beautiful videos. They pack so much meaning ♡

  34. Oni Elysium

    I honestly never heard of this band or song, just randomly popped up and I feel so happy that I didn't click skip ad
    this is art. this is beautiful.

  35. Cameron Hill

    Just got out of Air Force basic training to NEW MUSIC FROM MY FAVORITE BAND!!!

  36. Charles kevin Villareal

    \m/ Rock on!!! \m/

  37. panbread

    Okay but why are all the comments trashing fob being pinned? Wtf?

  38. Lea May

    i love it!!!

  39. Deira Iracheta


  40. shadesofdiscordia

    Much love for Niles Gibbs

  41. Špela Peterka

    Maybe it's just me but the dancer really looks like Emilia Clarke

  42. hey it’s mel

    Just got recommended this band best decision ever

  43. candice cutchin

    I thought this band spilt up!? This is such a nice surprise:)

  44. DaysAway x

    Deep And Simple by Fire At The Point on #SoundCloud

  45. RandomStranger

    Came from Beyond ARTV video,glad I did❤

    Shiloh Harman

    TooManyFandoms same just 9 months later

  46. ARTV

    This is seriously dope, big ups to them for stepping up the quality

    Sasha Bowers

    ARTV hi jon!

    Mark Davidovic

    Why hello there.

    Avenue Teal

    I agree, Jon. This is a good song. In fact, I learned of this song from you. So know I have it on my phone. Thanks😉👍👍👍

  47. Dan S

    Nice sound. Sort of reminds me of a fusion between Too Close to Touch and A Day To Remember circa What Separates From Me From You.

  48. gracie henderson

    "The highest powers want you to believe that the biggest difference between the human species is class or race. However, our only defining traits are passion and resistance."

  49. 598gh

    I just discovered these guys and Carousel Kings out of desperation from FOB and I'm glad I did they both of the rock :)

  50. Pedro Artur Martins

    I like the song a lot but I miss the electric broadside songs, it is an awesome song anyways!

  51. f0x

    *eats pizza*

  52. jessica hill

    New favorite song😂😂😂

  53. LEdger Poppunk

    i feel like im watching squidwards interpretative dance

    Matt Jones

    LEdger Poppunk lol I died when I saw that

    Avenue Teal

    LEdger Poppunk, but better.

  54. EarthToMartin

    Oliver has some of the best stage presence of any frontman I've seen in a while, SUPER fun to watch. Please go support them on their tour with Real Friends.


    EarthToMartin ill be seeing them in pittsburgh on the seventh, and honestly, i didnt even know them before i sae them on the tour lineup but now i think im anticipating their set the most of all. thet are so amazing and im.happy this tour introduced me to them!


    Broken Nostalgia good! They're super underrated


    EarthToMartin for sure! its funny, ive been to three shows in my life so far, and at each one the least known opening act has been absolutley amazing and become one of my favorite acts!

  55. EarthToMartin

    You all just wait, these guys are gonna blow up so huge.

  56. EarthToMartin

    JUST SAW THESE GUYS LAST NIGHT AND THEY KILLED IT. I've never missed a SLC show the do, one of the most underrated bands out there

  57. Alexandru-Andrei Haraga

    Nice song but after seeing the video one question truly remains. Why is there so little paint on the boobs area ?

    Avenue Teal

    Alexandru-Andrei Haraga, That was just probably out of respect.

  58. Joel Hassell

    I really enjoy Broadside's recordings; but I was left a bit disappointed after seeing them live.

    This song asks where the passion and heart is; but I really didn't see either of those things from them on stage.
    I saw a kid singing who seemed to expect strong interaction from the people there to see them, rather than appreciating those who were there, and bringing passion & heart to the stage.

    I hope next time, they can recognize that they wouldn't be doing what they're doing, without the fans; and bring them that passion & heart, rather than expect it. Respect is earned (cliche).

  59. Ariane

    Cannot wait to hear the rest of the album :D

  60. Mason

    Saw these dudes live, they kill it, so flipping good. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!

  61. This Weird World

    His voice got better.

  62. matty fitzgerald

    love that these dudes are keeping pop punk raw and alive! they're gonna go so far!

  63. Brenda Pena

    fuck. good job guys!!!! I can't wait for the album! I know it's gonna kick ass! 😭 so proud! amazing work on the video, ollie!!!! 💘

  64. Charlotte Hardman

    This video gave me goosebumps! Such a powerful message and a wonderful song too! I love this band so much!

  65. Dillon Knapp

    [Verse 1]
    We're stepping stones for privileged men
    They use your back to climb
    You've been revoked the telephone so keep it short and kind
    A game of chess you waste a step, they force inside
    Strategize a happy life with

  66. Katelyn

    Broadside is amazing as always, but I think the sound of most of their sound is exactly the same. I think they should have a solid distinct sound, but their songs should sound a bit more different from another It's just my opinion, though.

  67. NitoriKun

    This is how I dance at punk concerts.

  68. Alex Wingrave

    Absolute banger as usual

  69. Yelmy

    These lyrics are woke and lit af.

  70. Geddy Franco

    Seriously awesome track boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Valéria Przysbeczyski

    Great song and video! Lyrics??

  72. Haley Maslo

    This is fucking beautiful <3

  73. Jessie

    This is amazing guys 😌😌❤️

  74. Hunter G

    Interpretive mosh dancing, new trend of 2017.

  75. courtney rowley

    love the song hate the video

    Dave R.


  76. Ty Gambone

    That chick is hot

    Taylor .Roberts

    DeltaDrago27 what the actual fuck

  77. light blue

    I completely love this and I can't be more excited for the new album <3 I just hope this new era will bring you guys soon to south america (argentinaaa)

  78. Amanda Lolwing

    Good job Brooke!!!!

  79. skyphlox

    There's all this music being released today and I love it. Great song!

  80. HorrorNightsFan13

    Oli did a GREAT job directing this! Congrats on your directorial debut, can't wait for the full album!

  81. Mathew


  82. Chloe Szepski

    SO good! So proud of you boys. Oliver, you did an amazing job directing this beautiful video!

  83. MrJennety

    Fell in love with this band since they released the video for "Playing in Traffic". These dudes deserve a helluva lot more than what they got.

  84. Ciaran Bennett

    This is fucking amazing

  85. James Pinos

    I'm just going to go ahead and like this before the song starts.

  86. era

    why did so many artists pick a random thursday to release new music

  87. Heather Wisely

    so amazing🔥

  88. Makayla Jolley


  89. hiddencolor


  90. Sophie Maguire

    Yessssss broadside here to save the day after fob released somethin really disappointing. This song is amazing (do a uk tour when the album comes out, pleeeaaaaasssseeee) 💜


    I came here simply to forget about all the FOB drama, thank God for Broadside

  91. ILove PopPunk

    White magic!

  92. Agnej73


  93. Alejandro, yo

    Been a fan since Before Old Bones. I love the new song and video <3


    Alejandro, yo lies 😂

  94. TheCameraAffect

    Vocals sorta remind me a little bit of Cody Carson of Set It Off

    really excited for the rest of the album! x


    TheCameraAffect oh my gosh i thought exactly the same, SIO and Broadside are my two favourite bands too so i was like wOAH


    Great minds think alike, I've interviewed both Broadside and SIO before if you'd like please check them out :)

    Corey Jae

    TheCameraAffect I thought the exact same thing, especially when he was talking, it sounded like it was Cody

  95. Kate Sagun

    so damn proud of these dudes, they're gonna go so far ❤

  96. Logan Sherrill

    I love it! I've been a fan since Old Bones and i love every song. Can't wait to hear more!

  97. Jess

    this song is the best thing to ever happen to me

  98. TheRoversReturn96

    I'M SO HAPPY RN. I LOVE IT BOYS. I was expecting a drastically different new sound and this is just what i needed <3 off to preorder